Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ali Haydor jailed for 'unprovoked' attack on Daniel Stringer. GMP and CPS say: Not Racist Incident

Takeaway worker jailed for leading gang attack which left teenager with shocking facial injuries

A takeaway worker who led a gang attack which left a teenager with a fractured eye socket has been jailed for two years.

Ali Haydor, 22, punched Daniel Stringer-Prince, 17, at least twice before a gang of youths continued the assault, repeatedly kicking and punching the victim in the head.

Student Daniel and a friend were attacked by a group of Asian youths who had been involved in a snowball fight with a group of white teenagers.

Detective Inspector Dave Moores said of the attack:‘What started off as quite a trivial matter of people throwing snowballs, was escalated much further by others including Haydor, who subjected one of the victims to a wholly undeserved and violent attack. ‘This man has now been left with lasting injuries, including damage to his sight in one eye, but the consequences of this assault could have been far worse.

The teenage victim believed the attack was racially motivated but following a police investigation Haydor was simply charged with assault, which he admitted.

Prosecutor Barry Darby did not suggest the case was racially motivated in his opening address to the court.

Detective Inspector Moores said: ‘Today, Haydor has been sentenced for his mindless and violent (but not racist) behaviour and I hope his victims can take some comfort in seeing him put behind bars for the suffering he has caused. Daily Mail

Police definition of racist incident: The police's definition of a hate crime is: 'Any incident, which constitutes a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.' So in short, if you think it's racism, it is racism.

What a topsy turvy country we live in and what a curious case this is. The victim believed the attack was racially motivated, but against their own guidelines, the police and CPS said no it was not. Had a gang of White men attacked and brutally beaten  two Asian teenagers and the Asian teenagers claimed the attack was racially motivated, do you think the police and CPS would have come to the same decision? Tameside Citizen.


No Justice In This Country said...


tonydj said...

When I was at school / University a popular exam question was "Compare and contrast...." then two or more events were mentioned.

This case reminds me of those questions. "Compare and contrast the cases of Ali Haydor and Roy West. Is actual Physical assault more serious than your choice of garden ornamentation and German vocabulary."

Mmmmm I feel an FoI request coming on.

Anonymous said...

Watch the "The Fear" on Channel 4
at 10.0pm
Quite a reality check on the Albanians and other Eastern Europeans,but wait until the next
huge dollop invade from Bulgaria in another year or so we will have such vile hard men mobsters battling for the spoils on all our streets in our bloody country.
Remember what the lads.girls died for in World War 1 & 2 "our green and pleasant land".
God how they died,which allowed the Politicians to run us into the floor,whilst allowing the ruling class bastards to strip our assets.
Those lying in military graves were
pawns in an urge to gain land,power,riches,and oil.
Never has a revolution been needed more,led by genuine and trustworthy folk.

Edelwulf's Vengeance said...

Considering the double standard, the Police and CPS are essentially condoning an attack on a young English an by a people who they routinely protect from things as petty as name-calling.

The system is openly Anti-English and blatantly Anti-White. The more it is viewed as such, the better.

Herefordshire said...

The police were too scared for their careers to investigate. If you'd lost your temper when he pushed you and called him a'black so and so' they'd have been on it like flies on s**t.
They are now politicised cowards and traitors who take money to bend the knee.

Anonymous said...

At the present time Romanians and Bulgarians will also get free access to the UK jobs market from the end of next year when temporary restrictions are lifted,if the experience with the A8 nations was anything to go by – the number of Romanians and Bulgarians living here will treble to 425,000.

EDUCATION FACILITIES,LANGUAGE etc will further suffer.
For what reason ????????????

Click Here To Watch said...

Roy West talks about police priorities.

Welcome to the new Sodom and Gomorrah said...

Paedophiles who trade in child pornography will be spared jail under new sentencing rules for courts revealed yesterday.

The Sentencing Council suggested community punishments for those convicted of trading or possessing child pornography in its guidelines on dealing with all types of sex crimes.

People caught selling or distributing internet child pornography may receive ‘high level community orders’, and the council also proposed community orders for people possessing images of non-penetrative sex between adults and children.

The council, which instructs judges and magistrates, also said that adults who had sex with 13- to 16-year-olds may receive community penalties and treatment courses instead of prison sentences.

In cases of sex with a 13-year-old, it said that where there was no grooming or other aggravating factors, ‘high level community orders’ can be given instead of the benchmark of four years in jail.

The council also recommended increased use of community sentences for paying for the sexual services of a child.

