Monday, 14 May 2012

Eviction Proceedings Initiated

It is with a sense of total dismay that I have to report that New Charter Housing Trust Ltd have initiated eviction proceedings against the family of well known Tameside political dissident Roy West.

It is my view that these eviction proceedings are of a political nature aimed at an extremely vulnerable family.

I was shocked and saddened when I visited the property in question yesterday. What was once an immaculately tended garden is beginning to look slightly overgrown and unkempt.

I questioned Mr West as to why his passion for keeping a pristine garden appears to have waned, his answer upset and annoyed me. He explained he dare not spend any time tending to his garden for fear of false allegations of a racial nature being made by a German neighbour.

This is a desperate state of affairs. Not only has he twice been arrested, hauled before the courts and sentenced for the most trivial of matters in relation to the said neighbour, but now the poor man cannot even tend to the garden for fear of false allegations being made.

As if that is not bad enough, the impact these eviction proceedings are having on Mr West's vulnerable partner can only be described as devastating and potentially life threatening. It is only people of the wickedest possible nature who could persue such a vindictive campaign against such a vulnerable person.

The individuals behind this vindictive and politically motivated campaign against Mr West and his family are fully aware of the medical needs of Mr West's partner. They know full well that Mr West is a paid carer and they also know Mr West is not the tenant in the said property.

The eviction proceedings have been initiated against Mr West's vulnerable partner. The lady in question is completely apolitical and this attempt at taking her home, and by default the home of her son and partner clearly  demonstrates the lengths the local political mafia and their henchmen will stoop to when persuing their quarry.

This whole situation reminds me so much of the mass reprisal policy of the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine. In that tortured part of the world, Palestinian homes are destroyed and families are dispersed and made homeless when the Zionists cannot inflict enough pain on those they persue. So obsessive is their lust for revenge they inflict suffering on innocent family members too.

It is little wonder that the main political forces behind this local persecution are also fanatical Zionist puppets. They have obviously learned how to deal with opponents when on their all expenses paid trips to occupied Palestine.

Mr West and his family deserve the support of all good people in relation to this attempt to make them homeless. I will do what I can to assist them, will you?


Tameside Citizen said...

To view the eviction notice click the image to enlarge it.

Dukinfield Labour = Vermin said...

The people responsible are nothing less than scum. Look at some of the human dross in New charter properties given chance after chance after repeated appalling behaviour.
Roy West actually applied for a move to get away from his German neighbour which was REFUSED and now New Charter are trying to evict him via his ill partner who is totally innocent.
Wake up and realize what is going on in Tameside which is becoming an increasingly rotten borough.

Something doesn't smell right said...

If he was moving, that would surely have solved the problem with his neighbour. So why was it refused and an eviction order issued?

Tameside Citizen said...

LTN, it was not West who said such a dreadful thing about your son. I am 99.9% sure who it was that did actually say it and the individual in question no longer posts on this blog.

Like most of us, Roy West is far from perfect but love him or loath him he deserves the admiration of all for his valiant efforts in exposing the sleaze and corruption of high ranking elected officials in Tameside. It is this crusade to expose the wrongdoers which has led to him suffering this persecution and his family who are innocent are being punished by vindictive people as a way of getting at Roy West.

Human rubbish at the top said...

They're only in it for the power, status and money, but Roy West, whatever his faults, actually believes in what he's doing. That's why they hate him so much and are prepared to make his partner and stepson suffer simply to get at him.
They deserve to be held in utter contempt.

put em up said...

For what it's worth; Roy West did actually challenge the little runt of a councillor to a boxing match with all proceeds going to local charities. Needless to say the little Labour runt chickened out.

Anonymous said...

Quinn should be now dragged into this case because as the Council Leader his total absence when it comes down
to the sleazy methods used by TMBC and its members indicates what an absolute gutless individual he is.
He hides like Oldham did in his ivory tower where he manipulates everything behind the scenes.
So this question should be answered on this site directly by Quinn.
Why as Council Leader have you been involved behind the scenes in this
vile and disgusting use of power against a Tameside Resident.
Ignoring this open question will indicate you are a gutless public parasite and an apology for a man.
Time your background over years was scrutinised in fine detail Quinn
and I feel sure your Pandora`s Box will be opened.

