Saturday, 5 May 2012

Animal welfare before Political Correctness

It is good to see the vile practice of religious ritual slaughter falling into the mainstream media spotlight. Today in The Mirror, on Sky News and elsewhere people can read about this barbaric practice carried out in the name of religion, and hopefully some people will feel so strongly about it that they will campaign to bring this savagery to an end in Britain.

Make no mistake about it, and do not fall for the lies of animal torturers or their boot-licking PC appeasers, the practice of animal sacrifice is as barbaric as it comes.

Many years ago, and rightly so, badger baiting and cock fighting was banned in Britain. But today there is animal cruelty on a far greater scale which is perfectly lawful because the perpetrators of the torture inflict suffering in the name of religion.

The real horror of ritual slaughter begins when a terrified lamb, cow or chicken is strung upside down and a supposed holy man approaches with knife in hand. As the terrified creature writhes in agony the 'holy man' slashes the throat of the animal while chanting 'holy verse'. Eventually the blood drains and the creature dies.

This alien practice has no place in Britain - or any civilized country, but due to Political Correctness and cowardice millions upon millions of animals are killed in this way every year.

We all remember the case of the Audenshaw thug who was recently jailed for throwing a kitten from a balcony and killing it. His crime was heinous for sure, but at least the kitten had a quick death. The poor creatures condemned to die as sacrifices for alien religious practices do not have the gift of a quick death and their prolonged suffering is exactly what the savages behind the practice require. In their warped religious beliefs, the greater the suffering the better the sacrifice.

Tameside has more than its fair share of hypocritical politicians. When ever you hear of them waxing lyrical on the subject of animal welfare, do remember to challenge them to express an opinion on religious ritual slaughter.

I do not write this article in an attempt to create divisive propaganda. I write this as an animal lover who truly  is disgusted at all forms of animal cruelty. The tragedy for the animals who suffer the agony of being sacrificed in the name of alien religions is that due to the current pervasive politically correct doctrine which dominates all aspects of life in Britain, the issue of this widespread torture is rarely discussed for fear of falling foul of PC commissars.

The articles in today's media are a start, but anyone with any compassion for animals has a moral duty to make sure people understand the full horror and extent of religious ritual slaughter in Britain.

The practice is now so widespread that when you are choosing meat from a supermarket, you may very well be buying ritually slaughtered meat without even knowing it as lots of excess ritually slaughtered meat ends up on supermarket shelves.

The only sure way to avoid inadvertently adding to this cruelty is to get your meat from a farmers market or a butcher who knows the origins of the meat they sell, or even better try to become vegetarian.

Finally for those who are into sending Freedom of Information requests. It would be very helpful if we could determine if ritually slaughtered meat is being served to our children in Tameside schools without the children or their parents being aware. In neighbouring Manchester, the policy is all children will be served ritually slaughtered meat even if just a minority of pupils at a particular school require it on grounds of their religious beliefs. Does the same rule apply in Tameside?


Bloody Enrichment said...

Morrisons have stated that all their fresh meat is British sourced and non-halal/kosher. M&S are a fairly safe bet too for non-halal, except new zealand lamb (they sell British lamb as an alternative). One very safe bet is to stick to pork/ham products. And don't think that Red Tractor logo is any guarantee either of non-halal status.

Anonymous said...

M&S may not be Halal, but bet your bottom dollar it will be Kosher which is just as bad. Good advice about pork/ham.

Stop The Cruelty said...

During this tortuous terrifying process of ritualistic slaughter, adrenaline and other chemicals are released in to the dying animal's bloodstream. The result is tainted meat, and in some cases, chemicals which can be toxic to humans are also present. No-one should eat halal or kosher food. All ritualistic slaughter should be a criminal offence, and the government should enforce this.

Anonymous said...

"but bet your bottom dollar it will be Kosher"

Doubtful, since Jews are even stricter about unstunned slaughter than muzzies, and all M&S meat is pre-stunned.

Tameside Curry Chef of the Year said...

