Friday, 21 December 2012

Windmill Lane Denton, vehicle damaging pothole!

Actually, more of a sunken grid than a pothole. The pictures don't really illusrate how bad it is. When I drove over it I thought my wheel would have been buckled but luckily it wasn't. This needs repairing asap or it will definitely lead to claims for damage to vehicles or even worse a possible accident if an inexperienced motorcyclist rides over it.

It is located close to where Rose Hill joins Windmill Lane, about 300 metres from the A57 Hyde Rd.

Terrible road surfaces are not exclusive to Tameside either. This afternoon I was driving through Didsbury Village and there are two whopping potholes there too, but there again, they drive Range Rovers in Didsbury so it won't trouble the local well healed residents of that neighbourhood too much!


Anonymous said...

Its been repaired at least 4 times
in the last 2 years by shoveling a bucketful of tarmac on the hole.
This is typical of Council repairs
instead of opening the large hole underneath which is obviously there.
So expect the worst at this location when the road suddenly subsides and the crater
underneath is finally exposed.
Whether at this site or any other road issues the normal method is a small amount of tarmac spaded on and the back of a spade to pat it down.
Even the Romans could do better than what is now called Road Repairs.
Knowing the spot well notice the HGV`s who approach this road width reduction as they rat run from Windmill Lane towards Denton and as they approach the narrowed part swerve directly over to the oncoming road users coming down from Denton.
If you elect nutters to administrate your area then those
underlings who do the Council work
are unlikely to have the slightest interest in the repeated dangers caused by just a shovel full of tarmac.

SerpentSlayer said...

For cars it is dangerous, but for cyclists and motorcyclists it is life threatening. Instead of the government constantly inconveniencing the poor, the government ought to make it a legal requirement of councils that they fix the roads properly.

Santa gets enriched in Rochdale said...

It's odd how thugish young men from 'the community' suddenly become classified as 'children' when they are responsible for acts such as this. They should be chained together on a chain gang and use the stones they threw at Santa as backfill for this hole.

Bill said...

As you mentioned, terrible road surfaces are not exclusive to Tameside.

One of the worst for sunken manholes and grids is Shaw Road and Higginshaw Lane in Oldham.

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for the link Bill. Your books look interesting.

Anonymous said...

To the Santa poster above, are you referring to the story you link to, or some other imaginary incident?

The garden centre Santa in your story came out of his grotto to complain about gravel being thrown by one of the 'five parents and children' who were queuing outside.

Somehow in your view, this is transformed into a scenario where 'young men from the community', are queuing with their parents outside Santa's grotto to chuck gravel and abuse at him after paying for the privilege?

Thick as a brick said...

TMBC don't really care about properly maintained roads, or anything else, as they know the cretinous electorate will put them back in power almost no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I can picture them shoveling a bucketful of tarmac on the hole and patting it down rather doing a proper repair.It is because of budget cutbacks I suppose.

tonydj said...

The late Leader, Cllr Roy Oldham, once said in council that pot holes were an efffective form of speed control, a sort of "sleeping policeman"

Get the basics right said...

It's because of inefficient use of resources. They should start by reducing the riculously high number of councillors and start paying them on an hourly ACCOUNTABLE rate. If councils were run like private firms and stood A REAL CHANCE of going out of business, issues like overmanning and getting value out of the workforce from top to bottom would cease. Anyone who's worked in local government and then the private sector knows of the totally different cultures and management methods.
Then privatise virtually all services and pay council employees the market rate for the job in terms of pay and conditions LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE REAL WORLD.