Monday, 11 June 2012

Publicity hungry Dukinfield councillors only like certain types of publicity

Dukinfield political dissident Roy West today received a solicitors letter (see above) regarding his campaign to bring openness and accountability into the Dukinfield political arena. For some time Mr West has been informing the Dukinfield electorate of the the money taken from the public purse by the Councillors who represent the Dukinfield ward. The electorate have a right to know how much politicians take from public funds but evidently the Councillors in question object to this information being circulated to the electorate for whom they are paid to represent.

It is worth reading the letter closely if just for this sentence "you are personally responsible for a number of inaccurate and unacceptable leaflet drops in the local area". Now that is what you call taking the Mick, especially when you consider who was responsible for distributing vile leaflets such as this and many more of a similar vein. In fact I could never understand why the hidden front door video cam footage from the resident who lives on Chapel Street in Dukinfield was never authorised for release as it clearly showed two local councillors delivering anonymous third party election smear leaflets on election day.

I must admit to having admiration for the way Roy West operates. Despite unbelievable persecution and intimidation his quest to bring little known facts and information to public attention shows no sign of waning. Many lesser individuals would have given up and run for cover by now, but not Mr West, Mr West is a true champion of openness, accountability and free speech. It is heroic figures such as Mr West who will be remembered long after the traitors and free meal ticket merchants are forgotten in the sands of time.


Roy K West said...
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Tameside Citizen said...

I urge you to submit the video footage of the 'gruesome twosome' delivering smears as part of your evidence. That one eight second clip would change everything.

Prt Scr said...

Screengrabs of taken just in case any of the named try and deny it.

Anonymous said...

"Many lesser individuals would have given up and run for cover by now, but not Mr West"

TC, You've always been undercover.

Tameside Councillor Jim Fitzpatrick caught delivering smear leafets said...

Oh joy for the one rule system, for the bent.

Rob said...

Good on him. He's a local hero round Duki is Roy.

(above the normal rules) said...

The three Labour Cllrs for Dukinfield are very wealthy people indeed. Just add up their earnings since 2003 alone.
Do they represent openess or greed?
What are they affraid of? People thinking that they're greedy?
If Councillor John Taylor claims to represent the people, why is he affraid to talk about the £235,000 that he's took since 2003?
People's rights and freedoms are in danger because these Cllrs are not accountable to the people.
They can spread vile smear leaflets with-out any comeback from the police or borough solicitor.
It's a mafia with a deadly response if you get in their way.
Most people don't see what they're like, only when you get in their way you'll see behind the public mask of deception.

political thuggery in Tameside said...

And listen to this man openly talk about using violence in the elections, against BNP candidates.

voter said...

If these councillors have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear so why are they trying to silence this man?

Anonymous said...

Roy, next time you print T shirts like this, just omit the 'Greedy' and replace with "Good Value? You decide".
You are allowed to ask questions and plant a thought.

Anonymous said...

Why not just re-name this blog: the Roy West blog ??

I like Roy a lot and I do admire what he is doing to expose these Labourites for what they really are, but come on TC, there are more important things happening in Tameside.

Anonymous said...


Considering the way West has been hounded and victimised by the local political police and media clique, I think TC is to be commended for giving the guy a medium through which to express his resentment. West may be no angel, but nothing that has been related anywhere about the man suggests he is public enemy number one. But listening to the way the local police and media demonise the man, that might be a person's first impression.

And do bear in mind that West and his partner are being threatened with eviction from their home for no more than calling someone a name. It may be trivial to you, but some of us actually sympathise with his predicament, and (whatever his faults) don't believe he deserves what is being done to him. Also - if you don't like this blog no-one is forcing you to read it. Perhaps you could direct us to your own blog to see how the job is done properly (or do you just lecture others on how to run theirs)?

Anonymous said...

Not a bad campaign from someone who does not work and claims huge amounts in state benefits.
Can we have them published also its the same principle and the money comes from the same source tax payers.

Anonymous said...

British Family of 5 Condemned to 1 bedroom council flat while Somalis celebrate in 6 bedroom £2 million mansion. The Sun newspaper reports that a hard working mother of three, Clare Marlow-Gadsen, is rightly furious that she, her partner and children are left in 1 bedroom council flat whilst just up the road is the 6 bedroom £2million mansion that a family of Somalis have been given by the same council. Clare pays £45 a week for the 3 room 3rd floor flat out of her £500 a month salary as shop worker. She and her partner, who is unable to work, have been on the Islington Council’s waiting list for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

@12/06/2012 19:08
What are you going on about you dumb c**** most people in Dukinfield are on benefits, all Labour voters............

Stander said...