Why does anti-hunt campaigner John Taylor never feature this issue on his blog?

Anonymous said...

A warning about vegetarianism - it can seriously dent a man's testosterone levels. Also, from a welfare perspective it may not be the best option. By buying meat from reputable higher welfare sources, you send out a message to the industry and to the politicians. You're not likely to convert the public to the cause of higher welfare on a card of veganism.

William Smith said...

There's nothing wrong with eating meat as long as the animals are looked after properly and dispatched humanely when the time comes.
There is however everything wrong with killing animals in a gratuitously barbaric and agonisingly painful manner, especially when it's to satisfy ignorant, uncivilised, alien mumbo jumbo.
The silence of the main parties, animal welfare organisations and media on this issue has, up to now, been deafening, spineless and utterly hypocritical.
British slaughtermen IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY would face prosecution for inflicting ONE TENTH of the, totally unnecessary, suffering inflicted by these primitive foreign cults.
Don't expect the vote whore Lib/lab/Cons to do anything soon, they only care about the ballot box power of the exploding Islamic population and the influence of other international forces.

Towton 1461 said...

Covertly force feeding the flesh of wilfully tortured animals to British children, just to appease and grovel to foreign groups. These politicians are craven, traitorous scum.

SS said...

AKA Marxists.

Tameside Labour said...

Enough of this Anti-Semitic Islamophobic bullshit. It is nothing but a transparent veneer being used to attack vulenerable minority groups. We will always defend minorities against fascist bigots.

Anonymous said...

@Tameside Labour

In that case, me and a few of friends have to slowly torture animals to death over the course of hours before we can eat them to abide by the dictats of our own religion.

Care to defend us against the 'fascist bigots' who do not welcome such methods? And if not why not? A more honest way of putting it would be to say you prioritise the 'right' of a minority above the rights and welfare of the animals they abuse.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Labour said...
Enough of this Anti-Semitic Islamophobic bullshit,
We will always defend minorities against fascist bigots.

This certainly explodes the truth about Tameside Council because its obvious this posting originates from a Tameside Councillor who
now classes the White originators of Britain as Fascists.
Very sinister comments from a thuggish,low life,despotic bunch of
semi illiterate louts turning our communities into shreds.
Honest (Non Facist) Joe

The future for Tameside said...

in his hands just rejoice in that news...............

tonydj said...

This is yet another example of the hypocracy of the political establishment.

To take another local issue. How come Roy West's neighbour, Mr Kugow, gets top rate "protection" from Roy's poppies while David Askew died from harrassment?

Hmmmm I feel a question to the district assembly is called for.

Zionist Massacres against Palestinians said...

"We will always defend minorities against fascist bigots"

yet he supports the oppression of Palestinians forcing them off their lands.
A man that supports violent, Zionist, terror attacks on the West Bank and Gaza.
Stands with Muslims in Hyde pretending to be supportive of them, yet supports violent, Zionist, attacks on their Muslim brothers in West Bank and Gaza.


Beware of the Wolf amongst you.
Councillor John Taylor stands with the Muslim community against the EDL in Hyde.
Yet the man is a supporter of these MASSACRES: September 1982: After the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon Phalangist puppets of the Israelis massacred over 3000 Palestinian men, women and children under the watchful eyes of the Israeli army. A body count by the International Committee of the Red Cross revealed 2750 dead, the real figure is thought to be much higher and may never be known.


Mr John Taylor defender of the Muslim community in Hyde.
"let us hear the cry of rage" speak out against Zionist terror.

25 February 1994: A Jewish terrorist, from Keryat Arba’ settlement massacred 50 worshipers in the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil (Hebron) and wounded about 200. Later massive demonstrations took to the streets of Palestine and the Zionist army responded by live ammunitions, killing 23 and wounding hundreds more. Reports indicate there were 3 Jewish settler gunners, not only one.

Tameside Labour said...

