Monday, 5 March 2012

A nice place to take younger children

The Reddish Vale Visitors Centre is not actually in the borough of Tameside, it is in Stockport but it is very easy to get to from Denton. If you are feeling adventurous you can park in the lay-by on Stockport Road opposite the water treatment works, cross the road, head up the hill and before you get to the fake speed camera turn left through the style and follow the path in the direction which will take you under the bridge where the M60 crosses the River Tame then keep going until you come to fork in the path, bear left and keep walking so the river is on your left and eventually you will arrive at the wildlife centre. If you take this route there is a very good chance of seeing a buzzard or two while on the way. Do be advised though, this route can be unpleasant due to deep mud churned up by horses hoofs following periods of prolonged rain.

An easier route if you are unfit or have young children in tow is to head down Town Lane which will eventually become Ross Lave Lane as it nears Hyde Hall. If you are in a car, park it close to here and follow the path which will take you over the M60 as opposed to under it as described in the cross country route. After crossing the motorway keep going for about half a mile passing under the magnificent railway viaduct and the wildlife centre will be on your left hand side.

If you bring a medium bag of mixed bird seeds which you will be able to get from a pet store or a pound shop, you will have the ducks, swans and geese swarming round looking to relieve you of them. The waterfowl here are totally tame and they will happily eat the seeds from your hands. Children enjoy the spectacle and it sure beats sitting in the house watching CBeebies.

The photos are and video of the geese and swans are from the wildlife centre and the horse was one of many you will encounter along the way.


Roy K West said...
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Tameside Citizen said...

Threatening to take it to the police for what reason - did she believe it to be racially insensitive?

Roy K West said...
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Tameside Citizen said...

Aye, they like slinging the mud in every direction but they dislike it intensely when it boomerangs back in their direction. These wicked people need to be exposed and you are doing your duty as a good citizen in making sure everyone can make an informed decision before placing their X on the ballot paper.

Reading the current edition of the Tameside Reporter would you believe that Cllr Susan Quinn is pictured on three separate pages and Cllr Taylor has two letters in plus a picture of him with some of members of the Stalybridge Motorcycle Club? This is blatant free advertising, but to give the Reporter credit, they did a great job in exposing Cllr Ann Holland following her vile remarks about wishing blindness on people.

Nice one tossers said...

Nonsense, Tameside Labour are doing an excellent job and have taken Denton and Droylsden to ninth and tenth place in the entire country for the highest percentage of closed down shops in the high street. Their recent expansion of parking chrges under Gauleiter Robinson should help to get them into the top five soon.

SerpentSlayer said...

I was thinking of joining the Staly club when (and if) I get my bike.
I'll join a less establishment friendly club if I can find one.

If i can wear a leather jacket and act hard then I look forward to it.

Say NO to Zionist aggression said...

So what are we going to do if the powerful Zionist lobby which includes two of the three Tameside MP's plunge us into yet another war for Israel? This time Iran is in their sights. If these marauders are allowed to run roughshod around the globe fighting Zionist wars while bankrupting the West, we will face total ruin. The people of the free world must cast off the shackles of Zionist suppression and cleanse our political system of fifth columnist agents of Zionism. These agents masquerade as ordinary politicians but they work for the aims of a Greater Judea and are prepared to totally betray Britain to achieve their goals.

The Jewish Chronicle (Oct 2011) said...

Labour Friends of Israel has led its first delegation to the country for two years, with seven MPs meeting political and business leaders.

The week-long tour included a trip to Ramallah and visits to Israel's northern borders with Lebanon and Syria.

On the delegation were MPs Anne McGuire, Rachel Reeves, Jonathan Reynolds, Dan Jarvis, Michael McCann and Pamela Nash. New LFI chairman John Woodcock MP led the visit.

Ms Reeves was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet earlier this month; Mr Reynolds and Mr Jarvis were promoted to the front bench.

There is something truly sinister going on with the Tameside MP's who are up to their necks in the murky world of Zionist lobbying. Purnell was the chair of the Zionist lobby group the Labour Friends of Israel, he was replaced by Gwynne and now young Jonny boy is following suit.

People you must understand, these Zionist stooges are working against Britain's interests for a foreign power. Their activities are extremely dangerous for Britain and they are intent on getting us embroiled in another costly war, not for Britain's interests but for the interests of Zionist global supremacy.

Everyone who has an understanding of what these traitors are doing has a duty to make their dastardly deeds known to the wider public. If we had a truly free press there would be an enormous expose of the action of these elected fifth columnists but any newspaper who dared expose them would be crushed.

SmippeHyrst said...

It was I who sent the YT message (not sure if that should "I" or "me").

I'm often in the Cheshire Ring for the sunday night quiz, and I'm sometimes earwigging conversations, though voices are often so raised it's kind of involunatary on my part.

