Friday, 13 April 2012

Lord Pendry says bypass battle must continue

A man who has spearheaded the fight for the Longdendale Bypass for more than 30 years is not giving up the battle.

In an exclusive interview with the Reporter and Chronicle, Lord Tom Pendry has pledged the battle will go on.

He told us: “The need for a bypass (through Tintwistle, Hollingworth and Mottram) is greater than ever. The full article can be read in the Tameside Reporter or on their website.

Also on the same subject and in another local paper, this time the Tameside Advertiser there is a letter by a Mr Carl Burbidge. The letter can be read by clicking the image above.

And just for good measure I have included a BBC News article about the recently opened Ashton bypass. It appears the traders are non too happy about it as it has a devastating impact on local businesses. Would this also be the case for the businesses in Tintwistle and Hollingworth should the Mottram bypass ever be built?

For what it is worth I must state here and now that I am 100% opposed to the Mottram bypass, but in the interests of fairness I will post the pro-bypass items as I have been requested to do so by a Tintwistle resident.

 In my opinion the proposed bypass would be environmental destruction on a colossal scale plus, as already stated by people in the comments section of this blog site; the bypass would not benefit the economy of Tameside and it would lead to a massive increase of through traffic, mainly HGV's which would lead to yet more unnecessary and unwanted pollution. 

Carl Burbidge in his letter to The Advertiser talks of charging a toll fee to help pay for the construction of the bypass. This fancy-full idea may sound good to those who are desperate to have this bypass built but the reality of the situation is most people, other than a small minority of people with vested interests, do not want this bypass regardless of how it is financed. The best solution to ease the congestion in the Tintwistle/Hollingworth/Mottram area would be a ban on HGV's using the A628 and the re-opening of the Woodhead rail route linking Manchester and Sheffield. There was an excellent proposal put forward a few years back which would have been ideal, but sadly it come to nothing.


Edward King said...

We must protect our remaining precious areas of urban greenspace. NO to the bypass.

TC, no haulage firm is going to drive its trucks onto a shuttle train for a mere 35 mile stretch of a journey of several hundred miles.

Keith Fairhurst said...

Traffic congestion in the Borough is generally appalling, and has only been slightly alleviated recently by the recession and financial squeeze, which has forced people either to sell their cars or use them less often.
TMBC's obsession with installing traffic lights, left on 24/7, speed bumps, road furniture and 'calming schemes' everywhere etc, are the biggest causes of unnecessary congestion and all the consequent side effects of noise, pollution and emissions. Stopping, slowing and accelerating traffic is the biggest cause of all of these.
No doubt the increasing population of the borough is also a significant causal factor in traffic problems and generally makes life less pleasant for Tameside's existing residents, in terms of living space and increased demand on resources. I will be interested to examine the population census 2011 results.

Anonymous said...

For those who spout the facile assumption that more roads = more vehicles, I have but one question....

Why not propose ripping up 90% or more of the existing road network so as to relieve congestion and provide us with a wonderfully clean and evironmentally agreeable world in which to live???

If the logic applied always works in one direction, then by rights it should always work in the other.

Barroness Amos Warsi said...

Imagine hearing a lord is to visit your place of work and Tom Pendry walks in. You would be well within your rights to ask; please sir, do you have any idea when the lord is going to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Tintwistle happens to be in Derbyshire nothing to do with TMBC or Pendry.
How many live in Tintwistle less than 2,000
A place with no shops,no basic facilities and guess who was against the ByPass V.Westwood Designer of Tintwistles only claim to fame.
Anyone spouting their claim to a £300 million ByPass should moan to their Derbyshire Representatives not Tamesides or Longendale`s.
The yokels definately cannot understand the facts.
As for the Advertiser and Reporter they have deliberately chose to take carefully engineered pictures of Traffic in Longendale but never ever has either Labour Rag taken a picture of the M67 traffic as it approaches Junction 24 M60.
Its disgusting how the local press has landed in the pockets of TMBC over recent years,and have a go at
tracking the interests of their columnists,more suited to the back streets of Longsight/Moss-Side etc.
Complain to the Press Council and who was on it the MEN previous Editor.
A stitch up press backing a sleazey Council,Welcome to Tameside.
Another Anti £300,000 million ByPass of Ashton

Quiet Life said...