Barbarossa II said...

He should learn to pick his underlings better. Tattooed, semi-literate thugs who use gutter tactics are best kept at arms length.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the image of Quinn 'opening his Pandora's Box' and 'picking out his underlings',

Pass the mindbleach!

tonydj said...

I see that the letter is from "New Charter Homes ltd" but is on "New Charter Housing Trust ltd" headed paper.

Mr Ian Hamilton Munro is Group Chief Executive of New Charter as well as being a trustee of the Charity "Great Neighbourhoods" which is based at 249 Cavendish Street, New Charter's HQ.

During Year ending 31 March 2011 "Great Neighbourhoods" received £450,000 donation from New Charter Building Group as well as services worth £1650 from New Charter Housing Trust ltd.

The Charity's trustees have determined that their donations should be mainly, but not nesessarily solely, given to worthy causes within Tameside. a reasonable policy given the ammount of cash donated by companies which take the cash off Tameside residents.

It is thus surprising to learn that one of the charities which received cash from "Great Neighbourhoods" during the period in question was "Bridgewater Hall Community Trust" There is no charity of that EXACT name on the Charity Commission's register.

There IS however a "Bridgewater Hall Community Education Trust"

Ian Hamilton Munro is a trustee of that charity as well!

Wonder which part of Tameside The Bridgewater Hall is in?

Anne said...

This is a disgrace. It is something like one imagines to be taking place in Burma or North Korea, not 21st century Britain.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed, some bunch of lowlife deadlegs are shipped in as replacement. If madam Holt and her rhine monkey think West was the neighbour from hell then they may yet be in for a shock....

tonydj said...

Mr Munro is also a Trustee of Tameside Sports Trust. So is Cllr John Taylor.

They are both directors of Tameside Sports Trust Ltd.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Make a complaint direct to the GMP Chief Constable of inappropriate Police harassment with a copy to the Y Division investigation unit.
Definitely try it, quoting Police Officers uniform numbers,times and dates.
If the Police ignore this,ask for
a written reason why no action has taken place regarding your complaint,and disclose any written response on TC ready for the next phase in seeking justice.
Old Boy Blue

Anonymous said...

Lets dig the dirt on
Ian Munro
Group Chief Executive New Charter Housing Trust
Oldham, United Kingdom | Civic & Social Organization
Current: Chairman at Great Academies Education Trust, Chair of Governors at New Charter Academy, Group Chief Executive at New Charter Housing Trust Group Past:Director of Housing & Environmental Health at Tameside Council, Assistant Director of Housing at Tameside Council, Urban Renewal Co-ordinator... Education: Leeds Metropolitan University, Thames Polytechnic, Salford Technical College, Salford Technical College, Aston University, Tynemouth High School

Someone like this will definately have an interesting history or they would no be closely linked to TMBC

Anonymous said...

TC posters need to start searching
these shysters far better.
Mr Squirrel

Anonymous said...

Ian Hamilton Munro
Age Guide: 55-59
Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15Full Address

Ian A Munro Stockport, Cheshire, SK7Full Address
Patricia Munro Paul MunroJames L Munro

Ian D Munro
Age Guide: 45-49
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M30Full Address
Ian G Munro Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10Full Address
Mary D Munro

Any use

Interested Observer said...

It would not surprise me if this New Charter company is in the pay of the local Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

If a vulnerable person were to self immolate as a result of this persecution every single person involved regardless of excuse would be held responsible.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tonydj said...

With effect from 16 Marcg 2012 New Charter Homes Ltd has been a Registered Charity. (Number 1146435) It's remit includes...


Anonymous said...

Have a shufty if you don`t know already.

Reimer said...

Interesting how GMP finds time, will and manpower to harass Roy but couldn't end the torment a mile or two up the road of David Askew.

Anonymous said...

