Monday, 10 December 2012

Ashton Brothers Hyde Being Demolished To Make Way For Housing Estate

Think of the significant manufacturing sites in Hyde Newton which have vanished in recent years; Senior Service, Castrol, Ashton Brothers and others - and Hyde Newton is only a small place! All demolished to make way for housing.

Now I am far from an economist so please forgive me for asking, but when we have completely eradicated all of our manufacturing facilities and all we have left is housing estates, retail outlets, car washes and warehouses filled with foreign made goods, how are we going to make ends meet as a nation?

In the past we manufactured goods and sold them both at home and abroad. This was great as it created jobs in this country and brought in money from overseas when we exported our goods. These days it is near impossible to buy British made products with the exception of cars, aero engines and military hardware. Try buying a British made PC, mobile phone, iron, vacuum cleaner, locomotive, tram, washing machine, cruise liner, suit, shirt, towel etc etc and you will realise that we now manufacture virtually nothing. Did I just hear you say the reason is because we cannot compete with the sweatshop based economies of Asia? The thing is; if we cannot compete with low wage economies of Asia, how come Germany, France and Japan can? All three countries are highly developed industrial nations but they appear to have no problems manufacturing and exporting and competing on a global scale - and paying their workers a decent living wage.

There are many things fundamentally wrong the political management and administration of this once great nation. I picture this country in the not too distant future ending up as the European equivalent of Brazil with a massive population of poorly educated and impoverished people governed over by a political class and economic elite who care only about themselves. Let's hope I am wrong and someone has the answers which will reverse our decline!


Dark Horizon said...

Housebuilding is on the increase in the borough as Tameside is an increasingly attractive place to move to due to many surrounding areas becoming infested with foreigners. 'Racism?', no the law of nature and these same foreigners virtually all stick to their own as well. How many Polish families for example would happily accept an African into their family or vice versa.
If something isn't done soon Britain as a recognisable entity will cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind TC I don't think many goods were being manufactured at Ashton Brothers for a very long time. I worked in the old mill section right up until its demolition in 2005, and it was basically just a storage warehouse for goods coming in and going out. The delivery trucks were all coming from Turkey with towels and various other household goods.

The current site that is now being demolished did have sewing machinists etc but it was all pretty small scale. The owner when I was there several years back was a tight-fisted Sikh who paid the min.wage. No surprises then that manufacturing had been out sourced.

There were apparently a number of credible claims that the site is haunted (though I never saw anything). Two young lads who worked there in the 70s claimed to have seen a ghost of a man dressed in old style mill clothing - both left immediately and never returned.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anon@22.40, thanks for the info. I used to go into the mill shop and the last time I went in the lady serving said manufacturing had all but ceased on the site. She said if you want to buy something made in the mill, all that was guaranteed manufactured on site were the small plain hand towels. She said everything else was made elsewhere. I suppose they kept the pretence of a manufacturing operation alive so they could get away with promoting the image of a quintessentially English brand, but still, it is sad to see it coming down.

The ghost story sounds interesting, one for Christmas Eve maybe? I know someone who works for Vital at a mill in Salford. He, and many of the staff absolutely swear it is haunted. I have been told things really do go bump in the night and there are documented cases of the lights going on and off in empty parts of the mill. Not just flickering on and off, the switches have mysteriously flicked from off to on without a living person in sight. The person who tells me it is haunted was a complete sceptic in relation to ghosts until he started working nights there which makes it even more spooky.

SerpentSlayer said...

Two young lads run off because of a (most likely) harmless ghost?

My house is haunted, all the members of my family have seen ghosts here, rather intimidating scary ones at that.

My grandmother's house appears to be the same, one night when we were all sat in the living room, the glass in one of the cabinets shattered, without anything hitting it or any change in temperature enough to affect it.

I have enough first hand ghost stories to last lifetimes, probably why I am so at ease in the face of them (and I do mean that literally).

Christianity decreasing, Islam growing, White brit births decline, massive increase in immigration. Now get back to your footy and X Factor said...

