Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A message from persecuted political dissident Roy West

The persecution of Roy West and his family shows no sign slowing. Today I viewed a chilling and sinister document delivered to the residence of Roy West's vulnerable partner from a New Charter Housing enforcer.

The document points the finger at the author of this recent blog article and brands it as inflammatory. Not only the author of the article is mentioned but people who post comments on this site including TonyDJ, J Hall, Love Thy Neighbour and others. The document from New Charter suggests that those mentioned above, plus many others are making comments as 'agents' of Roy West and as a consequence, what they write can be attributed to Roy West himself. The document contains page after page of printed comments from this blog site so make no mistake Big Brother is watching you.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr West's partner today and hand on heart I can say she as an absolutely lovely lady. She comes across as gentle and caring and she was talking about the enormous strain this politically motivated eviction attempt is having on her and her son. The situation is so desperate in her house that they have had to erect card sheets in the window which looks onto the garden of their neighbour. The reason for this is fear of another police raid should an uncorroborated allegation be made regarding the way someone flicks their hair back when walking past the window or how high they raise their legs when walking, any of these actions could be interpreted as racially aggravated if a certain 'someone' complained that a person walking past the window swept his hair back like a former German chancellor or walked in a fashion which resembled a Stechmarsch.

I will keep viewers updated on this travesty as and when new developments take place.


New Charter Stasi said...

"The document from New Charter suggests that those mentioned above, plus many others are making comments as 'agents' of Roy West and as a consequence, what they write can be attributed to Roy West himself"

So if enemies if West want to land him in even more bother, all they need do is post derogatory remarks about his neighbours so New Charter can then attribute the comments to West himself.

If friends of mine in New Charter housing wanted their neighbours evicted, should I post derogatory remarks about my friends' neighbours on a blog so New Charter to grant my friends their wish? New Charter have to be on shaky legal ground with this one.

Anonymous said...

Who is the writer of that letter TC
and the serious allegation that I for one am acting as an agent for Mr.Roy West.
To name me with this reference is something I will pursue vigorously,
and firstly I will directly seek a Public apology through this site from I Munro who must be deemed responsible for what his staff write
Let it be known I have never spoken to Mr Roy West,I have never met the person,and I have never corresponded with him whatsover.
I have not or indeed support the BNP or any other fringe organisation,however I am perfectly entitled to have an opinion on what action is being taken by New Charter,and I am perfectly entitled to openly offer that opinion to whoever and wherever an opportunity

So on that basis Mr Ian Munro, immediately retract that disgusting
and impertinent reference to me and be totally aware that I will pursue this issue in a robust manner directly linking you to this disgusting untruth.
Any further correspondence,e.mail or letter to a third party from New Charter mentioning my name will receive the required action.
Do not imagine for one moment Mr.Munro your present position is not protected from what any member of your staff decides to release in any form of correspondence.
I expect the retraction of my name immediately,which has already been besmirched by your organisation.

Should Mr.West wish to use this E.Mail regarding the letter in his possession, he has my authority to do so,because any unjust and slanderous reference to myself should be noted by any other authority which may be involved in this case between New Charter/TMBC and Mr.West.
I await your immediate apology response Mr.Munro,and be fully aware of Human Rights Articles.

Anonymous said...

testing testing 123

Anonymous said...

How Tamesiders can accept the Gestapo style of domination now occuring within all forms of local organisations,is unbelievable.
Even more amazing is that whilst real men and women are fighting in foreign lands,what`s left are simply crawling insects.

UKIP candidate 2012 said...

It is incredible that this is happening in the area where I live. How can this be happening in 21st century Britain? I thought we invaded Libya to end tyranny yet we have bullying and tyranny here on our doorstep.

SerpentSlayer said...

These people hide behind their uniformed thugs, knowing that they are safe from any comeuppance. I wish Mister West and his family the best of luck and I deny in advance any allegation that I am acting under orders from Mr. West.

I, unlike the Tameside mafia, act upon my conscience and am guided by my healthy, Fascist worldview. I can understand how some lesser human beings would think that the rest of us engage in game playing and intrigue, but not all of us navigate life with such a base view of the world.


Anonymous said...

They should hang their heads in shame for harrasing a family the way they are.

Staly South Blue said...

New Charter are getting too big for their boots. They are a provider of social housing, but now we see them having a school, radio station and now they are dipping their toes into the government's workfare scheme - where there's money to be had, New Charter are there.

Oh and Ian Munro is a complete overpaid wanker. Who is he exactly? And what qualifies him to be on more than the PM?

tonydj said...

So, I am an agent of someone else am I?

Let me make one thing plain, I have received academic training. It goes against my sense of fair play and accuracy to make statements about anyone or anything of which I have no proof.

With that in mind I ask you all to cast yur minds back to 2008 and the "Cohesion" document which admitted thatt editors were asked to supress news stories which threatened "Cohesion".

I ask a further question, what happened at a certain school... indeed did anything happen... to produce rumours of a serious outbreak of disorder last Friday which required 10 police cars and two ambulances.

In the atmosphere which exists in Tameside of intimidation and threats, rumour will flourish over fact. A bad thing to happen.

So, anyone able to clarify the situation?

tonydj said...

I watched a 1945 B&w war film on BBC2 yesterday. Staring Robert Mitchem. Here is a clip from "Story of G I Joe".


Good Film

Anonymous said...

Cometh the hour
Cometh the man
What sayeth ye serfs of tameside

tonydj said...

I have spoken to the BBC and no one has complained about the "G.I. Joe" sequence.

Come come gentlemen. Surely you brave campaigners against racial slurs who we KNOW read this site are not afraid of Auntie Beeb?

Tameside Citizen said...

Dear Mr Hall & Tony DJ, at this moment in time this is not the place to discuss the finer points of what this document contains. If you send me an email I will give you further info away from the prying eyes that we know are viewing this on behalf of Tameside’s own version of Big Brother.


Rotten borough said...

Is this like the issue of the vandal and the getaway car, i.e. zero evidence, just throw enough mud and hope some of it sticks.
They must have a feeble case if they're making wild accusations.
It's clear West still has considerable local support as he came 2nd in the election despite his face 'coincidentally' being smeared all over the M.E.N., Advertiser etc in the three days leading up to the election, for another bout of 'serious' criminal name calling.
Maybe his support is what some people don't like.

Anonymous said...

