Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shocking allegations regarding local Labour Party candidate

The full article can be viewed at  http://tamesidelabour.blogspot.co.uk/


Cerebral destruction in action said...

Is the allegation that that's an illegal cigarette? This needs to be investigated. The police and local electoral authorites (who are so keen on trumpeting their integrity and impartiality) need to get right on it.

Anonymous said...

Just what Labour voters deserve I'd say.

The allegation is rather stronger than 'he' smoked. The allegation is that he helped others smoke.

Anonymous said...

What a dick. I've only met the lad once and he's always been a prat. I suggest Labour voters stay home in protest.

Made up story from dead blog? said...

The lad was just doing his bit to support local homegrown business, and anything that helps stimulate the Stalybridge economy is not to be sniffed at in these post Tesco days.

JCB said...

Right on, brother!

Even the Hobbits, those fine allegorical examples of the dormant power of Nationalism (it's true, just ask everyone's favourite freethinker SerpentSlayer) loved a bit of the old 'pipeweed'.

While I'm at it, as a 'hunter' of sorts, isn't Mr West's neighbour the opposite of the 'feminised' men that some jokers on here (and their mate Breivik) like to bang on about? Perhaps some are backing the wrong horse in that particular race...

SerpentSlayer said...

JCB, you pay me fine compliment by your attention, I assume most people take me for a crank, someone to be ignored, but not you, eh?

Kugow is a hunter, but he hardly wrestles bears or goes off to hunt wolves in the mountains armed only with a spear like the Spartans. The man calls in the fuzz when his neighbour calls him names, if that isn't pansy and indicating of some kind of cowardice, then I don't know what is.

Speaking as an actual man I know that depending on the severity of the insult, I would either laugh it off, shout something back or just punch a bloke who insults me. Most men would.

I'm not overly bothered by the use of weed, its a natural herb. But the lad looks a dimwit, the fact that hes a Labour candidate speaks volumes on the party.

Anonymous said...

That's the Broadbottom vote in the bag for Labour

Labour member said...

Thank you TC. Our vote has shot up in Hattersley.

Cerebral destruction in action said...

JCB, your flippant and relaxed attitude to thisscourgewhich has destroyed the brains of a generation of our young people, causing massive and increasing problems with mental ilness, paranoia, depression, suicide, and crippling mental inertia speaks volumes.
Anyone in a position of responsibility should be removed from office if they are found to have used, dealt or advocated this vile poison.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked at this and if this Adam White fella had any decency then he would resign.

Thought police said...

Six police vans will be outside his house now. Oh hang on, HE didn't have a row with his German neighbour like the hardened criminal of Duki.

tonydj said...

I am surprised that he isn't being roundly condemned for just smoking. Never mind WHAT he is smoking!

David Cameron studies plans for multi-faith Lords said...

"Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad"

Anonymous said...

Is anyone from the Labour Party prepared to defend White's actions. There is a silence from them speaks volumes.

Bestial self-indulgence said...

A sizeable chunk of Labour's voters are potheads.
According to research by the highly respected Institute of Psychiatry in London Skunk cannabis is seven times more likely to trigger psychotic illnesses than traditional hashish.
Skunk contains high levels of the psychoactive ingredient delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In hash THC content is under 4%, in Skunk it is approaching 20%.

Presumably, people who believe all controlled drugs should be freely available to buy also believe the same regarding prescription drugs. In other words you should be able to walk into a chemist and buy whatever you want. The latter is a recipe for social disaster. So is the former.

Libertarian said...

So if people were given free choice of all available varieties, they would automatically pick the strongest or most harmful?

Does your theory hold when you visit the off licence? Do you pick a drink based on whether you actually like it or do you go straight for 9% Tramp's beer or cheap paint stripper cider - just because it is the strongest?

Do you really need the nanny state to save you from yourself, or are you capable of making your own decisions?

Bestial self-indulgence said...

I didn't say anyone would pick the strongest. I said potentially harmful substances, whether to the individual or more importantly society at large, should be regulated. If this applies to prescription drugs why should it not apply to controlled drugs.
Ideologically based faith in human nature is wishful thinking. Humans are simply an advanced type of ape, if left entirely to their own devices chaos ensues.
I am capable of making my own decisions and they aren't clouded by mind altering substances.

Adam Whites Hash Tag said...

Don't forget Adam is a political assistant to the PPS of the leader of the opposistion!
This could cause Mr Reynolds a bit of explaining to do.

Disgusted of Dukinfield said...

Still silence from the Labour Party. Surely Tameside's Hope Not Hate organiser comes on here to check the comments? Come on Adam. You can mouth it off. Why can't you stand up and defend yourself?

He's made a right hash of it said...

Should that be, Dope Not Hate?

Incest at the top said...

These are serious allegations.
You can get 5 years imprisonment for possession and 14 years for dealing.
No doubt the Police and the borough's electoral overseers are investigating.