The number of people who were born outside the UK has risen by more than 50% to 7.5m, equivalent to more than one in 12 people. The UK population stands at 63.1m people, an increase of 4 million in the past decade.

The proportion of people born abroad varies significantly across the country. In London, one in three people was born outside the UK was one in three, compared to one in 20 in the Northeast.

More than 500,000 Polish people now live in England and Wales, although the highest number of people born outside the UK are from India.

In Leicester and Hounslow, one in 10 people were born in India, while Ealing in West London and Slough have the highest number of Poles.

More than 2.8m people in Britain live in households where no adults speak English.

England and Wales have also become more diverse. In 2001, 87% of the population were white British, compared to 80% today.

The number of people of mixed ethnicity has risen to more than 1m for the first time, while the number of Asian people has risen from 2.5m to 4.2m.

The population of England and Wales has grown by 3.7m since 2001, with 55 per cent of the growth taking place because of migration.

I tell you one think, it's a good job we won the war or would have ended up being invaded by foreigners said...

These newly released census figures are even more disasterous than they first appear because the figures focus on immigrants born outside the UK and ignore the huge number of immigrant offspring born in the UK as 'British Citizens'.

Anonymous said...

Is the Ashton MP a phantom or ghost
who doesn`t speak,seldom seen,and
can easily vanish.???
You may have the answer,because this
apparition is costing loads of money.

Tameside Citizen said...

Alf Garnett, I have been asked to stop publishing posts regarding Roy West due to an ongoing eviction attempt directed at his vulnerable partner which is to be heard in front of a circuit judge in Manchester early in the new year. That’s why your post wasn’t approved. I welcome your input regardless of your political affiliation.

Anonymous said...

The news is catastrophic for the indigenous British, even the BBC are reporting these 'given' figures (and these figure only show those who completed the census, not the millions who did not). The 'given' figure of 7.5 million colonisers born outside the U.K. does not even attempt to give a clear picture as to what is happening to us as a Nation as we must include the numbers of colonisers born within the U.K (and those not registered). If one wishes to experience the paralysation that a great fear brings on, then their demographics should be published for us to contemplate our slow suffocating annihilation as a people and as a Nation.

Towton 1461 said...

The British are now outnumbered in their own capital city. If that doesn't wake you up you're already brain dead.

Anonymous said...

Punch this into your search engine,
"its a cracker"

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give those figures too much credence as they are nowhere near the true reality. As bad as they are they've been dressed up to make this catastrophe look good compared to what the true figures would look like. The truth is no one knows how many or who is here. And to be honest no British government is even interested.

The good thing is that people will now see that all this hard rhetoric by the Blair's and Cameron's of this world in regard to getting tough on immigration is all smoke and mirrors, or put another way; barefaced lies. The LibLabCon can never again be trusted. They have betrayed the British people! Anyone with a brain bigger than a pea must surely be able to see that now.

We are now moving into interesting times. The people now have a good idea of the scale of the problem and even the dimmest can now see the writing on the wall if mass-immigration isn't stopped and the immediate start of repatriation of illegals, criminals and those who obtained leave to stay by a corrupt government through that governments own ineptitude or criminal negligence.

It will be interesting to see if the White British still have any balls or are quite content to keel over and die in the coming years.

Long War said...

We need a White British alliance. No prejudice OR BIGOTRY, simply an assertion that we want to remain the majority IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

ByPass fiction.
Regarding the latest idiotic letter
to the Tameside Advertiser from Mark Ridgeway of Hyde accusing me of issuing incorrect details which I also placed on TC.

Your inability to read,peruse,digest and remember details is perfectly obvious.
What did my comment actually say Ridgeway ??????
I repeat for your sake.
"40,000 HGV`s and cars produced
by this by-pass".

So you distorted that now to
"40,000 HGV`s(his figure and which is at odds with the Highways".you claim.

Just get yourself a grip on real facts before you insult me,because I would never quote bull---- details as your latest TA comment states which goes on:

There will be no comparable increase of traffic flow on the main arterial route from Hyde to Manchester through Denton and Reddish according to your latest bull----.

