Thursday, 1 March 2012

Horrific scenes of British War Graves being desecrated by Islamists in Benghazi

Disgusting savages, and to think these are the people our useless government aided in their effort to overthrow of the legitimate Libyan government last year.


Roy K West said...

Disgusting makes the blood boil.

Community cohesion said...

It happens here. Two years ago in a church in Manchester that was turned into an Islamic centre they smashed up the gravestones and used them for hardcore for a path. The last burial was only in 1966. The media played it down, like they always do. They were 'only obeying orders' from the local authorities, where have I heard that excuse before?

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that under the "tyrannical" rule of Gadaffi that the Commonwealth War Graves in Libya never suffered any damage.Though I despise any damage to such graves I can imagine that some of the Libyan people may well be less than friendly towards our country seeing that we took a major role in bombing them into compliance with our governments definition of good government. As a consequence of our "helping" them towards our version of peace and prosperity the people of Libya have been bombed into the stoneage;their infrastructure destroyed and their nation saddled with an ever increasing national debt; thousands are dead and many more have been left maimed and crippled in a nation that no longer has the infrastructure to care for them because we destroyed it and maimed them so as to set them free long enough for them to take their place as members of the Rothschild Bank support group.

If these people are a little bit miffed at the British Armed Forces then maybe it is because we have spent the last few months dropping bombs on them from 40,000 ft, as a way to get acquainted and win somebodies friendship launching a massive and unprovoked aerial bombardment upon them has got to be amongst the least likely to succeed. It is probably a good thing for present members of the British Armed Forces that the Libyan people are unable to lay their hands upon them and are instead confined to taking out their anger on those who are already dead as otherwise I have no doubt that we would need a very much larger cemetery !

Watch and Weep said...

Here is the video of the Christian graves being desecrated by Islamists in Manchester.

Scattered Ashes said...

"a church in Manchester that was turned into an Islamic centre they smashed up the gravestones and used them for hardcore for a path"

At 34 years of age I'm not thinking an awful lot about death just yet. But I'm certainly considering making arrangements for a resting place well out of harm's way, and the local cemeteries and churches are right off the menu. The future Islamic Republic of Britain certainly won't show me much respect in death.

disgusted from droylsden said...

Hey man this is a friggin outrage. Why is it not making headline news?

SerpentSlayer said...

"Here is the video of the Christian graves being desecrated by Islamists in Manchester."

Does anybody know how we can petition the local GMP commissariat?

They are at least nominally a police force for the time being so it would make sense that if enough pressure was applied then they would have to act.

Once the knowledge is posted on here I recommend we all send polite but insistent letters to GMP in order to at upon the disgrace of our graves being desecrated by savages.

Where have all the great Englishmen gone? said...

Imagine if it was Christians desecrating Muslim graves in a recently conquered mosque in a newly conquered enclave. The Muslims would never tolerate it but our pathetic weak excuses of leaders stand by and ignore it because they are willing slaves of the juedomarxist creed of political correctness.

gis a job said...

12,000, Indian workers heading to Britain.

Anonymous said...

Is this saga below a case of racial discrimination against a White,English Born,Tameside Citizen by TMBC`s Borough Solicitor.
My name is not Mohammed.Rashid,
Chand,or Abdul so maybe TMBC are now picking and choosing who gets responses whilst seeking more May Votes.

Dear Ms Stewart
I would like to implement a FOI request concerning a Tameside School its pupils and the need to observe the data protection act.
Please inform me how many of the Denton West Tameside pupils shown in the Tameside Advertiser 23rd February 2012 had been granted written consent by parents,guardians,or close relatives for the photograph displayed on page 28.
Because its a Tameside School and Tameside Children,and a Tameside Newspaper involved in this political abuse of childrens privacy,which involved Tameside MP A.Gwynne
it is the duty of the Tameside Council, its Schools,and Political representatives to allow children their rights to privacy,and certainly not be utilised for political objectives.
I would like absolute proof within my FOI that the 13 Tameside children concerned had each given a signature proof of acceptance that they would be displayed in a local paper
with A,Gwynne.
Please directly deal with this FOI information yourself and certainly not refer me to the Press Complaints Council or any other organisation,because its a Tameside School,Tameside Children,and a Tameside Politician directly involved
Yours sincerely
John Hall

This is my third E.Mail,the two previous having been sent to Sandra Stewart without gaining a response.
"remember that the law says authorities must respond promptly"as denoted on the FOI Commissioners internet site,so I am now wanting to know besides my details requested on my FOI request,why I have not received the acknowledgement I requested,and why has Sandra Stewart ignored my two previous E.Mails which refer to a FOI request,and relate to a previous E.Mail which was direct from Ms Stewart to myself.
Copies of these E.Mails including this communication will now be forward to the FOI Commissioner trusting Ms Stewart will be reminded of her duties towards the Tameside Electorate.