Ha you stupid bone head losers. We are in charge and always will be so stick that in your halal kebab and enjoy it. The people do not care about stupid things like this, they care about money in their pocket and food on the table. Give up losers, you have been rejected at the ballot box and all you are trying to do now is create conflict between communities.

Anonymous said...

tameside labour
"and all you are trying to do now is create conflict between communities"
you've already done a good job of that.

Anonymous said...

results like this are important, where you see the Muslim/labour vote going to resprct.
long may it grow and continue.

Springfield Ward canddidates

Darren John Allen- British National Party 328

Mohammed Fazal- The Labour Party Candidate 4,228

Mohammed Fiaz- Liberal Democrats 3,365

Tim Hasker- The Conservative Party Candidate 924

David Martin Ratcliff- Green Party Candidate 282

Saleem Younis- Respect 2,971

William Smith said...

@ Tameside Labour, 'Vulnerable minority groups'? Between 2004 - 2008 the Islamic population of Britain grew ten times faster than any other group, they're about as 'vulnerable' as the US Air Force.
You 'defend them' because there are an ever increasing number of votes in it. The detrimental and destructive effects on animal welfare, national identity, social cohesion and indeed ANY problem it creates are swept uner the carpet in the pursuit of power and votes. What about defending the INDIGENOUS POPULATION.
Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, sexism and the rest of the 'Newspeak' words were invented to demonise those who disagree and stand up against the ongoing destruction of their country and its identity.

A round-up of the local election results in Birmingham. said...

A round-up of the local election results in Birmingham if you are interested folks

C***s in blue said...

If David Askew's perscutors had been ethnic and he'd lost his temper and 'racially abused' one of them you can guarantee the police response would have been instant and in force and Mr Askew would have been the one arrested.

David Hill said...

@ Tameside labour 'Conflict betwen communities'.
Typical meaningless, politically correct cant as a substitute for reasoned argument. Answer the points raised.
The reason they never debate with the patriots they instead abuse as 'fascists' 'racists' etc is because the establishment argument is fundamentally flawed and they know it.

what would you do said...

to the scumbag that did this to a 94 year old?

Labour = Vote Whores R Us said...

Let's hope the Respect Party continue to prosper and Britain's Muslims realise whose side Labour are really on.

Anonymous said...

We might have a sensational news item soon from one of the wards in Tameside, the authorities are looking at a leaflet in one ward but that wont overturn the result,another ward is being looked at for something more sinister.

Ray said...

Does it involve postal vote fraud or 'dead' people voting?

Anonymous said...

Tameside Labour is no doubt an incredibly inferior member of society whose claim to fame is being a TMBC Councillor.
If he really wants to become a real man for the first time in his life come on mate show yourself especially
if you are the TMBC scruffy illiterate midget who would shit himself in a direct encounter and with no sycophantic Police to be his protectors.
One day your mouth will be shut calling all non Muslim,non Jewish
Fascists because that terminology is legally incitement,and the Police should track you down and inform the CPS of your deliberate incitement to create a serious disturbance in Tameside.
Its a pity you didn`t make your views known to the RW Judge and expose YOUR intimidation towards thousands who are not Muslim Or Jewish.
Knock on a few doors and tell them they are Facists and see what happens ??

Neil says said...

Money talks, but it don't sing and dance and it don't walk.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Wildy if west is not welcome in Dukinfield, then why did he come second? If he's been rejected as you say, why not ukip, greens, Conservatives, been rejected by the people of Dukinfield?
Why single out west for the rant personal hate?
It shows that you don't like your vast wealth being exposed do you?

Dukinfield ward Wildy says only west was rejected not the others.

Name of Candidate Party Number of Votes
Cooke John UK Independence Party 248
Lancaster Dylan Green Party 196
Roden Brenda The Conservative Party Candidate 304
West Roy Kevin Independent 325
Wild Brian Labour Party Candidate 1553
Number of spoilt votes: 8
% Turn out: 28

Anonymous said...

