Thursday, 19 April 2012

Roy West convicted of racial aggravated harassment - again!

Today at Tameside Magistrates Court Roy West from Dukinfield was convicted of racially aggravated harassment. Roy West offered no evidence in his defence. He was convicted following a complaint from a neighbour. The neighbour who made the complaint is a German national and is the same person who previously had Mr West convicted on an identical charge.

At least two Labour councillors, one a senior cabinet member were in the court as Mr West was convicted. According to an eye witnessed the two Labour councillors were smirking throughout the proceedings.

Readers are asked to bear in mind that prior to these two convictions Roy West was a man of impeccable character with no criminal record.

It is my personal view that Roy West is the victim of a witch hunt carried out by the local political establishment and their cohorts following his courageous actions in exposing corrupt methods used by the political establishment in the borough of Tameside.

Mr West has now been convicted twice of crimes that in my opinion are not crimes - namely name calling.

Never has Mr West been accused of violence or threats of violence, both convictions were purely through uncorroborated accusations of words being used that a German national may find offensive.

Regardless of your personal like or dislike of Roy West or his political leanings I urge all defenders of democracy to study closely the methods used in gaining these two convictions. The timeline of events is the key to unravelling the more sinister aspects of the establishment sponsored persecution of this man. Also do bear in mind that Mr West faces yet another court case brought by a senior member of the Tameside political establishment.

To summarise: Roy West lived his life free from criminal conviction for over forty years. Within two years of the launch of his political career he had gained a criminal conviction over what was in my opinion a non-crime. At every stage of proceedings the dark hand of the local political establishment has been lurking in the back ground. It is Roy West in the dock today, who will his persecutors caste their all seeing eye upon next?


Thomas Jefferson said...

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent

Anonymous said...

Decent caring and honest folk of Tameside are being swamped under the numerous and increasing shite now in control of Tameside.
All those who administrate our lives be they Law,Health,Councilors,Labourites,
Press, or the highly visible scum bags everywhere need to be rapidly culled,and its time we the decent folk showed our strength and got rid of apathy the creator of evil.
Dump The Shit.

Anonymous said...

The phony moral high ground assumed by the establishment authorities is exposed for the lie that it is. In the old soviet union they killed their opponents with impunity. Under the restrictive hand of modern democracy they use more subtle methods, but the level of malice is undiminshed.

We all remember John Taylor's scriking in the local press when the tables were turned. The old hypocritical adage "it's okay when we do it" springs to mind. There is no real opposition between the different parties as to what direction to take this country, and when genuine fundamental opposition does arise fair play goes out the window and democracy is an inconvenient hurdle.

Mark Roberts said...

The Taylor case is a long standing semi-political dispute and the supposed 'victim' will be asked hard questions about some of his own actions, tactics and literature.

Brave New World said...

A video about the latest west conviction.

Roy K West said...
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BNP Comes in 2nd in Goresbrook by-election said...

Best result for the bnp in a very long time.

Labour 1113
British National Party 593
Conservatives 81
Liberal Democrats 48

This is why labour always win in solid labour wards said...

The British National Party identified over 130 postal votes which were clearly forged and were disqualified by the Returning Officer.

Comparison of signatures showed that the same person was signing multiple forms. With few checks made on names entered on the Electoral Roll public confidence in the system is low.

Courtroom Warrior said...

West was a soft target for the likes of Kreuger and Taylor. Physically he isn't exactly one of the most imposing figures around, and whatever his alleged transgressions were they certainly didn't warrent two criminal convictions. There're many nationalists around who the cowardly pair would not have been so keen to wage their petty little war against. For now they can pat each other on the back and feel like men at having having hounded an avergage decent guy out of his home.

Take Papa's Advice said...

The above figures were obtained on a 25% turnout and this means that the BNP vote, albeit 30.8% of those who bothered to cast a vote, represents support from just 8% of the electorate.

I will reiterate a point that I have made many times already, that in the current political and cultural environment it is unrealistic to expect the nationalist vote to exceed 10% of the electorate other than in a few isolated or sporadic instances where unusually favourable conditions temporarily apply. Most of the time and on average across the country, the vote will be between 3% - 5% and this will continue until we begin to change the cultural environment in which our people live. In Goresbrook Ward the conditions were favourable for a good BNP showing, as there was only a UKIP candidate standing against them from among the other 'nationalist' parties that now exist. Just think how the BNP vote would have been affected if NF, EDP, BrFrdom and EPP candidates had also been standing?

Electoral politics will be a desert for British nationalism until time and attrition have thinned out the number of parties competing for the nationalist vote and until we have created the cultural conditions necessary for mass electoral support.

How do we transform the cultural landscape when we don't control the government?

One of the fatal flaws in the purely political electioneering approach pursued by Nationalist political parties, is that in order to succeed they need the 'oxygen' of publicity, and therefore their activists are compelled to do the equivalent in military terms of running out alone into no-man's land carrying the regimental standard, shouting at the tops of their voices and running headlong towards the massed ranks of our enemy's machine guns. Such valiant but foolish tactics inevitably result in failure as our would be heroes are cut down by a withering hail of enemy fire.