Unless you live in the Hollingworth you have no idea how this road blights our daily lives. We only wish to live in peace and we want no confrontation, just a by-pass. There are thousands of acres of desolate moorland in the Peak District and a by-pass will have virtually no impact on the environment as you claim. Please please please give us our by-pass now.

May 3 said...

The bypass would really make a difference. Vote for a politician who supports the bypass.

Anonymous said...

Quiet Life said...
Unless you live in the Hollingworth you have no idea how this road blights our daily lives. We only wish to live in peace.

Yes at thousands of others expense.
Lets talk facts compared with your
nice rural area.
Have you any idea what volume of noise and how far the noise radiates from thousands of vehicles on 24 Lanes funneling into Junction 24 M60 it sickens me to think you have serious problems compared with the other end of the M67.
Imagine the runway at Ringway well the decibel levels certainly equal that,and imagine the seriously choking pollution at this locality from now probably in excess of 375,000 daily traffic volumes.
Some residents live within 50 metres of Junction 24 M6O/M67 stretch your imagination for a change and imagine that.
The ByPass you want would shunt another 40,000 daily HGV`s/Cars from your intended quiet life making our traffic almost 400,000 per day.
How absolutely damned selfish you are wanting to increase our MASSIVE PROBLEMS and claim you want a quiiet life in the process.
Why dont you and your locals hire a mini van travel down the M67,get out near Sainsbury`s walk across our only walking route to Denton across a large bridge and stop on that bridge and take in the noise,pollution.
Only then you will know what 10,000 live with in Denton West and the nearby 37,000 in Denton/Audenshaw all in a compact urban location not a rural wide ranging countryside and views you enjoy up there.
The selfishness of people there has no boundaries and is that how all Longendale folk are.
Get your blinkers off and see where your traffic ends up at the M6/M67
Junction,and with a ByPass YOU WILL GET MORE NOISE,MORE POLLUTION and MORE TRAFFIC if you actually read the evidence of the Highways Agency.
John Hall

Anonymous said...

There is a rumour that Pendry is to cross the floor to the Tories.

6 time loser Floyd about to 7 said...

Did you see all the Labourites out in Hyde this morning over 100 out canvassing,and I cant get any help for my campaign.

Anonymous said...

Why does a road that takes traffic away from the residential area of Hollingworth = 40,000 more HGV's at Denton?

Why if this junction at the M67/M60 is so polluted would the Primary Care Trust put their headquarters there?

John Shepley


send all these newcomers back to were they come from that will sort your traffic problems out ? or buy your self a helicopter

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall accuses people of being selfish. Something he is very guilt of. He lives in the area of Denton West with the longest live expectancy in Tameside. He quite often quotes 14 lanes of traffic. Other than rush hours the traffic on those 14 lanes move quite freely. There are sound proofing walls between Mr Hall and the traffic. Compare that to what the people of Longdendale suffer. Why is he always offensive. What kind of individual is he? From what I read the people of Longdendale understand Mr Halls problem. Why does he not understand there's and stop ranting and being utterly offensive.

Anonymous said...

