Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is Councillor John Bell to step down?

Tameside could have a new Conservative leader with rumours abound that Cllr John Bell is to step down. The Tories took a pummeling in the polls on Thursday as Labour tightened their grip on the borough. And it is thought that now Cllr Bell could pay the price for his party’s poor performance. Read more at Mancunian Matters.

If Cllr Bell does step down or get sacked, who is likely to replace him as Conservative leader in Tameside?


Anonymous said...

Roy West?

Blue Rinse said...

Roy West would make a splendid leader but I think Richard Ambler is the man for the job.

Anonymous said...

A person prepared to expose ALL the rotten sleazy antics which occur within the Labour Cartel,and that`s been hidden by Bell for years.
Compared with the facts we find out on TC, Bell was a silent phantom just picking up his salary
and laughing.
If The Advertiser and Tories had not been in league with Tameside Labour the true democracy would have been unleashed years ago not shackled.

Anonymous said...

Why do Politicians,Media & Police just simply refer to "girls"being raped,abused and degraded.
They were white under aged children
ripped apart by Asian Muslims and Keith Vaz MP is an absolute disgusting and racist non white after watching him on Sky TV and should resign blaming the exposed incidents on the BNP

Anonymous said...

Now you think our Tameside MP`s Gwynne and Renolds who have both enjoyed paid for visits to Israel and tacked on a trip into Palestine for (balance ????) might belong to the Labour Friends of Palestine/Middle East,but NOT SO according to the LFPME list of House of Commons members because Gwynne has always stated he supports peace in Israel and Palestine as does Reynolds however they draw the line at being amongst quite a few Labour MP`s who openly support the LFPME.
I suggest the 2 Tameside Politicians are very devious and snidy charlatans, and my comments are based on the following facts which lead me to think they are Israeli covert supporters who are also linked to other Jewish lobbyists who have gained positions within the Labour Party,which indicates that Israel has a considerable foothold in Our UK Parliament.both in the Labour/Conservative Party`s,and that is a scandal which also involves T.Blair who is still the UK Middle East Envoy enjoying the Hospitality of Israel.
Now read how Tameside J.Reynolds MP is closely linked to Britains youngest Jewish MP who is another confirmed outspoken defender of Israel and has been involved in
money raising at a fund-raising event for the benefit of Liverpool Wavertree Constituency Labour Party the very Constituency where Luciana Berger aged 28 is the MP.
who has faced criticism over her record of defending Israel since being elected to Parliament.The director of Labour Friends of Israel has been chosen as the party's parliamentary candidate for Liverpool Wavertree. Luciana Berger,
Reynolds states Stalybridge and Hyde CLP in support of me (J.Reynolds) received approximately £1,732.and the Liverpool Wavertree Constituency Labour Party gained £1732.
This must indicate that J.Reynolds is a keen supporter of Britain's youngest Jewish MP, Luciana Berger especially considering his trips to Israel with financial support from
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Anonymous said...

All Bell ever wanted was to be mayor of Tameside. Roy Oldham promised the mayoral job if he towed the party line. Sadly for Bell, when Roy died the deal was called off.

Anonymous said...

Bell hasn't just failed in May. He has been failing for many years. He chose to protect his little empire rather than look to really build the party. In doing so, he has 'seen-off' any bright new talent rather than welcome and develop them.

The result that there is no one around to succeed him. Ambler is a good guy but no Leader. Doreen Dickinson is the only choice if he does step aside. I doubt he will. The story implying he might is no doubt some Labour sponsored mischief-making.

Goodbyee Goodbyee said...

They have been one of the worst Tory groups in the country for some years and yet he's survived all that time. Makes you wonder.

TH said...

John is our leader and we support him.

Anonymous said...

Ah and he did so much work to expose Labour greed. What a shame such a powerful leader against Labour.

Tammy pax said...

John Bell really gavit it hard to Labour. Telling them right up front, he was not bought and paid for by Labour, no Sir a real leader of might.

it could get worse said...

The deal was done last Thursday it was Doreen taking over,since then a major problem hit the Tories plans,details will soon hit the headlines all I can reveal at this point is that there is an investigation into the running of the Tory campaign in Stalybridge south.
One of the candidates did touch on it briefly last Thursday we could have the recent Saddlworth scenario on our hands here in Tameside very soon,and Mr Leveson could have another job to do after hes finished with Murdoch and co .

Anonymous said...

Difficult to believe anyone could do a WORSE job as leader.

Anonymous said...

