Friday, 15 June 2012

Another 600 TMBC jobs to go?

Up to 600 jobs could go at Tameside Council as it seeks to save £25m in the next year, its leader has said. Last year the authority shed 1,300 posts and council leader Kieran Quinn said he could not rule out more cuts. "Sadly this is not the last year you will hear of this, not only from Tameside but the rest of Greater Manchester also," he said. Last year there were no compulsory job losses. This year every employee has been offered voluntary redundancy.

The Labour-led council is also considering selling off some buildings to balance the books. BBC News

During these economically challenging times all options need to be considered when it comes to cutting costs. Rather than getting rid of up to 600 real jobs, why not heed the advice of individuals such as Carl Simmonds and slash the number of councillors? Three councillors per ward is a luxury Tameside can no longer afford. So before the axe falls on necessary and worthwhile font-line jobs, why not start the money saving campaign by getting rid of at least a third of the councillors in the borough? This would be a very popular move that the majority of people in Tameside would agree with. So come on councillors, sacrifices have to made so why not lead by example and reduce your number from three per ward to two? The impact on each ward would be barely noticeable but the financial saving would be significant. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

How come the employees of TMBC have not known that their Unison protectors ? have for years been in the back pocket of the Tameside Council Labour Group who have been
selling its staff down the pan.
It has been and still is a self serving bent association created to dupe Tamesides Union members.
Time you woke up to the deception Unison members.
Inside Sam

tonydj said...

This is the REAL price of having union leaders paid their wages by TMBC.

But don't say you were not warned.....see my post of 01/09/2011

Roy Cropper said...

I wonder if the "Borough Solicitor - Statutory Monitoring Officer - Executive Director of Governance" will lose her job(s).

Great Satan said...

Join us today and lets take on the "Great Satan"

Anonymous said...

Well done Tameside Councillors
its now happening where loyal staff are being threatened not to whistle blow on what they know else their
references will be crap.
Those seeking to get out are being pre-warned to stay silent or cop out.
Let em try.
Sam inside.

Brenda said...

Troble Causer Alert

Rotten Borough said...

As long as the Chief Executive Steven Pleasant keeps getting his £189,000 a year and the 57 councillors get their £22,000 avearage, for a bit of part time work who cares if a few hundred 'ordinary' people are scaked.

Looking after No.1 said...

The recession doesn't apply to them, they're exempt. Why? THEY JUST ARE.

Roy Cropper said...

Hi Brenda
Do you remember your dog Major, back in the 1970s?
I remember there was a lot of dog dirt in your house lol. I always thought you and Graham should have cleaned up after Major more often.

Roy Cropper said...

And I was only 6 or 7 years old back then lol.

Tameside TPA said...

GOOD is all I can say. Lets have a look on LinkedIn for a few profiles.

* Resource Management Assistant
* Head of Strategic Development and Investment
* Lead for iNetwork Frontline Service Delivery Programme

Just have a look at LinkedIn, search for Tameside Council and have a peak at all the laden buzzword bollocks for the chattering class Guardianistas working hard on all those "frontline services".