Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Crash site of Wellington Bomber R1011

I went for a walk upon Bleaklow today and I come across the site of a wartime air crash. At this spot on Jan 30th 1943 three airmen, Sergeant Raymond Rouse, Flying Officer Lane and Pilot Officer Brown perished as their Wellington aircraft R1011 crashed while on exercise. Two other crew, Sergeant Miller and Pilot Officer  Grisdale survived and were taken to Ashton under Lyne for treatment.

The debris from the crash is spread over quite a wide area and while it is an incredibly sad spot due to the tragic loss of life I also found it very interesting. If you watch the video you will see the small monument erected at the site plus plenty of debris including .303 machine gun rounds.

It was fascinating to see the materials used. Some such as the fragment pictured below with the date of manufacture '6 42' looks remarkably modern and would not be out of place in a recently built car whereas other materials are decidedly old school. It was amazing to see the glass used in this aircraft. Some was high quality perspex but other was the type of glass you find in a domestic dwelling. It is unbelievable to think ordinary glass was used in such an aircraft which when on active service could expect to get peppered with flak shrapnel. This must have caused countless avoidable injuries to aircrew during the war.

The crash site is quite easy to get to but the going is pretty rough in places and you would need to be moderately fit to reach the spot where the remains of Wellington R1011 lay.

If you do not have a car but would like to visit this spot you would need to get the train to Hadfield and then follow the Longdendale Trail as far as Wild Boar Clough. If coming by car, park at Torside car park and walk up the slight gradient to the Longdendale Trail and then follow the sign to Wild Boar Clough. You then need to head through the woodland until you reach the dried out stream and climb right to the top. This can be hard going as well as tiring. When at the top bear left so the Longdendale Trail and reservoirs are on your left. Follow the path as well as you can for about three miles until you can see the last power pylons near Woodhead and then keep your eyes peeled for the small monument and when sighted, you have reached the spot.

Along the way you will undoubtedly encounter many red grouse and the occasional mountain hare. Do be careful when walking off the path because there are some extremely steep drops. Also beware of falling down hidden holes in the peat which are sometimes covered in heather and not easy to see.

After visiting the crash site I would suggest you carry on straight until you reach the stream/river which runs into Woodhead reservoir. When you have reached this spot you can follow the path down to the Longdendale Trail near the Woodhead Tunnels. Then you can head back along the trail which is far easier going than going back over the high ground from where you have descended.

This walk is about eight miles in total and I would advise against attempting it on a very warm day because it would be easy to end up with sunstroke due to the exposed nature of the terrain. I would also advise against attempting this walk if it is wet or icy as the conditions can become treacherous due to slippy rocks.

Finally, do remember this is a site of tragic loss as well as a site of genuine historical interest. Under no circumstances should anyone remove any objects to take home as souvenirs. This is a war grave and to remove any objects for selfish reasons would not only deprive future generations of discovering this site but it would also be an insult to the dead.


History said...

I have visited many Peak District air crash sites and they are indeed fascinating, historic and a reminder of the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces.
Many selfish idiots have taken souvenirs over the years and spoiled the area for succeeding generations.
In my opinion one of the most interesting is the crash site on the remote spot of Sliddens Moss, Black Hill, where two Gloucester Meteor jets on a training flight crashed on 12th April 1951. Flight Lieutenant David merryweather Leach and Flying Officer Tony Hauxwell were killed.

SerpentSlayer said...

Dresden, the memory of that event and also the knowledge that the Allies attacked German cities before the Luftwaffe attacked Allied ones makes it hard for me to feel any good feelings about bomber crews.

The thoughts of all those innocent men, women and children slaughtered in such a cold and meaningless way makes me wish that one day, the RAF will be disbanded and treated as an organisation of war criminals in a similar way to the (unfair) treatment handed out to the brave men of the Waffen SS.

The individual men may be innocents but high emotions are attached to the mention of those who slew children in their beds.

they died for this no? said...

Schools are classifying children as young as four as ‘transgender’ simply because they want to dress up as the opposite sex.
Young boys who like wearing dresses are being encouraged to express themselves in a ‘gender-neutral environment’ in the classroom.

While most parents may query how any school can make such a statement about a child so young, Ofsted is in no doubt.

The education watchdog showered praise on schools where it said ‘transgender pupils are taken seriously’.

One infants’ school was complimented for its ‘excellent work’ with ‘pupils who are or may be transgender’.

