Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sir Patrick Moore heading to jail?

Possibly, if he lived in Tameside!

If we compare the comments made by Sir Patrick Moore ("the only good kraut is a dead kraut") in a recent interview with the Radio Times to the comments that Roy West was today sentenced for making, using the West sentencing as a benchmark, Sir Patrick should be facing a long custodial sentence.

The comments made by Sir Patrick Moore could viewed as genocidal. I have German ancestry (Baden Baden) and I do view Patrick Moore’s comments as deeply unpleasant to be truthful. If I made a complaint and reported him for racism, would he be arrested, held in custody and sentenced because he said something I disliked? It is highly unlikely that he would and regardless of that I would never dream of making such a ridiculous complaint in the first place.

The difference between Sir Patrick Moore making offensive comments about Germans and Roy West from Dukinfield making offensive comments on a similar but far less sinister or offensive vein is that Sir Patrick Moore is an Establishment figure capable of legally defending himself whereas Roy West is a hard up working class activist and an easy target for malicious politically inspired persecution who just also happens to have made serious enemies of the local political mafia as a result of exposing their lavish earnings on a tax payer funded meal ticket.

Roy West has been arrested and convicted twice now for saying far less than Sir Patrick Moore. Today he was given a suspended prison sentence, bound by curfew and electronic tagging and had a restraining order imposed. Cllr Taylor was present throughout the sentencing and it must be said he looked most satisfied with the outcome.

As far as I am aware Roy West has yet two further court appearances to face. In one of which Cllr John Taylor is the complainant. He will be very luck to avoid a custodial sentence if found guilty in my opinion. As stated in previous articles, before commencing his political career five years ago Roy West was a man of impeccable character with no criminal record. Now he has two convictions and possibly another two pending.

You know it is said the road to tyranny is paved with good intentions, that may very well true but I say the road to tyranny is also paved by traitors and cowards. From what I know of Roy West he is at times a bit of a nuisance who gets fixated on matters with which others may not. A nuisance is one thing and a criminal is another. In my opinion Roy West is not a criminal and the offences for which he has been convicted and sentenced are purely out of the nightmare world of Orwell’s 1984.

Those involved in this whole shameful affair should reflect upon their role in the persecution of this man. The traitors have no conscience and take great enjoyment from the suffering of their victims but it is the cowards that I am thinking of at this moment in time. The cowards are those who knew what was going on was unjust  but for their own reasons they just turned a blind eye and either ignored it or actively colluded with the traitors.

I will conclude with words of wisdom from Edmund Burke: All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing


27/06/12 said...

What was he doing there? Oh hang on he attends court cases regularly according to the latest post on his website. Must be a coincidence he was at this one.

worrying times said...

there is no justice in britain anymore, you can say what you want about nationalists. It will be taken as truth completely.

Attrition unending said...

I'm standing in the Dukinfield ward next year as an independent on councillor's expenses and accountability, and the next year and the next year...

Anonymous said...

John Taylor was there taking notes. A complaint will be typed out in due course and handed to the court about his actions today.

Anonymous said...

In the Public Gallery today.
Were Two of West's friends, his partner and her son, and Councillor John Taylor, was taking notes.

Dickhead of Dock Green said...

Apparently he's turned up at court 'regualrly' recently. Wouldn't look good if he'd only attended for one specific case would it.
Watch what you say on here, he keeps a pet pig on a leash and might set it on you.

Q and A said...

Make sure he takes the stand in June West and is exposed for the mental giant he is when asked some very tough questions.

SerpentSlayer said...

I wish I could have been there to show support. I must be out of the loop.

I hope Roy is well anyway. Don't let them get to you Roy.

Just remember what history will say about you and what it will say about them.

Anonymous said...

There's no such a word called 'Racism'. It was an invention by Hirschfeld or Trotsky(Bronstein) to control.

Roy K West said...

Dear TC
May I respectfully request that you do not allow any derogatory comments or statements to be posted on here, about my neighbours in question.
My family now live in fear to even breath.
The CPS told the court that I abused an Asian and Polish.
No evidence to back that up with, but just throw more lies in there.
I've never been reported to the police for that, so how can the CPS make those allegations against me in open court?

John said...

It is sad to see that Britain has become a tinpot pc dictatorship.

Sieg Heil! said...

Everyone should watch what they do or the local Gestapo Manchester Police might be round in force to persecute their own countrymen for being patriots.