Public Information Available

Net worth £1,422,854
Cash at Bank £278,526
Current Assets £466,278
Current £1,355,659
Directors I.H.Munro appointed 4th April 2011
Director Councillor John Charles Taylor appointed 14th October 2010
To read the full list of in/out Directors refer to : http://bizzy.co.uk/03531443/tameside-sports-trust
All in the public domain which everyone has a right to know,comment on, and have an opinion.
We have every right to know what goes on in Tameside,I trust that message will be recognised.

Judge & Jury accepted.

Jean said...

The man speaking comes across as sincere and devout. I wish him well.

Mad a cheese said...

Jean the man speaking wants people to think he is sincere and devout!!! He is NOT!!! What West conveniently forgets to share us that his partner has allowed him to carry out vile, vindictive and racist actions for 4 years! As a New Charter tenant I am very aware that I am responsible for the actions of any individual residing in my property or that of any visitors. Didn't New Charter move this family due to West's nasty racial abuse of families in Hyde?? Again I ask is he sincere?? Ha this excuse of a man not been convicted on two previous occasions (one of which he pleads guilty too) of racial crimes? This suggests to me that the terms of his partners tenancy have well and truly been broken ?

Anonymous said...

Landlords rush to claim early grant offer | News | Inside Housing
www.insidehousing.co.uk/development/...rush-to.../6521295.article4 May 2012 – ... by Sovereign Housing - and the JV North consortium have all started at ... become privatised and run by limited companies trading for profit.

So A New Charter Director and a Director of JV North Ltd of Ashton
will be associated with now making profits whereas it was a non profit making organisation.

Luvly Jubly of Hyde
Loads of Money

comitted no crime but still guilty said...

So what do you suggest should happen to his disabled partner who has comitted no crime, workhouse, shop doorway, park bench, where?


I was a member of the BNP at the same time as mr west was and the one and only time i ever met him he had a go at me and he didnt even know me ? So yes i have found him a strange character and since that night iv been watching some of his antics and sadly i have to agree with the mad a cheese and as for the poppys on the wall there was no need for it and a blind man could of seen why he put it there ? just like when hes shoving cameras in peoples faces no mater who thay are theres just no need for it and i did try to tell him this many times via this site and also of the risk he was runing by doing it ? but all i got was abuse ? well its here now MR WEST so you have to pay the price for your action what ever that may be ? As for the above video yes its crocdile tears and every body puts a sad face on when were in the shit ? im not going to say any more on the subject coz im sure hes feeling bad enough but you have brought it on your self coz theres ways to do things in life and you way stinks as far as im concern and this is coming from a ex-BNP man like your self ? now roy i will give you one peace of advice ? dont blame the foreners blame the left wings that let them in are country with out asking us ? you cant blame someone for wanting to better themselves ? You may not like it but its the way i see it BUT DO I THINK YOU SOULD LOSE YOUR HOME ? DIFFERENTLY NOT ? but you must stop being a pain

Anonymous said...

Now just calling someone fat could be made a HATE crime The Government should consider putting 'appearance-based discrimination' on a legal par with race and sexual discrimination, a parliamentary report suggests.

But what about this scandal:
Britain's obesity crisis: NHS spending £16m a year on 200 who are too fat to leave home.

No freedom left even if your right.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The coat holders should bow there heads in shame ? one or two of us on here tryed to tell him to stop and there was also them on hear that tryed to egg him on ? SO SHAME ON YOULOT THAT DID

Anonymous said...

All nationalists should beware that the above is a red. I've seen him in action with my own eyes, so can others claim the same.


Yes thats right ? Im a red coz i dont agree with the way roy doz things and i do agree with people like you that egg him on and help to get himin this mess ? and for your info i dont follow football


now good night coz some of us have got work in the morning

1950 said...

@ Mad as cheese, Tell us how she can stop him calling his neighbour names, twice, in four years.
He was moved from his previous house because I understand he gave evidence against a gang of notorious local thugs.
His 'racial crimes' (he had no criminal record for 44 years) were to call the same German a Kraut twice in four years.
However unwise some of Mr West's actions, you clearly have no knowledge of what has gone on behind the scenes and who Mr West's enemies are.
No doubt a lot of what HAS happened will be exposed at the court hearing.

Anonymous said...

To provide a bit of balance here, I have it on good authority that West is no angel and does have a certain tendency to look for and provoke trouble, something his many supporters seem blindly incapable of accepting.

But then again, I have seen the guy in person and he isn't exactly one of the most imposing of figures. The fact that JT made easy work of him in the street tells me that West is far from your average thug. Whatever he is guilty of, it all strikes me as unbelievably trivial, and from what I can gather his neighbours really don't know what neighbours from hell really are.

The facts speak for themselves.... whilst elsewhere we often hear cases of assault, all night parties, drug running, criminal damage etc etc, the most we have to go off here is one mildy offensive word spoken twice in four years and poppies facing the wrong way. There isn't a street in the country that is without similar titfortat feuds between neighbours, and it's the kind of thing the state should keep its nose well and truly out of.

The difference here of course is that one of the feuding sides was a BNP candidate, and passing his lips was a word that was at the mildest possible end of the 'racism' spectrum - just enough to move on the man. Whatever the legal rights / wrongs, in no way is this about fairness or justice. It's about political malice.

the lunatics have taken over said...

NHS removes word 'Dad' from prenatal book for fear of offending same sex couples

The Health Service has deleted the word ‘dad’ from a prenatal reference book for fear of offending gay and lesbian parents.

Officials elected to use the phrase ‘partner’ throughout the 200-page book, named Ready Steady Baby, after they received an objection that ‘dad’ was prejudiced against same-sex couples.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Staring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia said...

How can you involve the police because you think someone is staring at you?

Lady Mayoress said...

Still waiting for the J.Hall latest rant (sorry interview) about Jonny Reynolds. Have I missed it between his other rants and spurious claims about everyone else in Tameside?

By the way, life expectancy of a male living in Denton West is 7, yes SEVEN, years more than a male living in Denton South, and 4 more than a male living in Denton North East. Not so bad, eh?


Anonymous said...

Bxx no I think you miss the gentalman too much.

Anonymous said...

sorry "gentleman"

Anonymous said...

Or genital man?

Anonymous said...

Lady Mayoress said...
Still waiting for the J.Hall latest rant (sorry interview) about Jonny Reynolds. Have I missed it between his other rants and spurious claims about everyone else in Tameside?