TC let relive one of TMBC`s biggest
scandal where those involved were not
investigated by the CPS,and a cover up was secured by Police and TMBC
Now what stinks rotten is that Councillor Quinn is still showing on his Facebook list of friends Mr
Simon Walker one of Tamesides most discredited individuald ever.
Who then became top dog over Tameside Radio.
This proves birds of a feather stick together always because they have to exist.
Simon Walker was the person along with dodgy R.Oldham involved in the TEL scandal which also involved TMBC Councillors and MP`s who bailed out quicker than rats off a sinking ship.
Many thousands of pounds were involved.
Strange that on Simon Walkers Facebook various pictures of seemingly Alpine Mountain views and a building are shown.
Where does Quinn take his holidays ??????
This could run and run re Quinn and Walker,and was Quinn involved in the TEL issue ????
A top Tory Councillor is also a friend of Mr.Simon Walker,does all this indicate a long term collusion requiring loyalty above all else.

tonydj said...

Good comment Reimer, good comment.

Anonymous said...

Having also done some digging here`s another friend of Quinn.
6, Victoria House,
Victoria Road,
M6 8LF
Tel: 07880 790182
Dear Friend,
Your Constituency Labour Party should by now have received papers from Labour Party Head Office
relating to Annual Conference 2012. Included in those papers will be nomination forms for next
years’ elections to the National Executive Committee (NEC). CLP’s can make up to six nominations
which must be returned by the end of March with elections being held in May/June next year. Each
individual member is able to vote in this ballot.
As you probably know at present, ALL CLP representatives on the NEC come from the London area.
Our Party (and the whole country) is too heavily London centred and that means many of the issues
that matter most to us in areas like the North and the Midlands- Manufacturing, Local
Government, Public Transport - don’t get the attention they deserve and that’s just not good
Members in the rest of Britain are entitled to have their voices and views heard at every level of the
Party - that’s why I am standing for election to the NEC.
Getting elected won’t be easy - changing things never is. To do it I need the nomination and
support of your constituency.
Any help and support you can give would be much appreciated. If you would like me to speak at
your CLP meeting or have any queries just give me a call on 07880 790182 or e-mail . If your CLP does nominate me I would be grateful if you would let me
Best Wishes for the New Year
Peter Wheeler
More Labour Tentacles to cover the North West
Ran out of biro ink showing all Quinn`s Facebook pals but more to come.

Yellow and Blue said...

The rank and file pigs who AREN'T mates with the c***s at the top are merely 'obeying orders', and would be just as keen to vigorously pursue and prosecute the vast and increasing army of yobs, thugs and associated human detritus that now pervade the borough, as they would be to hound easy targets like Mr West and his family.
Like fuck.

Barbarossa II said...

So West's arch enemy is on the same Sports Trust body as the Group Chief Executive of New Charter.

In Union or death said...

Join us today in a "Union of blood"
Catholic And Protestant.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shit in a uniform said...

If that comment about the Inspectors is accurate you should be writing to the Chief Constable to ask why senior ranks are making repeated visits to your home regarding trivial offences.

Anonymous said...

Decided to do my bit and bravo for Facebook when it comes down to tracking Tameside Councillors.
Here we have more of Quinn`s best mates.
Ivan Lewis MP
Lewis is a member of and was formerly Vice-Chair of Labour Friends of Israel, and is a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust. He was a strong supporter of the Israeli military offensive in Gaza in January 2009, defending the Israeli military's campaign in several speeches.
Quinn on Facebook shows Ivan Lewis as his friend
(that seems to answer a few questions about TMBC/Labour Friends of Israel/Gwynne,Reynolds and Purnell and Tameside Labour and Israeli invaders and butchers.

Quinn`s Facebook friends get better.
Another Friend of K Quinn shown on Facebook is
Simon Danczuk was selected in early 2007 to be Rochdale Labour Party's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.[6] The acrimonious selection process was delayed due to problems with postal voting and the local party passing a motion of no confidence in the selection process. Local members were concerned that the short-listing process was deliberately manipulated in order to exclude Afzal Khan,
More of Quinn`s Facebook friends include,
Yet another of K Quinn`s Friends on Facebook
Mr Rathfelder: I am Martin Rathfelder and I am Director of the Socialist Health Association which is affiliated to the Labour Party in the same way as the Fabians. (What about non Socialist folk ?)

Try the path from Councillors Warrington to Denise Ward,then to Dan Hogan and you see their links on Facebook that then reach to Luke Akehurst
"Director of We Believe in Israel."
Its time at future Elections Labour Politicians told their intended Constituents
Vote Labour because its is a Vote for more Israeli atrocities.


