Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Charter awarded for excellence in customer service

Housing association, New Charter Housing Trust has been rewarded for its continued excellence in customer service. After a recent assessment, the Tameside-Based group has received the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ accreditation mark, achieving 100 per cent across all areas. The accreditation is a stamp of approval to show that New Charter is carrying out the highest level of service to customers. During the review, New Charter performed to the highest possible standard in three areas; involving and engaging customers, community regeneration and partnership working. Read more here.

I'm not sure if the residents of Lockingate Street would agree with New Charter receiving the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ accreditation mark because from what I hear, New Charter are not doing all they could to help resolve the problem of unsightly trailers and cars only fit for the scrap yard which are blighting the neighbourhood. Tameside Citizen

The images above are the latest in from Lockingate Street.


Take me home said...

Satan is close and looking for souls. You can be true in heart!
Ireland is true! England wants you!

Roy West follow link said...

My partner is Irish Catholic from Lepper street belfast

I'm English/Greek.
Vote Roy West
Britain First....Dukinfield.

SerpentSlayer said...

Election day tomorrow. Best of luck to all Nationalist candidates.

Times are tough but this year shall be one marked in English history for a long time.

The wheel turns and the cycle of ages continues.

breaking news said...

Allegations that Councillor John Taylor asked someone in the EDL to beat up Roy West.

Enrichment Comes To Collyhurst said...

If you want more of the same, just keep on voting Labour.

tagged said...

put some cars with Labour posters all over them outside the voting stations at 7pm in Dukinfield Westy wont see them, watching eastenders and corrie, its tag time and he cant come out to play.

Roy K West said...
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7-7 said...

Its always the same the victims get little support and no attention ,while the criminals get all the attention.
Is there much going on in Eastenders these days, SKY have some good channels that start at 7pm stay up and see how bad the BNP did tonight.
It could have been worse it could have been a prison warder calling to your cell to tuck you in,or big Jim from c wing to get in the sack with you.

Blue Rinse said...

Vast numbers of members from 'The Community' out voting today. It's not looking good for Floyd in Werneth.

Anonymous said...

7-7 all the criminals have power over us all ya daft cunt, the ones in local government and parliament.