While his 'troops' are still relatively small in number, an intelligent general employs stealth, and an intelligent political strategist invents 'Guerrilla Politics'. Our enemies will not see us coming until the time is right.

So, if you can't see us coming?

William Smith said...

A unified Nationalist party would enable the state to focus all its attacks on it. The only way of stopping this would be if it gathered genuine mass support and forced the establishment to accept the will of millions of people, this is of course what the state fears.

The 75% who regularly never vote must be captured by Nationalism, mass voter apathy is the state's biggest weapon and a voter awakening is the second thing the establishment is genuinely scared of.

How would you propose we change 'the cultural environment'. And what 'stealth tactics' are you referring to?

Questions to answer said...

Will the Taylor case come to court? Harassment cases need a lilywhite victim and an obvious bad guy. As far as I can see this case has neither.

Forewarned is Forearmed said...

This is not the place to discuss stealth tactics.

William Smith said...

Stealth won't work as all Nationalist groups, and indeed any organisations that threaten the status quo, are infiltrated to the core.
However, genuine mass public support, whether by the ballot box or demonstration, is unstoppable.

Ivor Jennings said...

I see the West strategy now and I am impressed. Offer no evidence thus ensuring a guilty verdict at the magistrates and then appeal and have the case heard in front of jury at the crown court.

In boroughs such as Tameside the magistrates are infested with Labour councillors. I believe at least one of West’s bitterest opponents is in fact a magistrate at the court where he was yesterday found guilty. There is no way an opponent of the regime would get a fair hearing in that environment but when the full case is presented to jury I suspect we may see real justice.

Kuntz said...

If the state wants to waste money pursuing politically motivated cases (calling someone a name, shocking!) then let's hope it's dragged through an extremely long and extremely expensive court case.
At one time the police wouldn't have even botherd to turn up for such trivia. Now, when the 'R' word is mentioned it's given top priority, no matter how petty or minor the alleged 'offence' is.
A warning to 'cool it' would have been the most police got involved in the past, now they're terrified of using common sense as name calling is a...(roll of drums) hate crime!

Britannia said...

Bullshit aside that's an outstanding result for the BNP and shows the public aren't all stupid.

Flash in the pan said...

Looks good, but well down in one of their very best wards.

Cretinocracy said...

Most people don't vote and many who do shouldn't be allowed to.

Anonymous said...

I reckon the TC Administrator should
be greatly appreciated for ensuring
we get updated events such as the RW
obvious attacks by the TMBC Labour Group in unison with Tameside Police.
The CPS should recognise what a threat a Council and its Local Police becomes when it becomes power crazy.


Guilty said...

Let's not forget the victims of West and there are many,only two convictions but many arrest not bad for a man who delivers leaflets about his fellow criminals .
Now is the time to stop encouraging him on this blog ,and think about those unfortunate neighbours who he's harassed for no other reason than being different to him.

Anonymous said...

delivers leaflets about his fellow criminals says Guilty.

Don`t suggest what you cannot print Guilty??
Or who are these you refer too???
Could they be Taylor & Co ???
TMBC Councillors inflict thousands upon thousands of devious leaflets
on 220,000 people.
TMBC stuff the bullshit Citizen paper through everyone`s doors.
And are backed to the hilt by local press who are a bunch of shysters
sending Labour reporter sycophants around for supposed stories.
Notice how the Advertiser is filled with congrat letters for Tameside Hosp,obvious to everyone a tie up with the Advertiser and Hosp Chiefs.
And whats this call by MP`s for Green to go,its about the third time that`s been suggested,its another cynical timed event as we near May5th,and will not be followed up as previously.
We are treated like mugs,yet large numbers of Tamesiders are far far more superior to the Clowns.
Bring On The Clowns

Brenda said...

The chief trouble causer is back.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Audenshaw Labour's money went? Brenda?

Behind the veil said...

West isn't a deliberate self-seeking, devious c**t like some of our elected representatives.

Nation said...

BNP, EDP, BPP, EDL, NF, BFP, Britain First, etc etc...What a shambles, and still the infighting continues.
Front National in France show what can be achieved when things are properly organised and LED. If that country had a remotely fair electoral system Nationalists would have considerable influence.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how many Councillors live in Council or other hived off
Council houses,plus what allowance increases they are getting 2012-2013.
No doubt the Borough Solicitor will
accept another FOI.
But will she drag out the reply until after the Elections,I bet YES.

Something to hide said...

I want to know exactly how many hours councillors do for their money.
Giving someone thousands of pounds for 'being on a committee' etc isn't acceptable unless they earn it. The fact is, if they WERE putting in the hours they'd make sure it was widely known and itemised.

SerpentSlayer said...

Were Mugabe and Castro acting as magistrates during this hearing. I'm going back to sleep, my dreams make more sense than this.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Audenshaw Labour's money went? Brenda?