Anonymous said...

Words to digest and remember for Tamesiders at the largest WE Believe in Israel Conference in the UK

"understand who the anti-Israel lobby is in Britain"

according to:
I call that bloody menacing words in OUR COUNTRY.

Could it now be that if your name was Isaac Goldberg calling someone a name you would remain free as a bird forever

Anonymous said...

MP: Israel's tentacles will steal the election according to a Jewish Chronicle Report.

Brenda said...

The trouble causer from Denton West is an anti-Semite and a bigot. Ignore everything he has to say.

tonydj said...

Ian Munro:-
salary 2007-8 £150,000
salary 2008-9 £174,029

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
The trouble causer from Denton West

Just watch your bloody mouth before it gets you further in the shit.

Under oath said...

Hang on until the end of June, West and make sure you get him on the stand.

Tick, tick, tick... said...

Make sure he's asked why he attends court cases involving people he's got a non-contact order against.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...The trouble causer from Denton West is an anti-Semite and a bigot. Ignore everything he has to say.15/05/2012 20:36
I am giving you "one opportunity only" to retract your obscene and slanderous comment base on the fact that I have never objected whatsoever to any individuals observing their own religious faith whether it be Christian,Catholic,Jewish or Muslim or any other form of religious following or worship.
You really are utterly and totally responsible for far more than that of "name calling" which as a TMBC person cannot be excused or condoned.
I have referred "to Israel" its policies,its long term actions and those who amongst the UK population who support and promote Israeli actions.
especially those taken against the innocent Palestinians which particularly includes their children,and I am perfectly correct in objecting to Israeli actions in
Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitismor anti-Semitism) is suspicion of, hatred toward, or discrimination against Jews
and you need to openly apologise without reservation on this TC Web-Site.
Perhaps you should reflect on a very recent case of name calling in Tameside which had serious implications for a member of the public,and yet as a
public paid representative you should be also now castigated by a Council who supports your position.
You need reminding that you have now seriously over-stepped your rhetoric and made a deliberate sordid false accusation concerning my stance over Israel and its atrocities,and I await your clearly defined apology immediately.

Anonymous said...

RW should immediately read the following in the Daily Mail and so should his legal adviser.

Brenda said...

Sorry, I misunderstood what the DW trouble causer was saying so I retract my statement about him being an anti-Semite, but he is still a notorious trouble causer who should be ignored.

tonydj said...

The letter recommends that the recipient quickly consults "The Citizens Advice Bureau" or other orgamisations / lawyers for advice.

Tameside C.A.B. is a registered charity ( not another one!) whose Trustees and Directors include Cllrs Eileen Shorrock and Wendy Brelsford.

Another former Director was Maria Bailey who is still (according to Companies House documents) a director of both New Charter Homes Ltd and New Charter Housing Trust Ltd.


PS We have learned that the house next door to Roy occupied by Holt / Kurgow is in fact owned by Ms Holt and is not owned by New Charter. So just who are New Charter acting on behalf of?

Anonymous said...

Tonydj said
Charter Homes Ltd and New Charter Housing Trust Ltd.
So just who are New Charter acting on behalf of?

One issue that I want to clarify regarding all Tameside Councillors is how many reside in TMBC properties/Charter Homes Limited properties and New Charter Housing Trust properties.
In the Mottram region for example I found and presented information to a PI showing the Dept of Transport
owned house properties in Mottram.
It gets very murky the deeper one
investigates,and there`s no end to what needs thoroughlyinvestigating.
I once found a Foreign Company had supplied all the domestic waste bins in Tameside and a TMBC Councillor was a UK senior employee of that Company plus R.Oldham was a close friend of that Councillor.
Both no longer around I would add.
Plenty more to investigate with TMBC and their useful tentacles in other separate Tameside Administrations.
I feel another FOI coming on and I am confident in time the bubble will burst emptying its contents around all Tameside.

Anne said...