By the way, life expectancy of a male living in Denton West is 7, yes SEVEN, years more than a male living in Denton South, and 4 more than a male living in Denton North East. Not so bad, eh

So were all these highly important factors taken into account ??
I can state with no hesitation THEY WERE NOT,so perhaps its time TMBC and its Councillors learnt how to conduct a comprehensive survey before they offer such utter dross.
I note your fellow Labour Councillors and MP made you a Lady Mayoress,well as from now my family and friends have made me Sir J.Hall
Obviously your are a glutton for punishment B so keep it up because
you don`t know the half yet.
The Denton trouble make for TMBC who always exposes the facts unlike the tribe of Labourites.

Anonymous said...

Sock it to em Hally
"Lady" my arse.
We know her better than most.
Andy Pandy

Hally knows it said...

I like it, from now on J Hall must be addressed by his correct title - Sir John Hall.

Three cheers for Tamesides most determined corruption buster Sir John Hall. hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray

Roy K West said...

Dear TC
Mr Alan Kibble
Senior tenancy enforcement officer for new charter.
Told me to get the mutual exchange forms from new charter's head office in Ashton and fill them out.
So we did, along with the other tenants we were doing the exchange with.
Mr Alan Kibble said he could not see any problems with the exchange going ahead.
The other tenant doing the exchange were told by Mr Ben Buckley (housing manager for the area) that he was confident the exchange would go ahead as planned.
And that, it would be in my better interests to move.
So why did new charter change their mind? and put even more pressure on a vulnerable tennant?
The other couple rang up new chater in tears, because they were told it was looking good for the mutual exchange. They had packed all their stuff up ready to go, because new charter promised them it would go ahead.

Incest at the top said...

Why did they stop the exchange. It looks bad and smells worse.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
No Justice said...

There is no doubting that the campaign against West and now his family too is motivated by hate and revenge. The enforcers are just obeying orders, the real villains are those issuing the orders. They are the hidden hand who move in the shadows imposing their agenda.

Secret handshakes said...

Remember that, Mr Alan Kibble
Senior tenancy enforcement officer for new charter.
Is an ex police officer. New charter sponsor the police.

Hermeticism and Alchemy said...

All we need now to finish squaring the circle is a Masonic link and then that is case proven.

Incest at the top said...

In Tameside it's been the same people at the top in every sphere for too long. A lot of them know each other and are friends.

Anonymous said...

The police want the power to evict people from their homes.
Thus their deep involvement with new charter housing.

can you clean my garden up said...

There is only one person responsible for the problems of the West family and that is Mr West himself its all self inflicted.
Mr West uses his wife, she is his meal ticket without her he is on job seekers allowance living in a one bed flat (not a New Charter one) with no excuses for his strange behaviour.
If he loses his appeal against his recent conviction, we all know there is a real chance he will offend again and end up in prison,we don't when his appeal will be heard,and he could be homeless by then,unless one of his many supporters on here takes him in and puts their money where their mouth is.
Does anybody know what community service Mr West is doing,would like to do a photo of him working,rare photos can be worth a few quid.

Anonymous said...

In the Fawlty Towers episode "The Germans", Basil performed an Adolf Hitler impersonation. When the German guests asked him to stop, Basil exclaimed "I'm trying to cheer her up, you stupid kraut

Did did the BBC/Actors,Directors,Producers or Writers get prosecuted,has the phrase been edited out of the world wide re-runs of this programme ?
or are the Police on the way still
to arrest the Actor ??

Let`s have a level playing field because by Law we are all equal in
Boom Boom

The Earl of Sodbury said...

Reading this I can tell you that no court in the land would hand out the sentence West got for mumbling a barely audible single word of mild racial connotations - once. You must appeal my good man.

Mad as cheese !! said...

What kind of a carer are you? If the situation is so desperate as you make out, and if (and that is a big if) your partner is suffering, I would’ve thought that any decent family man would be out searching for a new place to live. Devoid from political persecution, not being out delivering inconsequential leaflets, posting on internet sites or making Videos of self-pity. Maybe TC knows of such a place, as he appears to be your greatest fan. And don’t put too much weight onto what West says, but ask what is he trying to conceal and what is he not telling and why. .

Mayoral Chains said...

Poor Mr Hall, resorting to capital letters is a sign of madness. Maybe the air pollution has addled his brain.


Mad as cheese said...

@1950 it would appear that you also have no clue what goes on !!! You obviously choose to believe all the crap that West sprouts ..... And like West I guess you have far too much time on ur hands .... Unlike some of us who actually work !! I'm sure a lot of what West has done will come out at the. Out hearing .... I'm sure it will disprove your theory that all he ever did was name call ! As a tax payer I'm sure it would not be in the publics interest to try a 'man' for just name calling .... Just my opinion !!!

Wildy's window rounds said...

Ey up Sir John Hall, people who live in Glass Houses, usually need there windows cleaning.

Wildly xx

Anonymous said...

Mayoral Chains said...
Poor Mr Hall, resorting to capital letters is a sign of madness. Maybe the air pollution has addled his brain.
Just more shite from "the distinguished "lady"


Anonymous said...

Men in white coats seen near Denton Golf Club. There's a madman on the loose by the name of Sir John.

Orchid Club said...

Well done Mr Hall

Welcome Break said...

Sir John Hall Services, J24 Denton. Burger King, Starbucks, Petrol, and toilets. 24 hours. Opened by the lady mayoress of Tameside

Suzy & Jeffrey said...

"Some say he's too handsome / Some say he's unique." Which one are you?

The Attack of the Giant Ants said...

Mr hall's right you know you can mock him but he's on the ball.

Mottram says stuff you Hally said...

No we can mock him coz he's a bit fruit n nut with a ranting tendency. He swallows dubious stats as fact and TYPES IN CAPS. Plus he lives next to a motorway that has been planned since the 1960's. What a larf the MoT must be having at his expense. Meanwhile the poor folk of Mottram have to put up with hell on a daily basis as he pontificates from two towns away.

Justice said...

Roy, let us know what your appeal date is we can come down and support you, we will out number Taylor and his mafia gang.
The truth will come out at the appeal and you will be a free man.

Lady in Chains said...

Still waiting for this poem.


Anonymous said...

Arn`t you clever with your comments about Mr Hall,he is a genuine bloke,who refers to the truth all the time,he speaks for decent folk not the trash who think they are big time whereas they are absolute morons with a mob

Stalybridge super sleuth said...