‘The school appreciates that a boy may prefer to be known as a girl and have a girl’s name and similarly a girl may have a girl’s name but wants to dress as and be a boy,’ an Ofsted report said.

The school, where worryingly around a quarter of the pupils in reception class have same-sex parents or close family members in same-sex relationships, also acts as a meeting point for transgender pupils at other schools, hosting them at after-school clubs.

At another primary school for children up to 11, pupils are inspired to conduct themselves in a ‘non-gender stereotypical way’.

Younger boys dress up in girls’ clothes from the dressing-up box and are given consent to wear ribbons in their hair.
The report added: ‘A Year One boy [aged five to six] sometimes wears a tutu all day without comment from his peers.

Pupils are confident to speak about what they like to do, for example boys are happy to say if they prefer cheerleading to football.
‘The school choir and sewing club both include plenty of boys and many girls play football.’
The schools were among nine given appraisal by Ofsted inspectors because they had ‘successfully tackled prejudice-based attitudes and related bullying’.

They received warm commendation in an Ofsted report on methods to tackle bullying in schools.
Ofsted said the schools’ approaches had helped to eradicate name-calling and create an ‘inclusive’ environment in classes.
However, certain features of its report were provoking disturbance.

Arguments rage over when children are old enough to determine whether they are ‘transgender’. Studies indicate the vast majority who believe they are the wrong sex will change their minds when they reach their teens.

In a series of proposals to combat bullying, Ofsted called on schools to clamp down on the use of insulting language by pupils such as ‘mong’, ‘spazzer’, ‘batty man’, ‘lez’ and ‘trannie’.

Name-calling in schools was too often dismissed by teachers as childish teasing, inspectors said.
‘Many pupils were well aware that such language was not acceptable, but it was often seen as “banter”,’ the report said.
‘In contrast, staff were not always aware of the extent of its use, or they saw it as banter, so did not challenge it.
‘For a few pupils even racist terms were seen as acceptable “between friends”.’

The report added: ‘Few schools had a clear stance on the use of language or the boundaries between banter and behaviour that makes people feel threatened or hurt.’

Personal, social and health education lessons should teach pupils ‘systematically...about all aspects of individual difference and diversity, including those related to appearance, religion, race, gender, sexuality, disability and ability’.

Alarmingly the report continues and said schools should also consider weaving teaching about diversity into all lessons, for example by studying the cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry in art lessons!

Susan Gregory, Ofsted director of education and care, said: ‘Schools must develop a positive culture so all pupils learn in a happy and safe environment.

‘Teachers should receive the right training and support so they have the skills and confidence to teach pupils about diversity and the effects of bullying.’

BNP’s Collapse Opens Door for UKIP said...

A set of recent election results has dramatically revealed how the civic nationalist UKIP party has benefitted from the collapse of the British National Party and its inability to even contest seats which would have been in its strongest areas just three years ago.

Don't mention the war! said...

The Vickers Wellington was a British twin-engine, long range medium bomber designed in the mid-1930s at Brooklands in Weybridge, Surrey, by Vickers-Armstrongs' Chief Designer, R. K. Pierson. It was widely used as a night bomber in the early years of the Second World War, before being displaced as a bomber by the larger four-engine "heavies" such as the Avro Lancaster. The Wellington continued to serve throughout the war in other duties, particularly as an anti-submarine aircraft. It was the only British bomber to be produced for the entire duration of the war.

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
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Shocked and Saddened said...

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief

The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states, the UN's special representative for migration has said.

Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

He told the House of Lords committee migration was a "crucial dynamic for economic growth" in some EU nations "however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states".

Mr Sutherland recently argued, in a lecture to the London School of Economics, of which he is chairman, that there was a "shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states" and the EU's ability to compete at a "global level" was at risk.

Mr Sutherland, who has attended meetings of The Bilderberg Group, a top level international networking organisation often criticised for its alleged secrecy, called on EU states to stop targeting "highly skilled" migrants, arguing that "at the most basic level individuals should have a freedom of choice" about whether to come and study or work in another country. BBC News

So there you have it folks. The Judeo Masonic Bilderberg plan to destroy European nation states.

I was going to write a stinging reply to the post by Serpent Slayer at 2,41 until I read this from the BBC. I have never been a hardcore nationalist just a patriotic Brit but I am now begining to think the ones who I looked upon as Nazis might actually be right and that there actually is a Judeo Masonic plot to destroy Christendom.