I do not doubt the word of these gentleman but I am shocked to see this type of thing happening in a borough that always seemed to be above board.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Lets have a look at Tameside Radio
which involves Councillor Maria Bailey Labour Community Engagement Director, 103.6fm Tameside Radio,
Cavendish House, 85 Cavendish St, Ashton-Under-Lyne. OL6 7QL.
0161 343 8446. events

Madame Phylisann Von Hollywood-
DJ Hostess at Thompsons Arms (
United Kingdom Entertainment
DJ Hostess at Thompsons Arms
Manchester Gay & Lesbian Bar
Presenter at Tameside Radio
Hostess DJ Caberet Performer at Supertrashy Cabaret

Adele Fielding
Sales Executive at Tameside Radio
Oldham, United Kingdom
Media Production
Sales Executive at Tameside Radio
Chiropractic Assistant at Ashton Chiropractic Centre
Carer Development Officer at Tameside Council
Staffing /Personnel Officer at Tameside Council
With K Quinn showing his Facebook friend Mr.Simon Walker of the notorious Tameside TEL scandal who became the Tameside Radio Head
so where is he now ?
Simon Walker
Business Development (Radio) - at Pure Innovations Ltd
Stockport, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Broadcast Media
Business Development (Radio) at Pure Innovations Ltd
Chair of Trustees at Volunteer Centre Tameside
MD at Tameside Radio
Chapter Director at Tameside BNI
Station Director Lite FM at Forward Media
Plus ex boss of Labour Councillor Maria Bailey at Tameside Radio.
So is Tameside Radio a conclave for Tameside Council Members both present and Ex with Councillor Quinn openly indicating his Facebook friends.
But it gets better because with Tameside Radio having financial problems guess who baled them out with a partnership deal only our chums in the Charter Groups where TMBC Labour Councillors semi retire to.
If you really enjoy listening to Tameside Radio get an appropriate record played for our Council Leader and his cronies "you know it makes sense".

Anonymous said...

do the tameside police have connections with tameside radio ?

Anonymous said...

Chapter Director at Tameside BNI Simon Walker EX TEL
BNI - BNI Tameside (Genesis)Every Thursday
The Village Hotel, Captain Clarke Road , Hyde , SK14 4QG

Why not try asking for Mr.K.Quinn
or Mr J.Taylor

Dickheads of Dock Green said...

Wht did even one Inspector, let alone two, visit Mr West's house on election night.
David Askew was practically ababdoned to the human detritus in Hattersley for years but apparently the local police have the manpower to send TWO senior officers round to the home of someone already: tagged; curfewed; given a restraining order; community service and a suspended sentence for the 'crime' of calling a German a kraut.
Imagine what would happened if the neighbour had been black and been called a coon or similar, no doubt the Home Secretary would have been round with the Secretary General of the United nations and the Chief Prosecutor from the Hague.
What a pathetic, lunatic bloody shambles.

Kuntz said...

Let's hope Afro-Caribbeans move into Glenmore if West's evicted, and that they like their (C)Rap music L O U D!

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE should read this especially
the Tameside Police and the New Charter organisations inc Munro.

So RW was fitted up without redress,
and it needs investigating by the PCA

On the contrary said...

Anyone who thinks attempted intimidation will make Mr West stop his activities is deluded in the extreme.

Steven Pleasant applauding Wildy's rant said...

You notice Steven Pleasant applauding Wildy's rant? because they're all in it together.
The most rancid, and corrupt Council in the Country.

Anonymous said...

and don't forget that new charter sponser the police in Tameside.

They all piss in the same pot said...

Is that why senior officers keep turning up at West's partner's New Charter home.

Anonymous said...

Its time we showed some bottle and having read information searched by a few others we all need to adopt a search (the internet)and destroy larger group than exists.
A post on TC is not enough so stop their laughter at us lets have numbers searching and exposing this bunch of corrupt bastards and I for one will try from now on my damnest to pin someone down with facts which abound on the internet.
Terminator Ready

True Labour said...

The eviction notice is served on the tenant who rents property from New Charter. This is because the tenant is responsible for the actions of family members and friends who live at the property or who visit the property. Although the partner of Mr West may well be 'apolitical' she's responsible if her carer, Mr. West, calls her next-door neighbour a 'Kraut *******' This is why steps are being taken to evict her after he was recently convicted of 'racially aggravated harassment.'

It is of course up to a judge to decide if she is to get evicted. However, this is not the first time that Mr. West has had difficulties with his neighbours. Didn't he and his family have to leave the Hyde area in rather a hurry some years ago, after he claimed that he was being persecuted by his neighbours?