Haha Mr Hall is resorting to posting compliments about himself. He's flushed himself out with the use of identical inverted apostrophes to his many posts on this site. Pathetic, just like his rants and facts!

Anonymous said...

TC lets have all the addresses of TMBC Councillors,Munro,Borough Solicitor,MP`s,on your blog site.
The intense attack on a decent and honest bloke (Mr.Hall) is a f------ disgrace,by bags of wind and shit in Tameside.
Lay Off you vile bastards your sick
in the head

A decent tamesider.

Stalybridge super sleuth said...

I suppose at least that last rant (a decent tamesider / aka Sir John Hall) isn't in CAPS. Progress of sorts.

SerpentSlayer said...

Put your head over the wall and you attract incoming from the nervous freemasons with itchy trigger fingers.

One has to have great respect for those who give the authorities reason to tremble, Mr.Hall included.

Of course the rats will crawl all over places like this, taking cheap shots at people like Mr. Hall and Mr. West is the best these people will ever amount to.

I hope that the persecuted parties keep in mind that they should not let the vermin dampen their spirits.

First Citizen said...

Yes, lay off Mr Hall. He's only a sad old man with duff facts and the misfortune to live next to not one but two motorways. Leave him alone to rant to himself. Everyone in Denton knows he's a nut job.


Bob Todd said...

It comes to something when Aluman is one of the few talking any sense about Mr West's self created situation.

Based on his conduct on the Internet and my own encounters with him, Mr West does not seem a well man. Those who encourage him from behind a wall of pixels whilst his family bear the consequences should be ashamed.

To cast him solely as a persecuted political dissident is laughable; West himself has said on here that he only began standing for the BNP to get up Taylor's nose

Taylor created the BNP in Dukinfield West 2008.

they're only in it for the money said...

Bob Todd, you know, I know, and everyone else knows that West and his family are being hounded because West has been causing nightmares for his local councillors by exposing their expenses. Wildy looked like his head was going to explode when a woman in the pub starting waving money at him after telling everyone that he was rich after making a handsome living courtesy of the tax payer. They (you) like to dish the dirt, but you don't like it when your victims return the compliment.

Council gravy train Tameside said...

Check out the greedy ones, and the not so greedy ones.

1950 said...

@ Mad as cheese:
I do work.
You clearly have no idea what will or won't come out in the court case.
Events re West in general and his relationship with certain local bigwigs go back several years beyond your knowledge. Much of the spark and origin is politically motivated and one thing's for sure, if West had stood for the Green party virtually NONE of the ensuing politically related incidents would have happened.

Fuck off said...

No-one say anything likely to inflame things. Unless you're a senior local councillor who likes putting out vile, abusive leaflets linking people to Nazism etc. That's perfectly acceptable.

The Collapse Of Britain In A Few Headlines said...

It is little wonder that low calibre grunts occupy most of the top political spots in Tameside when you consider how the country is declining as a whole.

Bob Todd said...

West and his family are being 'hounded' because of the way he behaves to other people, simple as that.

If the 'persecution' is really due to the party he used to stand for, how come he had all the hassle in Hyde / threatened to set himself on fire outside the town hall etc etc BEFORE he ever stood for the BNP?

Just because he now makes Nationalist style noises to bug his 'arch enemy' Taylor does not make him a political dissident, just an attention seeker who is having all you eager believers for mugs...

If Taylor had been a Tory, then 'Red Roy' would have been on trial.

NCB said...

From this week's Tameside Advertiser:

Councillor uninsured

A COUNCILLOR was caught driving without insurance.

Coun Philip Fitzpatrick,60,admitted driving without insurance at Oldham magistrates court.

He was caught driving along New Radcliffe Street in Oldham.

Magistrates handed Coun Fitzpatrick, of Lovell Drive,Newton,Hyde, a £200 fine,told him to pay £50 costs and put six points on his licence.

Coun Fitzpatrick, who represents Newton on Tameside council and is the chairman of Hyde district assembly, declined to comment.

Tameside Advertiser, page 5.
Thursday 31 May 2012.

Well well well, now isn't this just so amazing. This is the same Philip Fitzpatrick who first got elected as a Labour councillor in Newton back in 2009 after he and his cronies had distributed over 30,000 smear lealets against their BNP rivals.
These anti-BNP leaflets were full of lies and half-truths which gave the electorate the deliberate impression that every BNP member had a criminal conviction. And now we find the very man who got elected for Labour in the said election, after the dirtiest Labour campaign ever undertaken in Tameside in decades, has now been convicted of a criminal offence himself. Typical hypocrisy!

And notice that in the article above, there is no mention of the fact that Fitzpatrick is a LABOUR councillor.

If I had been caught driving uninsured the headline would have read:

Former BNP Candidate In Uninsured Driving Scandal (or similar bulls**t).

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Coun Philip Fitzpatrick he was pissed at the count in Duki Town Hall. Ask the Tory guy he pushed past at the table.

SerpentSlayer said...

Villainy is as Villainy does. What can we expect from the dross that Labour attracts?

Decent people tend to stay away from that party.

Far right politician Paul Rimmer arrested for homophobic hate crime said...

Since when have the ED's been far-right? Rimmer is married to a negress as far as I am aware.

A FAR right politician was held in cells for almost six hours for objecting to a pro-gay rights flag flying above a police station.

English Democrat Paul Rimmer, who recently failed in his bid to become mayor of Liverpool, was arrested on Saturday after an argument in Admiral Street Police station, Toxteth.

Mr Rimmer demanded to know why the Rainbow Flag was flying above the station.

The 49-year-old, who says he is a devout Christian, argued with a female member of staff behind the counter in the police station and quoted a well-known extract from the book of Leviticus in the Bible at her. After leaving the station he was approached by two police officers and told he was being arrested.

He said: “They said I was being arrested for a homophobic hate crime and I told them that ‘blessed are the persecuted for doing the right thing’.

“I asked them how could it be wrong to quote the Bible when we swear on the Bible.”

When they said they were just obeying orders he compared them to the Gestapo, the official secret police in Nazi Germany.

He said he was then driven to Belle Vale police station, and held in cells for almost six hours before being released on bail.

Mr Rimmer said: “I think this was a completely inappropriate decision by the police. People are hypersensitive.

“It is an attempt to clamp down on freedom of speech and expression and it smacks of bullying totalitarianism.”

Anonymous said...

