Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Steptoe & Son relocate to Ashton under Lyne?

Some residents in and around Lockingate Street seem to think that they may have done so due to the amount of junk and unlicensed vehicles to be found in the area. It is difficult to believe that in this area, in the not too distant past, a distinction was won in Tameside in Bloom.

The residents have brought up the issue of eyesore junk in the street many times with New Charter and TMBC but sadly no action has been taken and the residents are having their lives blighted as their once pleasant  street begins to resemble a junk yard.


vote for me said...

allverSuper article in the Advertiser on one of the candidates in next weeks elections,no wonder the BNP kicked him out.

Anonymous said...

bnp did not kick him out he left.

Anonymous said...

... but then publicly announced on here that he was going to be standing for them again.

What's the story Roy?

Look Edward, there is a Swansea! said...

Are TMBC or New Charter responsible for unlicensed vehicles, or is it more a DVLA / police thing?

Perhaps the residents need to approach an agency with the power to sort this out, previous owners should surely be traceable nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Roy West has not been a member of the bnp for nearly a year.
Since he last stood for the bnp in fact.
Roy West's nephew is mixed race, and was not happy with him standing for the bnp.
West tried to explain to him, that it was not about race but survival of Britain and it's culture and heritage.

Anonymous said...

Labour are responsible! This is what they have created and wish to defend.

Revelation! said...

Of course! The Labour Party left the cars and trailers as a message to the residents; the German VW represents the sellout to the EU, the RED van stands for 'cultural Marxism' and the trailers are full of the symbolic wreckage of the country left by Labour rule!

Tales of the unexpected said...

25/04/2012 20:23

Never look at things through the eyes of a sheep. Be open in the view of the change of heart...........

Lamb to the Slaughter said...

roy west stood for the bnp and did too much, he hurt them, ran them round, caused them to work the ward like never before.

Load of old pony and trap? said...

Is that the rusty bits of an old racing trap in the trailer?

Could be a bit of yer actual local social history right there y'know, maybe a trap that once raced in Droylsden.

Wouldn't care to admire it's historical importance as I looked out of my front window of a morning though!

Unhappy Bunny From Ashton said...

It only takes one family of clampets to move into a street before we see scenes like this.

Anonymous said...

It's an absolute disgrace - the majority of the residents of Lockingate Street are elderly and as such spend many hours at home, their view is hardly Tameside in Bloom and many of them get deeply upset at the sight of "Steptoe's Yard". Being a visitor to Lockingate Street for over 20 years I do remember what a pleasant place it was and it upsets me every time I go so how it must affect the people that live there is not too difficult to imagine. Many of them, myself included, have put complaints into New Charter and TMBC but nothing has been done. Residents cannot be dropped close / or park close to their homes because this "junk" is spreading and taking over. Will it take an ambulance being unable to reach someone in need before New Charter or TMBC do something. New Charter have a sign that clearly says "No trailers" so why are they so inept at enforcing it!!. How can we allow one person to cause so much upset!!!

Book of Revelation said...

@ Revelation, no Labour just left Britain in massive financial debt, and to suffer the ongoing national destruction caused by their deliberate, eight year, mass uncontrolled immigration plan.

Valhalla said...

RIP Jonathan Bowden. Died of a heart attack aged just 49.

Anonymous said...

I go there regularly to visit my elderly Mum, she is fed up with the 'view' out of her window. We have both complained but got nowhere. ....she keeps muttering 'wouldn't have happened in my day'!
Bravo to whoever it was that brought it to your attention !

Anonymous said...

Name and shame, who's is the scrap and the ratty van, and is it taxed

Norman said...

I cannot understand why the authorities are ignoring this mess.

J H said...

That's a Maestro van, must be a collector's item by now.

Put your backs into those oars said...

The Norwegians have been having a mass sing song in Oslo to celebrate their nation's tolerance, and their denial of the mass killer Anders Breivik. He's insane, and so are the Scandinavian liberal governments who have let in hordes of Muslims and other foreign groups in the last few years.
Malmo in Sweden is now 28% Muslim and expanding fast, in the early 70s, less than 40 years ago, it was 0%.
No-one will be singing in 'New Scandinavia' in a few years (apart from maybe the Finns who show a few signs of waking up), unless it's the call to prayer from the minarets.

Anonymous said...

whats that got to do with scrap on a street!

Anonymous said...

they are both a pile of shit?

SerpentSlayer said...

Breivik's actions, were not the worst in history. Nor will they be the last we see of such things.

We in our modern decadent world think that such atrocities are a thing of the past. Breivik has proved otherwise.

People are angry, they are getting poorer, their nation's are being taken away from them and they are denied a voice. The parties that attempt to represent them are slandered and vilified by the press. They are thrown into prison with their children taken from them if they dare to criticise their own genocide.

Does anybody honestly believe that people will not react when cornered?

We are the victims, we Europeans, we are the ones killed by ethnic gangs in our once relatively peaceful countries, we are the ones left on the dole queue so that businesses can herd people across the globe to work for minimum wage.

I cannot honestly think that the establishment are unaware of this. They know that we will react, they know that it will only give them fodder to batter us with. They don't care, those who die are just collateral to them.

Put your backs into those oars said...

The media commentators are queueing up to pontificate in detail about Breivik's obvious mental problems and his crime, but never analyse his stated reason for it, i.e to stop multiculturalism, particularly Islam, in Norway. Indeed the whole subject is brushed over. Which is a bit strange when it was the supposed motivation for his actionsand he's patently not totally insane.

GMP said...