Read all the thousands of pages of flawed evidence given by the DfT/Highways/TMBC to the Public Inquiry plus the ramblings of the produced experts !!!!
And that tell you why the Highways Agency top dog was booted out and replaced by the HA during the PI,
then the PI Chair asked and adjourned the PI six times over a 2 year period so that the DfT/HA/TMBC could start producing credible evidence AND THEY FINEALLY STATED TO THE PI THEY COULD NOT OFFER 100% FACTS.
Hence £20 Million of Taxpayers money was flushed down the pan,including £1 million of Tameside Residents money used as scrap paper.
How many times did you attend the PI,cross examine,produce facts not fiction and gave credible and substantiated data ????
Don`t waste my time spouting bull----

Anonymous said...

TC, don't forget the vast ICI site in Hyde Newton, that's houses too now. All that in only one ward of one borough.
The population of England is out of control, the cause is mass immigration, particularly in the last fifteen years.

SerpentSlayer said...

Legends say that Quatzalcoatl was tall and light-skinned, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a beard, he was said to wear a long flowing robe. He last appeared to the Mayans circa 1000ad, roughly during the time of the Viking age.

He was a sky god, of poetry, learning, healing and all things beautiful.

It is possible that whoever this man was, was an emissary of Woden, if not the All-father himself.

If we have this right, and it could be out by as much as 37 years, we could be witnessing something special this Yule-tide, the wild hunt may again return to earth, to perpetrate a mass slaughter against the enemies of mankind.

But who knows, maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Blood and Soil said...

War and bloody destruction of enemies both internal and external played an essential part in the creation of Britain.
In the modern age we're in danger of destruction by worshipping the false Gods of compromise, hollow sophistication, and the fool's paradise of reasonableness. All are poisoned seeds planted by those who would enslave and destroy us.

Anonymous said...

you leave brixton alone ,before you start a fucking race war ,no more riots,civil war .truth

you like tc? said...


Only in Yorkshire said...

Hey TC this was a very good night last night. Check the link.
Really good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Traditional Jazz is mediocre, repetitive and generally lacks melody. Modern Jazz is self-indulgent rubbish.

Anonymous said...

2939hankssoHow many think the end game has started on our Planet.Regarding wherever you turn your Atlas pages towards,its
Earthquakes,Volcanic disturbances,considerable changes towards weather patterns worldwide,
massive financial debts everywhere.Widespread corruption,Increased capabilities in weapons,Dictatorships abound, surveillance tightened on everyone
in an attempt to subdue violent
public reactions.irrational thinking due to massive increases in drug use.
the worst demise of Christianity seen for hundreds of years.
religious battles in many countries,
Please don`t say it always been like that because after studying world history over many years its my opinion that the please yourself what you do mentality throughout the world has surpassed the rational,logical, and reasonable
capabilities of mankind.
Maybe not 21st December 2012 but
the obvious will eventually occur
in the relatively near future.

Yet to come said...

There are trillions upon trillions upon trillions to the nth power, of factors in play regarding events on the planet. The future may LOOK like it's heading a certain way but the reality is, the only certainty is UN-certainty, and even that's not certain.

Anonymous said...

Miliband calls for improved integration of newly arrived immigrants = prepare for another wave of third world immigrants when we're back in power.

ID said...

A few hundred years ago a significant proportion of modern mainstream politicians would have been hung drawn and quartered for treason.

Anonymous said...

Re yet to come comments.

Certainly the possible participation of a multitude of circumstances converging can create a definate uncertainty.
However its the speed of this widespread convergence that appears
to unusually rapid.
The world as per news reported even today is far less safe than yesterday if people study the world events these past 24 hours.
Such happenings on a regular rapid
time frame covering many various aspects of human life and the almost daily continual degradation of the earths crust and plates, plus the huge weakening of our planets magnetic natural defence system must surely be a warning that the the speed of changes on.within.and around the Earth`s mass cannot rectify themselves, resulting in a likely major looming disaster.

Anonymous said...

A few stray stats that the MSM (not to mention the mainstream parties) have chosen not to highlight with respect to the census results (all figures relate to England and Wales).