J Hall really needs to sort out his rabid muddled thoughts. He obviously has long-standing issues with Tameside MBC and Labour politicians but his rantings would probably be applicable to politics in other Local Authorities or at Westminster. Such is politics in this country where duplicity is commonplace from politicians of every hue. Otherwise, if his evidence stood the test, then a TV company or newspaper would surely have taken up the story.
His arguments against the Mottram-Tintwistle Bypass seem to hinge on the increase in traffic at the Denton M60/M67/A57 junction that would occur if the Bypass was built. He does not seem to realise that, whether or not the Bypass is constructed, traffic will increase over the next years. That is what is happening in this country and the challenge for those in power is to find ways of managing this increase by a combination of improving the road and rail infrastructure and creating more reliable and frequent public transport. A good example of this would be the 236 and 237 routes from Glossop to Ashton which is rarely on time due to roads being blocked with traffic or the A57 into Manchester which should be dualled with bus lanes like the A5047/A5080 from the Liverpool end of the M62 into the City centre.
Mr Hall also seems to think that the Bypass is a Tameside MBC and Labour Party matter. The Bypass is supported by High Peak Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, Derbyshire County Council, Barnsley Council, Conservative MP for High Peak Andrew Bingham, Labour MP for Stalybridge and Hyde Jonathan Reynolds He also seems unaware that many of the HGVs travelling through Hollingworth are from the South East Midlands, eg Wilkinsons and B and Q from Worksop, as well as areas such as Norfolk eg Jack Richards from Fakenham. Did J. Hall object to the building of the A616 Stocksbridge Bypass and the sign on the M1 at junction 36a which directs traffic on the A628 from South Yorkshire to Manchester via the M67?
His comments on traffic pollution do not contain any exact scientific figures but o rely on a comparison of mainly fast moving traffic moving through a junction which has acres of open land on one side to slow moving traffic on a single lane moving through the enclosed canyon that is Hollingworth within feet of the front doors of houses and past a primary school playground. That was one of the reasons why the doctors at the Smithy Surgery in Hollingworth and the Governors at the school supported the Bypass at the Public Inquiry. It is a fact that slow moving traffic, especially diesel engines, produce more pollutants than fast moving traffic.
If J. Hall has so much evidence against Tameside MBC and Labour politicians has he taken the opportunity to stand in the Local Elections this May? That surely would give him the chance to put his case to the electorate and do a George Galloway and rattle the cages of the mainstream parties.


never mind the bypass its another channel tunnel we need so we can get more alien hear quicker ? and stop going on about the bypass it a shit load of foreigners you need dumping up there coz it will stop you lot up there votein for the scum thats letin them in ? and be careful what you wish for cause once they build roads into the hills you know what they build next, housing estates and we all know who they will be for ? So yes they will be building one but it won,t be for your benefit ? ? ? LOL HA HA HA and you kot know im right

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have an interesting point to make LTN, but please write it in English so we can all understand.

UK PLC for sale said...

Great but depressing article on how our national assets are being sold off.


say no to any bypass and save our country side from a foreign invasion? Is that English enough for you.

Dodge Challenger said...

Anonymous 19:09, 'It is a fact that slow moving traffic, especially diesel engines, produce more pollutants than fast moving traffic'. Correct, which makes you wonder why TMBC, who are apparently so concerned about pollution in Longdendale, keep installing unnecessary sets of traffic lights boroughwide switched on 24/7, speed bumps, chicanes and all the other congestion creating devices that force traffic to slow down and accelerate, significantly increasing noise, pollution, emissions and all its attendant problems, especially the health related issues.
Installation of new schemes has slowed markedly in the last few years nationally partly because of increasing complaints from the emergency services. It is no wonder the head of the London Ambulance service stated that speed bumps alone caused a minimum of 500 cardiac emergency deaths alone due to delays caused to ambulances. That's ONE medical emergency condition in ONE city. Imagine what the national death, injury and worsening of outcomes total must be for every medical emergeny in every city in Britain. The very concept of obstructing the road to make it safer is utterly misconceived.

Anonymous said...