The three Labour councillors for Newton are complete amateurs, even compared to the like of Wildy and Taylor. Robinson has the literacy standard of an 8 year old, Fitz only got the job through daddy and jimmy, and Bowden talks like a remedial class reject.

Death to traitors said...

Bob Todd, West and Taylor's 'fascist' and 'anti-fascist' histories go back to the 70s. You're just desperate to back up the authorities with your 'It's all West's fault' stance.
Locally speaking said authorities are riddled with self-seeking, incestuous c**s and dross who represent a party of traitors and associated scum.

ID said...

Bob Todd, put your name and address on here and I'll continually leaflet your area telling everyone you're a 'F*****g Nazi C**t' (that's what happened to West and others). Then when people chase you down the street and threaten to kick your head in for being an 'evil fascist' you can come in here and tell us all how YOU dealt with it.

Anonymous said...

Roy, when are you in court next regarding the Taylor case??

Learned Elders of Zion said...

They need a puppet show: there must be Nazis goose-stepping about, they are Mr. Punch. That is why the media keeps the image of the Nazis alive on TV - every other program is on Hitler or the evil Germans of world war two. "They've never gone away!" they scream. Jews, blacks (and every other shade of humanity that isn't white), homosexuals, the disabled, feminists, traitors, commies, gypsies and undesirables must be protected from the evil Nazis that meet in secret and discuss the mechanics of gas chambers and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The public must be told about these far-right extremists...

It's all a part of the narrative, as they say.

Anonymous said...

“Divine providence deprives men neither of their liberty nor of their responsibility “

“Latin prudentia, contracted from providentia, seeing ahead” “an intellectual habit enabling us to see in any given juncture of human affairs what is virtuous and what is not”

IN RECENT years so many churches have closed in England that a newspaper headline declared them to be an “endangered species.”

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and to seek, receive and impart information through any media and regardless of frontiers.'
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 19
Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one's opinions and ideas via speech. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, as with libel, slander, obscenity and incitement to com
the right to seek information and ideas;the right to receive information and ideas;the right to impart information and ideas.[7]
Freedom of thought (also called the freedom of conscience or ideas) is the freedom of an individual to hold or consider a fact, viewpoint, or thought, independent of others' viewpoints.
It is no accident that freedom of expression is one of the first things restricted by oppressive regimes – and even democratic governments when their leaders are criticised.
Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.
Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.
British soldiers employed a variety of epithets for the Germans. "Fritz" was popular in both World War I and World War II,[5] with "Jerry" favoured in the latter.
In the film 1941 the Slim Pickens character calls a German Officer "Mr. Hynee Kraut!"
Internet censorship and the grave implications for freedom of expression in Cambodia.[11] As of June 16 2011 local Cambodian Internet Service Providers Metfone, PPCTV, Ezecom are blocking access to Blogspot due to the fact an opposition website posts material the Cambodian People's Party finds a threat to its rule.


Odin said...

"IN RECENT years so many churches have closed in England"

Big deal. So native white Europeans ditch some foreign middle eastern religion that will do next to nothing to save them from the multi-ethnic hell hole that awaits.

The Daemons said...

If the hell-hole materialises let's hope some of the traitors live long enough to see it, and their previous actions are broght fully home to them.

Britain = PC dicatorship said...

“I don’t want to be seen by that. I don’t want to be seen by any Muslim in a position of authority. I want to be seen by someone who’s English. This is England. This is my country. I’m not into all this Islam.”

Not an unreasonable request by an elderly gent but in Madhouse Britain airing an opinion gives you a one way ticket to a criminal conviction.

NCB said...

Jonathan Bowden
( 12 April 1962 - 29 March 2012)

So sad to hear that Jonathan has passed away. His speeches inspired me so much and his breadth of knowledge on virtually every subject was incredibly impressive.

He was a very brave man who did not fear death.

According to his philosophy, the energy that was in him is in us now.

"I walk towards the tunnel

and I'm on my own

and I'm not afraid

and I have no regrets."

RIP Jonathan Bowden.

red ted labour said...

121neamesvIm sick of all this veiled racism where people are using the queens birthday to wave their silly little made in china union jacks. Any excuse for a bit of jingoism in this country.

Anonymous said...

Poor trolling - bad Internet skills - 2/10 try again.

Ian from New Charter together we will evict vulnerable people said...

Ian Munro (loads of money) from New Charter speaks on youtbe.

Anonymous said...

notice how Adding comments has been disabled for the above video.
That's the spirit Mr Munro keep free speech alive.
Don't allow tenants to call you a liar will you?
While people struggle to get repairs done, you are making a good whack from the pot.

Fuck Islam said...

@ Britain = PC dictatorship, Muslims soon will be in 'positions of authority' and then we'll see what happens.

Towton 1461 said...

It might come to a killing war. Better that than cede the nation to those human cockroaches.

SerpentSlayer said...

I predict that it will Towton. Not leas because of the need the government has for inciting wars with Muslim nations through false flag operations against their own nation.

We need an excuse to go to war with Iran, the lies about Iran developing nuclear weapons are a little hard to swallow, so how do our leaders convince us?

The Olympic park is built on top of an old nuclear reactor, it was reported in 2005 on the BBC news website, I have a screenshot of it.

So what better way to convince us to go to war than to have something rigged to blow underneath the park?

Western leaders get their proof and they get the redlight to retaliate, who could argue with them?

Muslims will become more hated by the public and English youths will lash out against them. It will be bloody, but do our leaders care?

I doubt it. World Government s what they are after and countries like Iran stand int he way.

Anonymous said...

The page is still there:

"In a statement, the college said: "The reactor was exceptionally small; the core was the size of a bucket and produced virtually no energy.

"Decommissioning staff were able to stand inside the reactor void with no protective clothing."

Or is this just what they want you to think...

SerpentSlayer said...

And yet it was still a nuclear site, where nuclear materials could be moved to without suspicion. Nobody questions official vehicles, not even the blokes driving them.

Towton 1461 said...

I don't want multiculturalism. I want a British culture for Britain.
No-one is seeking to Africanize or Islamify Japan or Poland etc so why should we have to suffer it. The 'racists' in Ukraine have seen what's happened further west in Europe and don't want it there, on that I'm 100% with them.
In Russia, every time Putin has problems with the Muslims he reacts with overwhelming force. It's the only language they understand.

Anonymous said...

Former Islamic book shop sold drugs
Wakefield Express, Thursday 3 May 2012 07:30
TWO brothers sold drugs from a former Islamic book store and to the undercover police they had employed to renovate their home.

