Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Buzzard Video

Watch 00.6 as the 'bad boy' long established buzzard flies in and floors the youngster which was born last year. The aggressive buzzard seems to allow the chicks to stay in the woods for a certain length of time but then chases them away when he decides enough is enough. It is bizarre behaviour as the older buzzard seems to have no problem with squirrels, magpies, robins, blackbirds and sparrows living and eating at this spot - just other buzzards.


Anonymous said...

Official figures released in Parliament show Mr Miliband’s official car – provided to the Leader of the Opposition – has cost taxpayers £135,270.50 since the beginning of September 2010.
From September 2010 until March 31 2011, the vehicle cost the Cabinet Office £33,592.71. In the year from April 2011, the car cost £56,645.05 and from April 2012 until December 31 2012, the Cabinet Office spent £45,032.74.

Oh how the humble working class spokesperson is suffering

Fined £1950 for killing buzzards said...

He's as bad as the untermensch from Stockport who killed the squirrel. They both deserve to be hanged.

Anonymous said...

@Fined £1950, Re the squirrel incident, if your house gets a rat infestation no doubt you'll live in peace with them side by side and not under any circumstances call in pest controllers to deal with them just in case some of them aren't killed instantly and suffer a bit before they die.

SerpentSlayer said...

For killing birdies?

Unless they belong to somebody then I can't see the significance, if he's protecting his land or other animals then I can't see why some sanctimonious, self-satisfied mugs should deny him his liberty.

Animals deserve a level of respect, granted, I'm a dog lover myself, but they can't come ahead of human life and liberty and we certainly shouldn't hang people for harming them, that denies the animals their chance for revenge. Birds were once a powerful race, that cunning lingers and I doubt they will forget any harm done to their own.