Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tameside named amongst hardest places to find a job in the country

Tameside has been revealed to be one of the toughest places in the country to find a job.

New figures reveal there are now 11 unemployed people in the borough for every advertised post.

That puts Tameside in the 10 worst council areas in the north of England in terms of employment prospects.

In Trafford, by contrast, there are less than two unemployed people for every advertised job.

The figures were compiled by the Institute for Public Policy Research, an influential think tank.

Overall, the number of unemployed people in the north west has risen by 22pc in the past year – a higher percentage than any other region. Manchester Evening News

What a thoroughly depressing state of affairs this is and it backs up feedback from regular contributors to this site who say getting a job, especially if you are young is nigh on impossible in many cases. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

Since 1948 when Britain became a socialist state freedom of thought, expresson and speech have all but been eradicated from the national scene and especially in media and academe.

We saw a recent instance of this when Professor David Starkey dared to ask for a debate on young blacks and was lured to the BBC expecting to go head to head with another professor, instead of which he was faced with regime enforcer filth who turned the whole discussion into an essay into cultural-Marxist bullying.

The truth is we dont have any intellectuals left in Britain, we have brain-dead, brainwashed sociobots who learned at an early age that they can only make progress in their careers by licking the boots of the Marxist-Zionist establishment. The whole of academe are now are composed of Pavlovian dogs who have been taught from an early age never to think for themselves but to think what is Zionistically politically-correct.

That is why our only hope is that fate delivers us more truth tellers like Emma West or Ron Paul. I know this is difficult in a country which threw morality overboard as not being politically-correct and in which morality is scorned, but some people are just born moral and truthful despite all attempts to create a society in which feminists will go from eating placentas to eating their babies.

dont forget us said...

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Labour Ruination. said...

The North West's urban areas are of course dominated by the scourge of Labour and their hordes of grossly incompetent local government officials, councillors etc who want to: keep their snouts in the trough; slag the Tories off; pander to minorities; pursue any politically correct opportunity to interfere in people's lives; worship the mantras of environmentalism, racism etc; enforce pointless, intrusive official diktats and interfere in people's everyday lives. Whilst the areas under their stewardship go to rack and ruin. Look around you at the ever growing amount of human dross in the LABOUR Borough of Tameside.

SerpentSlayer said...

It's all a part of our systematic demoralisation and eventual destruction. Make people thik that they cannot effect change, keep them down, make them feel helpless.

all the while they are conditioned to work for less, to accept rubbish jobs while selected immigrants are imported and groomed for professional jobs.

It is no mistake, make no mistake about it.

Click below or on my name for more enlightenment, albeit focussing on the effectiveness of repetition. Comments and criticism welcome.

Anonymous said...

Its certainly not rocket science to
find answers.
An excess of crap teachers,and crap parents who do not participate in their child`s education at home.
A video and beans on toast is many parents idea of bringing up kids.
Do they read books with their children every night.
Do they attend parents evenings
Do they get off their fat arses and
take their kids out to
interesting places.
I discussed the Labour Government`s
solution ?? re teenagers education with tutors at technical colleges where 1 year schemes were produced with full training ie
3 months on being an Electrician
3 months on being a Bricklayer
3 months on Joinery
and 3 months on Plumbing then they got a certificate covering these subjects
Every College Tutor I met stated it was all bollocks,and they had already experienced 17/18 year olds advertising in the MEN and Local Press to do House Rewires.Plumbing Repairs,and House wall repairs.
Ever thought that few if any Politicians can fix a dripping tap on build a garden wall or fit a security light.
Whilst we have our egotistical,ignorant dead head Politicians who have no productive qualifications.The kids will suffer and teachers and parents will sit filling their gobs,watching QVC and Kyle and Big Brother.
How many high tech organisations exist in Tameside almost zero because they already know the education standards are crap and everyone wants to have a beauty treatment shop,or a do your nails shop,take media studies,or take sports background studies.
Tameside is a seriously crap locality,with obesity everywhere,regular crime in most area`s and large numbers of scruffy
thick parents whose only expertise rests in using a mobile phone.
For years the telly told all the obese they were suffering from low esteem,utter bollocks they are the first to get what they want and their confidence is displayed in their appearances.
Grew up in the 1930`s backstreets,no baths,no hot water,
studied hard,and achieved several
qualifications because I wanted my parents to be proud of me,and they were interested.

James Dark said...

You have just given a textbook definition of what socialism does to aspiration, it systematically undermines and destroys it.
I work with the public in my job and there has been a massive increase in the last ten years in the number of shuffling, monosyllabic (due to a chronically limited vocabulary) mumbling, incoherent, subhuman and downright thick specimens in Tameside and the country as a whole.
I'm starting to think Eugenics was a good idea.

Anonymous said...

The last Labour government devised a welfare program that encouraged people to not work and have as many children as possible, the only way a working person can afford a detached house in London is to have 5 children, go on benefits and let the government pick-up the bill. The fact that Labour introduced legislation that dictated to housing associations the only factor to be taken into account was how many children a family had meant that last year 50% of all social housing went to non-working Asian immigrants.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Today Is The Day For Goggle's New Privacy Policy.

Until now, it kept separate the data it gleans from someone's browsing history from their Gmail address.But from today web searches, YouTube viewing and Google Maps queries will be linked to any Google account they are signed in to.The company could learn an individual's age, location, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and health status.Anybody using the Android operating system on a mobile phone could also give away sensitive information.'
Sky News

Have you checked your settings .It us claimed many have not even read the change notification. I have opted out today and will change my search engine. I know it will make very little difference and I'm not being over paranoid. I just like kicking against methods of control and private info gathering by these data monsters. I'm not up to anything to be of interest to the authorities but also don't want targeted adverts. One would think the whole world revolves around finding out what you prefer so they can sell you something you don't need.

James Dark said...

Kids are used as a money sponge and defence mechanism by scum and certain communities. You can't be forced to get a job or be evicted if you've got a 'kiddee.'
Please supply sources about the non-working Asian immigrants and social housing as I'm interested in this subject.

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

***tumbleweed rolls slowly by***

Aluman said...

happy saint davids day people


(2008) UKIP Candidate Paul Kidd and other ukip scum.

Anonymous said...

***...and rolls slowly back again, as a chorus of cicadas strikes up in the middle distance***

I walked with a zombie said...

Tell us your views.

Dominic said...

I dont commute to altrincham because i enjoy three hours on trains :)

hardly surprising the councils strategy has been 'beg more from london' for three decades

Unknown said...

I'm not at all surprised. When I'm travelling home from work in Droylsden each evening, my bus is full of Polish, Africans speaking in a foreign tongue coming home from their jobs. Local Labour party must be so proud of the fact they've actively facilitated this, while leaving their own people to rot. All those old diehard labour voters have disinherited their own kids, through sheer ignorance. Well done.