Monday, 30 April 2012

Daily Mail article on Hyde United

On the road: The Jekyll and Hyde club who are red... and blue

It has become known as the strange case of doctored Hyde: the club that was wound up, then saved by a bucket; the club which changed its name and its colours, escaped relegation and then zoomed to promotion. All in the last two-and-a-half years.

Manchester may be fixated with the City-United match on Monday night, but over in the east of the city, up the hill at Ewen Fields in Hyde, they are relaxed.

Their season’s work is done and in August Hyde will be playing in the Blue Square Bet Premier, one step from the Football League.

Hyde, formed in 1885, have never been in the League, they have never been as high as the Blue Square Bet Premier, not as Hyde, nor as Hyde United, the club’s name from 1919 to 2010.

But then Hyde have never been so close to Manchester City, so close that the City crest sits beside Hyde’s on the main stand, so close that the seats there are City blue, so close that the only advertising at the ground is for Etihad, so close that the magnificent-looking pitch was installed by City.

Fame at last for Hyde United. The full article can be read on the Daily Mail website.


SerpentSlayer said...

Buying their way to success much like their patrons. Cracking win for the bloods on saturday though.

The bloods were promoted a few seasons back and came right back down again the following season.
maybe the same will happen to Hyde wh knows?

Pauline Pickle said...

This may be Roy West's last day of freedom. Remember him in your prayers.

Prometheus said...

Political parties require the oxygen of publicity in order to function and this means that activists, and most crucially, election candidates must make themselves publicly known to as wide an audience as possible, including our most determined, committed and ruthless political enemies. This means that anyone standing as a candidate in an area where there is likely to be a strong nationalist showing will suffer a withering hail of smear stories, ridicule and denigration from the media, in addition to all manner of dirty tricks lauched from the ranks of the so called 'anti-fascists'.

The result of this is that people of good character, who have vulnerable families and responsible career positions, demonstrating their natural aptitude for leadership and people management, will disproportionately shy away from putting themselves forward as election candidates, and the political parties concerned, will because of a dirth of volunteers and through the necessities of 'Hobson's choice', adopt a disproportionate number of candidates who are willing to stand simply because they have nothing to lose. That is the candidates will disproportionately be people who; do not have a vulnerable family to defend, because they have poor interpersonal skills and are divorced; who do not have a career position to lose, because they have never demonstrated reliability in the workplace, nor a natural aptitude for leadership and people management; and who do not have a reputation of good character to protect.

I am not saying that all, or even the majority of BNP and other nationalist candidates fall into this category, because I, along with many other brave souls, have in the past risked much to present to the electoral public the wholesome face of British nationalism, but truth be told, many organisers have in the past, through desperation and 'Hobson's choice', reluctantly accepted as candidates people of suspect character who are far from ideal candidate material.

As a result of the requirement to gain 'the oxygen of publicity', standing as a candidate for a nationalist political party is in military terms, the equivalent of running out alone into no man's land, waving the regimental standard, and while screaming at the top of one's voice, charging at the massed ranks of the entrenched enemy forces. It is an almost Kami-kazi mission and it is as a result of this that many potentially able candidates sit back and let other less suitable people take the risks, and it is as a result of this that the best people in British nationalism suffer blighted careers as a result of their bravery and are often eventually burned-out spiritually by the experience.

Rather than continue in this vein and provide our enemies with a rich harvest of scandel propaganda, we must be rigorous in our candidate selection and if a suitable candidate does not come forward we should have the resolve not to field a candidate and not to contest that particular election. Better still, at a time when the political and cultural environment has been so poisoned against the values underpinning nationalism, and in which we have little or no prospect of electoral success, it would be better, as I advocate, to eschew electioneering altogether until our movement is much stronger and we have been able to effect a significant shift in the prevailing zeitgeist.

Almost a UKIP voter said...

Did anyone hear Angie McManus on Tameside FM today? She was more PC than the LibDums "we will cut council tax by 20% but without cutting services to the young, elderly and disabled" "we want to bring communities together" "we are proud to be non racist and non sectarian". I was going to vote UKIP because there's no BNP candidate in my ward. I am sick of PC bullshine and I cannot vote for them now. I will give the English Democrats a try this time instead.

BNP candidate interviewed in racism probe said...

Police are investigating allegations that a City season ticket holder made racist comments on Facebook.

A complaint was made to the Football Club which then brought in the police.

The investigation will look at comments allegedly made on the social networking site by a BNP local election candidate.

Phillip Kimberley, of Bedworth, has been accused of writing one update on Facebook which said that racism in football could be stopped by banning black and Asian players.

In another the BNP candidate for Nuneaton and Bedworth council is alleged to have written that racist chanting should be brought back because “it’s fun”.

He denies making the comments and claims someone hacked into his account.

The Facebook comments were reported after they were uncovered by anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate.

Towton 1461 said...

Millions are more bothered about 22 men kicking a ball about while the country goes to hell.

Anonymous said...