Black Death said...

The Longdendale allegations will be all over the front page of the Advertiser. And there goes a flying pig (an Inspector on the way round to Glenmore Grove probably).

Concerned Bloke said...

Rumours are Labour want to deselect him but the deadline is past. Reynolds may feel the heat if this gets picked-up by the press.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Reynolds MP, party organiser Mike Kane and council leader Quinn have all been aware for some time about this lads problems - question is why they have done nothing about it...now they know that everyone else knows too, so they look like bloody fools...they might get him elected, but then there'll be a byelection and people will start to ask serious questions of Reynolds about why they did nothing.

Yeoman said...

Reynolds got parachuted into Tameside five years ago, ten years ago he was at university. What's he ever done, has he ever had a real (i.e. outside the state sector) job.
And why's his wife been selected as a candidate? Totally on merit no doubt.

Tameside Labour said...

No contact from any of the councillors or White himself. For any doubt, I have had three people come forward telling me of Adam White's drug dealing. It's mainly cannabis, but he also dabbles in ecstasy, acid and cocaine.

I've heard further allegations that the Labour Party have known about this all along, but have chosen to sweep it under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Rumours of past convictions are circulating. That will be interesting when the Borough Solicitor does her enhanced CRB check if he gets elected.
Looks like we'll be going to the polls again with a different candidate.

Anonymous said...

The results of the enhanced CRB check should be made public. It's public money paying for it.

UNacceptable said...

A bloody cocaine dealer? Is that true, what the fuck is going on.

Anonymous said...

Could be two by-elections, don't forget West

Duki Lad said...

If West goes down will there be a by-election in Duki?

If West goes down will there be a by-election in Duki? said...

MORE than 15,000 criminals - including rapists - were let off with a slap on the wrist in a year, new figures reveal.

Offenders cautioned also included other sex attackers, violent thugs, burglars, robbers, arsonists and gun criminals.

But police say they only issue cautions where there is not thought to be any `ongoing risk to the public'.

Figures obtained by the M.E.N. under the Freedom of Information Act showed Greater Manchester Police handed out 15,433 cautions, final warnings and reprimands in 2007, the most ever used by the force.

The use of cautions - or reprimands and final warnings for juveniles - has risen sharply since 2002.

Two rapes, believed to have been committed by people within their families, appear to be the most serious crimes where cautions were used.

The figures showed 23 people were given a caution or the equivalent for `serious wounding' offences.

A total of 6,064 adults and youths got a caution or similar for `less serious wounding'.

Some 127 adults and youths received cautions or equivalents for burglary while one adult received a caution for an `aggravated' house burglary and 46 people got a caution or equivalent for robbery.

According to the figures, 62 adults and children accepted cautions or similar for aggravated vehicle taking.

Cautions or similar were also handed out for abstracting electricity (47), theft of vehicles (134), absconding from custody (5), attempting to pervert the course of justice (26), arson (34), kidnapping (four) and firearms offences (60).


Other crimes, such as shoplifting (2,160) and supplying or passing drugs (1,904), were also punished with cautions or the equivalent.

Eight people got a caution or equivalent for indecent assault. One adult was cautioned for sexual activity with a child.

Some 24 people accepted cautions, reprimands or final warnings for other sexual offences, including grooming someone for sex.

GMP has defended its use of cautions and specifically decisions to caution two adults for rape offences.

Det Supt Phil Owen said: "The decision to issue a caution for rape is taken only after a full review of the case is made, consultation with the victim and the Crown Prosecution Service.

"We would not issue a caution where we felt there was an ongoing risk to the public. GMP will always endeavour to prosecute offenders. However, there are very rare incidents when they will not be taken to court.

"Offenders who receive a caution for a sexual offence are ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register, in line with the Sexual Offences Act 2003, giving the relevant authorities the power to monitor and manage the offender."

Defending the widespread use of cautions generally, Supt David Wilkinson said they can be used for `a variety of reasons, taking into account the views of the victim'.

He said: "In some circumstances, the offender's situation is assessed, for example if there are mental health issues or a likelihood of re-offending."

Home Office guidelines state cautions should `in general' never be used for the most serious crimes. Children under 18 are now handed reprimands or more serious final warnings, both of which, like cautions, require them to admit their guilt.

Last year the M.E.N. reported how GMP handed out 15,326 cautions or their equivalent in 2006, many for serious offences.

Anonymous said...


Stephen Pleasant Chief Executive £190,800 £192,469 0.87%
Executive Director, Services for Children & Young People £150,316 £153,668 2.23%
Executive Director, Economy & Environment £141,508 £142,746 0.87%
Executive Director, Community Services £141,508 £142,746 0.87%
Executive Director, Executive Support (Deputy Chief Executive £140,566 £107,687 -23.39%
Executive Director of Governance, Borough Solicitor (Deputy Chief Executive) £137,384 £138,936 1.13%
Executive Director, Finance £128,072 £132,038 3.10%
Executive Director, Pensions £123,452 £127,810 3.53%
Unknown title £102,500
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How rich can you get working for TMBC.
Welcome to the golden eggs bought by your money.
Thick Skinned Parasites are the immediate words which sums them up.