Offenders cautioned also included other sex attackers, violent thugs, burglars, robbers, arsonists and gun criminals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Stephen Pleasant Chief Executive £190,800 £192,469 0.87%
Executive Director, Services for Children & Young People £150,316 £153,668 2.23%
Executive Director, Economy & Environment £141,508 £142,746 0.87%
Executive Director, Community Services £141,508 £142,746 0.87%
Executive Director, Executive Support (Deputy Chief Executive £140,566 £107,687 -23.39%
Executive Director of Governance, Borough Solicitor (Deputy Chief Executive) £137,384 £138,936 1.13%
Executive Director, Finance £128,072 £132,038 3.10%
Executive Director, Pensions £123,452 £127,810 3.53%
Unknown title £102,500
Unknown title £107,500

How rich can you get working for TMBC.
Welcome to the golden eggs bought by your money.
Thick Skinned Parasites are the immediate words which sums them up.

Will the Tameside Advertiser print these facts,No because they are deep in TMBC`s pocket.
Those who advertise in the Advertiser should think again.

Echo Chamber said...

Mr Hall,

You seem to be repeating yourself, or are you not aware you have already posted the above on the previous thread?

Hoorah for J Hall said...

Thank you for the information Mr Hall. Don't let tjhe TMBC bully boy internet attack dogs put you off exposing these facts.

Hoorah for J Hall said...

Thank you for the information Mr Hall. Don't let tjhe TMBC bully boy internet attack dogs put you off exposing these facts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Jonathan Reynolds utter crap again
yet he represents Tameside as an MP.
I welcome the Minister’s comments about air quality in cities, but I understand that air quality compliance in Greater Manchester and 16 other areas in the UK will now not be reached until 2020. Given the heavily congested roads, such as the A57, which goes through Mottram and Hollingworth in my constituency, I am not surprised. The A57 goes past Hollingworth primary school. How many children in England and Wales as a whole live or go to school within 150 metres of roads carrying 10,000 vehicles or more on average? Does the Minister feel that the Government’s strategy is adequate to improve air quality for them?

10,000 or more thats`s living in a luxery environment Reynolds.
Meet me anytime to discuss the 350,000 minimum in another area of Tameside.
You are like Gwynne you don`t have the bloody bottle,ability,knowledge or conscience to meet with someone far superior to yourself and Gwynne when it comes down to real facts.
No response from Gwynne yet on whether he backs a Longendale ByPass what a couple of absolute Political cretins we have in Tameside.
What`s it like living the life of well paid cowards you both are disgusting imitators of being a men and answer the facts.
Time you let your dogs out again,just bring it on.

Don`t knock the chronic Air Pollution Orly,its wrecking all Tamesiders Health right now, let the Longendale nutter give himself an overdose backed by his mate Reynolds MP.and check his wifes ambition to be a Dukinfield Councillor with her wedding gown in the London Top Museum of frocks.
Labour my ar--,these imposters should indicate their purely financial objectives for their lives.

Anonymous said...

Echo Chamber said... blah blah

Perfectly aware of what I am doing
Echo Chamber


Anonymous said...

someone has been on the sauce tonight!

Integrity free zone said...

They'd be like flies on shit if a BNP candidate was alleged to have been taking/dealing drugs.

Anonymous said...

According to the TMBC Borough Solicitor`s response to me today the following information is the present
value of allowances still being paid.
To determine who gets what requires you to check out who is on the various panels for instance,including those placed on the GMP Pension Fund.

Current Rate (Effective April 2009)

Basic Allowance (includes consolidated allowance of £1729 to cover telephone subsistence and travel within Tameside)


Special Responsibility Allowances

Executive Leader


Deputy Executive Leader


Executive Members


Chair of Council Business


Chair of Joint Overview Panel


Deputy Chair of Joint Overview Panel


Chairs of Scrutiny Panels


Deputy Chairs of Scrutiny Panels


Chair of Speakers Panel (Planning)


Deputy Chair of Speakers Panel (Planning)


Chair of Speakers Panel (Licensing)


Deputy Chair of Speakers Panel (Licensing)


Chair of Speakers Panel (Liquor Licensing)


Deputy Chairs of Speakers Panel (Liquor Licensing)


Leader of Opposition


Assistant Executive Members


Chairs of District Assemblies


Deputy Chairs of District Assemblies


Leaders of Minority Parties


Member of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority


Chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority


Vice Chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority


Deputy Chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority


Member of Transport for Greater Manchester Committee (TfGMC)


Chair of Transport for Greater Manchester Committee (TfGMC)


Vice Chair of TfGMC/Chair of the Sub-Committees


Deputy Chairs of Sub-Committees (TfGMC)


Chair of Standards Committee


Deputy Chair of Standards Committee


Independent members and Councillor Member of Standards Committee (if no other SRA payable to Councillors)


Attendance at more than 5 Standards Panel hearings in a year (on top of committee meetings, training days and conferences).

£100 (for every hearing above the fifth)



Deputy Mayor


Greater Manchester Pension Fund



Deputy Chair


Working Group Chair


Member of Pension Fund


Carers Allowance

Carers allowance maximum hourly rate

£5.73 (Subject to maximum of £43.02 per week)

The Council has published on its website at the allowances that each individual elected member received or any claims that were made for expenses for the financial year 2010/2011.

The Scheme states at paragraph 10 that:

“The scheme of allowances is updated annually in accordance with, and on the same date as, the annual Local Government pay award.”

The Local Government Pay award last increased in 1 April 2009 and there has not been an increase since that time for the third year in succession.

Consequently for the third year in succession member’s allowances have not increased and the allowances shown above will remain the same this year as they have done so since 2009.

I simply ask "what other part time jobs pays these rewards" ???.

Anonymous said...

No information about the number of hours actually worked, so they could be being massively overpaid for their 'skills'.