Queues of up to 15 people would wait outside the Madina Book Centre, in College Grove, to buy crack cocaine and heroin from the Sarwar brothers, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Wahiad Sarwar, 32, and Said Sarwar, 33, were caught after selling drugs to undercover police officers in the shop and on various streets in College Grove.

The book shop, on the ground floor of a large property on Pinderfields Road, was owned by the Sarwar brothers and their family.

The brothers also employed one of the undercover officers to carry out renovation work on the property

Defending Wahaid Sarwar, Andrew Dallas, told the court that the property was converted into several bedsits which the brothers rented out to make money.

He said Sarwar had fallen into financial difficulty and he began to deal drugs to try to meet the costs of a mortgage on his family home on Pavilion Way in Newton Hill.

His brother was also in debt and in danger of losing his home on Westfield Terrace, in College Grove.

Mr Dallas said: “So their plan B was to renovate the family home and then they could all retreat into that property if and when they lost their homes.

“And that was the renovation work that the undercover police officers were doing.

“The other debts he had were sizeable and it was at that stage, with four mouths to feed in his immediate family without even thinking about his mother, that this happened.”

Defending Said Sarwar, Richard Wright said his client had struggled financially after a broken foot left him unable to work for a number of years.

He said: “His reaction was an immature one, a selfish one. He became addicted to cocaine, a recreational addiction, but one which saw his problems mount and escalate and led him to where he is today.”

Wahaid Sarwar

Said Sarwar

Judge Christopher Batty sentenced Wahiad Sarwar to five years in jail after he pleaded guilty to four charges of supplying drugs, two charges of being concerning in the supply of drugs and also with making an offer to supply drugs.

Said Sarwar was jailed for three years and four months after he pleaded guilty to six charges of being concerned in the supply of drugs and assisting in the commission of an offence.

Long To Rain Over Us said...

It seems the British weather has delivered its considered verdict on the reign of QE2, with a decidedly wet and dismal weekend weather wise.

The newspapers have during the days approaching the Jubilee celebrations announced that despite presiding over the most catastrophic decline in national fortunes of any British monarch, QE2 is still the most popular British monarch ever, and in fairness, if the sight of the many sheeple dancing around in their Union Jack wellingtons and sau' westers is anything to go by, they could be right. So how can this be?

The media have in recent years carefully crafted an image of the royal family as the personification of Britishness, while at the same time applying pressure upon members of the royal family to deter any of them from speaking out about aspects of government policy of which they might disapprove. The royals appear to have allowed themselves to be moulded to suit the needs of our ruling cryptocracy, despite the current course of political events leading quite obviously to a dissolution of the monarchy, the abolition of our United Kingdom as a sovereign entity and the racial displacement and replacement of the British people the royal family are sworn to protect.

Despite the trappings of royalty, one is hard pressed to imagine a family less regal and less monarchical than our current royals, not one member of which has spoken out publicly in protest at the shabby treatment of their loyal subjects - subjects so loyal that after decades of betrayal by her majesty's governments, they are still prepared to turn out in the pouring rain to cheer on the Queen's jubilee celebrations.

Yes, but ours is a constitutional monarchy, we hear people say, and the royals cannot speak of for fear of causing a constitutional crisis!!!!!

Yet just how bad do things have to get before the desire to avoid a constitutional crisis is outweighed by the manifest destruction of our nation that is openly taking place all around us? How long before some of those royal gonads start producing something approaching testosterone?

Amazingly, the Royal family still command the loyalty of millions of their subjects, and we have seen on numerous royal occasions in recent times, hundreds of thousands of people turning out to cheer and mourn as appropriate. Now is the time for someone who has pretentions to be our future monarch to show that they deserve that honour. Now is the time for them to speak out against the traitors, and call upon the army to intervene so that our current traitorous government can be dismissed, so that the power elite who have steered this country onto the rocks for so long can meet their just ends, and so that the loyal British people can once again enjoy the devotion and the protection of the kind of royal family that we deserve.

Great White Queen said...

She won't say or do anything controversial or remotely against the flow. It might adversely affect the one thing she truly cares about, the survival of the Windsor dynasty.
Ah yes, but she has influence 'behind the scenes'. Judging by the catastrophic decline in all the basic, decent values that flourished when she acceded in 1952, that so-called influence must be unused, bad or utterly worthless.

NCB said...

Long To Rain(ha ha)Over Us, WOW!!

That was the most amazing article on the so-called Royal family I think I've ever read. 10/10

Enchanting photos show what life was like said...

"Crime levels were a tenth of today's." Says the sub-headline. "Enchanting" is how the photographs are described.

But very few seem capable of piecing it all together. Check that. I suspect a great many can piece it together, but are too intimidated to say anything.

How did we get here? To understand it, at least in partially, we need to look at propaganda.

We are now in what I call "end stage" propaganda. It's a subtle distinction, but important.

Before "end stage" propaganda, the propagandists, the BBC for example, needed to keep the propaganda subtle, convincing, and imbued with a certain amount of truth. They couldn't get away dumping the degeneracy of 2012 on 1953 Britain, so they ramp it up slowly, starting in the 1960s for the most part. Respectable-looking newsreaders on the BBC and later Thames TV saturating the people with sob-stories of "coloured" immigrants being given a hard time by nasty working class people. The intellectuals came next, and celebrities and pop stars later joining the chorus. (The Beatles and the Rolling Stones like black people, so should you!).

And the immigrants kept coming, and the will to resist weakened. A seminal moment was Enoch Powell's 1968 "Rivers of Blood" speech, of course.

Fast forward to 2012, a year removed from massive urban riots and an overall crime rate ten times what it was in 1953. Not even the slickest news reader can cover-up the grim reality. So they go to what I call "end stage" propaganda. It works something like this: Make the "news" and how it is reported deliberately heavy handed so as to demoralize the remaining people capable of independent thought or those who have awakened to the crisis. They think: "This crap about multiculturalism is obviously bogus, but if they can get away with it, they must either be all-powerful or the general public is too stupid to resist so there's no point in fighting back." The only solution is to either submit... or leave. As white Britons have done in increasing numbers.

The Sun Has Got His Hat On 1971 said...


NCB said...