I predict that in another thirty years, Tameside will be peopled by immigrants from the third world, and white native people of way below average intelligence, and unfit for normal decent people. It's almost that now. No wonder there's such a high labour vote. Mind you, some of the labour councillors are semi-illiterate. It's no co incidence that areas of low IQ are all labour strongholds and Manchester is near the top of that league.
And I'm not a tory supporter either.

EDL said...

Taylor in Wheatsheaf on Wednesday night told us that West had a conviction in the past for breaking and entering, made sure whole pub heard it.
He said it was a shame he could not be at the count on election night with a big smile on his face.

Epic Fail said...

Sorry, that attempt at blackening the good name of Roy West is a FAIL. I have been in court durinf West's political persecution and he has no previous criminal record prior to the launch of the political persecution campaign based on name calling.

Anonymous said...

"I predict that in another thirty years, Tameside will be peopled by immigrants from the third world, and white native people of way below average intelligence, and unfit for normal decent people. It's almost that now."

The only thing that has kept Tameside immigrant free (relatively speaking!) over recent years is the comparitive lack of social housing. Whatever we want in Tameside we don't want any more social housing - there's a never-ending overspill from the likes of London and Birmingham waiting to arrive in a town near you. That is why sink estate areas like Gorton and Openshaw bore the brunt of Africanisation over recent years. The many empty stinking crumbling shacks there are (if anything) good enough for a new Nairobi.

As for the gibbering gormless semi-retarded neanderthals that are much of the Tameside underclass, we'll just have to make do with them until the muslim population is strong enough to knock them into shape with a good dose of hardline sharia. By then of course the normal folk with an ounce of intelligence and bit of money will be settled elsewhere on the planet, watching the whole stage go up in smoke with the usual lab/com/lib crew all head-scracthing as to "what went wrong?".

James Buchanan said...

Not wishing to doubt your fine analysis and predictions, but is there any chance of a link to the source of your info for the breakdown of regions, political control and 'IQ' levels?

It (and it's methodology) would make fascinating reading.

Unless you just, y'know, made it up to suit your argument...

Anonymous said...

This is leaflet that will be posted out soon in Dukinfield.

The Voice of Dukinfield
Ministers fear the controversial move will lead to a string of welfare deals with countries outside the EU, which this country would be powerless to resist.
And it means benefits such as pensions and health care could be handed out to all immigrants, even if they have never contributed taxes to Britain.
Britain will run from Brussels if Van Rompuy is replaced by a super EU president.
Soon it will be a crime to be British. And dare speak out, against the above menace to Britain and you will be persecuted.
There’s no powerful people left in this Country to speak out for Britain and our people. We are ruled by traitors and liars. please visit


Is his name john bell ? or is it bellend ?

TH said...

It is John Bell and he is our leader. In times of difficulty you should always stand by your leader.

Anonymous said...

We Conservatives base our honour on loyality and we support John.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that you pay serious attention to the facts.
John Taylor has friends in high places and hes well connected.
My view its better to let him do what he wants and let sleeping dogs lie.

George Galloway MP said...

anyone with any doubts what britain has now become should view this video. Its real life stuff and a warning to us all that love freedom of speech in this nation

Anonymous said...

Anon said
John Taylor has friends in high places and hes well connected.
My view its better to let him do what he wants and let sleeping dogs lie.

That`s a cry for help from a submerging person who is unfit for purpose.
Such attempts to allow such a person to "do what he wants" is exactly the reason why we have ended up in Tameside with a totally undemocratic regime.
R.Oldham survived for years on this principal and created a despotic regime,so constant intensified exposures should always be adopted if you value your already decreasing democracy.
In other words even turn the wick up far more.

Opinion Formers Exposed said...

I watched Question Time. Blame the parents and the kids was basically what they said and not the Asian pedophiles.

They even tried to say it's nothing to do with race.

Do they actually know how many Asian pedophile gang cases there's been up and down the country for the past 20 years ?

Question Time, a chance for unctuous tossers to get their smug, more-PC-than-thou faces on national TV. The Jeremy Kyle show for the chattering classes.

There are none so blind... said...

Jmaes Buchanan, look around you and tell me the average IQ (white, and overall average) hasn't gone down markedly. Anyone over 40 will be able to confrim this without hesitation.
The immigrant overspill is an acknowledged fact and with African, and particularly Muslim, birthrates is going to get a lot worse.
Spend a bit of time on some of the estates round here, or pop down to New Openshaw, and you'll see the patently obvious truth of where the country's heading.

J W said...

It doesn't matter who Taylor's friends may or may not be. If West uses his head and stays within the law he can carry on campaigning until the crack of doom.

inside the Tory party said...