3 Anons and a J.Shipley and together what a load of absolute dross they utter.
The Tameside Dogs are on the loose again trying with anything to discredit the facts with just ----.
1. Response to Shipley who said:
Why does a road that takes traffic away from the residential area of Hollingworth = 40,000 more HGV's at Denton?
Why if this junction at the M67/M60 is so polluted would the Primary Care Trust put their headquarters there?
Trying to get it into your head I repeat again and again.
A ByPass would increase the traffic volumes from the North East by 40,000 vehicles many inc HGV`s.
Can you not understand the new NETA Route is intended to make another M62 route because the M62 is knackered with traffic,and to repeat the Highways Agency WRITTEN EVIDENCE TO THE PUBLIC INQUIRY more vehicles will travel through the Longendale Valley WITH A BYPASS with more Pollution into the Longendale Valley and more transmitted sounds across the Valley.The route is to attract vehicles off the M62 and stuff them through the Longendale Valley,YES perhaps Tintwistle and Hollingworth may get fewer HGV`s but the environment along the ByPass will suffer right through the Valley.
As for the PCT site let me tell you a true story,that large green site was owned by TMBC who sold it for £50,000 to a local buisnessman known to them,who ripped out the existing tree`s,and woodland area,
built 2 large buildings and that where the PCT landed.I met the then "Director of Public Health" at the PCT raising the issue of severe air pollution and I stated their role was to improve the health of the thousands of residents in the PCT`s area.The sickening and obnoxious response was "Air Pollution has never been on our agenda and is not on our future agenda`s either"
Also contacted was Dr Chand who has done nothing whatsoever to involve himself with the serious problem
but manages to pick up regular awards yet 136 people die each and every day in the UK from Air pollution related diseases.
Its amazing how bloody thick some people are and unable to get the truth,not just from me but from the Highways Agency the Peak National Park Authorities and the Countryside Alliance.How did you ever absorb enough accurate and factual information to exist in life ??so give your stupidity a rest.
I will refer to other Anons next post.

Just got back from the Isle of skye... said...

I don't want one of our rapidly diminishing remaining areas of urban greenspace, right next to a conurbation, destroyed by a bypass to keep a few selfish Longendalers, Broadbottomers etc happy.
If you want the convenience of living in a nice area that is also near to all the services, facilities and amenities of a major conurabtion then you might have to put up with traffic noise etc in your upmarket area, thereby leaving the reamaing greenspace for EVERYONE to enjoy.
If traffic bothers you that much move to the Outer Hebrides.

Anonymous said...

"the London Ambulance service stated that speed bumps alone caused a minimum of 500 cardiac emergency deaths alone due to delays caused to ambulances"

Yes - and the speed bumping scheme across London is estimated to save approx. 150 lives a year. That's 350 people being killed in London alone each year by the authorities. Great work guys.

The speedbumping project accelerated under new Labour as a 'health and safety initiative', and the tremendous bill was footed by the tax payer. In tougher times this government clearly has different priorities. TMBC were still busily installing them left right and centre up until Brown's exit, at which point the funding (no doubt) halted.

Councils adopted the scheme en masse so they could each blow their own trumpet about reductions in accident rates, TMBC being one fine example. Sod the fact they might be actually killing more people then they're saving. The joke is there was never enough money and resources to repair the holes in our roads, yet there seemed to be a bottomless pit of cash for these mounds.

But then again Roy Oldham did refer to pot holes as 'free speedbumps', the remark being made following the tragic death of a young local motorcyclist caused by one these wonderful freebies. The only consolation is that the surly arrogant pig is himself no longer with us.

Anonymous said...

To the latest Anons:
I really do pity your inability to understand logic,facts,written evidence from the Highways Agency,and the mass of accurate technical and data evidence given at the Public Inquiry by the many Anti ByPass groups which are officially documented within the PI Minutes.