Lets get behind the team everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the silly advice given to Mr West on this blog he as decided to represent himself with his court cases.
Not a good decision Mr West those opposed to you will have the best lawyers in the area,I am told you have already made a mess of your appeal and the appeal can not now go ahead, very clever of you and shame on the idiots who are advising you, have you ever thought if the ones advising you are the ones who are attacking you.
Get yourself a good lawyer one more mistake and its off to jail for you .


and whoare you ? His wife ?

Anonymous said...

If he goes to jail he becomes a martyr. The system is riddled with corruption and if he represents himself he can ask the questions a lawyer will not.

Anonymous said...

Roy mate, I would strongly advise you NOT to represent yourself. Please get a decent lawyer this time.

moment in the sun said...

Save your fake 'concern'. Roy has appointed a McKenzie Friend who is a trusted comrade and very intelligent person. Deep and probing questions will be asked when the spiders web of contact between the recent persecuters of Roy are exposed for all to see.

Edwardus Rex said...

At the end of Prince Charles' speech at the royal concert last night he praised, 'unity through diversity.'
A textbook example of anti-logic that the lunatics and schemers at the top now chant.
No doubt, 'strength through weakness', 'masculinity through femininity' or 'patriotism through globalism' will be amongst the next.

SerpentSlayer said...

When I hear of this Mackenzie friend, why do I get the image of a Tiger tank about to blow up a dilapidated building full of communists?

Anonymous said...

There is no decent lawyer's in Tameside. They all work for the police and courts. Making deals behind closed doors.

After Al-Quds demonstration 2010 said...

If you really want to understand the direction this Country is heading, then watch the video on the link.

corruption comes as second nature said...

What about the esteemed lady baroness? They just cannot help it can they? What ever you give them, they always want more. Her appointment as a baroness was a total embarrassment to the nation anyway.

ex-royalist said...

I judge those who wish to rule our people by what I call the 'Agincourt Test'. Watch the Kenneth Branagh film version of Henry V and than try to imagine any of our current politicians or royals standing up in front of 5,000 battle weary British soldiers and delivery such a motivational address on the morning before that battle. A battle in which the King and his men faced a 12,000 strong French army including a large contingent of armoured cavalry. Not only did Henry V inspire his men to valour, but he actually led them into battle, placing himself in mortal danger and was in the thick of the fight until the day was won.

The unwritten pact between a Monarch and his/her people, is that the people promise to keep the Monarch and the Royal family in a state of unparalleled luxury, so that they are beyond bribery and corruption and can always be depended on to act in the best interests of the people, and in return, the Monarch pledges to give their life and the lives of all the Royal family if need be, in defence of the interests and sovereignty of their people. If in the wake of a period of celebration such as we have witnessed over the last few days, our Monarch had contrived a live television appearance in which an appeal to the armed forces and the nation was delivered, calling upon all able bodied men and women to rally at Buckingham Palace in defence of of sovereign and in order to bring down our corrupt government, such an appeal might not succeed, but at least the House of Windsor would go down in a blaze of glory, lions to the last, rather than be written into the history books as the house that stood by and watched while our nation was endlessly raped, time and time again.

We have had 60 years of empty pageantry that has been used to distract our people from the reality that as a nation we have been suffering a catastrophic decline in national fortunes, and throughout that time our Queen has apparently, without any evidence of protest on her part, signed every document that our treacherous politicians have placed in front of her, thus placing the Royal seal of approval on one disasterous development after another. People refer to the tourist revenues that the Royal family attract and they refer to the diplomatic services that they perform in aid of British (i.e. nowadays usually foreign owned) business, but none of this has in any way halted or reversed the catastrophic decline in our national fortunes. It may at best have mitigated it slightly, but that is all.

Reimer said...

The Queen is a mute, detached, near-inert figurehead who serves as a focus for the sort of grandiose, irrelevant distractions such as have dominated the weekend media. The best the pro camp can up with in her favour seems to be her bed-blocking role in the country's mysterious constitution ("Imagine Cherie Blair in a crown" etc).

The REAL Red White and Blue said...

Make that, 'unwritten constitution'. That massive grey area gives the powers that be in the UK carte blanche.
Unlike the US where things such as 'The Right To Bear Arms' are vigorously defended by a populace who are fully aware what happens when the elite aren't frightened of the masses.

John Frederick Archbold said...

What would happen to the two previous West convictions if it could proven by verifiable proof that collusion between numerous different parties led to his prosecution?

Cassandra said...

Perhaps Providence would potentially provide proof?

Proof of perfidious prearranged politically powered perjury by parties, pertaining to previous prosecutions would possibly pooh-pooh the prize of those previous prosecutions?

Anonymous said...

If it's correct that Taylor attended the recent Kugow court case when he had a non-contact order out aginst West then there are questions to answer.

Fantasists R Us said...

The Chief Welsh Druid (Archbishop of Canterbury) Rowan Williams chose to use part of his address at the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service today to preach against 'fear of strangers'.
Presumably he's the only Brit left (and I do mean Left) who thinks the 600,000 a year STILL flocking to our chronically overcrowded country isn't enough.

1,000 of these leaflets posted last week in Dukinfield said...

The Dukinfield Voice!
Do these Councillors represent YOU?
Councillor John Taylor £235,000 (since 2003)
Councillor Brian Wild £160,000
Councillor Jackie Lane £140,000
Labour Councillors are making vast amounts of money through their links with New Charter Housing, the social housing landlord.
Did you know that the police will soon have the power to evict new charter tenants by force? Did you also know that new charter housing sponsor the police?
Please visit this blog
The truth is there if you want to see it!

Anonymous said...

"If it's correct that Taylor attended the recent Kugow court case when he had a non-contact order out aginst West then there are questions to answer."

But if the order was against West (not Taylor) and no attempt was made to contact anyone in any way, then you appear to have answered your own questions.

Anonymous said...

I posted the above leaflet through a door in central flats. the guy came came out. "I went to school with John Taylor, never knew he was making that kind of money"
I said did you vote Labour? well he said "people think they are doing the job for nothing.
He told me "thanks for telling people the truth"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 19:16, would you attend a court case which had nothing to do with you, where you KNEW someone you'd alleged had been harassing you and had been told not to contact you would be?
If he was there, the question is why?

Roy Cropper said...

" Cassandra said...
Perhaps Providence would potentially provide proof?

Proof of perfidious prearranged politically powered perjury by parties, pertaining to previous prosecutions would possibly pooh-pooh the prize of those previous prosecutions?"

I didn't know an executive director of governance could have a sense of humour, but apparently some of them do.