In 2011, of the 261 people found guilty of sexual activity with a child under 13, 134 were jailed and 90 were given community sentences.

Anonymous said...

Labour's Tom Pendry, now in the House of Lords, was the sponsor of the early day motion in 1999, which celebrated 'It's A Knockout's' Hall's 40th year in broadcasting.

Well what do you know !!,is Pendry a close mate of StewartHall,
because Pendry is a massive mate of Owen Oyston the convicted rapist.
After Oyston was sentenced Pendry hot footed it down to the holding cells with Oyston`s wife,and looked after Oyston`s financial interests whilst Oyston was in gaol.
Stewart Hall lived in Glossop,so
all I can say is its a funny old world regarding who knows who very well,especially as another big mate of Oyston and Pendry was Roy Oldham our infamous deceased Tameside Leader.

Anonymous said...

Word is filtering through that an attempt to evict a vulnerable Tameside family from their New Charter property will be made on Jan 4th 2013.

Satan is amongst us said...

Re Sodom and Gomorrah, degenerates, perverts, traitors and vile scum of the worst kind now infest the upper ecelons of the government, church and judiciary.
Why would anyone promote leniency against corruptors of children?

Middle-class children are at risk of anxiety disorders because parents shelter them from the harsh reality of life said...

Rising numbers of middle-class children are suffering mental health problems amid a trend for risk-averse parents to raise them ‘in captivity’, a leading psychologist warns.

Professor Tanya Byron said youngsters are growing up in a ‘paranoid’ culture which tries to protect them but leaves them unable to cope with life’s challenges.

She said she was treating increasing numbers of children with anxiety disorders who lack ‘emotional resilience’ and are afraid of failure.

Professor Byron, who has been a clinical psychologist for 23 years and featured on the BBC series House Of Tiny Tearaways, said these children were ‘breaking down’ despite being ‘bright’ and not ‘from backgrounds where you would predict a greater chance of them having emotional, psychological or mental health problems’.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.59, just the thought of what you are suggesting sends shivers down my spine.

Australian man stabbed protecting women in bus attack 'told to leave UK' said...

A man who was stabbed as he tried to protect elderly women and a pregnant woman from thugs has been told to leave the country.

Tim Smits, 33, who was honoured by a national charity after he was knifed twice defending the passengers, has outstayed his visa and has been ordered to return to his native Australia by the UK Border Agency.

The graphic designer applied for a compassionate extension to his visa after spending months recovering mentally and physically from the violent attack in September last year.

But despite being honoured by the Andrew Carnegie Hero Trust Fund and being given an Islington council citizenship award, the agency ruled against his application.

Mr Smits’s family flew from Melbourne for his award ceremony at Islington town hall on Monday — the first time he had seen them since his ordeal. He was due to go on holiday with them to Europe this week but his visa issues mean he is unable to leave the country. He said: “I should be in Europe with them now but I can’t. They left on Tuesday and I just felt so low.”

A UKBA spokesman said: UK Border Agency spokesman: "Mr Smits' application was refused on 11 October this year

The Aussie is obviously a racist, you can tell that just by looking at the gentleman he prevented from murderintg the pensioners. The State wants less people like Tim Smits and more like Sanchez Brown. If this isn't the case, why is Mr Smits being deported instead of Sanchez?

Anonymous said...

06/12/2012 16:45 we need to get as much publicity as possible

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anon@12.59, just the thought of what you are suggesting sends shivers down my spine.

You had better believe because its all 100% true.
A great deal more is known but is not suitable on a public internet site.

Just another odd finding Oyston and Pendry were with others regulars at a Tameside venue,try the Rectory.

Why would Oyston fund and set up a young girls football team the
Tigers ?.
The putrid smell of Tameside has no boundaries.

West statement on Alan Kibble's visit tonight said...


Anonymous said...

One thing I want to do TC, I want to get hundreds of people at the house when they come to throw my partner and her onto the streets.

Anonymous said...

Dear TC I've just spoken to Alan Kibble of New Charter.
He's sorry that my partner is distressed by the new eviction attempt.
Mr Paul Wilson told me that it had been called off.
My partner took an over dose of her tablets last night, and cut herself at hearing the news that she's got to go through this court action in the new year.
New Charter Housing are now on course to act in such a vile and cruel way.
To punish the innocent.

Tameside Citizen said...

I am sorry to hear that Pauline has taken this terrible news so badly. I have had the pleasure of meeting Pauline and she is a very gentle and inoffensive lady. I really cannot see how they hope to succeed in persecuting such a vulnerable person.

