Monday, 16 April 2012

K & C Autofactors of Hyde no longer trading

I was so disappointed to discover that the K&C car parts and accessories shop in Hyde is no longer trading. My windscreen wipers are a bit worn and I thought I would pop into K&C to get some new ones because not only did K&C sell windscreen wipers, they also used to fit them for no additional fee.

Despite the shutters being down I decided to ring to see if there was a message explaining why the shop was not open and I was quite surprised when someone answered. The gentleman on the other end of the phone explained that the company had ceased trading but that they might start trading again in the not too distant future.

I am sure that anyone who has ever used this shop will back me up when I say Ernesto and the boys who worked there were a real asset to Hyde and this shop will be sadly missed.


SerpentSlayer said...

Each decade has it's memorable sights, whether it's flares, VW campervans or industrial action. This decade, when looked back on by future generations, shall conjure the image of shutters.

Dross led by c***s said...

Denton and Droylsden recently polled ninth and tenth in the entire country for high streets with the greatest percentage of closed shops.
Not bad when you look at the large number of chav and scum infested pig sty towns and areas that now infest Britain, to have TWO of the top ten in the same formerly prosperous borough.
Well done Labour and TMBC.

Slutsville Kentucky said...

'Chav and scum infested pig sty towns',
A-U-L is rapidly heading that way. It's now full of shuffling hoodies, or spunkbuckets pushing their benefits ticket in a buggy.

Roy K West said...
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E wing said...

Roy when is your court date lets us know so we can apply for day release to come and support you.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the subject, I had an account at K&C and used them for years, very helpful staff and a good parts supplier, hope they reopen....PETMAN

VDsville, Tameside said...

@ Slutsville Kentucky,
'Spunkbuckets pushing their benefits ticket in a buggy.'
Sums it up nicely.

Feminism might be alright for some members of the educated classes and intelligent individuals, for the rest it's given them a licence to act like sluts. The consequences of this behaviour are all around us.

SerpentSlayer said...

Too right VDsville, I'm starting to be ashamed to say where I come from.

My town has never been a paradise but it is rapidly turning into a refuse bin for the anti-socials that Manchester doesn't want.

I have to head to Ashton fortnightly to recieve my compensation for living in an economic wasteland, every time I do I am reminded of just how that town has declined.

My recommendation is to either find sanctuary in the beautiful old library or in the museum of the Manchester regiment in the town hall, that's what I often do.

Free Thinker said...

Did anyone watch the guff just finished on BBC2 called the 70s? What a load of tosh. Do the BBC get these sanctimonious hard left presenters from a secret cloning plant?

tonydj said...

Yes they do. It is called "Common Purpose" (Google it).

The local office is based at Manchester College, Ashton Old Rd. Openshaw.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Tony. What a sinister organisation.

Councillors offer support to accused in child grooming case said...

Notice how they all stick together. I know the father of one of the many child victims in this case and when the case is over I will expose the full details including the Tameside connection.

Integrity Free Zone said...

Councillors supporting alleged paedophiles, unbelievable.
Back in our own pig sty, council candidates had better watch what they say about each other. Unless of course you want to call someone Nazi scum or similar, that's perfectly acceptable.

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
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keine ruhe said...

Roy West suffers so we all can be free.


roy i feel so sorry for you lad and i wish you would had listened coz iv seen all this before ? do you not know that thet all shit in the same pot ?

No Justice said...

LTN is right. Roy has caused a great deal of problems for the corrupt members of the local establishment and this is his punishment.

Over generous said...

Re 'The 70s' BBC documentary: The usual attempt to portray the Ugandan Asians in a totally impoverished and saintly light, none of them got their money out to Britain before being kicked out by Amin of course, and they all came with 'just the clothes on their backs'. B******s is the word that springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

A.Gwynne MP (House of Commons Debate)
My hon. Friend is making a compelling case. May I share with him the figures that I have obtained from the House of Commons Library for the 16 to 24-year-olds in the borough of Tameside who are not in employment, education or training or on an apprenticeship? The figure for 2010 stood at an appalling 20%, or one in five. The most recent figure is 33%, or one in three. Does not that show how urgently we need to tackle the underlying structural employment issues in constituencies such as Denton and Reddish?

Excuse me Mr Gwynne what`s the percentage of these 1 in 3 or 1 in 5`s short of having any academic
GCSE`s or A.Levels.
How many were regular truants or went to a school with a disinterested teacher or even worse a teacher short on teaching abilities.
How many in College are on Media Studies,Music Appreciation Studies,
Art and other soft option studies.
How many of these youngsters are part of the work shy families,and finally how many Councillor`s have
high educational backgrounds.
Your like the rest of the Labour morons,always blame it on others
perhaps like you who didn`t get to a High School or Grammar School they can always go into local politics for "loads of money".
Lets have many more facts to see if patterns are occurring before you spout your rhetoric.
Am I right you are now on the Mental Health Committee that should keep you busy with TMBC Councillors.
RW you should carry a pocket tape recorder and a moble phone with video facilities with you,having used such facilities in the past it does work R knowing you are armed with Facts.

B-b-b-but what is YOUR opinion? said...

Mr Hall, are you seriously advising Roy West to START filming his daily encounters with his myriad oppressors?

If so, you clearly have no idea of his long established 'modus operandi'.

As for 'rhetoric', were you actively trying to cram as many empty cliches into the above post as possible?

Anonymous said...

That's a great thing coming from Mr Hall....rhetoric. He's the master