@ Anonynmous 19:08, West's on benefits and campaigns to save his country from mass immigration.
90% of Somalian immigrants are on benefits along with their vast families. The vast majority of cuch oncomers have contributed NOTHING to this country and know and care little about it. They can't even be bothered to learn the language and are here simply for the free and easy ride.
I'd worry about the rapidly expanding numbers of them and similar aliens if I were you, not the local eccentric who actually has done some good for his country by standing for election and drawing attention to this vitally important issue.
I work and pay taxes but I'd rather they were spent on imperfect people like West than armies of unassimilable, parasitic and unnecessary aliens, or some of the grabbing local Labour mafia.
As for the post about this being the Roy West blog, it's presumably because he's one of the miniscule number of people who stands up against the local political elite and their mates in the Wellington Street dustbin that gets him so much attention. If there were campaigners in other areas no doubt they'd be mentioned regularly, as John Hall is and Carl Simmons was.

No-one is innocent said...

'Further we will if necessary raise this matter with other agencies, organisations we deem appropriate and if necessary take appropriate action against you.'

What 'other agencies' and what 'actions'.

Get a solicitor to write to this firm and ask what, specifically, is 'inaccurate' and what is 'unacceptable' in the leaflets.
Also ask why three experienced councillors shoud 'feel intimidated and harassed' by such actions.
I'd also send them some of the vile rubbish that's been put out against you and tell them you're considering taking legal action yourself.

Mad as cheese said...

Some of you actually believe something that is printed in the Sun newspaper ... Appears that just sums up the mentality of the keyboard warriors that frequent this site and support West!!
All the trouble West goes through to publish information that is already in the public domain is laughable .... Isn't West registers a the main carer of his partners? Suret if all this trouble is havig such an impact on her mental health West would not feel the need to leave her at home and 'vulnerable' while he parades around with a tshirt embellished with information that anyone, who is interested of course, can access quite easily!!!!! Doesn't West gain additional financial gain (from the same source as the councillors he is trying to 'expose' ) to 'care' for his partner?? Just a reasonable thought?

No pasarán said...

If it is that clear cut Jim, sorry, Mad as Cheese, why are they going to the trouble of trying to stop him spreading this information which is already in the public domain? Is it because, you, he and them all understand that the electorate have the memory of a goldfish and only things that are constantly repeated gets remembered.

Times are hard Jim, us ordinary Proles see that you politicians who have betrayed the working class are living well as we suffer. For this reason I support West's campaign despite feeling revulsion at his overall political standpoint.

Anonymous said...

@don't get so personal. Or make comments on issues you no nothing about. You only make yourself look a tit...............

Anonymous said...

Manchester Labour Group June 2012
The Labour Party will place cookies on your computer to help us make this website better.To find out more about these cookies, see ourcookies policy.(what nice folk)Use of this site confirms your acceptance of these cookies.
CHERIE BLAIR - Defended a convicted paedophile with 27 convictions who had an injunction to stop him going near young children. Cherie Blair argued that this infringes his human rights.
Very Interesting:
n our look at Tameside`s incestuous political scene on 22nd February,we reported on how some Tameside Council employees with Labour Party connections, were making inquiries about taking voluntary redundancy and also hoping to become Tameside councillors after leaving the council`s employment with their severance pay cheques. Amongst those mentioned were the GMB union representative Yvonne Cartey and the Ashton-under-Lyne Town Centre Manager, Frank Travis, the husband of councillor Lynn Travis.
Tameside Hospital and its Deaths send Solicitors Letter

All I want to know is has anyone got a large enough T Shirt which will fit all these references on,and are Solicitors selecting easy targets for financial objectives.
Just some of the Questions which arise when you read this lot.
Why don`t Solicitors stand up for the Electorate especially the honest and decent folk ??
Its disgusting,shameful,vile,obnoxious,and an utter disgrace what occurs in our region,
and who is responsible ?????????? that`s up to you to decide when you read the information widely so available.If you cannot Read,Write,or use a PC then continue voting Labour. they so need your support.

Brenda said...

Oh the bloody troublecauser is back. That's all we need.

It's life Jim, but not as we know it said...

@ Mad as cheese,
The information is in the public domain but virtually no average Tamesiders look into, or are aware of, the grossly over remunerated nature of their part-time amateur councillors, so west is providing a valuable service in letting them know, whatever his other faults. Councillors have already been quizzed about their expenses by members of the public as a direct reult of this campaign, including ghaving £10 notes waved at them.
From previous posts I understand that West's partner supports his campaign and as a carer he does not need to be in permanent attendance.
West's 'additional financial gain' is simply what he's legally entitled to. No doubt if he was one of the millions (and rapidly growing) of brain dead, Labour voting scrotes, parasites and/or immigrants who now infest our major cities his benefits claims would go unremarked. said...