Nice new outfit-lots of booze-and learning to be a councilor from my mates in the pub

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what sentence west got is he still a free man.

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is why West doesn't issue a counter-accusation against Kreuger for calling him an English ****. If Kreuger's word is good enough to convict West on the issue, then why can West not do the same back? So what if Kreuger lives with an English woman, it wouldn't disprove West's accusation. Maybe he's just too naive and honest to play the pathetic sad old courtroom warrior at his own game.

Anonymous said...

because know one will believe him.

Anonymous said...

And how exactly is the 'truth factor' in such cases determined? It strikes me that the letter of the law is that where an accusation is made, the accuser is automatically deemed honest and prosecution duly follows. If that be the case then we should all be at liberty to play that game.

Bloc Vote Coming To Hyde Werneth said...

George Galloway, Respect MP for Bradford West, has issued a call for voters in France, and French voters in Britain, to support Jean-Luc Melenchon and the Front de Gauche in the first round of the French presidential election on Sunday.

Fresh from a sensational by-election win in Britain, which returned him to the House of Commons, Galloway said: "Jean-Luc Melenchon has set the presidential election campaign on fire, eclipsing the hate-filled, far right Front National and putting at the centre of the national political debate the kinds of policies we need across Europe to invest and grow our way out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

"I am particularly appealing to French citizens of Arab descent to vote for Jean-Luc in the first round. He is against the wars of aggression and against the bigotry at home that the right is fuelling against Muslims.

Pauline Pickle said...

No court in the land would believe my Roy because he is a proven LIAR ............... !!!!!!

SerpentSlayer said...

I hope Galloway gets a scimitar across his throat one of these days. That man is a sick traitor to his country and nobody, not even the most extreme of Islamists, has any respect for traitors.

The FN will pull France out of middle eastern wars, Melanchon will continue bombing and shootings Muslims in the middle east. Don't be taken in by treacherous snakes like Galloway.

Anonymous said...

Pauline Pickle said..a proven liar ?????.
All Tameside is governed by proven liars who have attained their positions by either selling their souls and lying or simply lying because that`s their daily life essentials.

Liars are the cause of all the sins and crimes in the world.

Pauline Pickles (PP) said...

"Liars are the cause of all the sins and crimes in the world" ...... A motto my Roy uses daily ... lying !!!!

Towton 1461 said...

The dozing, apathetic, braindead, traitorous c***s that now infest Britain will get what they deserve in a few years, unless they wake up, get informed and grow some b******s.

SerpentSlayer said...

Why would they wake up? Where would the fun be in that.

It would be like the Stormtroopers in Star Wars realising they are going to be defeated by the Ewoks and throwing their blasters away and deserting. It doesn't work like that, the protagonists of this piece have a part to play, whether they realise it or not.

Without opposition and struggle there would be no story, the plot would not even be worthy of newspaper cartoons.

They will carry on resisting us and getting more and more heavy handed and corrupt. Then the tiny, the insignificant, peaceful, cute looking creatures who can do no harm, will devour them.

Anonymous said...

Is it right that Mr West's sentencing is two days before the election?

The Glorioius Melting Pot Of Diversity said...

Supermodel Waris Dirie this is what I call racism and I say this is racism too. If you want more of the same, just keep on voting Labour.

it's nothing new said...

Labour Party activists accused of harvesting postal ballot papers

Ken: BBC wrong to give BNP a platform said...

The far right want to destroy our democracy and stand for the elimination of our basic rights. They cannot be treated as a legitimate part of politics.

“I am withdrawing from Monday’s Mayoral debate on BBC London 94.9 on the grounds that I am not prepared to share a platform with the British National Party.

Knee deep in human blood said...

Briatin is now run by self-seeking, feminised traitors. Patriotism, martial spirit and a total absence of squeamishness is what's required to save our country.

Anonymous said...

i think you will find that its spelt feminist. perhaps spelling should be included as a residency test, but all residents should take part.

Anonymous said...

no, he meant to say feminised. wasnt an accident. just a nut job expressing an opinion

Anonymous said...

Does he not realise the irony when he goes on about them destroying democracy and getting rid of basic rights then saying he doesnt want them to have a platform to air their views?

SerpentSlayer said...

knee deep... Too right, If our men had the balls to risk their well being to stand up for what is right, instead of cowering to their women or to the police then this country may well be a better place.

The first thing I suggest is local neighbourhood patrols in areas abandoned by the police. The EDL and the Black panthers have done similar things in the past, so why can't sane people?

Knee deep in human blood said...

Anonymous 23:19, 'i think you will find that its spelt feminist. perhaps...'.
It should be a capital 'I' at the beginning.
There should be an apostrophe in 'its', i.e. 'it's'.
Perhaps should be spelt with a capital 'P'.
Three grammatical errors in ten words, and you're accusing ME, wrongly, of being illiterate.
Why would I describe traitors as feminist, I was obviously referring to feminised men. Are you a bit thick as well as illiterate?

Anonymous 23:22, at least I've GOT an opinion.