From what I understand, Pauline, who is the tenant, has broken no rules. This appears to be yet another sad chapter in the Labour/Masonic campaign to silence one of Tameside’s most formidable anti-corruption campaigners who just happens to be Pauline’s partner and registered NHS carer. It appears they are prepared to destroy the already troubled life of Pauline in a bid to get at her partner.

I would me more than happy to come to your house and film an interview with Pauline so the world can see exactly what lengths the local council affiliated henchmen will go to in a bid to please their establishment paymasters.

Corrupt said...

Vindictive and cowardly persecution of an ill woman for doing nothing.
They've got it in for West who has unquestionably made enemies in high places.
Happy Christmas to every c**t who was involved in this shameful and appalling behaviour.

Anonymous said...

4838Time to involve and shame the local MP who must know from his local Staff of this continuing issue.
By doing nothing whatsoever he is directly complicit in what has and is occuring and he must not be allowed to hide away from his responsibity.
Try an open letter TC advising him of his duties towards all members of his Electorate who must all be treated with respect and full consideration.
The House of Commons Standards Unit
need to keep an eye on what is occuring and should be copied on any open letter.e.mail,or blog references concerning bthe E.Mail concerned whose Constituents are being discriminated against.
Private Eye might also be interested on the TMBC/New Charter/
Ashton Police activities.
Bad and telling publicity directed at those responsible for discrimination needs stepping up more.

SerpentSlayer said...

I have met Pauline also, a very pleasant lady. Things in this world really are black and white though, the evil and the soulless persecute the good and the innocent.

The swinging hammer never misses it's target though, no matter how long it takes to land.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TC I will take you up on that. Pauline's Christmas present is a notice to live on the streets.

Anonymous said...

TC I've spoken to a very good friend and comrade about this matter, our plans have been made.
I won't say anymore about what we need to do.
Other than, we won't trust any solicitor.

Britain will be 'swamped' by TB said...


Brent's most wanted women said...

Look at their pictures,read their CV's and then then ask yourself is this the Britain the war dead of two world wars sacrificed gave so much for. Would they feel their sacrifice was worth it looking at that bunch?

Satan is amongst us said...

The dictionary definition of marriage is, 'The formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognised by law, by which they become husband and wife.'
Now we know what Cameron's definition of marriage is: two sodomites can apparently be 'married'.
Cameron spoke repeatedly about his support for marriage (he meant the real definition of marriage between man and woman, everyone knew that was what he meant, and he KNEW that they knew) for several years before the last election to garner support and votes from the millions of people who are sick to the back teeth of political correctness and the destruction of our sound and decent traditional values. He lied. Just like he lied about the referendum on the EU. Two extremely significant and important issues and our Prime Minister lied.
These are the types of people who lead us now. The establishment: government, judiciary and media is riddled with them and led by them.

Dark Horizon said...

@Brent's most wanted women, Many parts of Britain are now infested with such subhumans. They should all be exterminated.

see link here said...

If you have never seen this footage then watch it, because this is coming to your Town one day.

Persecution Of Vulnerable Woman said...

He went round to their house yesterday, he can go their a hundred times a day if he wants.
Just proves the collusion between them.

SerpentSlayer said...

I propose that this be taken to the highest authority. The state condoning attacks by foreign invaders and now turfing people onto the streets for opposing such behaviour.

They must be held to their own rules.

Thick, corrupt and cowardly said...

Let's hope West's politically and personally motivated persecutors have a f***ing s**t Christmas and New Year and that their heating breaks down on Christmas Eve.

SerpentSlayer said...

I will happily cast a tablet to bitter the taste of their Christmas day turkey anyway. It is said that such curses are harmful to the soul of those who produce them, but in an age where little heed is taken to protect against such things, the benefits far outweigh the ill.

I know Roy's opinion on my heathen ways, but the Christian god seems to be happy to let this happen.

Anonymous said...

It's going to take a brave judge to allow a vulnerable woman and her son, to be thrown onto the streets in this day and age.

Alf Garnett said...

If roy had anything about himhe would just buy somewere to live

tonydj said...

Dear TC

May I urge in the strongest terms that people now cease posting about Roy's eviction notice.

We KNOW that this blog site is monitored so that any plans discussed on these pages will be reported back to those who wish harm to Roy.

Do not allow casual gossip, promises or threats to make Roy's case harder. From now on the strugge will be waged in the courts, not the internet!

Dark Side of the Moon said...

@ tonydj, true, as Mr West's enemies already know he has supporters and friends who will back him.