I love Germans said...

Am Anfang schuf Gott Himmel und Erde.
Und die Erde war wüst und leer, und es war finster auf der Tiefe; und der Geist Gottes schwebte auf dem Wasser.
Und Gott sprach: Es werde Licht! Und es ward Licht.
Und Gott sah, daß das Licht gut war. Da schied Gott das Licht von der Finsternis
und nannte das Licht Tag und die Finsternis Nacht. Da ward aus Abend und Morgen der erste Tag.

Anonymous said...

Da ich ein Kind war, redete ich wie ein Kind und war klug wie ein Kind und hatte kindische Anschläge. Da ich aber ein Mann ward, tat ich ab, was kindisch war. - 1. Korinther 13,11

The true reason why Germany invaded Poland. said...

In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and was then attacked by the two of the world's biggest colonial powers France and Gt Britain. The reason was given that Hitler must be stopped from expanding German borders even though they were fully aware of the massacres that Poland had inflicted on the German minorities. 50,000 were slaughtered by a Polish goverment who openly bragged they would flatten Germany in a month.
In the end the allies left Poland to the Russians as if they ever really cared about Poland in the first place.This video was posted originally by THELINDGRENN. channel please visit for more great videos.

Das Panzerlied ( Original ) said...

Germany's struggle will always be remembered by her enemies as the greatest moment in their history, as well as their greatest achievements, stolen from Germany.

Burn in Hell said...

@ They died for this no, perverts, degenerates and paedophiles have been steadily infesting the education establishment for decades and are now trying to launch an all out assault to warp and pervert British children.
The attitude of this filth is, 'The younger they are the easier they will be to brainwash and corrupt.'
Don't misjudge these beasts, they are a manifestation of pure evil, whose only goal is the gratification of their own perversions.
They need to dealt with with by the harshest possible methods.

The Devil in disguise said...

What's the difference between a convicted paedophile who encourages a boy to wear a dress, and a male teacher who encourages a boy to wear a dress? Nothing.
But in sick modern Britain the first would rightly be arrested and the second promoted.

The establishment media complex is now utterly riddled with degenerates, and you can be sure they facilitate, assist and look after each other.

Its racist innit said...

They didn't die for this either as featured in todays Manchester Evening News.

This is only part of the story and severe reporting restrictions are in place. Out of his 50+ victims one was indeed Asian and if I revealed her identity I would have ZOG's enforcers breaking down the door within the hour. Everything TonyDJ said about news management to ensure 'community cohesion' has been revealed to be as anyone who attended this court case will testify to.

In the mean time here are a few choice quotes from the defendent taken from the Manchester Evening News.

"During one of many rants during the latest trial, he said: "We are a civilised society. We are the supreme race, not these white b******s (pointing to police officers in court)."

He continued: "You will not get a CBE. You will not get an MBE. You will get a DM, a destroyer of Muslims. You were born one thousand years too late. You f***ed my community.. You destroyed my community and our children. None of us did that. White people trained those girls to be so much advanced in sex. They were coming without hesitation to Rochdale,Oldham, Bradford, Leeds and Nelson and wherever."

He said the jury in Liverpool has been 'taking instructions' from BNP leader Nick Griffin and later pointed to Rachel Smith, who prosecuted both cases on behalf of the Crown, saying: "I curse you at night. I curse you and your family. You will understand (pointing at Judge Khokhar). I curse the juries. I curse the media and most of you b******s. Your family will get it"

To the bloody end said...

They are everywhere now and are multiplying like cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned if those loose race-mixing little whores choose to consort with non-white predators then they deserve everything they get. They are traitors to their race and their nation, and our sympathies should only lie with anyone abducted off the street against their will. The vast majority who fall victim to so-called 'grooming gangs' are the same kind of women who are mongrelising the European race and / or helping to islamise the continent.

blind sheeple are not the answer said...

Anon@20.27 you are talking shit. These predatory beasts were grabbing young girls off the street. You are only reading snippets in the controlled press. The extent of this epidemic would lead to civil war if the truth got out but don't let that worry you and you just keep on believing what uncle zog wants you to know.

Anonymous said...

"These predatory beasts were grabbing young girls off the street."