Peregrine Pickmere said...

So Dukinfield voters have received a leaflet which specifically names three labour councillors, seeks to 'expose' their expenses and sundry other allegations, and then closes by exhorting the reader to visit a website called 'liarsbuggersandthieves'?

Is it not then a reasonable assumption that the website address which consists of three distinct slurs, refers directly to the three individuals named at the top of the leaflet? Especially for those unable / unwilling to type such words into their browser to find out.

I hope your 'Mackenzie friend' is a good one, especially as they are personally liable for advice they give you...

Archbold said...

The McKenzie Friend is the best in the business. Wait til the ex-borstal boy takes to the stand when his time comes. Deep and probing questions will be asked and explanations about 'covert' correspondence will be expected.

Roy Cropper said...

Well at least we know Sandra has a penchant for using words beginning with P.

SerpentSlayer said...

I can imagine William leading troops into battle, his father is more likely to tell them to be careful in case they trample any flowers.

The coverage of all this rubbish is annoying the life out of me though. If my room wasn't such a furnace I would lock myself in it until it's over.

http://liarsbuggersandthieves.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Labour said...

The website that labour councillors don't want you to see

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Just my view i new charter are trying to get Roy west's partener to top herself

Anonymous said...

no fan of West but this is sinister stuff

Roy West QC said...

I made a mess of my appeal and now the second criminal offence will stand,I cant wait to make the same mess later this month when I get Taylor in court,then do the same with the eviction hearing.
I am already working on my excuses and looking for others to blame,you have to plan these thing out,I learned that from the mess I made of my appeal

Tameside Hospital still failing said...

Was this place built on cursed ground or something???

Anonymous said...

the appeal mess was made by west's solicitor

The desperate shame of the once great Labour party said...

Nicholas Green – Labour Mayor and Council Leader (West Houghton/Lancashire) - convicted and jailed for 10 years for 3 rapes and 13 counts of indecent assault against little girls between the age of 6 and 10.
Sam Chaudry – Labour Councillor and Mayor-Elect (Merton/London) – Due to become Merton’s first Asian Mayor before he was arrested – tried and convicted of multiple sex attacks on young girls. One of his victims was a 5-year old.
Alan Prescott – Labour Councillor (Hornchurch/Essex), also a senior magistrate, convicted and jailed for 2 years for molesting children at the East London care home where he was the superintendent.
Nelson Bland – Labour Councillor (Wokingham/Berkshire), convicted on 16 counts of possession and distribution of hard-core child porn.
David Spooner – Labour Councillor (North Lincolnshire), convicted and jailed for 1 year for masturbating in front of 2 young boys.
www.liarsbuggersandthieves.blogspot.com Lots, lots, more!

Don't choke Hollingworth at Denton's expense said...

What's happened to John Hall these days? He's gone very quiet since he got slapped down by some civic gold chains. We're still waiting for the next chapter of his poetry, sorry, incoherent rants too.

Anonymous said...

you must miss him? are you a stalker?

Anonymous said...

Dont moan about West defending himself, add all the legal aid cost over his last two court appearances his botched up appeal, his court injunction cost,and we have a large invoice for the tax payers to fund again.

We already spend thousands each month keeping him in a luxury New Charter home he does no deserve.

Way past time for change said...

Never mind Captain Scarlet, it's Christine Green who's...INDESTRUCTIBLE.

Baroness my arese said...

Well, that makes us all feel a lot better! No Police investigation - but being investigated by the House of Lords is just like a newspaper being investigated by the Press Complaints Commission. Both are patently inadequate self-regulating bodies. She'll survive this one alright.

SerpentSlayer said...

When I heard that she went to Pakistan with her cousin, I assumed it was an arrangement of a different kind, in some ways what she did was worse, I hope the Conservative party members grow to realise just how rotten their party has become.

It's just a shame that they will all funnel to the safety valve 'token euroskeptic' party instead.
If only we had a functioning party that represented the people, if only our government hadn't filled it with stooges more like.

Anonymous said...

Free Roy West

Anonymous said...

...with every Happy Meal?

Roy West made this video for yo said...

he made this for you

Anonymous said...

Is there a 'Warsi Arms'? We've got the Sheldon Arms and Sheldon Way and he claimed £109,000 for a second home he didn't own and got away with it.

Anonymous said...

Free us from Roy West

Demographics: Britain is Doomed said...

At least I tried to warn of what was going to happen.

There is no sanity clause said...

The moaners about West's legal aid costs should worry instead about the legal aid, benefits, houses, cars etc etc being given to parasitic, foreign Muslim terrorists who hate our guts.
Or the benefits given to the exploding Somalian 'refugees' with their 90% unemployment rate.
At least West, with all his faults, is a patriot who stands for democratic election.

Anonymous said...


There is no sanity clause said...

Sorry, I meant exploding population and their 90% unemployment rate.
What's your view on that issue?

SerpentSlayer said...


The above is my latest blog post, in it I summarise the year so far and make a rather dramatic prediction or two. Don't have nightmares.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

>>They said go into court and say nothing, we will then appeal after sentence. Then a dramatic change of heart from my solicitors. "better to let sleeping dogs lie"<<

Call me cynical but I smell a rat. I've never heard of bona fide legal advice for a defendant to say nothing whatsoever in their defence (when charged). The line is.... "it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court".

One of the reasons courts take a dim view of such silence is the wasting of time and resources issue, hence the traditional mitigating factor of admitting guilt early. Silence is normally only advocated these days when being questioned PRIOR to being charged with an offence. But even that is regarded as damaging in most cases.

To not utter a word in defence at trial for the purpose of spilling your guts at appeal seems a bizarre strategy to say the least. Perhaps West would care to name the solicitor(s) whose 'services' he relied on. Then any of us finding ourselves in similar circumstances will know where NOT to look.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
inaccurate and unacceptable leaflet from John Taylor said...

Oh yes but he's above the law and rules.

The one rule for John Taylor's inaccurate leaflets said...

Sorry better link to inaccurate and unacceptable leaflet from John Taylor.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roops said...

Very interesting thoughts on the Midgard blog but why are comments so difficult to post?

SerpentSlayer said...

Roops, that is a very good question. I think you have to go to the bottom of the article click on (number of) comments and it takes you to the comments page.

I moderate them but I've never stopped a comment yet. I would lift it if I got more I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Connie Sachs says....

Well well well, look what I have found...