John Bell is finished the Werneth slaughter is the last straw, losing Staly/North and Duki/Staly was expected, Hurst was winnable and a tragedy for us but we should have held onto Werneth we warned about the massive Labour campaign but nobody took any notice of us.
Clive will return at the next election but will have to knife Basil in the back first and this will happen, Doreen is now in charge and will have the final say on Basils future.

Blue said...

I like Basil and I hope he does not get the same treatment as Suzanne Shepherd. I still weep when I think of the way she was betrayed.

Fear is my only courage said...

John Bell is a tiny player in the bigger picture.
Enoch Powell, Orwell, many other great men tried to warn the British people.

Interesting said...

An excellent talk on The Illusion of Permanance

Fuck the police said...

Interesting link. Werneth is a good example of the Islamic demographic explosion Weston is talking about. And Tameside Labour's grovelling is an excellent example of the votewhoring policies pursued by the main parties in their contest to see who can grovel the most to the exponentially growing Muslim population.

Halal bacon said...

MI5 has warned Scotland Yard that some of its Muslim Police Officers have attended terrorist training camps in Pakistan. The ones KNOWN ABOUT were made to resign and one is suing for wrongful dismissal.

Wait until we've got a Muslim Chief Constable. As opposed to the Muslim friendly ones we've got now.

The enemy within said...

Police Islamic Awareness Course. AKA: Grovelling to foreign cultures in easy steps.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the Tories off the hook. They flooded Britain with immigrants to get cheap labour. The whole political class united to destroy the British.

Roy K West said...

Dear Tc, Mr Hall, Britishers, Englanders, anti-Labour Mafia, ect..

New Charter Housing went back on their word.
They agreed that a mutual exchange would not be a problem. So we filled in the mutual exchange forms, and was on the verge of making the mutual exchange. When new charter changed their minds and issued my partner with an eviction notice.

Anonymous said...

These are not my words but are those issued from top world scientists ie
Over a 10-year follow-up period, 1,071 participants died: 63 percent of cardiovascular disease, 12 percent of cancer, 4 percent of respiratory failure and 0.4 percent in traffic accidents.
The results show that people who lived about 300 feet (100 meters) from a major roadway were 27 percent more likely to die over the next 10 years compared with those who lived at least 3,200 feet (1,000 m) from a roadway.
The study provides new evidence that long-term exposure to roadways is associated with increased risk for death, including in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease.
"We think there is exposure to a combination of air pollution near these roadways and other exposure, such as excessive noise or stress from living close to the roadway, that may contribute to the study findings.............................................................................................................................................

And still TMBC will not and have refused to monitor Tameside air pollution for 12 years where 47,000 live close to the M67/M60/A57.
Is TMBC therefore directly complicit with genocide,in deliberately denying the public facts ??
If such as RW is hauled before the Courts then ALL Tameside Councillors and Members of Parliament should be immediately charged with deliberate complicity to
injure,inflict,harm,and create death in their Constituents which must be directly associated with Deliberate Genocide, based on their refusal to act and knowingly withhold
vital information from thousands of families.
Calling someone a name pale`s into total insignificance compared with what Tameside Politicians are doing to its own population, and I have no compulsion in calling them
morally corrupt criminals.
Perhaps deliberately threatening people`s lives should be thoroughly investigated by the Tameside Police.

The Persecution Continues said...

There is a new shocking episode coming to the Roy West saga. It will be published later today.

Rotten borough said...

I undestand Roy West's partner has a long-term medical condition and that he is her registered carer. I also understand that SHE is the tenant. What offence has this ill woman committed to warrant eviction?
There will no doubt be speculation that this is, at least in part, politically motivated.

Anonymous said...

Because Tameside is riddled with those wishing to force us by whatever means to accept their adminstration and influence on
our lives,why shouldn`t Tameside have the first in the UK, "Peoples Court" with no members attached or involved with any political party or employed by TMBC its Councillors/MP`s,GMP,Local Media,or Hospital Authority.
Any Tamesider with a definate substantiated grudge against anyone linked to the above named Administrations could contact the People`s Court for advice or direct
involvement in exposing the situation and ensuring accountability,probity and openness
is sought far more than at present.
We the people of Tameside have a right to create our own Court of Action,which could attain far greater justice for all those in Tameside who need support.
How and what abilities to achieve success would be formulated in advance of any direct action.
We The Underdogs need to bite back.

JCB said...

From watching those 'neighbours from hell' type programmes, the tenant seems to be responsible for the conduct of those they invite or allow onto the premises.

This would seem to cover the RW situation, whether you view him as pest or hero.

Warning - Lib/Lab/Con! said...

Warning - Lib/Lab/Con!