Sunday, 4 March 2012

Latest Labour Party leaflet for the Dukinfield Ward

On Hodent Walk on the Yew Tree council estate in Denton there are scores of similar leaflets to this strewn around the New Charter flats area. It looks like there is a bona fide case for littering if the authorities were to investigate. I suspect the local Labour Mafioso paid someone to deliver their leaflets but the delivery person decided to dump them instead.

The Tameside Labour Mafioso are obviously given a drag and drop template which they use throughout the borough and insert different pictures and text for individual wards. The photograph of Cllr Wild doesn’t half look staged to me, unless of course he is picking up Labour Rose leaflets which have been dumped in one spot as they were in Denton?

Looking at the leaflet, the hypocrisy of these charlatans and betrayers of the founding principals of the Labour Party is truly breathtaking. How on earth can they try and make capital over damage being done to the NHS when it was they who plunged the NHS into a massive and unsustainable debt crisis with the introduction of their PFI initiative?

For anyone interested in democracy and accountability, the Dukinfield District Assembly takes place this coming Tuesday the 6th March starting at 6.30pm in Dukinfield Town Hall. All members of the public are welcome to attend and ask the three ward councillors in attendance questions should they wish to do so.


Selectocracy said...

Only a moron or a traitor would vote Labour, at any level of governance, after what they did to Britain. Unfortunately everyone gets a vote, however thick or treacherous they are.

Tameside Citizen said...

Selectocracy, many immigrants are neither morons nor traitors and they vote Labour, as do those who have done rather well out of the Labour policy of bloating of the manual labour market to ensure their fat cat backers in big business have an endless supply of exploitable cheap labour. So you should include the self interested, those who have directly benefited from Labour’s treacherous policies between 1997-2010 and of course and not forgetting the truly simple ‘traditional Labour voters’ who if questioned would oppose virtually everything which the current Labour Party represents but they still vote for them because,,,,,,,,erm………they do, they don’t know why, they just do - bless em!

Scrap The Labour Postal Vote Scam said...

It is must be pretty depressing for the Labour scam artists to realise they only have a place at the pig trough because they are experts at fiddling the postal vote system.

Hanged by the neck until dead said...

It's a complete mystery why the coalition hasn't scrapped Labour's patently fraudulent postal voting scam.
As for immigrants, eight out of ten non-white Commonwealth immigrants (who are given FULL voting rights upon arrival) vote Labour. Now you can understand the last Labour government's mass, uncontrolled immigration policy. They are traitorous scum pure and simple and should get what all traitors deserve.

Blair's Children said...

After some 13 years of New Labour's "EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION!", here's one damning verdict from a recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development....

"Britain’s schools have produced a generation who are weak in literacy, numeracy and communication skills which encourages employers to choose harder-working more punctual foreign workers."

To the average no-brains Labour voter who will be quick to counter with claims of increased funding under Labour, I will point out that the problem is not simply one of pencils rulers and teacher numbers. Rather, it is our entire egalitarian liberal-left superficial-minded culture that has produced a neanderthal generation of know-nothings. On that score, the whole lot of the older generations (conservative and Labour alike) can pat themselves on the back at the legacy being left.

Obama delares I will sacrifice American lives for my Zionist masters said...

President Barack Obama says the US "will not hesitate" to use force to stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, but says diplomacy could still succeed.

Addressing an influential pro-Israel lobby group, Mr Obama also warned against "loose talk" of war in the dispute with Tehran.

Earlier, Israeli President Shimon Peres said Iran was "a danger to the world".

De Camptown Races said...

President Jewba...sorry Obama said 'We will do absolutely fuck all about Israel's existing illegal nuclear arsenal.'

I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag said...

President Putin on the other hand stands up against international financiers and for his country. Mind you he's got full blooded Russian heritage.

Gunshot 12:30 22/11/1963 said...

Barry O'Barmpot it smart not to trouble Israel over their nuclear weapons.

The last president to push for an investigation into Israel's nuclear arsenal ended up involved in a very famous event, he never knew it, he barely even saw the muzzle flash.

Anonymous said...

New anti-Labour leaflet for Dukinfield.

Why are Labour Councillors so keen to have their picture taken with children?

Labour Councillors Child Molesters
Mark Burton: Sexually Abusing Children
Darren Pedley: Child Porn
John Friary: Child Grooming
Bob Bates: Child and Animal porn
Keith Potts: Child Porn
Joe Shaw: Jailed Child Pornography
Jonathan Phillips: Child Abuse
Stewart Brown: Child Pornography
Ben Williams: Child Pornography
George Harding: Abuse
Derek Woodvine: Child Abuse: Child Rape
Ken Brookman: Assault and Child Abuse
Martyn Locklin: Rapist
Keith Rogers: Child Abuse

Trurh Hurts Labour Beasts said...

Labour Party a party of
Rapists, drug dealers, thieves, vote riggers, child molesters.

The Man Is Off His Head said...

The Mad, Mad, Mad, World Of John Charles Taylor Deputy Leader Of Tameside Council.

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

turn up prick and you will be leaving in cuffs

Anonymous said...

Slavery Mr West?

Definitely not you then, the slaves all WORKED.

Have you forgotten that you posted up a video of your 'confrontation with authority' at the district assembly on here already?

Stick it back up so the world can see crusading West ground under the tyrannical jackboot of the police state ... or what seemed in reality to be quite a reasonable response toward an attention seeker insisting on filming when he had been requested not to.

To all those who encourage this individual's actions simply because he opposes the 'labour demons'; shame on you, cowards - you are not stood alongside him are you?

Anonymous said...

05/03/2012 11:43

Don't worry I'll be there.

Cheshire said...

Anonymous 13:11, Mr West was wrongfully thrown out for simply turning up to a public assembly, they had no idea he was filming. At the last court hearing in Oldham that absurd decision was overturned and Mr West can now attend.

Anonymous said...

Yes and I'll be there I can also ask Cllr John Taylor a direct question.
Any suggestions from the folk of Dukinfield.
That's if he actually turns up to see freedom of speech in action?

Placating Muslims said...

@"what seemed in reality to be quite a reasonable response"

You mean that arrogant patronising high & mighty response. His job as a police officer was simply to tell West of the situation in a controlled and sensible way and warn him he'd be arrested if he went back into that hall. That was his job plain and simple.

It was perfectly obvious he was taking sides, which is hardly surprising from one of the most leftwing police forces in the country. Rather like the recent BNP gathering in Hyde where a legitimate gathering was told to move so as to not offend muslims by waving the union flag.

Roy K West said...
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Warsi the PC Baroness said...

Another Tory MP defects to UKIP following a bust up with the utterly odious 'Baroness' Warsi.

Just call me Dave and I call you all stupid said...

Warsi occupies a seat in the upper Chamber of the British Parliament. She is unelected by anybody to her cushy job for life. No constituency and therefore no accountability. Nice club with several bars to drop into whenever she's in town, and all at your expense.