Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fatality on Ashton Road

So sad, only a baby judging by the size. Here one minute gone the next. :-(


Roy's Bird said...

Aww bless him. Let's call him Anthony.

Too many Brocks spoil the herd said...

Farmers with herds of TB riddled cattle won't be too upset.

Anonymous said...

Well done Cameron. There should be no negotiation on this issue.

Principled PM (but only when it's easy) said...

Yeah well done on this vital issue Dave.

Shame you let ANOTHER 690,000 people into Britain, one of the most overcrowded countries in the world, last year though isn't it, but as long as you defend that rock in the South Atlantic.

Falkland Islands for Falklanders. Britain for any fucker who wants to come in.

The Gasman cometh said...

Re Badgers:
'TB or not TB, that is the question.'

SerpentSlayer said...

I hate to use this article to further another topic but I feel the planned war games between Syria, Iran, China and Russia are worthy of our collective attention.

I am most surprised by China's involvement, it just goes to show how little they need our trade.

Vindictive Definition said...

1. disposed or inclined to revenge; vengeful: a vindictive person.
2. proceeding from or showing a revengeful spirit: vindictive rumors.

Vernon Patrick said...

The shop on the former site of the Dukinfield Arms on the border of Hyde WAS apparently attacked by armed raiders on Monday the 18th.

What shocking times we live in. If violent robbery with guns or other weapons carried a MANDATORY ( i.e no interfering liberal judges) 50 year sentence I guarantee such offences would massively diminish.

SerpentSlayer said...

I don't see a need for greatly long sentences for armed robbery, what we need is something more profound, nuts.

I have a lot of American friends and as a result I often receive reports of news stories, one of my favourites relates to armed robbery. Unlike in this country, armed robberies in the US often backfire in dramatic ways.

The US allows it's citizens to own firearms (as is their right as freeborn men and women in my opinion) and as a result shopkeepers often have a piece handy to dispense hot lead in the event of a robbery.

What we need is for our traitorous government to end it's tyrannical control over firearms and allow this country to redevelop a healthy relationship between ourselves, weapons and the way we defend ourselves.

This of course will not happen so long as Communists, Freemasons and Jews continue to manipulate our lawmaking and political apparatus.