Mr West
The mass of Tameside do not and never have wanted the Labour aggressive simpletons in power,check out the percentages who did not vote.
The apathy whilst very annoying it is typical of a population who has at present given up hope after almost 30 years of destructive domination.
A lower intelligence level does not help,and those against the Labour
despots must continue to fight, and in my opinion a monthly news letter stuck within the Advertiser exposing the facts is the only quick fix but who has the money at present to provide such literature.
The Conservatives have proven to be
in league with Labour with its top disgusting individuals a blot on the Tameside landscape.
Stick with it RW.

The Secret Halal Meat Scandal said...

Sign our Petition:
Everything you need to know about halal meat and its secret sale in a supermarket near you! Presenter: Stephen Green of Christian Voice. More information on:

Surgeon said...

The anti-West media publicity just before the vote, plus his sentencing two days before the election, and the ready made leaflet referring to it Labour put out, must have adversely affected his vote. Yet his vote only dropped from from 340 to 325 and his actual share of the vote went UP from 10.8% to 12.4%.
Although it's highly unlikely he would have won I believe he may well have received a good few more votes without the obviously coincidental timing of other events.
I understand he received a three month suspended prison sentence and that if it had been longer there would have to have been a by-election at great trouble and expense. No doubt the length of his sentence was a coincidence too.

home for 7 said...

The last real independent candidate in Dukinfield was a young girl who lived on King street she delivered no leaflets and received 600 votes,the Conservatives,UKIP,and the greens delivered no leaflets in this election, not sure if getting the prison sentence and the last minute attack leaflet had any effect if it did well done Mr Wild he needs to be exposed.
A man with three criminal convictions delivering leaflets telling all about his fellow criminals needed to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

What 'fellow criminals'?


Britain faces paying pensions to all migrants under an EU plot to seize control of the benefits system.

It would allow people who have never worked in this country to claim welfare and retirement cash.

Expanding trash said...

Even contemplating letting a country like Turkey into the EU is suicidal insanity. But the plankton that now make up a large part of the British poulation will no doubt just roll over and take it.

Anonymous said...

3 criminal convictions we know about 2 of them harassment of his next door neighbour what is number 3

Anonymous said...

I am now finding more information linking Tameside MP`s with the Jewish/Israeli links which includes J.Reynolds and his close links with a Jewish MP who is a staunch supporter of what Israel does.

I have been sent an official invitation to the
LFPME annual Parliamentary reception in London hosted by chair Simon Danczuk MP.This event is for LFPME supporters only and attendance is strictly rsvp.

Perhaps JT would like to attend with Gwynne and Reynolds but unfortunately they are not on the list of members of the Labour Friends of Palestine group.

LFPME Labour Friends of Palestine/Middle East

Strange that a Labour Group would like me amongst them in London,
what a thrill that would Not Be


Peter Richards: Shielding Child abusers said...

labour filth for all to see.
what you vote into office.......

Anonymous said...

07/05/2012 13:30
and where is she now? give up?

Conservative - Gay Sex in Public Toilet said...

it's all in a days work for lib/lab/con

Jewish Chronicle article said...

J Hall knows the score and as a football fan I ask why are the Jewish team Macabi in the Tameside league and has the this got anything to do with the very close links between the Tameside political establishment and the radical zionist agenda they promote?

Home said...

Can I set up a Tameside English eleven, no non-indigenous English allowed.

From Hell said...

Dear John,
I'm down on Labour councillors and shan't stop bugging them until I do get buckled. I love my work and want to start again.
Your Truly
Jack the Gripper

tonydj said...

I notice that now the election is over and the Muslim bloc vote has won the Werneth seat for Labour that Taylor has reinstated his Israeli pictures and badges.

They disappeared before polling day.

Anonymous said...

yes tonydj then he stands with Muslims in Hyde against the edl. What a joker this guy is.

Anonymous said...

home for 7 said... She never really had the interests of the people of Dukinfield at heart, if she could not be bothered to post leaflets or campaign.
Paper candidates have no interest in the community they're just chancers.

a part of the new leaflet for Dukinfield said...

The Voice of Dukinfield.
Ministers fear the controversial move will lead to a string of welfare deals with countries outside the EU, which this country would be powerless to resist.
And it means benefits such as pensions and health care could be handed out to all immigrants, even if they have never contributed taxes to Britain.


SENIOR Eurocrats are secretly plotting to create a super-powerful EU president to realise their dream of abolishing ­Britain, we can reveal.

a land fit for heroes! said...

Illegal immigrant fiddles £30,000 and gets to stay.
An illegal immigrant fiddled £30,000 in benefits and gets to stay because of 'Human Rights Laws'. The single mother from Zambia lives in an up market flat in Chelsea while Kensington and Chelsea council has 8,000 people on its housing waiting list.

The Thousand Names of God said...

Nobody ever wants to hear the truth,
To much like talking blame,
The way we are we are the living proof,
Bad news boogie and sunk in shame.

No you cannot kill the time,
You will not have to choose,
And then you'll have to pay your dues,
You don't care about the pain,
You will survive the day, And speak the thousand names of God.

From Hell said...

Dear John,

I send you half a (non-Halal) kidney. T'other piece I fried and ate, it was very nice.
I may start a new anti-Labour campaign, if you will only wait a while.
Yours Truly
Jack the Gripper

Thank Labour said...

Yet more joys of enforced diversity. Not only animal torture but this too.

Vidkin Quisling grandson speaks said...

Commenting on the case, Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood denied that it was about race.

He said: It is not a racial issue. This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children. It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men.

Anonymous said...

Floyd, how did you do in the French elections, heard you came a respectable 6th in the Greek elections.
Dont lose hope we may have another election soon after the investigation is over, your original candidate wont be able to stand,get them young Tories to fix it for you again.

They don't target their own said...

Not a racial issue. Asian perpetrators and white victims.

Work out for yourself why people in positions of authority makes such patently absurd statements.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Muslims detested the
Zionists,so how come they even vote
Labour or Tory knowing the massive Jewish lobbyists involvement in UK Governments.


muslim = religion not race ? so its a religious thing this grooming

Protect Our Daughters said...

The peado bastards just be executed and then deported.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, after they are executed, we'll deport them...

Remember St Johns Church Longsight said...

Asian Muslims, so it's cultural, racial and religious. Anyone who says different is a coward, traitor, liar and white hater.

Guilty As Those In The Dock said...

My colleagues and I have been trying to alert the general public about this plague on our daughters for at least the last ten year. This grooming/rape epidemic is not restricted to Rochdale. It has been going on in Blackburn, Burnley, Oldham, Bradford, Keighley, Preston and many other places. At every opportunity self publicising pricks like Taylor and Fitzpatrick were out defending the scum by saying it was a ‘Fascist plot’ to cause tension between communities. An ordinary member of the public could be forgiven because they were not aware of the facts, but traitor scum like Taylor and Fitzpatrick and the appeasing pig knew all along what was going on and instead of offering support to the victims, they put their energies into shouting down those who were trying to expose the grooming epidemic.

Judge the actions of these people as you feel appropriate.

Thomas Lord said...

Many in positions of authority in Britain have bleeding hearts for the likes of Stephen Lawrence but stone cold ones when their own kind are targeted by gangs of depraved, white hating foreigners. These establishment people are traitorous, self-seeking cowardly vermin and need to be exposed as such. The alien beasts who committed these horrors could and should have been prosecuted years ago but the truth was wilfully buried. 'Community cohesion', i.e., let the fucking cunts do what they want, is infinitely more important to the powers that be than the mass violation of white children.

Knee deep in human blood said...

Britain is currently headed for annihilation by foreign domination. The longer the British people slumber the worse things get.
Rather an ocean of slaughter than cede our nation to moronic savages and worshippers of ignorance and backwardness.

Police accused of failing to investigate paedophile gang for fear of appearing racist said...

Could you imagine the response from the Common Purpose pig if all the child victims were Asian and all the rapists white men? Would he still say race played no part in it if that were the scenario?

USA Today article said...

The trial has been controversial in more than one respect. One of the victims first spoke to police in August 2008, supplying underwear with DNA evidence implicating one of the suspects, but a Crown Prosecution Service lawyer failed to press charges.

The North West Chief Crown Prosecutor, who initially said that there wasn't enough evidence and refused to prosecute, is called NAZIR AFZAL.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday afternoon I listened on BBC radio 5 Live excuse after excuse for these dirty paedophiles.

I heard how it was the girls parents fault because they allowed them out onto the streets.

I heard how there wasn't enough in the local area for the girls to do.

I heard how they were from difficult backgrounds.

I heard it was because the girls drank alcohol.

I heard it was because the girls took drugs.

At no point did I hear the Muslim paedophiles were at fault. In fact the BBC went out of their way to ensure it's audience was diverted away from the real problem - The offenders themselves.

They then raised the question - Is there a paedophile grooming problem within the Pakistani community? Guest after guest was invited on to counter this claim. It was all about how this happens across a wide variety of cultural backgrounds etc and how innocent Pakistanis from the area are now suffering because of this. (Apparently the take-aways are now under new management and the local taxi trade has suffered because of this).

The real story should have been how harrowing an experience this was for those poor girls and their families.

Put the boot on the other foot - 9 white men grooming and raping Pakistani girls.

No excuses would have been made for the white men and all the attention would have been on how distressing it was for the Pakistani girls. They would have looked at why there is a problem in the white community and why white men men prey on Pakistani girls, then searched high and low for links to similar cases.

Judge Puts Two Fingers Up To Bent Cop said...

In sentencing the nine the Judge said

"I believe that one of the factors that led to that was that they were not of your community or religion."

Yes master Muslim, No master Muslim... said...

White liberals are the worst bigots of the lot and hate white people.
No? Give me another explanation.

Race 'relations' for White Dummies said...

The establishment changed a centuries old law (and now allow people to be tried multiple trimes until the 'right' verdict is reached) to prosecute white people in the Stephen Lawrence case.
In the Asian grooming case they bent over backwards, including ignoring DNA evidence, NOT to prosecute non-whites. The result was a massive number of white children were raped in the intervening years before the authorities were FORCED to prosecute, as even a shame faced media had realised something had to be done and started reporting it.

Oceana is a threat said...

Liberal is of course a code world for Marxist in modern Britain.

The Rochdale case is the tip of the iceberg in relation to this type of crime said...

This case got the publicity it deserved because the father of one of the victims joined the BNP out of desperation after the police refused to help his daughter after she was first abused in 2008. Despite Griffin's many faults, he did raise this issue when elected as an MEP for the NW region and the police and media then knew the cat was out of the bag and they had to act.

This case got publicity but hundreds of others have had the 'D-Notice' treatment and have never received publicity.

Many many victims have been raped and abused with no hope of justice being delivered because the authorities have refused to act in the name of community cohesion.

Demographic said...

White liberals can't wait until we're outnumbered and really made to suffer for the evil crime of being white.
They like the idea of grovelling to 'the community' whilst they simulataneously stab their own kind in the back.

Racism is a code word for anti-White said...

Sensible people like the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans etc must look at the immigration 'strategies' of the Western world and shake their heads in disbelief that the Marxists are flooding our homelands with aliens, often of the very worst kind, in an effort to destory us, our nations, our identities and everything we stand for.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that John Taylor enjoys having a go on this site at us Brits and the vast numbers of Brits who died for our country,we should now on this site ask him questions for which we want a answers,because he is employed as a Public Servant answerable to the public and his accountability and declared objectives should now be openly questioned.
No wonder the Labour Friends of Israel met with you in Manchester to provide a free meal,bought and paid for you.
His vile comments that we are FASCISTS if we show concerns about Immigration,Muslims and Jews having now a totally disproportionate influence on our lives should be challenged as inflammatory and incitement and he should be gagged by Tameside Police immediately instead of being supported by Tameside Police.
Who is running what in Tameside ?its certainly not the decent, honest, truthful people who sent hundeds of thousands of OUR MENFOLK to War 1914 and again in 1939 to safeguard OUR Standards and Futures and then were left dying on foreign fields.
On Remembrance Day John Taylor should not be seen or heard anywhere in Tameside seeing we the creators of Great Britain are NOT BLOODY FASCISTS Taylor,and you are certainly not a fit person to reside in Tameside and should be treated as a self serving obnoxious traitor with no moral standing calling us Fascists and now seen
as a proven and despicable lout capable of blocking free speech in Tameside.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that John Taylor enjoys having a go on this site at us Brits and the vast numbers of Brits who died for our country,we should now on this site ask him questions for which we want a answers,because he is employed as a Public Servant answerable to the public and his accountability and declared objectives should now be openly questioned.
His vile comments that we are FASCISTS if we show concerns about Immigration,Muslims and Jews having now a totally disproportionate influence on our lives should be challenged as inflammatory and incitement and he should be gagged by Tameside Police immediately instead of being supported by Tameside Police.
Who is running what in Tameside ?its certainly not the decent, honest, truthful people who sent hundeds of thousands of OUR MENFOLK to War 1914 and again in 1939 to safeguard OUR Standards and Futures and then were left dying on foreign fields.
On Remembrance Day John Taylor should not be seen or heard anywhere in Tameside seeing we the creators of Great Britain are NOT BLOODY FASCISTS Taylor,and you are certainly not a fit person to reside in Tameside and should be treated as a self serving obnoxious traitor with no moral standing calling us Fascists and now seen
as a proven and despicable lout capable of blocking free speech in Tameside.

James K Polk said...

...why are some people so keen to accept / assume identities of anonymous posters on here?

Are you that desperate to believe, or simply credulous and easily persuaded?

Anonymous said...


Ask Taylor and the rest of Tameside Labour group that ??????????????????????????

Ronald Reagan said...

Polk, common practice on blogs and many reasons for it. For instance if I worked for TMBC I wouldn't post certain things under my own name. I know people who've been sacked from PRIVATE SECTOR jobs for even belonging to the 'wrong' party/group. Your ID's false unless you're a former US President.

Anonymous said...

These are not my words but are those issued from top world scientists ie
Over a 10-year follow-up period, 1,071 participants died: 63 percent of cardiovascular disease, 12 percent of cancer, 4 percent of respiratory failure and 0.4 percent in traffic accidents.
The results show that people who lived about 300 feet (100 meters) from a major roadway were 27 percent more likely to die over the next 10 years compared with those who lived at least 3,200 feet (1,000 m) from a roadway.
The study provides new evidence that long-term exposure to roadways is associated with increased risk for death, including in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease.
"We think there is exposure to a combination of air pollution near these roadways and other exposure, such as excessive noise or stress from living close to the roadway, that may contribute to the study findings.............................................................................................................................................

And still TMBC will not and have refused to monitor Tameside air pollution for 12 years where 47,000 live close to the M67/M60/A57.
Is TMBC therefore directly complicit with genocide,in deliberately denying the public facts.
If such as RW is hauled before the Courts then ALL Tameside Councillors and Members of Parliament should be immediately charged with deliberate complicity to
injure,inflict,harm,and create death in their Constituents which must be directly associated with Deliberate Genocide, based on their refusal to act and knowingly withhold
vital information from thousands of families.
Calling someone a name pale`s into total insignificance compared with what Tameside Politicians are doing to its own population, and I have no compulsion in calling them
morally corrupt criminals.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to stop religious animal slaughter the best way to do so is to demand the equivalent right for Christians.The prospect of Christian cruelty would be too much for the at present somnolent RSPCA to accept and then they would spring in to action to attack it ,in the complete safety that only comes from attacking Christians.