Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Merry Christmas to all TC readers and discussion contributors


What Is The Heart Of The Law said...

Remember that hypocrites are always blind. And that, the "Son of Man" can see into the hearts of traitors.
And those that tell lies in order to destroy people's lives.
Putting your hand on the Bible knowing that you are telling lies to frame someone, will be seen by the greatest power on earth and in heaven.

Selection Box said...

Happy Christmas to all Brits and like minded guests in our country.

Satan's little helper said...

Richard Dawkins' latest claim is that, 'Being raised Catholic is worse than child abuse.'
I'm not religious but no doubt those who are, raise their children that way because they believe it's best. They may be misguided but Christianity at least instils some basic, decent values. Such children would certainly be better off than those raised with zero standards, discipline or control, something increasingly prevalent in modern Britain.
Paedophiles of course abuse defenceless and innocent children for their own selfish purposes and as such are not 'misguided', they are evil.
If Dawkins thinks a religious upbringing is so bad he should therefore also support long prison sentences for religious parents, and shorter ones for child rapists. He doesn't of course because his 'argument' is irrational, dangerous nonsense in pursuit of an agenda. Like so many modern theorists his ideas have been pursued monomaniacally into dangerous irrationality that aids evildoers.

You Cannot Serve Two Masters said...

@25/12/2012 13:06 Jesus is not the Catholic Church nor any other Church.
Christ lives for man not for profit nor buildings.
The "Son Of Man" is truly great!
And lives today for the persecuted, the poor, and the faithful.

Worthy Is The Lamb! said...

Forget about these buildings pretending to serve GOD. He lives not, in these places where hypocrites preach their vile perversions.
He truly lives in the hearts of men that call out his name.
He truly is GREAT! The "Son Of Man"
He sees deep inside you and knows you, and you answer to him. The Almighty God the power of the whole universe.

SerpentSlayer said...

Hawkins is a deluded gasbag, obsessed with the notoriety of his position.

The best way a child can be raised is lovingly, by a mother and a father. If they hold religious beliefs, it's better than none and a damn sight better than them being Marxists or Louts.

Catholicism will set them up to be upstanding thoughtful citizens, better yet a Heathen upbringing will raise them to be wolves among sheep, proud of who they are and dead set against Commie twerps like Dawkins.

Catholic leader accuses Cameron of Orwellian tactics on gay marriage said...

I have no problem with Gay people but demanding church marriages is a step too far. Cameron is an idiot and liability. The winners from this will be UKIP.

An awesome film. Well worth going to see 10/10 said...

"The Hobbit" Crushing Competition As It Rapidly Approaches 1/2 Billion In Global Ticket Sales.

Tiny hobbit Bilbo Baggins is running circles around some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" took in $36.7 million to remain No. 1 at the box office for the second-straight weekend, easily beating a rush of top-name holiday newcomers.

Part one of Jackson's prelude to the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, the Warner Bros. release raised its domestic total to $149.9 million after 10 days. The film added $91 million overseas to bring its international total to $284 million and its worldwide haul to $434 million.

Blood and Soil said...

The Hobbit et al are well written but fundamentally infantile. Like other latterday paracosms it is regarded by many in Britain and the west as something of genuine significance by the mentally inferior and those desperate to belong and have the sense of identity,stolen from them. As such is symptomatic and emblematic of the disintegration in the capacity for meaningful, significant and independent thought re the REAL world and the REAL nation and its history which made Britons and other North Europeans who and what we are. We have a distinctive and unique identity which has in the past achieved truly great things. Allowing oursleves to be infantilised by virtually worthless fantasy based on happeningsthat never were is a pathetic, wilfully ignorant and craven denial of the thousands of conflicts,wars and all the great events, accomplishments and blooodshed that created us and our land.

SerpentSlayer said...

The Hobbit is infantile, but it was written as a children's book, then the ideas behind it kind of took their own form, the result being 'The lord of the rings' a book that is most certainly not infantile.

All of the stories set in Middle Earth are brilliant for encouraging people to rediscover the lost myths of the English and Germanic peoples. Blood and soil, I recommend the Lord of the Rings to you, the books especially. It communicates much little known knowledge and understanding of our past.
For example the talk of the blood of Numenor dying out from the race of men (much like the Aryan race has all but died from our people)
Don't be put of by the infantilism of the Hobbit!

Blood and Soil said...

None of it is real and as such, for many, it is 'safe' to take an interest in.
All our history is real, and expressing honest, truly held and correct opinion can nowadays land you in a lot of trouble. Which is why many of the gutless and ignorant (I do not mean you SS) who now make a up a sizeable part of our population prefer the easy and secure option of fantasy.
Why look for allegories in fairy tales when you can study the realities of our history and thereby undertand our collective and individual identity as a people.

Tameside Citizen said...

If I was to be marooned on a desert island and had to choose one film which I could take with me, it would certainly be one of the three Lord of the Rings. Any would do as all are brilliant.

Blood and Soil said...

I'd take the Encyclopedia Britannica (full size ecition), all that paper would be handy for fire making if you were stuck longer than you thought.
There's nothing wrong with Tolkien, as long as it's kept in proportion and seen as what it is, fantasy. The problem comes when cowards use it as a substitute for a reality they can't face and want to hide from. Especially NOW when Britain's planned destruction is beginning to accelerate.