'Grooming' means you engage with them over a period of time, forced abduction / kidnap has a different definition. Please link us to the reliable source info which exposes the fact that the vast majority of young white women in these cases were actually abducted off the street (kicking and screaming) and raped. And if such is the case then do bear in mind that I stated that they are ones worthy of our sympathy.

traitors and paedos will swing together said...

I have already exlained. The news about this anti-white rape epidemic is being managed by the state. After the police took our names and addresses in the public gallery we were warned that if we release any forbidden details we will be in contempt of court and arrested. Now shoo off back to the Labour Party you treacherous paedo defending cunt.

Anonymous said...

"Now shoo off back to the Labour Party you treacherous paedo defending cunt"

LMAO. So despising traitors (race-mixing white women) is 'treacherous' ?? You're talking out of your backside friend, and the fact that you align those who despise race-mixers with the Labour party proves it.

And don't make any pathetic attempt to put words in my mouth by conflating the totally unrelated issues of despising white race-mixers and legitimising paedophilia. In my book both 'victims' and perpetrators are scum in many of these cases, since those young women were certainly old enough to know better. Most people with at least half a brain would've sussed that's what I meant in the first place.

Slutsville UK said...

The Muslims who did this are racist, rapist cunts.
There are however a rapidly growing number of British women who are simply sluts. They come in all ages and from all sections of society and find it difficult to keep their legs closed, whether through drink, drugs, wanting a baby for benefits, house and a life of unemployed ease etc. Or they are just oversexed slags with zero personal standards or self respect.

SerpentSlayer said...

I'm a moral relativist myself, it's essential if one is to believe in any salvation for our race.

For young women to consider being with these low-lives suggests something lacking in themselves, self-esteem being my guess. It's speaks volumes about the disenfranchisement of white youth that our young women turn to these scum for companionship.

I blame the reds entirely, for their destruction of our healthy society and it's replacement with one based around greed and perversion.

Eugenecist said...

Britain is increasingly peopled by hostile and/or subhuman aliens and native human dross.

..beaten until they beg for mercy said...

@ SerpentSlayer, it isn't a lack of self esteem (indeed the reverse is increasingly the case) or so-called disenfranchisement, it's a wilful lack of self-control and humility made worse by the total lack of correction in the criminal justice system and from British society at large.

Hymie Gugenstein said...

Seasoned observers will have no problem spotting the Labour troll. Instead of focusing on the depravity of the beasts who raped these young girls, the Labour troll attempts to shift focus onto the victims and suggests that they themselves are to blame. The fact that many of the victims were under ten years of age does not stop the sick Labour troll from suggesting that the child victims were some kind of whores who got what they deserved. The traitor enemies of our civilization will go to any lengths to defend the nightmare they have created as witnessed here tonight.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that many of the victims were under ten years of age"

I never once said that ALL the victims were unworthy of sympathy. I think I'll turn the tables and label you as a 'Labour troll' who (intypical liberal left fashion) is condoning race-mixing and rampant sexual promiscuity amongst underage girls. But better instead to just repeat what I said earlier.... you're a thick moron who is taking out of his backside.

Many of these 'young women' were not infants being offered sweeties to go with strangers, and neither were they innocent geeks in search of a pen pal. Not only are you a moron, you're unbelievably naive with it.

Muddled Sheep said...

To hell with you lot, I'm happy with Labour.

this will be britain's fate as well said...

Shock horror: The most dangerous cities in America all have non-white majority populations The ten most dangerous cities in America all have non-white majority populations, new FBI data has revealed.

This not-so-surprising news is just the latest piece of evidence that emphasizes a clear correlation between increased non-white immigration and soaring crime figures.

tonydj said...

1939, Britain and France sign treaty with Poland.

1st September 1939. Germany invades Poland.

3rd September 1939 Britain declares war on Germany.

17th September 1939 Soviet Union invades Poland

Britain and France do nothing.

Germans Slaughter Poles, hanged after the War.

Soviets Slaughter Poles (Katyn Wood). Blamed on Germans for 40 years, no Soviet murderer punished.

You still think the war was started "To defend Poland?"

Knee deep in human blood said...

As the invasion of Britain continues the more likely there will be violence on a large scale. The powers that be know this which is why the media propaganda machine has gone into overdrive.
Such violence would be unfortunate but infinitely preferable to gutless surrender.

Out in the country said...

Verminous, paedophile, white hating scum.
They should all be thrown into the same industrial mincer alive and spread on the same field.