Firstly Hollingworth is an now AN ENCLOSE CANYON you say,well thats typical of the crazy terminology
used in various forms by the Seige Committee.I suggest you send that joke to Peter Kay for that would get you lots of visitors for hang gliding,rock climbing,and even mining companies.and perhaps a overhead chair lift in The Hollingworth Rockies.
You refer to rabid muddled thoughts,well 400 pages of specific accurate evidence with Graphs,Real Time DVD Video`s,loads of photographs plus many Epidemiological Research conclusions from highly respected
teams I have contact with around the world,and many DfT,DoH,DEFRA Pollution grid sites references,etc etc certainly contributed to the PI failure,so please stick your idiotic comments where they deserve to be.
Newspapers interested you say,give it a rest The Tameside Advertiser and Reporter are the mouth pieces for TMBC and the Local Labour Councillors who were harnessed by R.Oldham over years of collusion,therefore regardless of getting any proven documented substantiated facts from me there`s not a cat in hells chance of getting anything at all printed by local media,plus of course as told to me by a Reporter member of staff "how can we strangle the source of lots of our weekly revenue" so thats more dross from you which is not reality.
Those in Power should be sorting out the congestion and pollution you suggest.
Well put that to A.Gwynne MP who has refused to back my pollution and congestion campaign for years and that includes the local 3 Councillors NON OF WHICH LIVE IN THE CONSTITUENCY.
So with written proof of Gwynne`s and his 3 local Councilors located correspondence stating the M67.M60 A57 area was THE MOST TRAFFIC CONGESTED AREA AND THE MOST AIR POLLUTED AREA IN THE NORTH WEST OF ENGLAND.those are their words not mine.
So the A57 to Manchester should be dueled,what utter complete nonsense
is that,Supermarkets,Shopping Area`s,Overhead Railway Routes and Bridges plus thousands of residents home line the A57 to Manchester.Your thought process is
certainly extremely suspect.
"I rely on a comparison of mainly fast moving traffic moving through a junction which has acres of open land on one side to slow moving traffic on a single lane moving through the enclosed Hollingworth Canyon
I suggest you visit spec savers if you cannot see the huge array of traffic lights at the M67/M60 A57 interchange which controls 24 lanes of incoming traffic which STOP/START to circumnavigate the large traffic island (and if you don`t know what stop/starting thousands of vehicles does then you know little of the added large volumes of air Pollution created
I would love to cross examine your rhetoric at a Public Inquiry because it would seem like what occurred at the Public Inquiry.
No wonder you prefer Anonymous posting.
Where Substantiated Facts Exist.
Put up for Council that`s another joke,do you honestly think I would meet,sit or discuss issues within a TMBC Chamber with a bunch of semi illiterate with no knowledge of transport,pollution toxins,epidemiological reports,diseases caused,vehicle increases,and sitting denying the FACTS.
They might be stupid but I`m certainly not going to try and break through their thick skulls,
an impossibility I refuse to try.
For years I have challenged Councillor s and local MP`s to a public forum open debate on the serious issues I have referred to,and not one has accepted but simply ignored a polite request.
Does that not give you a hint of how people run away,call themselves Anonymous and dish out tripe when confronting facts.
Actually been in and around Longendale and your Canyon today looking for bald eagles soaring the mountain tops.No luck today might try again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

That last post of Mr Hall shows how lacking in intellect he is. Consider the following quotes;

'do you he nestle think I would sit or discuss issues within a TMBC Chamber'


'For years I have challenged Councillors and local MPs to a public forum open debate'

So which is it cos they are both public forums Mr Hall

And how come Mr Haal avoids the issues of life expectancy in Denton West and the soundproofing he has between his house and the M60.

David Icke on the Hegelian dialectic said...

is he really barking mad?

Anonymous said...

Yes he is but a few on this site give him encouragement.

Hidden Spider Controls the Web said...

just call those that oppose the hidden hand, mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

"the London Ambulance service stated that speed bumps alone caused a minimum of 500 cardiac emergency deaths alone due to delays caused to ambulances"

Actually if you research this it was one ambulance driver who quoted this. There is no evidence for the claims made.

And did you know that in Tameside in the past no speed humps were put in unless requested by members of the public, followed by speed surveys, followed by other initiatives such as warning signs, followed by further speed surveys, followed by agreement with all the emergency services....police, ambulance, fire.

And I still hear people asking for speed humps. It tends to be impatient drivers that argue against them

Anonymous said...

