Monday, 17 December 2012

ATS Plumbing Supplies

So I come downstairs as usual and as I head into the kitchen I am greeted with a flood. Panic ensues as I look up and see water dripping through the ceiling. My plans for the day are ruined as I immediately have to identify where the water is coming from and work out how I am going to fix it. Now to say I am not good at DIY is an understatement. If the truth be known I rarely attempt DIY tasks as they nearly always end up as disasters, but nevertheless, the situation was desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures, so the water is turned off and out comes the dreaded DIY book and toolbox. I soon trace the leak to a pipe which force feeds the toilet cistern with water. With mole grips in one hand and wrench in the other I soon have the top half of the pipe disconnected, but the bottom will not budge. It seemed the only way of removing it was to saw through the copper pipe which disappeared into the floor, so out comes the hacksaw and off it comes.

Still in a state of panic I leave reason behind and head straight to B&Q where I have seen similar looking pipes in the past. Uncharacteristically I seek help from an assistant, after a lots of sighs and deep breaths he declares it is an ’unusual design’ and they stock no such item. Not to be thwarted I withdraw Windows smartphone from my pocket and using the local search feature I type into the search box 'plumbing supplies' the first result is ATS Plumbing which according to the phone is only 0.7 miles away. So I programme the postcode into the sat nav and off I head. Minutes later I have stopped outside 158 Hyde Road in Denton which just so happens to be the address of ATS Plumbing. What I found amazing was the fact that I have driven past this place literately thousands of times without ever noticing that it was a plumber supply shop.

So I walk into the shop to be greeted by a gentleman who must be the twin brother of Karl Pilkington from the Ricky Gervais show - really, the way he looks and his mannerisms and everything about him are just like the animated figure from the Gervais show. I place the leaking pipe on the counter and ask if he knows what it is and if so does he stock them. Without even picking it up he says "that's a 15mm push fit flexi pipe, we have them in stock and they cost £3.79". I tell him yes I will have one and he places it on the counter. I see that one end has a thread which screws onto the cistern but the other end is just round with no obvious connection to the remains of the copper pipe sticking out of the floor. I ask him how it works and he says you just push it on to the pipe and it seals itself. This sounds too good and too easy to be true, but the man correctly identified what I needed so I take his word for it and off I trot ready to face disappointment following another botched DIY attempt. After fitting the pipe as he suggested I turned on the water waiting for the inevitable leak to start squirting but no, nothing, no leaks or further drama and a very rare occasion of a DIY job which actually worked and all for the bargain price of £3,79.

If you ever find yourself in need of plumbing parts ATS plumbing of Denton is definitely worth a visit.


Hydonian said...

I know this place and you're right, they do know their game and they charge trade prices to the general public.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a job repairing the water pipes on steam engines.
The work was hard and the money poor, I musta been plumb loco.

Muslim immigrant takes on BNP leader Nick Griffin for European Parliament seat said...

Afzal Khan - one of the city’s best-known councillors and a pioneer of inter-faith work in Greater Manchester - wants to take the seat from far-right BNP leader Nick Griffin at the European elections in 2014.

Coun Khan, who became Manchester’s first Asian and Muslim lord mayor in 2005, said Europe - and the north west - needed 'a message of hope not hate' which he hoped to deliver.

He is putting himself forward for selection by the Labour party to help them win a third seat representing the region in Europe.

Prometheus the Titan said...

I foresee an enormous postal vote -- all, of course, in order to ensure that those with undemocratic ideas don't win.

Blood and Soil said...

F**k democracy. Our country is being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Latest in the press from Blair.

Tony Blair: immigration has been good for Britain
Tony Blair has defended his immigration policies warning that people who come to Britain have played a positive role and they should not be made a “scapegoat for our problems”.

This cretin is the ultimate mouthpiece for lies,deceptions.
killings,money laundering,
morally corrupt,and should arrested
for crimes against society.
So labourites your stupidly still voting for the party man who was the worst destroyer of the UK in history.
Vote Labour and end up knee deep in shit like we all are in.
Labourites are the death of the UK
and the British childrens futures.

Anonymous said...