In Scotland they arrested and put through court a woman in her 70s who had never been in trouble in her life, for having an argument with her neighbour and calling him an 'English get.' A few years back a quick word of warning would have been deemed more than enough, not anymore. Well done to the cowards who persecuted her, I hope you're proud of yourselves.

Galatians IV said...

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Anonymous said...

Just read my Advertiser those poor people having to live next door to all that for four years,I know how they feel we had him in Hyde and they had to move him just like they are moving him again.
Feel sorry for the next street that they move him to.

I kaNn sPeL ReEle guDd said...

Anonymous 15:50, John you're going to overload that spellchecker.

Fokkers said...

Dey bombed our chippee!

Der Fahne Hoch! said...

Don't mention ze var!!

Die reihen fest geschlossen said...

This isn't about protecting the sensibilities of our brother Germans or of any other people.
This is all about control, which one of us hasn't called someone such a name at some point?
The system creates so many laws, we will all fall foul of them at one time or another, that way the establishment can simply reel in anybody they dislike.

And these people have the nerve to slander a past regime of our German brothers!

Anonymous said...

Never been convicted hey West .... Man of impeccable character .. ??? Ha deluded more like! You were moved from Hyde for racist actions ... I heard in court you have a previous conviction of similar offence from 1983! Funny how people seem to think all this is some sort of corruption and you have been convicted based on calling someone a name! You are a PEST !

Anonymous said...

But how old was West in 1983? Taylor your a nob

Anonymous said...

And Taylor if it's true, you asked someone to beat Roy West, you should be worrying about that mate.

Anonymous said...

02/05/2012 21:31
1983 you fucking prick. Get a life you moron.
What you should be worried about is car clocking prior to 1984.

SerpentSlayer said...

Did Roy call somebody a name 30 years ago?

Fraudulent expenses claims, phone-hacking, privatisation of public property, aggressive foreign wars. Pails in comparison doesn't it, compared to insulting a coward who runs off to the police when somebody calls him a name.

Anonymous said...

speaking of cowards

"I would have been there to support Roy but I was kept out of the loop on that on"

Sound familiar Serpent Slayer?

Anonymous said...

I have a loop and I jump through it when I'm told.

Brons said...

This week, a prominent member of the Establishment Safety Valve Party, (also known as UKIP), the astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, said in an interview with the Radio Times: “A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut and the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut”. This not quite an incitement to violence but it comes fairly close to it.

Sir Patrick did give the interview in his home and there is or was a defence that the words were used in a dwelling house. However, in this case he was speaking in his home, in order that his words could be recorded and published.

I have no wish to see Sir Patrick or anybody else prosecuted for the notoriously imprecise offence of incitement to hatred, although I deprecate his offensive remarks.

What is important is that the law must be enforced equally, without fear or favour. We cannot have a situation in which some people are prosecuted for insignificant comment, whilst others are immune from prosecution for much more serious words.

As Sir Patrick Moore might have said (less offensively): “The Rule of Law is the Rule of Law is the Rule of Law”.

Will Sir Patrick be prosecuted? Will the interviewer from the Radio Times, who described Moore as speaking with ‘sincerity’ be prosecuted for giving his words wider currency and speaking of them sympathetically?

Will the writer of an article in the Daily Mail who quoted Moore’s views with approval, describing them as ‘forthright’, be prosecuted?

If the answer to these three questions is ‘No’, why was the author of a drunken, offensive and tasteless Twitter article about a critically ill Black footballer prosecuted and gaoled?

Why was the woman on the tram who made offensive remarks about foreigners prosecuted?

Why were the BNP Chairman and his colleague prosecuted for their remarks in 2005?

The answer is that there are laws that apply to British Nationalists and to ordinary members of the public but these laws do not apply to members of the Establishment or to members of its safety value political parties.

Anonymous said...

I don't consider his remarks petty . I am of German ancestry and although born in the UK.I am fed up with these sort of remarks . It seems that you are not allowed to make any remarks about anyone in this country except the German people. They seem fair game for anyone.

I did report this incident to the police as a crime, but guess what they seem to have ignored me completely. I have received no reply or aknowledgement of my complaint.

Sticks and Stones said...

Anon@16.27, how do you come to that conclusion when West is living proof of what happens when you insult Germans Two convictions, £1000's in fines and days in custody just for calling someone a silly name.

Fawlty Towers - Don't mention the war said...

why don't people chill out and have a laugh?

Anonymous said...

The main reason why laws are totally restrictive now and increasingly implemented concerning so-called
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