Sounds like there may be a history of persecution mania here.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. West, calls her next-door neighbour a 'Kraut *******'"

Certainly ranks as neighbours from hell type stuff doesn't it, calling someone a name? Would that be twice in four years, and on both occasions being dragged through the courts and painted black by the local political and media clique?

Call me insensitive, but I do hear of cases elsewhere where there is assault, robbery, vandalism, all-night parties, drug dealing and sometimes murder. The most reported on in this case is a plant pot being placed in a highly distressing position and a minor exchange of words over the garden fence.

The whole thing stinks, and it sends out one resounding message to everyone who (politically speaking) who is a (genuine)dissident of the current system - apply your own rules and anything goes, because the opposition certainly aren't interested in playing fair. The likes of redwatch really are morally vindicated by sort of thing.

West is a thorn in the side of local Labour for one reason - persistantly exposing their hypocrisy where the issue of 'convictions' is concerned. Taylor started that game after West's initial conviction, and since then he's had as good back.

Anonymous said...

What a load of utter bollocks from this True Labour poster.
The Judge concerned needs to be reminded that the following applies:
Nobody likes to be insulted, particularly in public, but nor does anyone have a right not to be insulted. Freedom of speech includes the right to criticise, to ridicule and to offend.
After all, police did not swoop on the 2010 Scottish Labour Party conference when former Equalities Minister Harriet Harman dubbed Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, a 'ginger rodent'.
All the words of a UK MP and the House of Commons campaign to halt what wrongs are being carried out by the Police and Political agitators.
This post in my opinion was dictated by the Tameside Legal Department (Labour through and through)and passed to someone who acts anonymously.

The only undoubted persecution mania should be levelled at GMP and
their total lack of knowledge of
The European Legistlation covering
Human Right Articles.
How can one person be responsible
in Law for what an associate says,
The Labour Party and its despot dictatorship which includes J Taylor has a unhealthily and distorted obsession in attacking such as ex-members of the BNP who themselves have a right to express their views like any Political Party does.
Such Postings are designed to intimidate,threaten,and distort the course of justice,which can be well expected from an organisation which
has eliminated true democracy.
It really is time the Tameside Public lost their apathy and vigorously fought against the TMBC incapable dictatorship.
A Non BNP or Linked to R.West
Judge and Jury (end of verdict)

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Perhaps New Charter should be aware of robust investigations being carried out into their organisation, members,associates.and all other links they may have.

Anonymous said...

True Labour they've absolutely no chance of evicting someone under the care of the Tameside mental health Authority.
You should know that being a true labour. Imagine the publicity new charter would gain for making a vulnerable user of the service, homeless.
You labour scum make decent people sick.

Rotten borough said...

Here's a 'random posting' they can chew on: Get fucked you arrogant, corrupt, fascistic, incestuous bunch of wankers.

Trying to evict a middle aged woman with mental health problems who is guilty of absolutely nothing. Utterly disgusting.

Red horizon said...

Anonymous 22:10 is right, they've no chance of evicting someone like Mr West's partner so why the eviction notice. Some might say it's pressure tactics.

tonydj said...

@ROY K WEST 17-05-2012 20.00

Roy, if they are saying in an injunction that you did things or posted items on this blog which you did not then you must respond.

Go to the court on the appointed day and defend yourself. Have a Mackenzie friend to help you.

If they are claiming you did something you did not then demand proof. Did they give false info to the court? Perjury surely?

If they are claiming you did something which I actually did, such as make a posting, THEN I WILL GO TO COURT AND TESTIFY TO THAT EFFECT.

Anonymous said...

new charter are such a corrupt, Council, front, set up. That they actually believe that they could evict a tenant with severe mental illness/problems. And throw her on the streets.
Someone with a long and traumanic history of mental illness thrown onto the streets by new charter housing.
That will really look good for Mr Munro and co don't you think?

Anonymous said...

One other thing for new charter fascists to consider on the eviction matter.
Her Psychiatric doctor, and her Psychiatric nurse (home visit) would both have to give reports to the court, of the impact of evicting such a vulnerable Psychiatric outpatient onto the streets.
But could Mr Munro live with himself to see such a VULNERABLE woman like that thrown onto the streets?