All we want is a simple letter of confirmation that my partner is a user of this NHS service, not to be treated like second class citizens.

Alf Garnett said...

west you are a user of all our services and this is part of your problem ? try and stand on you own two feet and let other people have a bit ? start by getin a job and buy your wife a home

Daylight come an' me wanna go home said...

No-one who earns £6.19 an hour can afford a house or ever will be able to. As benefits will never be cut below subsistence level you can either work for slave wages 40 hours a week (which is why all this cheap labour has been imported in the last 12 years) or do nothing and actually be BETTER OFF.
Cheap imported labour is a stalling measure to disguise the fact that capitalism has come to its natural end and needs to be replaced with something else.

Alf Garnett said...

Get your self a brain and get £40 or £50 an hour ? I charge £500 aday plus exspenses and i turn work away daily and i cant even write properly and i left school at 11 ? LOL and people like you call me names lol

Anonymous said...

What job do you do Alf?

don't listen to racists who say Britain as we know it will drown under a sea of third world immigration said...

THE 2011 CENSUS has revealed the massive changes in the ethnic groupings in Thurrock compared to ten years ago.

Although, the borough is still predominantly “white”, with 127,587 people classified as “White (English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh)”,it is the number of Black Africans who have come to Thurrock in the last ten years that has really rocketed.

In 2001, there were only 577 people who marked the box Black African or Black Caribbean on the census form. That figure has now risen to 9742.

Alf Garnett said...

Im a metal recycling consultant for the aluminum trade ? put simplily i teach companys how to melt and work aluminum .

Anonymous said...

There was an old joke, "If there was any money to be made by hard work, the coal mines would be full of Jewish miners!"

If immigration created wealth, Israel would open it's borders to every nation in the world. But they don't...'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Alf you should team up with knuckle dragger wag, you seem to have lots in common.

Anonymous said...

A comment was removed last night about Roy West's partner, and rightly so. I've seen some nasty, vile, comments on here before but that one was up there with some of the most vile ever posted on here.
This matter is most important to all those that believe in JUSTICE.
As things become more clear when the time comes, people will see that this goes beyond the politic game.
And a clear FIGHT for Justice for the innocent.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Alf, if you ever find yourself needing a middle aged apprentice let me know because I am struggling to find a decent job which pays more than the minimum wage.

Alf Garnett said...

Anonymous or should i say West ? I have lots in common with Knuckle dragger wag do i ? So come on what do i have in common with that spud ? or is it just you not likin the truth ? get a job

SerpentSlayer said...

I've been struggling to find a job that pays minimum wage for years.

If anyone needs somebody who can read runes (elder futhark and English Futhorc) read tarot cards, make charms, devise incantations and poetry and write articles then I'm you're man, I'm a decent shooter and sword-fighter too!

A few centuries ago I would sparse have time alone but in an age of cynicism, greed and 'I want it now' culture I'm more useless than a blonde virgins cunny at a George Michael concert.

Middle Earth Careers Advisor said...

Maybe you should get yourself a tent and do 'readings' for fellow hobbit - botherers?

Check out the queues of the wealthy and gullible outside the fortune teller's booth at the Trafford Centre.

Lots of people seem quite eager to swap cash for cobblers.

This time next year Rodney...

Sophisticated to death said...

The essence of a British Christmas gets more diluted evry year. Decent, Britsh, often Christian based, values get steadily and acceleratingly eroded. While the dumbed down globalised masses increasingly lose sight and knowledge of who they are.
If things continue on their current course where Britain is rapidly becoming a massively ovepopulated, Third World, amorphous slum with no identity, then we may look back in fifteen years or so and say 2012 was the tail end of Britain as a recognisable entity.

SerpentSlayer said...

Tarot has a value in itself MECA, even if it is not guided by unseen forces, the meanings of the cards have the power to make people think and to offer guidance of some sort. Many people believe that they have no mystical power and the power we give them is enough to make them useful.
Of course I have seen enough to know that powers beyond our ken have a way of influencing them from time to time, but that is besides the point.
I suppose I will do readings for money at some point, when I feel that I am good enough to charge for readings. It will keep me in sweets at the least.

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