The Bolshevik Murder Machine - No Camps, No Gas, Just a Bullet said...

The victims were murdered in the Katyn Forest in Russia, the Kalinin (Tver) and Kharkov prisons and elsewhere. About 8,000 were officers taken prisoner during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, the rest being Poles arrested for allegedly being "intelligence agents, gendarmes, saboteurs, landowners, factory owners, lawyers, priests, and officials." Since Poland's conscription system required every unexempted university graduate to become a reserve officer, the Soviets were able to round up much of the Polish intelligentsia, and the Ukrainian and Belarusian intelligentsia of Polish citizenship.

Ninth Rochdale Muslim paedophile finally named said...

The evil Muslim predatory paedophile who headed the Rochdale child sex grooming gang has finally been named as Shabir Ahmed.
The 59-year-old from Windsor Road, Oldham can be unveiled after a judge in another case revoked the ban on the media identifying him.

Labour admits it got ot wrong on immigration said...

And so it continues. The destroyers of Britain are now pretending to be the common sense saviours of Britain. We all know it is a game of smoke and mirrors but the sheeple will fall for it hook, line and sinker.

If they are really convinced of how wrong they got it, why not deport every immigrant to Britain since 1997. If this were to occur Britain could be saved but it wont and we wont.

Councillors get police protection said...

Ray Mallon said the spate of attacks was a "sinister" hate campaign to drive out certain Labour representatives, whose policies the arsonists disagree with.

Allahu Akbar said...

If the incomers do end up outnumbering us, the liberals, traitors, cowards, morons and associated detritus who facilitated the alien's victory will be able to watch the tolerant benevolence of our new masters in action.

15th century methods needed for survival said...

If the incomers do end up outnumbering us, the liberals, traitors, cowards, morons and associated detritus who facilitated the alien's victory will be able to watch the tolerant benevolence of our new masters in action.

Buzzwords and clichés said...

Bullcrap, immigrants only bring goodness and enlightenment to our dull and dreary lives. Before they arrived we were impoverished, now we are enriched. This is the future our grandchildren have to look forward to. Thank your politicians and enjoy the show.

I want it sooner that's why I vote Labour said...

High culture and enlightened thinking will one day, not too distant from now be part of everyday British life.

It must be true because my school teacher told me said...

Don't listen to Fascist propaganda. Our heroic Soviet allies were the good guys.

Here's to you Mr Robinson said...

Dropped someone off on Stamford Street in Ashton in the pouring rain at midday today. Due to the weather there weren't many shoppers about. But just to make sure the town suffers as much economic hardship as possible in our economically straitened times Tameside Council had thoughtfully installed three traffic gestapo in the space of a hundred yards.
What a load of f***ing c***s they are (wardens and council).

Anonymous said...

I saw the labour bloke with the big hooter on the news talking about immigration. He talked a lot of sense and he's right, it isnt racist to talk about immigration. If more politicians were honest like him the country wouldnt be in the mess it is now.

SerpentSlayer said...

The thing is though, he isn't honest. He says this now but we all know that the increase in immigration under the previous Labour government was no accident.

It was intentional and Labour will be no different if when their turn to play Prime Minister comes round.

read nore here the west persecutors said...

Alan Kibble is abusing his position in New Charter Housing in order to resolve his own selfish issues. Kibble is not interested in Village Greens at all. He is an ex Police Officer who thinks he can use the Council and his Employer to resolve a neighbour dispute. This is sad.

Anonymous said...

TC the above article is very interseting and very much in the public interest, considering the rnew charter persecution of Roy West.
Can you put the above on the blog as an article?

Jean said...

I agree. Expose Kibble, that is just plain wrong and was a asacking offence.

The Observer said...

Taylor's car outside the Kugow house today.

Anonymous said...

Those interested in the Taylor v West case. It is listed for the 27th of June 9.30am at Oldham Magistrates Court.
The usual suspects will be there Wild/Lane/ her husband, Taylor's wife with the two reporters from the Labour rag.
This case will reveal some of the most vile methods ever used by Taylor and co in Dukinfield.

all seeing eye said...

Too late in deleteing that comment West. We have it saved.

Anonymous said...

So what you've saved it.

Anonymous said...

all seeing eye said...
Too late in deleteing that comment West. We have it saved.

23/06/2012 18:26

So all seeing eye what do you suppose he was doing there again?
Do you think he's desperate to provoc a reaction?