In actual fact I think the lady in question sits with a couple of BNP supporters who she is often at odds with, one of whom asked her about Labour's own smear leaflets. She reluctantly acknowledged who fired the first shot in that particular tit-for-tat and put the leaflet back in her handbag.

Dukinfield Views is currently showcasing the latest edition of the dailymirror's cheap and tawdry little smear rag hopenothate. Even the pro-multiculturalist EDL is on its hit-list, and if West goes independent I wouldn't expect Taylor and his allies to cut him any slack any time soon.

Hong Kong Phooey said...

Just bought a Chinese motorbike for a third the price of a Jap one having researched the subject on the internet. Time will tell if this was a wise move. Doubt if they'd have a Chinky bike in the Stalybridge Club though.

David Cheshire said...

33 year old Rachel Reeves became an MP in May 2010. After a massive 5 months experience she was promoted to Shadow Pensions Minister. A year later and with a whopping 17 months experience she was promoted to the highly influential and important position of Shdow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, only one down from Shadow Chancellor. When Red Ed was wobbling a couple of months ago there was even talk of her as a possible successor.
What the f**k is going on when people like this, whether on the basis of gender or 'other' issues can soar so high so fast with no proven track record of doing anything whatsoever in national public life.

SerpentSlayer said...

Hong Kong Phooey, what cc is it?
Look after it and there shouldn't be any trouble with it.

I myself would prefer a British one (do we make any at all?) but I will end up buying a Chinese one, their manufacturing has improved in recent years anyway.

Dave Cheshire, to think that these people need to be able to provide the public with a good service misses the point of democratic government, to fleece the public while appearing to have a strong magnate for it.

I'm sure this pointless woman, whatever she is called will do as she is told by her masters and be renumerated well for it. Our women used to be an asset to us, people to be cherished, people who created life and nurtured the next generation. Now they are involved in the kind of chicanery even men were considered to be above not long ago.

Anonymous said...

Its common knowledge in political circles that as a Labour Politician if you kneel to the Zionists and vow your support for Israel you are promoted to the senior posts in the party.
Land plundering,dictating the worlds financial markets,deciding the political agenda`s across the USA/UK.
And having thousands yes thousands of zionists scrutinising the media
including the internet in Western Countries,ready to start throwing their vitriolic and vile rhetoric
as an onslought.
They have just reminded Obama in the meeting this week that he should study the Jewish History.
Well their history was written by Jews with the purpose of establishing their control with statements,messages and rhetoric which they cannot substantiate by any means whatsoever other than suggest that they are the chosen one`s according to an entity which they are unable to substantiate.
Ask any zionist this simple but accurate question and they will unleash their viscious associates on you.
Be ready for their increasing cry to arms by the USA and UK.
If they want a war with Iran go do it on your own zionists,our young in the military should not give their blood for Israel WHATSOEVER.ureneduc ialejsi

Tameside Citizen said...

Serpent Slayer, remarkably we do still do manufacture world class motorcycles in the UK. Take a look at the Triumph website for details. I myself ride an Italian Ducati, but if I was in the market for a brand new bike today I would go for a Triumph Speed Triple R. I would strongly urge you not to waste your money on Chinese made copy of a Jap motorcycle. You are safe with any of the big Jap brands but stay away from cheap Chinese imitations is my advice to you.

Anonymous said...

I once visited the Reporter Stalybridge Offices a few years ago requesting to see the Editor because of their close biased links
with our Labour Councillors.
The only hint at the truth came by a comment that they were not prepared to suffer the serious loss of revenue which would quickly occur if they didn`t support TMBC.
Now I would suggest that borders on
financial blackmail on the so-called free press in the UK.
As from then I have never purchased another Tameside Reporter.
If the same applies to the Advertiser perhaps not buying from its Advertisers would send a message to them also.
They did it in Liverpool with solidarity and it shook the media world.

Number one super guy said...

It's a 125cc. There is plenty of information on which bikes are OK. Many Jap bikes are now made in China anyway and although they are generally better, in the last few years Chinese bikes have improved considerably.
There are several major importers with vast parts and dealer back up, who only import certain models from certain of the better Chinese manufacturers. They're still a bit of a gamble but at a third or less of the Jap price, and with a manufacturers 12 months parts and labour warranty, and bought from one of the increasing number of reputable dealers that now stock them the risk has diminished considerably. Haynes now do a manual for the main Chinese models as well.

SerpentSlayer said...

I suppose I will have to be very careful which I buy, it will almost certainly have to be a Chinese bike.

Japanese and European ones are lovely but the price tags attached to them are anything but.

I'm lucky to even have the slim chance of affording a Chinese one if I'm honest. It's only though the miracle of a potential student loan that I have any chance of buying one.

Do keep us all informed number one super guy, if the bike lasts. It will be a while before I buy one so if it lasts until the end of this year then I may buy the same model or one from the same maker anyway.