- The White British population has declined by 690,000 and now represents 80.5% of the total (87.5% in 2001)

- The non-White British population (not to be confused with the British non-white) has increased by 4.34 million to 10.94 million, and now represents 19.5% of the population (12.6% in 2001).

- The non-white population has increased by 3.23 million to 8.5 million and now forms 15.1% of the total (9.9% in 2001).

- The white non-British population has increased by 1.1 million to 2.5 million and now forms 4.4% of the total (2.6% in 2001).

From this we can deduce that each of the preceding ten years experienced on average a loss of 69,000 native Britons, their places being taken by an annual influx of 323,000 non-whites (mostly subcontinentals, Africans and Chinese) and 110,000 white immigrants (mostly Eastern European).

Keep this summary handy for those arguments in the pub, you won't find it spelt out quite so plainly in the Mail or the Guardian, or talked about on the BBC or debated in Parliament in quite so blunt a manner.

Peter Hitchins on Labour's plan to destroy Britain said...

Well said Peter

Anonymous said...

How safe are our children and grandchildren.
They appear to be chosen targets for real bastards with guns,or targeted by sex perverts.
Have they been safe in care homes and churches under the regime of being soft innocent targets for deranged vile sex maniacs.
Innocent babies have their bodies broken in pieces by scum parents
on drugs or drink.
Female teachers now taking to molest much younger male school children for sexual thrills.
Kids are deliberately set on fire in family homes because of broken homes pay back parents.
Every bloody day the young innocents get increasingly targeted
by bastards who should be immediately castrated,or have limbs removed.
Still the perverts exist in their thousands in all walks of life and their power positions in society ensure their immunity from severe penalties.
I am all for retribution groups for what else are the options,do present methods protect the innocents? like hell they do!.
Those in power are a sickening bunch of corrupt misfits ensuring all our liberties are downgraded
ensuring their retention on our lives.
But I come back to the young innocents and our duty to defend them from the scum who are numerous.
Whilst we have packs of non whites
prowling the streets hitting on the young,its us not our so called leaders who can protect the vulnerable young and kids by ensuring lessons are learn`t.

Anonymous said...

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

Yet to come said...

Anonymous 19:36, the planet's threat mechanism may respond and significantly reduce human numbers, I do not believe there is any significant sign of immediacy regarding that and scientists differ fundamentally on the issue.
More likely our own international, intercontinental, interracial disputes will trigger large scale conflicts.

Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, chicken... said...

Well said Peter Hitchens but notice how his bottle went when he gave examples of Britishness, 'Language, law, sense of humour.' He deliberately avoided mentioning race.
He was known for shouting his exaggerated loathing of the BNP from the rooftops a few years ago when they were a genuine threat to the status quo, despite the fact that their policies would have stopped (and still would if they had a miraculous resurrection) all the immigration problems he mentioned, in their tracks.

I no longer recognise the Britain I grew up in said...

The working class have been betrayed by Labour. Labour deliberately flooded the country with cheap foreign labour tp keep wages low and profits for the rich high. I hope they one day get executed for treason.

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot said...

At one time in Britain people stood up for their beliefs. You need knowledge, conviction and courage, in that order, to do that. A significant proportion of the human sludge that makes up the modern populace of this island lack one, two or all of these qualities.

Queequeg said...

All the hate comments about people coming from other countries need a response. When the mills expanded in the 19th Century one third of the population of Lancashire were first generation Irish. Exactly the same comments were made about the Irish as are being made about people who come from the Indian sub-Continent.
I'm proud that England has more than one culture and that we're a diverse country.

Desperate For Work With A Family To Feed said...

The difference is Queequeg, the Irish were not here to colonise and take over, unlike the third world hordes now arriving in massive numbers.

Immigration is being used by the monied class to create a low wage sweatshop economy in Britain. You try finding work in this day and age and unless you are well connected or highly skilled you will end up competing for a minimum wage job with millions of migrant workers who are used to a lower standard of living and therefore are grateful to work in low paid jobs.

Which are the hate comments you refer to?