Breaking news: Diesel exhausts do cause cancer.

I bought a diesel because I was told they were better for the environment but now we hear this distressing news. I'm confused!


this as always been so ? were have you been said...

I heard they were better on fuel and did not cause much pollution. I had no idea the exhaust fumes cause cancer. I might get a hybrid Citroen next time. Has anyone ever had one and are they any good?

Paul Stephenson said...

Generally speaking diesel fumes are better for the environment but worse for people, especially those with pulmonary conditions such as asthma/bronchitis
This is due to the size of diesel particulates which can be inhaled into the lungs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Paul. I have noticed my chest wheezing more these days, I wouldn't be surprized if it was connected to diesel soot.

Bob said...

You see: what the three Labour gravy train riders are now have to do, is answer questions about the money.
Instead of dog shit and nasty nazis. it's come on Councillor tell us about the £235,000 you've took from the public purse since 2003. £160,000 for Brian Wild, what on earth has he done to earn that vast wealth as a local Councillor.
You see: They're not accountable to the people.
Oh don't worry they'll talk about dog shit and nasty nazis till the cows come home, but the money question oh no it's harassment to ask these questions.

Anonymous said...

How the hell is wearing a t-shirt with someone's name on a criminal offence? How is that any different than walking about with placards protesting against polticians with their names and faces on?

Kestral Watcher said...

I just stumbled upon this site when researching birds of prey and I must say I am pleased I live in Dorset where things are done by the book. Your local political pool appears to be a murky one indeed.

I am Spartacus said...

Why not print off scores of these t-shirts and hand them out to people and ask them all to wear them on a particular day. As long as the facts are accurate there is no law against teling the truth and whereas they may think they can get away with bullying West, they couldn't do the same to everyone wearing one.

Anonymous said...

What if RW did this ???

Mad a cheese said...

West ….could you please furnish us with a little snippet of what you have positively contributed to society that would give you the legal and moral entitlement to take benefits from said society i.e.the rest of us.
Also as a small add on. Taking without contributing makes one no different than the ever so often criticised immigrants.

Anonymous said...

13/06/2012 12:25
Good idea i would do that if it did not cost so much

west contributed to society said...

Mad a cheese contributed to society

contributed to society Mad a cheese said...

Mad a cheese said...
contributed to society

Lord Of The Flies said...

@ Mad as cheese,
West's contributions include: Repeatedly standing for democratic election to draw attention to the destruction of our country by immigration and treachery; looking after his partner which no doubt saves the state a fortune; and exposing the rotten political cliques that exist locally.
He's legally entitled to benefits, and unlike many of the recently arrived hordes of invaders, who are here purely for what they can get, West hasn't done any harm to the country.
As for criticising immigrants one thing's for certain, you'll never do it when there are easy targets like West with his poor judgment and eccentricities.
Tell us what YOU'VE contributed (not taxes, Everyone who works pays them).

Guilt by Silence said...

Child grooming scandal is only the tip of the iceberg according to the Daily Telegraph. Who could disagree with this from the comments section:::

"Who raised this 10 years ago? The same person they tried to gaol for speaking the truth! There has been a cover-up because they are not white indigenous!.

Lets just talk about Blackpool where the Telegraph recently revealed that a report into to the gang rapes of young White girls by Muslims in the Blackpool area was covered up for 8 years by the local police(1). There is a pattern to the grooming and abuse of these 60 girls. "An unpublished police report identified 11 takeaway shops in the town centre which were being used as "honeypots" where the non-white men preyed on young white victims, who were given food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sex.The report said: "Young people were being groomed and sexually assaulted both inside and outside of premises by a number of takeaway owners and workers.”Earlier this year a Home Office inquiry was launched amid reports of a similar trend of crime across the north of England and the Midlands involving gangs of mainly Muslim men and young girls."So Blackpool is tip of the iceberg...and remember Charlene Downes...God rest her soul. Fed to tourist as a kebab. Why didn't you mention that?

Anonymous said...

what a shock and surprise

Jack Rankin said...

Where can I get a t-shirt like that?

Spartacus said...

West is getting more printed. Contact him for details.

War on Whites said...

It's the same in the USA. Check out the Department of Justice's records on racial rape. 35,000 to 40,000 white women raped by blacks EVERY YEAR. Zero black women raped by whites.
A shocking scandal that goes almost totally unreported and/or actively hidden by the controlled, left wing, PC media. If the rape statistics were vice versa it would get saturation coverage with endless footage of all the tragic black women victims of evil white rapists.
Many liberal whites in positions of high power and influence utterly detest their own race and as such are manifestly insane.

Anonymous said...