Anonymous said...

all seeing eye when you punish someone into the ground, using the law and courts to do so.
You push him/her futher to the edge. When that person sees nothing but police arrests, courts, more and more pressure and injustice, piled on, their family punished for nothing.
That person feels like he/her as nothing more to lose.
The above starts to have an extraordinary effect on the human mind.

SerpentSlayer said...

Do they think that what they do in this life will not affect the next?

Do they seriously think that the universe will allow their bad deeds to go unpunished?

This next decade will be full of surprises for the low-lives who bleed others dry at all levels.

Roy K West said...

all seeing eye I know who you are.
And I ask you this question: Are you not satisfied with the three months tagging, 12 weeks suspended sentence, 12 months order, 100 hours community order, £250 fine?
The community order takes me away from my partner, who, at the moment is self harming because she's fearful of being made homeless.
What are you looking to achieve? cause a death that you could live with? punish someone into the ground and drive them to the edge?

Anonymous said...

Connie Sachs says "Check this out George..."

Anonymous said...

above very useful information indeed

Anonymous said...

Mr Alan Kibble is ex police he wants to throw a vulnerable woman on the street. And he could live with that being ex filth.

Anonymous said...

please expose Alan Kibble's neighbour dispute.

Anonymous said...

Connie says, even more intersting George

Anonymous said...

Report To: COUNCIL
Date: 23 February 2010
Cabinet Deputy / Reporting
Sandra Stewart – Borough Solicitor
Report Summary: On 11 April 2008 the Council received an application to
register land known as Back Lawn, Heyrod, Stalybridge as a
town or village green.
This application is substantially similar to an earlier application
which was made In June 2003 and rejected by the Council
following a public inquiry, largely as a result of a court decision
in another case involving Oxfordshire CC. However, the
Commons Act 2006 has changed the law and the application
now has to meet a different test.
Full Council is asked to consider the attached report and
determine whether the above land should be granted town or
village green status and so added to the Council’s statutory
register of town or village greens.
Recommendations: Members are strongly advised to consider the attached report
and appendices in full and make a determination as to whether
or not the application land is a village green and should be
added to the Register.
The recommendations within this report are that:
1. That the Council rely on the findings of fact detailed in
the Inspector’s Report dated 3 May 2005, which was
made following a non-statutory public inquiry on 22 and
23 September 2004.
2. That Full Council approve the registration of the land
edged with a thick black line on the plan attached at
Appendix C as a Town or Village Green
Links to Community Strategy: Supportive community – residents of Tameside were consulted
through Notices in local press and on site.
Policy Implications: None since the duty is to determine such applications in
accordance with the statutory criteria.
Financial Implications: Costs associated with the application have been met from the
Planning budget.
Legal Implications: The Council must determine the application in accordance with
the statutory criteria. Councillors are required to carefully
consider this report, which sets out the law and the evidence
pertaining to the applications, and members must determine
the applications in accordance with the requirements of the
legislation. This is a quasi-judicial process and consequently
Members must consider carefully whether they have a
prejudicial interest or have a pre-determined view on this
application (or whether they have made a formal or informal
statement which may have given that impression) since this
would prevent them from taking part in the debate and the
decision making process.
Registration of a village green does not place the Council
under any duty to maintain it. Registration will not affect the
Council’s powers under section 215 of the Town and Country
Planning Act 1990 to take action if it considers that the amenity
of any part of Tameside is adversely affected by the condition
of the land.
Risk Management: There is no right of appeal against the Council’s decision, but
interested parties could challenge the decision by applying for
judicial review on limited grounds. A failure to determine the
applications in accordance with the law, or at all, will leave the
Council exposed to judicial review or a claim for
maladministration by the Local Government Ombudsman.
Access to information: Appendix A : Application dated 10 April 2008 and
supporting plan (NB the plan has now been replaced by
the plan at appendix C)
Appendix B : Report of Mr Stephen Sauvain QC, Inspector
following a non-statutory public inquiry held on the
previous application and plan
Appendix C: Plan of the land which is now subject to
consideration for registration.
The background papers relating to this report can be inspected
by contacting the report author, Paul Turner, Deputy Borough
Solicitor, by:
Telephone:0161 342 2924

Blood of England said...

The upper echelons of the council are full of one-eyed people. That's the eye the public sees, but there's another one.

SerpentSlayer said...