Will the Tameside Advertiser print these facts,No because they are deep in TMBC`s pocket.
Those who advertise in the Advertiser should think again.

ORLY? said...

'Tameside Labour', have you approached the police with the information you have received from these three 'sources'?

Why did they contact you, rather than going to the police themselves? It can't be because of your blog surely, the post previous to this was ages ago (especially when compared to the traffic this blog must receive...)

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Reynolds utter crap again
yet he represents Tameside as an MP. http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2012-04-26a.1077.3&s=speaker%3A24929#g1077.8
I welcome the Minister’s comments about air quality in cities, but I understand that air quality compliance in Greater Manchester and 16 other areas in the UK will now not be reached until 2020. Given the heavily congested roads, such as the A57, which goes through Mottram and Hollingworth in my constituency, I am not surprised. The A57 goes past Hollingworth primary school. How many children in England and Wales as a whole live or go to school within 150 metres of roads carrying 10,000 vehicles or more on average? Does the Minister feel that the Government’s strategy is adequate to improve air quality for them?

10,000 or more thats`s living in a luxery environment Reynolds.
Meet me anytime to discuss the 350,000 minimum in another area of Tameside.
You are like Gwynne you don`t have the bloody bottle,ability,knowledge or conscience to meet with someone far superior to yourself and Gwynne when it comes down to real facts.
No response from Gwynne yet on whether he backs a Longendale ByPass what a couple of absolute Political cretins we have in Tameside.
What`s it like living the life of well paid cowards you both are disgusting imitators of being a men and answer the facts.
Time you let your dogs out again,just bring it on.

Don`t knock the chronic Air Pollution Orly,its wrecking all Tamesiders Health right now, let the Longendale nutter give himself an overdose backed by his mate Reynolds MP.and check his wifes ambition to be a Dukinfield Councillor with her wedding gown in the London Top Museum of frocks.
Labour my ar--,these imposters should indicate their purely financial objectives for their lives.

ORLY? said...

let the Longendale nutter give himself an overdose backed by his mate Reynolds MP.

27/04/2012 16:38

Mr Hall, are you really wishing death on this young man, based on his political leanings and an as yet uncorroborated allegation from an obscure weblog?

If so, it shows you to be a deeply unpleasant individual who is truly no better than those whom he seeks to condemn.

Shame on you. How would you feel if it were one of your own family being spoken about in such a way?

Please feel free to label me a 'Labour attack dog from TMBC' if you wish (it would be very wrong though!).

Indeed, watch for the 'manly' abuse coming from cowardly keyboard warriors who like to give themselves 'bloodthirsty' names; they appear to be overcompensating for something...

Cerebral destruction in action said...

What does it matter how the information about the Longdendale candidate's alleged behaviour came out or where they went? All that matters is whether they're true and whether the matter is being investigated by the Police, the borough's electoral overseers and Tameside's Labour group.

Anonymous said...

To Orly
From birth we are all given opportunities to act incorrectly or correctly,and because those who themselves choose to disregard all the numerous advice sources which warn outcomes relating to Drugs,Smoking,Booze,Sex,Criminal Activity, its time we mentioned the financial and social costs placed on society as a whole.
If smoking wacky baccy,sniffing coke,or rave style drugs is peoples choice then pick up the tab themselves and if those who become muddled enough to overdose I believe why should anyone care.
To much care,money,support, over years has been thrown at those who end up in Hospital because they chose to burden others with their habits.
How do you correct the sick society which surrounds us,do you suggest voting for them to be leaders in OUR society,because if so they know what they are doing along with their friends and we end up paying their allowances and perks to sit administrating our lives whilst they get on with it whatever they like to do.
If common sense continues to take a back seat,then no wonder we will continue to be one of the worst countries for crime,drugs,under age sex,in the Western World.until those who act responsibly will be The continuing Dying Race in the UK
so I stand by my opinions just as you wish to offer yours.

Anonymous said...

The comment regarding what would happen if these allegations concerned Roy West is very true.

As for this fella, I understand he is feeling the heat from the Labour mafia and may get toasted at tomorrow's meeting.

cigpapers said...

Adam White on Twitter 28th April 2014:

Adam White ‏@theday2day 2 hrs

@andykinsey @exuafsupporter why does someone need money to batter fascists? Plenty of people about who are happy to do it for free...

cigpapers said...

Councillor Adam White on Twitter 28th April 2014:

Adam White ‏@theday2day 2 hrs

@andykinsey @exuafsupporter why does someone need money to batter fascists? Plenty of people about who are happy to do it for free...