Monday, 23 April 2012

BNP man left poppies outside Dukinfield home

A former BNP candidate has been convicted of racially harassing his German neighbour – for the second time.

When Susan Holt, who lives with German-born Mr Kugow, asked West to remove part of it from the shared wall last month, he called freelance photographer Mr Kugow a ‘Kraut *******’, Tameside magistrates court heard.

Ms Holt said: “The reason the flags and poppies are facing into our garden is because Bernd is German.

Ms Holt said that on March 6 she noticed that more flags had been added to the display and asked West to move a pot from the dividing wall of their homes, in Glenmore Grove, Dukinfield.

When she asked why the items were on the dividing wall, facing her garden, she was told that it was because her partner was a ‘Kraut’.

She added that when she returned home later in the day the pot was back on the wall and she tried to move it – only for West to again call her partner a ‘Kraut *******’ – this time in front of him.

West pleaded not guilty to a single charge of racially aggravated harassment.

But Ian Ridgway, who was defending West, offered no evidence to the court and did not challenge the prosecution’s evidence.

Magistrates found him guilty and bailed him to appear in court on May 1 for sentencing.

The full article can be read on the Manchester Evening News website.


Tameside Citizen said...

Happy St George’s Day to all TC viewers


why did he not get the additional charges T.I.C,ED

Roy K West said...
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Some dance to remember some dance to forget said...

Great defence from West ,let's be honest we all leave our poppies on the garden fence facing into our neighbours homes after remembrance Sunday and keep them there until March .

SerpentSlayer said...

Hail Sigurd the dragon slayer, for this day belongs to he and to no Christian fraud!

Accompanying Soundtrack said...

“We are private people who never wanted any of this. It’s had a devastating impact on our lives and we just want to get back to being private individuals."

Hunting with dogs for sport is vile said...

How does calling someone a Kraut twice in three and a half years and having a poppy filled plant pot in your own garden amount to harassment? He wasn't convicted of that anyway so she shouldn't say it.
As far as I understand it, the first time it started because her husband came out and complained about a Cornish flag in Mr West's garden, the second because she complained about a plant pot. No doubt Mr West isn't the perfect neighbour but they do seem chronically oversensitive to representations of Britishness.

What's the score with the Tameside Labour mafia being in court for this case.

Anonymous said...

"@we are private people"

Who go on line praising the pastime of hunting with dogs...

Connie Sachs

Anonymous said...

Notice how the MEN prefer to block a comments facility on this item.
If ever a restriction on democracy in our region was investigated the
MEN-Tameside Advertiser and Tameside Reporter would head the league tables.
Manchester is a self preservation bolt hole for Media Labourites without doubt.

Anonymous said...

My appeal to the crown court as been made. How much is this costing us ,anyone got any idea how much appeals cost.
This not good publicity for a any council candidate ,and they have the sentencing coming up it could be jail,who decided to do it on election week.
Last time this man was guilty of harassing this family next door we were told he could get evicted.bit harsh on his family but they should know the rules,bit silly for him to repeat the offence.

Anonymous said...

Is hunting not a legal activity ... Last time I checked it was ... Although Legal does not appear to be a word West is familiar with ??

Put 800 of these leaflets out in Dukinfield today said...

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
George Orwell
In Poland alone, there are an estimated 40,000 children who receive UK child benefit.
Foreign gangs and 30,000 criminals rob soft touch Britain of £40billion a year.
Britain gives £280million a year to India.
Britain's EU Membership Cost £77billion.
NHS bosses have written off £42million in unpaid treatment racked up by foreigners who have left the country.
This is just the tip of the massive iceberg.
Britain has no money for its own people, yet bags of money to throw at foreigners.
Where’s the JUSTICE in this Country anymore?

Hunting with dogs for sport is vile said...

Anonymous 21:42, no-one mentioned leaglity, just vileness.
Any vermin etc that need to be dispatched should be finished off as humanely as possible, not made to feel terror and suffering in the pursuit of warped 'sports'.
We have enough problems with animal cruelty in Britain with the nauseatingly cruel, foreign slaughter methods: Halal and Kosherr, without bringing in any more.

Cha got gudd riddum and ya got reel reggae style said...

Let's hope a large West Indian family moves in if Mr West ever leaves and puts a 30ft Jamaican flag in the back garden. Neither the Kugows or the politicised fuzz would dare do FUCK ALL about it.

Rotten Borough said...

Sentencing two days before the election, but he's already a candidate. Could cause a lot of problems.

Tommy1916 said...

"We are private people who never wanted any of this"

Yeah right, that's why she and her Jerry boy had Taylor making frequent visits to their house, knowing full-well it was going to antagonise West and his family.

And before kuger starts threatening me with his Labour Party 'hate' speech legislation, the above link was checked first, and I chose the term not tagged as 'offensive'. And if the pc wiki says its legit then I should be safe.

F*****g pathetic said...

What, 'Jerry boy'? What about Hun or squarehead? Are they acceptable or would you get the political police knocking on your door?

Political Dissident Suffers Persecution in UK said...

Seriously, this is bullshit. There is no way this man should have prosecuted for such a trivial offence. Did you know Greater Manchester Police let off some rapists and violent criminals with just a caution, if not read about it here and then ask yourself why is West being charged and hauled before the courts over such petty nonsense as name calling?