Life expectancies in Tameside,where did that spring from,what site and what data.
Perhaps the level of intelligence is far higher in Denton West,thus less obesity,less on the pi--.less smoking,compared with the cretins you see ambling about Ashton,Hyde,Denton and Dukinfield.
I happen to live in Denton West and if your calling a few rustic garden panels at the junction your "sound proofing"that`s one huge laugh.
I have been reading TC but never actually posted before,but the Anon Barmy Army must be huge in Tameside,and I suspect originates
from the Tameside Labour Politicians who are well entrenched in the Anons.
DW Citizen who also knows the reality.

Hyde Lad said...

Vast numbers of Asians out leafletting for Labour today in Werneth. I have never seen anything like it before.

J. G. Bollard said...

DW citizen who just happens to post exactly like Mr Hall, even down to the 'labour controlled anon attack dogs' fantasy?

Pull the other one, John.

Conquest of Europe said...

Italy "Mosques Springing Up like Mushrooms"

Anonymous said...

"Actually if you research this it was one ambulance driver who quoted this."

Wrong - many have complained, including Sigurd Reinton the chairman of the London Ambulance Service, and I'd much rather believe people like that than some mouthpiece for the local authority and its busybody 'schemes'.

"in Tameside in the past no speed humps were put in unless requested by members of the public"

LIES LIES LIES. We had them on our street and no-one asked for them and no-one was consulted in advance (similar stories have cropped up across the country). Oh sorry, TMBC are good enough to place an inconspicuous notice in the back pages of one issue of the Reporter. Call me naive but I don't believe the proclamations and reassurances of politicians.

"followed by agreement with all the emergency services....police, ambulance, fire."

That would explain why this statement appears on almost every local authority website (inc. TMBC)...

"There is usually opposition from the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service and Bus Companies to the use of speed control humps. The Emergency Services object because humps increase their attendance times for emergency calls, and thus risk the lives and property of the people. The Ambulance Service and Bus Companies object because of the discomfort and possible injury that may be caused to their passengers.... Speed control humps can lead to complaints about increased noise and sometimes increased vibration from traffic"

This candid admission is followed by the following arrogant rebuttal....

"They have however been proved to reduce traffic speed and they have been installed in many locations"

In other words... we've started this insane policy, we'll continue on with it and two fingers to anyone who doesn't like it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:34

'no-one on our street asked for them'

As far as you know.

'there is usually opposition....'

Hence the reason why the ones that go in get approval. Doesn't take much to work that out

Alex Jones Exclusive said...

Filmed in Phoenix Arizona, lecturer and author David Icke explains how the panic-stricken elite are desperate to put the lid back on a global awakening that is stalling their agenda for world domination.

T G said...

Anonymous 13:18, give us an example of speed bumps that have been REMOVED or not installed,because 'people asked for it'.Tameside authorities hear what they want to hear and ignore what they want to ignore.
'Approval', in Tameside that means the biased, irrational overruling of balanced objections in favour of minority groups with 'agendas'.

Presumablythe lie about 'one ambulance driver' has been dropped.

Alan Ford said...

Hyde Lad, Labour don't care how or where their votes come from. Their sucking up to the exploding Islamic popualtioin has been going on since the mid 90s.

Ex MI5 agent said...

very interesting............

Anonymous said...

"As far as you know."

Well let me re-phrase my earlier statement smart alec... not a single person who has them outside their home asked for them. I know that for a fact.

And if there is "usually opposition" from the emergency services, and that opposition prevents humps from going in, then that surely begs the question as to how many roads have been earmarked for the scheme. You're implying that the majority of proposed humps never go in, if opposition is 'usual' and is taken notice of by councils. That doesn't take much working out either.

Twice the LAS have complained 2003 and 2010, and both times the authorities cocked a snook at them. The pig-headed statement on local authority websites speaks volumes about their attitude. But here's another statement worth considering from a politician....