Johney Reynolds looking a prick today on PMQs. Even when Balls realises Milliband is in trouble, Reynolds is rolling about like a schoolboy (although with no hair) on Row 2.

The Medusa Touch said...

The whole edifice should be brought crashing down on their unworthy heads.

hairs on the palms of your hands said...

The fella holding the tshirt has the look of a porn star.

Werewolves of London said...

'He's the hairy handed gent
Who ran amok in Kent.'

Heavy handed tactics by police is increasing - disabled 73 year old lady summoned to court and threatened with an ASBO for merely writing letters! said...

An appalling example of police bullying is that of Mrs Margaret Walker, a 73 year old disabled lady, in Fareham, Hampshire.

Margaret has been following the Charlene Downes case very closely and she has been writing letters to councillors and MP's to draw their attention to the circumstances of what has happened to Charlene.
Heavy handed tactics by police is increasing - disabled 73 year old lady summoned to court and threatened with an ASBO for merely writing letters!

Nazi British police Harrassing this poor blind guy said...

Nazi police doing illegal Searches.

It will be you next. 1984......

Cambridgeshire Police's Intimidation Fails Again - Anti-Fur Protests Continue said...

1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984

Metropolitan police make up the law said...

Metropolitan police make up the law.

Cycle Cop Gets Owned said...

This truly is a must watch video.
You're FREEDOMS are in great danger.

1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984

The Plot Thickens said...

Nikolich and Tameside Labour

Stevan Nikolich Born UK but of Serbian background.

Facebook friends inc:
Andrew Gwynne
Allison Gwynne
Brenda Warrington
Jonathon Reynolds
Simon Walker
Hazel Blears
Mark Pattison
Dukinfield Youth JFC Pictures show Nikolich linked.
Julia Grant (owner) Queens Hotel Benidorm on Facebook (close to Borstal boys villa)

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) said...

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society

Wade in and start slashing said...

They can't stand any form of opposition. The democratic systems, locally and nationally, are rigged to maintain the status quo.
If a MMP (Mixed Member Proportional Representation) was introduced the legislatures would directly reflect the votes cast, and smaller parties such as the Greens and Nationalist groups would have tens of MPs each at the very least. The larger parties in seeking to pass legislation would then be forced to take the views of these smaller parties (and of course the people who voted for them) into account.

Anonymous said...

14/06/2012 11:40
Thank you my friend, God bless you.

Anonymous said...

A proposal by Defra to use taxpayers' money to fund research into the impact of buzzards on pheasants is a disgrace.

It is also another example of the Government's negative attitude to animals, wildlife and conservation.

Buzzards are an indigenous species, unlike pheasants.

However, millions of pheasants are mass-produced annually for the sport of shooting.

I believe that, from birth to death, they are confined in cages, sheds and pens in which disease and death are a daily feature.

About half the released birds die before they are gunned down.

An estimated three million pheasants are killed by motorists and about one per cent of their chicks are taken by buzzards.

Others die from exposure, starvation or disease.

The proposed callous treatment of buzzards to protect pheasants is matched only by the callous treatment of pheasants by their breeders and the shooting fraternity – hypocrisy springs to mind.

To consider spending £400,000 on research to ensure their pheasant-shooting chums are happy, when cutbacks to services for the elderly and vulnerable continue unabated, illustrates where the Government's priorities lie.

Kraven The Hunter said...

If game shooting was banned large numbers of people would lose their jobs, in rural areas, in the middle of the worst recession in living memory. Rural areas of course being one of the worst places to find a job.
It's good to know your priorities are not your fellow humans (and Brits) but game birds that would not exist in the first place witout being bred for this industry.
It's not as if they would end up in homes for retired pheasants or sometihng. If game shooting was banned they'd be killed by predators anyway.

Kraven The Hunter said...

If game shooting was banned large numbers of people would lose their jobs, in rural areas, in the middle of the worst recession in living memory. Rural areas of course being one of the worst places to find a job.
It's good to know your priorities are not your fellow humans (and Brits) but game birds that would not exist in the first place witout being bred for this industry.
It's not as if they would end up in homes for retired pheasants or sometihng. If game shooting was banned they'd be killed by predators anyway.

Anonymous said...

Some serious hacking now going on
by the desporate desperadoes, obviously beeing assisted by those higher up.
Safeguard your PC`s from all Politicians who hide and play bloody dirty because that`s their
fall back tactics knowing they are
simply bastards of deception.
Someone higher than local stupid Councillors is involved,trying to safeguard the bent foot soldiers.
Sam (back again)

Anonymous said...

Who's been hacked Sam?

shocking to read such things said...

14-year-old took her life because of group rape

Anonymous said...

Think John Hall's PC has been hacked by Sam, or has Sam's PC been hacked by John Hall?