There is an hidden eye operating in Tameside, the collusion between the agencies persecuting West say it all. said...

Anders Breivik said...

What is the difference between this man Anders Breivik, and Tony Blair's war crimes against Muslims.

all seeing eye said...

Pressure and time thats all it takes.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn about Tony Blair's 'crimes' against muslims? Whatever his perceived crimes against muslims were he more than redeemed himself on that score by helping to facilitate the islamisation of Britain and Europe. All I'm concerned with is his crimes against Britain, for which he should be executed.

Anonymous said...

Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight. Psalm 144:1

David Starkey in new race horror said...

We have leaders in Britain who follow Americas directions, America follows United Nations directions, United Nations follows Israels directions.

We need to cut out the middlemen and follow Israels example direct and adopt the Israeli policy on immigration and shut our borders and expel what we do not want.

Bilderberger group, New World Order, Common Purpose, Illuminati, Freemansons, Zionists, European Union leaders, American leaders, British leaders Bureaucrats together remind me of the Court of King Louis XVI of France filled with a few people dictating to the majority of the people we must learn from history and follow the direction the French gave the world on how to deal with bad leaders.

They are only a tiny almost uncountable minority when considered to the numbers of the majority, a tiny wood splinter in the skin of the people of the world.

Oil and Water said...

I passed through Longsight while listening to the start of the England game. The streets were bustling with member of 'the community'. No staying in to watch England for those chaps. Everywhere else was deserted. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Stringer Update Predictably,the nine Asian Muslims cowards who launched an unprovoked near lethal attack in Hyde on a defenceless British teenager have all been released without charge,bar one who will stand trial later this year,sometime, maybe.Daniel,from Woodley in Stockport,has been left almost blind and may never recover useful sight.

Blood and guts said...

I keep seeing them in groups driving round my area. Perhaps they're scouting it out, as the rate they have kids they run out of space extremely fast in their own areas.

Ridden down and slaughtered said...

If you work for or support the establishment you are in fact a facilitator of the direction the country is heading. Currently it is on course for subjugation under Islam.
Anyone who works for or supports the establishment needs to consider this fact.

SerpentSlayer said...

Victory for the Islamic brotherhood in Egypt. I hope Netanyahu cries himself to sleep.

Paying the penalty said...

England aren't very good at football.
The constant and ever growing influx of foreigners after Premier League money means the talent pool of English players has got smaller and smaller leaving us to rely on a small number who ARE good enough but increasingly on ageing or not very good players.

SerpentSlayer said...

I agree with "Paying the penalty".

One thing to note is that the Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga are still dominated by players of their own country.

Nonetheless, our team played too well to lose tonight. We held them at nil nil only to allow ourselves to be defeated in such a pathetic matter.

Spirit of 66 said...

I'm glad they're out. Nothing but useless overpaid morons in my opinion.

Headless chicken said...

Ashley Young played all four games. Nuff said.

Does anyone still doubt Britain is a Marxist dicatatorship? said...

Breaking News Breaking News. England heroes suffers horrific racial tweet. Scotland Yard are on the case and no stone will be left unturned until the villian is captured.

SerpentSlayer said...

Considering the performance of many of the team tomorrow, every insult is justified. I think we could learn from Saddam and give them all a spell in the nick.

Fantastic! said...

England penalty hero hates England and hates English people.

tonydj said...

The problem I have with the whole "inciting hatred" and "Public Order" industry is that I don't believe it is incitement.

In the 1930's when the Public Order Act was passed it was quite simple. A rabble rouser stood in front of several hundred, if not several thousand, people and urged them on to riot and violence.

"We won't stand for this any more, lets show these (insert target group) we wont stand for them any more1 Come on!"

And off the mob would go to attack the target of the hour.

But when the rabble rouser is on the internet, or twitter, can we expect anyone to be incited? Half the time the entries or postings are so badly written, spelt etc that they are incoherent! No one is incited because no one knows what the posting says!

And its one thing to address a ready formed mob on Ashton market ground, it's another thing to get a mob together from a group of keyboard warriors in their bedrooms in their parent's house.

Insulting these postings may be, but incitement? Nah!

off your arses and into work said...

At last we have Government ready to tackle the benefit industry ,its a career for millions of lazy sods ,and not a safety net for those in great need, this will be a vote winner for the Tories.
No more getting pregnant and expecting me to pay for it, no more getting a flat or house and expecting me to pay the rent.
No more taxis taking the lazy sods down to the booze store for a pk of 12 and I pay the fare, well done Dave make them have it you have my vote

DC, easy targets only said...