"I'm afraid I was responsible in the first job I had as a minister for introducing road humps. It was an awful mistake."

Kenneth Clarke MP

If you want solutions to the speeding problem, then far tougher punishments for the speeding killer drivers is one answer. But in typical modern British fashion the answer is to p**** the majority off with measures that impinge on us all because of weakness with the offenders.

469,562 views said...

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Anonymous said...

As we approach the May Elections I would like to post on TC a question direct to those who represent Denton West.
It is a straight forward question simply requiring a Yes or No answer, and in view of the fact that the three Councillor`s and the Denton West MP.Andrew Gwynne have already declared that this area is the most Traffic congested and the worst Air Polluted region in the North West of England.
Question to each one of you: D.Lane/B.Warrington/Smith and A.Gwynne MP

Do you support the re-introduction of a Mottram ByPass plan which is referred to in the Tameside Advertiser,and the Tameside Reporter in which T.Pendry made his views clear.
You are all certainly aware of this TC Blog,therefore a Yes or No response would be appropriate so that the Electorate of Denton West
could reflect on your responses prior to the May Elections.
That is the basis of democracy which you should honour.
Should you ignore this open request for a Yes/No it must be assumed you each support a ByPass scheme in Longendale.
Denton West

Double standards, cowardice and treachery said...

Big BBC fuss about two dead horses in the Grand National yesterday. Yet millions of fully conscious animals have their throats cut and are left to bleed to death in extreme agony every year in Britain. Halal and Kosher slaughter are barbarous, inhumane practices that are almost totally ignored by the mainstream media and establishment because they are too spineless to tackle this issue. Muslim votes and Jewish money and influence clearly take precedence over the ancient British principle of ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE. No doubt any British slaughterman who failed to pre-stun would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Kingsmill goes halal said...

Pick up a Kingsmill loaf and check the information on the back. You'll now notice an arabic symbol and the phrase HFA assured - that means it's halal.

This isn't about animal slaughter as such as the bread is vegetarian, but it is about pandering to the whims of muslims. And considering the controversy concerning both the whole halal issue and the creeping islamisation of Europe, personally I think Kingsmill have got a bleedin' cheek.

The unkindest cut of all said...

Gwynne wrote to the Advertiser a couple of years back spouting his opposition about animal experimentation. He got wasted in a reply that was printed the following week pointing out, amongst other things, his former chairmanship of the Labour Friends of Israel group and that he's never come out against barbaric Halal or Kosher.
I remember the response letter was headlined on this site so please put it up if you can find it TC to expose the utter hypocrisy going on.

Knee deep in human blood said...

Let's hope it ends up in a biblical sized bloodbath, as an alternative to capitulation to savages and retrogressive foreign cults that worship deliberate ignorance and brainless, archaic mumbo jumbo.

Keyboards go Halal said...

Look at your keyboard and check the information on the top row. You'll now notice that the number symbols are derived from Arabic - that means it's halal.

This isn't about animal slaughter as such as the keyboard is vegetarian, but it is about pandering to the whims of muslims. And considering the controversy concerning both the whole halal issue and the creeping islamisation of Europe, personally I think keyboard makers have got a bleedin' cheek.

Anonymous said...

@keyboards go halal

The internal combustion engine was invented by the pig-eating alcohol-imbibing kufr, but all muslims embrace the concept of the motor vehicle without feeling the need to legalise liquor.

The point being... you can appropriate the inventions of others without having to bend over backwards to accomodate them in the name of multi-culturalism. Especially when pandering to halal whims results in an industrial scale holocaust of millions of cows and sheep being made to bleed themselves to death each year. The actions of Allied Bakery adds to the veneer of 'acceptability' regarding the whole halal issue, something which (no surprise) doesn't even occur to you.

You're probably another despicable Labourite who stands on his high moral pedestal over the hunting ban. That ended a level of animal suffering incomparable to the halal/kosher outrage you happily turn a blind eye to when attending your local Labour halal curry xmas evening (as advertised on Taylor's hypocritical blog).