Just to release latest information I received today from Sandra Stewart TMBC Borough Solicitor concerning the alleged antics of a Labour Candidate the following may be of interest in the wider population of Tameside if the words are carefully perused.
However, I would point out to you that it is an illegal practice under section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983 to make or publish a false statement of fact about the personal character or conduct of a candidate in order to affect the return of a candidate at an election. It is a defence to show reasonable grounds for believing that the statement was true. This provision applies both before and during an election period. The potential consequences of breaching this provision are serious. If a candidate is elected and then an election court finds them or their election agent guilty under this provision, their election shall be void. Anyone found guilty of breaching this provision may, upon summary conviction, be fined up to £5,000. Other false statements that are not about another candidate's character or conduct may not be illegal under electoral law; however, other offences such as libel and slander may cover such instances.
Therefore, if anyone believes and has evidence to support that the candidate for Longdendale, Mr Adam White has committed a criminal offence, they should report their suspicions that an offence has been committed to the Police and be prepared to substantiate this allegation through a written statement.

Anonymous said...

Executive Director of
Governance, Borough
Solicitor (Deputy Chief
137,384 138,936 1.13 Salary, fees & allowances £120,030; Pension contribution £18,906

For the sixth year running, the TaxPayers’ Alliance has compiled the most comprehensive
list of council employees in the UK whose total annual remuneration exceeds £100,000

So therefore are issuing lies

Anonymous said...
and the TMBC Borough Solicitor disputes what she gets paid,which means the Media and Tax Payers Alliance are issuing fiction ??????????

Anonymous said...

No Mr Hall. You just haven't interpreted the data always

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
No Mr Hall. You just haven't interpreted the data correctly

Lets hear it from you then Anon.
all these Anons are showing themselves to be involved with TMBC,so are you one of the Labour hounds or someone not involved with the TMBC Labour groups who can offer alternative information
I am more likely not to laugh if you offer a name.


Brenda said...

He's a well known trouble causer. Leave him to rant while we get on with winning elections, elections he does not even have the guts to contest.

Anonymous said...

He's not a well known trouble causer at all. When the labour councillor for the area dropped in at his house he wasn't well known enough for the chap to either know where he lived or recognise Hall.

Hall had to explain who he was. Not exactly the outcome he would have hoped for after all this time.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
He's a well known trouble causer.

Not again B Anon your like a bloody
pathetic squawking parrot sat on its arse with a very very limited vocabulary.

You never ever say who I am causing trouble for?? why,why,why.???
Put up with a bunch of ignorant thick devious,corrupt parasites.
My objectives are simply to expose the numerous examples of sleaze,corruption,and deceptions carried out by the TMBC Labour Cartel over many years,not seeking
fame glory or recognition because I certainly do not need it to exist
like your Anon puppet masters at the top of the Labour tree.
You would certainly not like to state your background qualifications on this site would you B??
Why does your pal Gwynne hide behind his pack of hounds,he never responds to questions about his complicity in the severe environmental degradation of his Constituency which qualifies him as a first class charlaten living off the back of others whilst he hides in his closet or amongst the Tameside small kids in photographs ??

Ask him to debate issues with me in
an open forum 1 to 1 public debate B go on do it? now what`s wrong with that in OUR democratic country??? not your despot style of control.
Someone your types will not shut up
so have a rest from trying.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

he wasn't well known enough for the chap to either know where he lived or recognise Hall.

Why should he ? he`s like all the other Councillors and MP for this Ward non of them live in the bloody area,and reside in other area`s such as Dukinfield.
With his knowledge (the Councillor you refer to) background of this Ward its not surprising he was
staggering about as I watched him with his bits of paper without a bloody clue where he was.

Totalitarian regime in Britain. said...

Remember! Next time, this could be you.

Anonymous said...

This is just one reason why you should NOT VOTE for anyone belonging to a Political Party.
Your totally dense if you don`t recognise You and Yours are living in a bloody crap third world country where YOUR life has no value only when You Vote.
There are only six MRI scanners per million of the UK population, compared with 19 in Greece, 11 in the Netherlands and 43 in Japan.

Whilst Politicians and Top Business
moguls are all taking the cream
we are left to wait to see if we can be allowed to live which is our lot.
Stuff the lot of them from now.

Song for Ireland "Union Of Blood" said...

Franklin D. Roosevelt.
In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.

Anonymous said...

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

SerpentSlayer said...

We need to rekindle our relations with the 'good relations' who share our houses and land features.

How many of us leave gifts in the groves for the woodland spirits (elves), or bury crafted items for the dwarves who inhabit the ground?

We must respect the spirits who share our space, for they have been with us since time began.

The first part of our ancestors worship that was forbidden by the Christians were the offerings to the Gods and the Elves (including the Dwarves) without a good relationship with them, our fortunes are doomed without it.

Anonymous said...

well done tigers on promotion to the national league,fu*k what anyone thinks about the city deal,the 350 of us who watched through many years of sh*t should be proud they support a local club instead of sitting in a pub claiming to be propper fans.
the club has got to this level through hard work.

Trollolololol said...

Now you are just taking the piss, SerpentSlayer.

I would say trolling, but you probably leave offerings under bridges for them too, and I would not wish to offend...