Anonymous said...

Has Tameside Radio released information about this scandal,or is it now so hand in glove with its financial new partner New Charter,
that like all other organisations TMBC rule the lot.

Very dark secrets are obviously locked into what and how Tamesidee is run.
Are they historic,financial,sexual,
masonic,or nepotism, we need to know folks.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Would Mr.I Munro accept we all have a right to free speech according to EEC and UN legislation.
If so would he accept comments from
law abiding Tamesider`s,perhaps he has no choice.

The Judge

Press Office said...

Whine to yourselves all you like but the story to be circulated to the media will be along the lines of family from hell evicted after three year racist harrasment campaign against neighbour. The public cannot stand racist bigots and there will be support for the eviction not sympathy for the family from hell.

Anonymous said...

@ Press Office
Connie Sachs Says:-

Can you explain why the police have never interviewd Roy over the two other issues in the injunction,ie the attack on the New Charter Office and the publishing of senior management home details? Only his neighbur seems to warrent protection?

And the contrast between the protection given to his neighbbour and that given to David Askew?

And the quiet setting aside of the hunting question? see:-

Some noisey anti-hunting people seem to have quietly forgotten their scruples.

Despite the alleged attack on their property and threat to their management it is the neighbour who gets the most action from New Charter.

Yes, I wonder why the neighbour is getting this police support when others...including New Charter....are not?

Anonymous said...

"The public cannot stand racist bigots"

You mean the same public who are indoctrinated from a very young school age with 'anti-racist' and cultural marxist propaganda? Indoctrination that is reinforced throughout adulthood with rabid 'hate' laws and a soviet style political/media clique? In that kind of atmosphere, what the sheep do or don't think is not really an endorsement of anything.

Racist Family Evicted said...

It is an open and shut case. Thousands of racists have been evicted up and down the country. Out of all eviction orders, the only specific type with a 100% success rate nationwide are those involving racist nuisance neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Tony DJ - you will get your day in court! Wasn't it you who published those New Charter management home addresses that were public information anyway?

Anonymous said...

You are now seeing the organised rubbishing of TC posters who want full and proper justice,not the carved up TMBC.NewCharter,GMP type.
To bring out the rubbishing sleazy
cretins indicates many communications are occurring between TMBC legal Dept,
New Charter Heads,and a effort to maintain their grip on each other.
Plenty of opportunities for FOI requests forthcoming which cannot be denied because the Commissioner at Wilmslow will be loaded with cases.

Anonymous said...

@racist family evicted

From your link....

"constant arguments, fights and everything, cars smashed, windows smashed, doors kicked in... vandalised property, thrown bricks and stones at people cars and windows"

So that's what it took in the example you provided from Scotland to finally get a family evicted.

Meanwhile in Tameside, it takes a mildly offensive word uttered twice in four years and a plant pot facing the wrong way to get a family evicted. Are you deliberately trying to make this case look even more suspicious than it already does?

Start Packing said...

The New Charter policy on racist tenants and how to deal with them can be read on page three of the blue link.

Anonymous said...

18/05/2012 14:04 gobshite scumbag

Anonymous said...

@start packing

Perhaps New Charter should provide a lexicon as to what is or isn't permissable with regard to racist language.

Patrick Moore said recently in a ultra-pc BBC publication that the only good kraut is a dead kraut. John Cleese used the term in a famous BBC sitcom scene that is still broadcast and eulogised today (and the BBC is after all the benchmark standard where political correctness is concerned).

If New Charter act by default against tenants when pathetic little leftist hate speech laws are enforced, then perhaps all new tenants should be issued with clear guidelines as to exactly what can and cannot be said between neighbours. Especially when the issue as to what is isn't 'racist' seems to be such a grey area (as yet there's no mention of Moore being presecuted for inciting racial hatred).

Senior tenancy enforcement officer Alan Kibble (right) discusses neighbourhood policing with PC Steve Hodgson at New Charter Housing’s HQ in Ashton under Lyne said...

Anyone in any doubt of the political nature of this matter. Alan Kibble
Senior tenancy enforcement officer for new charter.
Statement about Roy West.
The Claiment believes the Defendent is a member of the British National Party and as such the postings on the internet blogs have grave potential for extreme action directed towards both witnesses involved in the case and also officers involved in investigations.