Tameside Citizen said...

Dear Edward King, I agree, however if the alternative route was a seventy mile trek around the M60/M62 the dynamics of the game would change. If HGV’s were banned from the A628 and the drivers had two options, either to take the (imaginary) high speed drive on, drive off train shuttle to the A61 near the M1 junction at Sheffield or waste time and diesel taking the circular route, I am sure that eventually many would choose to take the train shuttle as the fee for the short but fast train journey would be offset by the fuel and time saved.

Tameside Citizen said...

John Hall raises a good point by highlighting the problem of noise pollution caused by busy roads as well as that of diesel particulate pollution.

A couple of years ago I was on the march with my hound looking for buzzards not far from Reddish Vale when all of a sudden the most remarkable thing happened - silence descended upon us and nothing but the sound of nature could be heard. This happened because of an incident which led to the M60 being closed in both directions.

The background noise, the sound of speeding traffic along the motorway which I had always been used to in that neck of the woods had suddenly gone and the change it made to the whole area was truly remarkable.

The sound of traffic on motorways is a particularly unpleasant noise which we take for granted when near a motorway, but when that sound suddenly disappears you realise how pleasant life is without it.

The queues of traffic leading from the A57 to the A628 and vice versa is understandably a cause of annoyance to people who live close to that bottleneck, but even if those in favour of a by-pass did ever get their wish, they may find they are cursed with the constant din of fast moving traffic to which they are completely free from at present.

Those villagers who are so determined to get a by-pass built should spend 5 minutes in their back gardens with eyes closed listening to the ambient noise levels and consign it to memory. Then next time they find themselves near the busy M60/M67 junction, park the car near Denton Rock, get out, and listen to the ambient noise levels around that area and take my word for it; you’ll be back up to your quiet, if a little congested at times village before you can say ‘not in my back yard’.

Road to Hell said...

bypass leads to hell fire....

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happend to the crank children of lewin.........

Anonymous said...

J. Hall's lack of command of our native language makes him an ideal candidate to sit with many of our local councillors

Commodore BASIC 2.0 said...

J Hall is using a computer called a Commodore64. The Commodore/Amiga64 is not fully compatible with the internet as we know it and as a result the text he types becomes fragmented and unformatted. It is not J Hall, it is the technology he is using. I bet nobody using this blog could use an Amiga64 in this day and age and make it work on the internet.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to a battle of facts Mr Hall is the winner by far.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:05

You're having a laugh now.

organised minority advantage said...

No laugh, just fact. J Hall has destroyed each and every arguement put forward by the TMBC/Labour stooges. They can criticise his writing style but not his well documented facts.

Anonymous said...

well sources facts like David Moore the retired teacher who lives in Holligworth is secretly a international haulage expert that works for Tameside Council? That sort of well sourced piece of fiction?

Anonymous said...

What list facts do the Anons offer ?.
Simply a load of crap comments intended to insult those with definite knowledge ie Public Inquiry actual evidence,the Neta route,Road Traffic Volumes,Pollution Monitoring deceptions,Andrew Gwynne`s duplicity,
R.Oldhams despot regime,Highways Agency evidence,concocted Pollution monitoring in Longendale,3 Councillors non who live in their Constituency.
These serious crap heads called Anon have nothing to offer except infantile remarks which denote their low IQ`s.
What great terminology is created by those in Longendale such as
3 Villages are "UNDER SEIGE"
A new "HOLLINGWOORTH CANYON" has been found.
One who is worried that is son could be "SUCKED INTO THE VORTEX" created by HGV`s.
Enough said but it shows to everyone who reads TC what a bunch of idiots are loose in Tameside who are linked with its Politicians.
J.Hall (definitely more FACTS to come later which will rattle cages again)

Want Mottram Bypass said...

Lord Pendry is correct that the battle will continue. He has put his support behind a new initiative designed to awake the bypass once again.

S Baxter said...

Here is an updated petition: