Saturday, 22 December 2012

A great last minute gift idea - Walks in Tameside

Click here to read more. This would be a gift that would last for years to come. It would also make the recipient healthier and more knowledgeable on some of the lesser known and highly scenic attractions of Tameside. There are many hidden treasures in and around Tameside, it's just a pity more people do not take the time to discover them. These excellent guides would be a start and once you get the walking bug - you have it for life! 


Shanks's Pony said...

Great idea TC.
After many years of walking in the Peak District and around other parts of Britain, a couple of years ago I decided to refamiliarise myself with all the local paths. There are A LOT. Tameside council's commitment to these varies from good, to non-existent to, 'F***in' block it off!', the latter being the speciality of certain senior councillors. There is YET ANOTHER ongoing council attenpt to block off one extremely well used urban Public Footpath, between Kenyon Avenue and Cheetham Hill Rd in Dukinfield. I have put in an official objection, and if it's the same as last time so will a lot of others.
These paths are just as important, if not more so, as the more rural ones in the guidebooks.
I would advise everyone to utilise our local paths and countryside as much as possible: it's good exercise, often good scenery, informative (especially with good guidebooks and maps) and let's the borough's stagnant corridors of power KNOW how much we value our important local open spaces.

Never Let Justice Die said...


tonydj said...

QUOTE.."...and let's the borough's stagnant corridors of power KNOW how much we value our important local open spaces."

Very true!

May even stop some people from land grabbing them!

Anonymous said...

Love the brass band. Where did you film it?

Anonymous said...

Market Hall Ashton

Anti White Xmas said...

Received a 'christmas' card today from the local Labour party. "Season's Greetings" on the front but no sign of the word christmas, so without bothering to open it up it went straight in the bin. They're not so coy when it comes to words like ramadan eid and diverse.

Good comment by Stephen Morris of the EDP said...

A curry maker was left stunned after being refused a market stall – because his products were halal.

Jeff Thomson, founder of Curried Away, asked for a plot on Bury’s Artisan Markets.

But he was shocked when Paul Barrah, who operates the markets on behalf of the town’s council, replied to his email simply saying: “Hi, I’m sorry but my markets don’t use halal products. Regards, Paul.”

(Note the fake M.E.N. induced ‘fury’ at the refusal to allow the barbaric Halal practice on Bury market. Marvel how the Diversitoids argue in favour of Halal slaughter and at the same time call anyone who disagrees RACIST, these are the same hypocrites who you find protesting about animal cruelty when their beloved minorities are not involved. I wonder what the Duki Borstal Boy thinks about this and would he support a ban on Halal products on Tameside markets?)

Anonymous said...

If you didn`t go near Ashton shops on Christmas Eve near to Peacocks,then you missed a couple of blokes busking.
Why so special ?? well the singer around 42 years (a guess) was in my opinion better than Paul Potts.
You had to hear him to be totally staggered by the voice he projected covering Carols,Opera,and Musical scores.
It was raining,cold and depressing to see the crowds walk by without
recognizing his amazing singing voice.
Who is this man ??,it was a Christmas treat more than any other.
Please if you know of him tell us
because it was truly superb and as a fan of Alfie Boe,we had our own
star on Ashton Market today.

Anonymous said...

Well he's abandoned his strong opposition to hunting with dogs.
And the hunting down of foxes.
Why the change of mind on the unting with dogs I wonder.?

Die. Do it now. said...

Vitually every impartial animal welfare organisation, scientific study and livestock related industry has concluded that Halal (cutting the throats of fully conscious animals) is significantly more painful and inflicts far more distress and suffering on the animal (it is of course completely obvious anyway). Which of course is why humane killers, which are instantaneous, were invented in the first place. Now we've got nauseatingly hypocritical lefites and liberals defending this barbaric, uncivilised, retrograde and UNNECESSARY practice with specious and utterly dishonest arguments. No doubt they would be queueing up to defend a British slaughterman being prosecuted for cutting the throats of fully conscious animals because his humane killer was broken, of course they wouldn't because they fundamentally detest their own kind whilst simultaneously worshipping minorities who can do no wrong.

SerpentSlayer said...

It is a double standard but I am not airy fairy enough to think that it is essential to make for a clean death, can we be promised the same? I think not.

Meat is meat, if the animal is well cared for and well fed, the meat will be better and the gods will smile upon us. If we can kill the animal painlessly, all the better, but it is not essential.

There will be times ahead when we may pray for a butcher's ability but we may not get it. I don't imagine us caring much for the manner in which our meat is slain then.

Anonymous said...

How can someone be so opposed to hunting with dogs, then suddenly change their view.?

Natural Injustice said...

@SS, you're a patriot, British slaughtermen are prosecuted whilst barbaric aliens whose lifestyles and cultures are totally at odds with modern British and North European civilised values, are given free reign to pursue their disgusting practices simply because the government has no spine and the masses are too thick, gutless and apathetic to make a stand. Halal/Kosher are significant and important examples of the destruction of OUR culture in OUR land.

SerpentSlayer said...

Therein lies the problem, we can ban burkas, halal meat, kosher, we can even ban picking up pennies off of the floor, but the problem stays the same.
My solution would be to ban Judaism and Islam under threat of incarceration and/or deportation, slowly phase out Christianity and round up any proponents of Marxism deemed to be aware enough to understand their doings.
We can trim off the leaves but the roots would remain, we need got rid of all this foreign weirdness.

I'm tempted to go off on one about Christianity on it's own, it having made us so meek, but it being Yule and all I should probably eat some chocolate and drink more beer.

Have a Merry Christmas to everyone who posts and contributes here, this especially goes out to Roy and Pauline, whatever the Tameside Mafia do, they can't take away your Christmas spirit.

Not By Power said...

Never will.
A Family United In The Face Of True Evil And Injustice.

Bill said...

Thanks for the plug TC.