Tameside Citizen said...

I have deleted messages containing four letter swear words. Please feel free to re-post minus the expletives. There is no need for such language and your point can be made just as well without gratuitous swearing.

Non-white births outnumber white births for the first time in US said...

You're all going to die.....die....die where does that come from?

tonydj said...

@Start packing

Check page 6 of the blue link to see Ian Munro present the police with a new car....he who pays the piper....

Anonymous said...

A new charter worker told me the other day about Munro's new car.
And that, Stafford was an arrogant so and so.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though New Charter have made themselves into a self nominated new Gestapo group in Tameside to protect the sleazy corrupt Council its internal group of "let me serve you sir"sub standard crawlers.
How many more forms of Dictatorships are we intending to put up with.
I suggest our Council know everyone`s address,so do the police and not far behind are new charter.
They all have undoubted access to what we believe to be our confidential business,so we have a right as equal in law to them the right to circulate their business and addresses so as to complete a level playing field.
Time to stand up against a determined dictatorship made up of corrupt and sleaze types who are creating their own positions enabling them to dictate their own salaries.

Being an honest,law abiding and trustworthy person, and acting as decent parents leaves you open to abuse both financially and dictated 24/7 by a constantly increasing bunch of evil parasites.

They all piss in the same pot said...

'The postings on the internet blogs have grave potential for extreme action directed towards both witnesses involved in the case and also officers involved in investigations.'
Which specific posts, what potential and what actions. Or is that just bulls**t designed to make West look dangerous and bolster an utterly feeble case.
What has the vandalism incident got to do with West? As he was never reported to the police, presumably the answer is it has nothing to do with him.

tonydj said...

Just submitted an FoI request to Tameside council regarding their relationships (if any) with B E P Education Consultants and also with Tameside Education Business Partnership.

Just GOOGLE them to learn why.

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act said...

Fear not, the miscreants causing problems on this site will get their day in court, as co-accused. We have known the identities of the worst offenders for some time and they will be getting the knock on the door. Two in Denton, two in Dukinfield, two in Ashton, one in Stalybridge, one in Droylsden and one in Manchester.

Anonymous said...

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act said...
Fear not, the miscreants causing problems on this site will get their day in court,

Congratulations Anon you are privy to hacking peoples IP`s and obviously
part of the Labourite Cartel who members hide behind their barricades fearful of being known.
With a mountain of substantiated evidence not here say or otherwise
just try it with your illegal threats against persons of Court action.
Be very aware of what that could produce and who it would affect.
Should you be obviously linked with any hacking group who administrate in Tameside the ramifications will be considerable once the cat is out of the bag.
Why Anon whats your background ??
suggest you keep posting Anon.

tonydj said...

Getting the knock on the door...

Then what?

Remember, never go voluntarily to the Police Station. Make them arrest you. You have more rights then.

You have the right of silence, invoke it.

Defend yourself in court. That way all witness statements go to YOU and you know who is saying what about you.

If all those arrested form a defence committee and act together it will make the media.

And last of all, the witnesses called and cross examined will have as unpleasant a time as the politicl prisoners in detention


knock on my door and ill know you the fuck out ?

Long drop said...

'Miscreants causing problems', AKA annoying a corrupt, incestuous local political gang. The problem with the local Tameside labour mafia is they can dish it out but can't take it.
The same party that deliberately flooded Britain with immigrants in a quest to destroy our nation and its identity aren't 'miscreants', they're criminals and traitors.

brothers never betray brothers said...

Remember we must be brothers never ever betray your brother in the cause.

Anonymous said...

Decency,honesty and the truth scares the shit out of these Labour despots who have been robbing us rotten for years,and milking our bloody money.
The righteous are on the move in Tameside forget the threats they will
end up the losers with the facts that be provided.

Weh' dem Lande, wo man nicht mehr singet. said...

Du kamst, du gingst mit leiser Spur,
Ein fl├╝cht'ger Gast im Erdenland;
Woher? wohin? Wir wissen nur:
Aus Gottes Hand in Gottes Hand.“

Action this day. said...

new charter nazis in action evicting a vulnerable woman from her home.