Meanwhile 600,000 immigrants a year pour into one of the most overcrowded countries in the world, massive numbers of them unemployable, unassimiliable Third Worlders, a country undergoing extreme economic hardship, yet still they're allowed to flood in and milk the benefit system dry.
But SuperDave is going to take the benefits off a few of our home grown dedlegs, maybe, and it's enough to keep some deluded morons happy.

My son is not lazy or a scrounger said...

Off your arses is right about it being a vote winner, it will be a vote winner - for Labour. I have a teenage son who finished college last year with three A Levels. Since he left college he has applied for over 400 jobs without success. What do you suggest for my Daniel, poverty and starvation because he cannot find work?

I have never voted for Labour. I used to be a BNP voter but they have no candidate in Droylsden now so in future I am voting Labour.

Anglo Saxon said...

If Cameron wants to save money why not pass a law saying no benefits until you've lived here five years? Answer: Because he hasn't got the bollocks.

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree said...

The homegrown scum who REALLY need tackling are the welfare witches and their hordes of chav offspring. Imagine a country where none of this rubbish had ever been born.

enemy in the camp said...

Somali's demand their rights in Sweden. I know this lady approves.

Protocols in action said...

The problem is that immigrants have come to expect being treated like royalty. This is true not only in Sweden but also in the UK, France and other Western countries. These immigrants seem to get all sorts of social services way ahead of any deserving natives and they learn all about how to work the system before even leaving their home countries. Why do you think the Somalis are so ungrateful and making demands from the Swedes?

The welfare state has raised the expectation of immigrants. Instead of assuming that they will have to work hard and struggle at the beginning, they are loudly complaining that the benefits received do not live up to their exalted tastes. Unfortunately, this does not lead to their picking up their marbles and going home, which should be first solution proposed to them.

As always, the arrogance of the immigrant is mind-boggling. And the desire of the liberal to help the needy at the expense of his own children's future must be driven by guilt trumping self-preservation. This guilt has become institutionalised; taught in schools and reinforced by the media--all this originating from You-Know-Who. I don't remember where I read it but the fact of Sweden's neutrality during the war might be the reason why they are so guilt-ridden today--as if neutrality were equivalent to siding with the enemy. The Swiss seem to have fared better though not without their own problems.

This country seems to prefer its illegals over its own citizens, who constantly have the law bent to their benefit, and then prefers its gansta minorities over people who work and pay taxes. Being politically correct means that you can't comment on these things without opening yourself up to a barrage of hatred and derision but I'm sure that it takes its psychological toll, even on the most die-hard libtards.

SerpentSlayer said...

The amount of money cutting these benefits will save is paltry.

Still, bread and circuses doesn't work without the bread, perhaps soon will come the time when the British people have enough of being pushed and begin to push back.

The BNP stood in Droylsden East this year, I don't think they did in Droylsden West. Hopefully there will be Nationalist candidates in both next time.

Black tide said...

Somalian immigrants in Britain have a 90% unemployment rate. They are still being let in.

Anonymous said...

Taylor v West case 27th June Oldham Magistrates Court 9.30am
This is a very important case for the future conduct of Labour cllrs spreading smear and allegation.
Since 2006 they've spread vile smear leaflets in Dukinfield.
Vile, gutter, methods have been used in Dukinfield.

An empty wasteland before non-white enrichment said...

It's official: there are no indigenous people in the UK. Check out the list of MP's who agree, starting with the intellectual colossus Diane Abbot.

"on the grounds that there are no indigenous peoples in the United Kingdom"

Rights for Whites said...

Recent DNA research suggests the Welsh and Cornish are amongst the most ancient Britons, with lineages traceable back almost 10,000 years to the end of the last ice age. The Maoris of New Zealand (who are widely regarded as indigenous) have only been on those lands for several hundred years.

Harmonious destruction said...

F**k honkeys.

F**k Pakis.

F**k niggers.

Which one are you more likely to be arrested for? Because as we all know namecalling is now a serious crime.

In times of universal deceipt said...

So it's the big showdown tomorrow. There's only one outcome and you all know it.

Anonymous said...

Roy West has already been found guilty. But at least he can put on record SOME stuff they won't want the public to read about.