Anonymous said...

time to deliver pork chops to the mosques

Roy K West said...
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Bring back the gibbet said...

Keep him under pressure West.
The Labour party are traitorous scum who have dragged this area and this country into the mire and spent thirteen years selling their own nation down the river for votes.

Two faced said...

Didn't the Nazis use Jewish gravestones for the pathways at Auschwitz? Can BNP Meltdown or one of the other Britain hating cranks tell me the difference?

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall,

The answer to your question as to how many parents/ guardians gave permission for their child's photo to appear in the press is very likely to be ALL of them.

It is standard practice in the nation's schools for photo permission forms to be sent out with regard to use on the Internet / press etc.

Before you go off into s spit-flecked frenzy accusing me of being a 'Labourcouncillortamesideemployeestooge' or somesuch nonsense, please ask any friends or relatives with school age children to confirm this.

I am sure a school rated as 'outstanding' by OFSTED would be totally compliant with this kind of bureaucratic requirement.

Lance Jakeman said...

If that's the case can you suggest why the Borough Solicitor has failed to reply.

Anonymous said...

Maybe bored of Mr Hall's seemingly constant requests? He has sent this particular one three times already by his own admission, and it is information readily available to anyone with an interest.

Brenda said...

Just ignore John Hall. He is a well known trouble causer.

subhumans said...

The sick fuckers. I cannot believe this is not on the news. Can anyone tell me there is no news coverage of this outrage against our dead?

Anonymous said...

Brenda re the last subject on TC

Your absolute jokes with Brenda especially only capable of her parrot phrase "he’s a trouble maker" who am I troubling Brenda ? Only the gobby cretins like you plus Gwynne and TMBC Labour

Councillors who deserve nothing but trouble heaped on them for plundering themselves lots of money
once elected. Years ago some of them would have been sent to the nearest nick, such as those in the past who decided "not to declare their outside interests" in the TMBC files for between 5 and 15 years.
It was an illegal offence subject to jail terms but the then Chief Executive never bothered to ensure Councillors complied with the Law which was for Councillors to declare their interests EVERY YEAR as a requirement.

Once I reported the facts with names the panic started at the top and within 10 days the files were updated without any penalty given to even one Councillor.

That was me "Brenda" causing problems for Councillors who duped the official registers similar to how "BRENDA" Warrington and Gwynne duped the House of Commons Official Registers knowing BRENDA was a PAID TMBC "AND" had three other paid outside interests.

How Labour Councillors have the bloody audacity to walk the streets
of Tameside with the track record over many years.

Wasn’t it true BRENDA that Councillor Gwynne was banned from participating as a Councillor by R.Oldham for alleged ballot fixing and a Tameside Council spokesperson commented in the press that TMBC did not want such a Councillor (Gwynne) representing the electorate.

So all the Labourite goons who stick their comments on TC your
TMBC labour scandals have always been subject to a sleazy cover up
and its time their next discovered sleazy scam became subject to a term inside.

Anonymous said...

Instead of lording it over young Kids as to his role as an MP, notice how he would never face a public meeting with adults from his Constituency because that’s a definite no no being asked questions in a public forum where he would be seriously exposed with facts.

Nice to see you gobbing it again BRENDA regardless of your reliance on the identical same words every time on TC.


Four little words said...


Anonymous said...

So no comment on the more reasonable post about your request Mr Hall?

The fact that you are apparently utterly convinced of the identity of another poster on here; solely because they type the name 'Brenda' speaks volumes about how credulous you are, despite your fine words!

Peter Richards: Shielding Child abusers said...

SEE LABOUR SCUM FOR WHAT THEY ARE! post leaflets about labour scumbags molesting children.

Why does Brian Wild not answer the question about Labour Cllrs grooming young children?
It's a big Labour cover up.
While Brian Wild sneaks around Dukinfield posting SMEAR leaflets about the BNP, his party is full of child molesters.

Anonymous said...

***the tumbleweed rolls back, quicker this time as a wind whips up from the west***

I walked with a zombie said...

Tell us your views.

Anonymous said...

***...carrying with it a squeaky echo***

I walked with a zombie said...

Tell us your views.