Sunday, 25 March 2012

An Angry Man Speaks in Hyde

This chap was making a bit of a stir in Hyde yesterday. There are more clips of his speeches, or would  rants be a better description? They can be found on his Youtube channel. I think he is a member or associate of the EDL or some similar group.

I wonder what the people of Hyde thought of him and his public proclamations of his world view?


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say on here from now on, because everything is an offence.

Activist said...

Well said. He may not be the sharpest chisel in the box but at least he's got the bollocks to DO something.

The say anything they want said...

Azhar Ahmed - Bailed despite abusing our Glorious Dead.

I'd would love it! love it said...

Stay away from self-pity when offended. It can destroy your self esteem and make you miserable.

John Allan said...

2005 US Department of Justice rape statistics:
37,460 white women raped by black men.
Zero black women raped by white men.
That's an immense disparity, but it pales into insignificance when you consider that blacks only make up 12% of the population (at the moment) against the white's 73%. They must have a real, rapist 'work ethic' to produce statistics like that. But of course there's no 'racist' element in these attacks, as we all know blacks are victims.

Anonymous said...

Get angry all you want but it's a fading struggle. The vast majority are asleep, sleep walking in the streets. A young girl gets mugged in Manchester by three black girls, she does not even get a visit from the police just a crime number. Someone picks up the phone, and calls the police about comments on here and it's all round to question who they think it is.
Yet get mugged in the street and no police in sight. Yet the police say, they have a duty to responed.

An Angry Man Speaks In Hyde said...

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Knee deep in human blood said...

Sometimes anger is justified.

Anonymous said...

Those whom the gods destroy they first make mad?
What does this mean?

I think it is definitely open to many interpretations. Here are some variations of the saying and one man's thoughts which everyone seems to apply their thoughts to a particular issue of the day.

"When falls on man the anger of the gods, first from his mind they banish understanding."

"When divine power plans evil for a man, it first injures his mind."

"Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of their senses."

"Whom God wishes to destroy he first makes mad."

"For those whom God to ruin has design'd, He fits for fate, and first destroys their mind."
John Dryden

Enoch Walked With God said...

As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see "the River Tiber foaming with much blood". That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century. Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal

Anonymous said...

Would it be appropriate to re-name
Tameside Citizen and call it Dukinfield Citizen.
We have all got lousy devious Councillors who are screwing us rotten,but I wonder why very limited
postings are observed re TMBC when you consider the Tameside approx
population of 215,000.
Is no-one else interested in digging into the scams,lies and devious actions of many Councillors.

Lee Jones said...

Good idea, tell us what's going on in your Ward.

testing testing 1 2 3 microphone testing said...

Westy, you should get yourself a loud hailer like Mr Angry in this video and take to the streets of Dukinfield with it telling the electorate about how much their local councillors are milking from the public purse and about the animal tormenters who kill innocent animals for fun.

Werneth Gummidge said...

I'm getting a bit bored of the constant Dukinfield non-drama. There are things happening in other corners of Tameside as well.

What about the grubby deselection of Derek Baines to make way for by Floyd Paterson? Why hasn't that been mentioned on here? I would have thought a well-respected Werneth councillor being knifed in the back by some upstart from Denton would be worthy of at least a few raised eyebrows.

Blue Rinse said...

Floyd is the best man for the job and he has the full support of Derek so sling it stirrer.

Werneth Gummidge said...

Why is Derek refusing to campaign for Floyd then?

Blue Rinse said...

You are fishing for information and you are not going to get it here. Derek wishes Floyd well and Derek says Floyd will make a first class councillor.

Werneth Gummidge said...

Derek is already a first-class councillor, but he's been ousted. Derek is of course too gracious to criticise him, but it's hardly surprising that he's declined to campaign for Floyd.

I'm not the only Tory voter in Werneth who is unhappy about it.

Anonymous said...

Mr West
With respect something is seriously lacking in your inability over years to handle Taylor and Tameside Police.
I do not vote for fringe groups but I am certain I could have stitched them up months ago.
You have not been dealing with brain surgeons or scientists so why the ongoing problems.
Something is not right if you cannot handle a non literate ex Market bloke who most people could buy and sell.

Blue Rinse said...

I am sorry you feel this way WG but I can assure you Derek fully supports Floyds as the candidate. Derek has other commitments and he is delighted to hand over the responsibility of Werneth to Floyd. The local party needs reinvigorating and Floyd and the new team will breath new life into our party to face the challenges of the future.

Small Town Gangsters said...

The problem is; ‘the ex-market bloke’ has a very close working relationship with the law, something totally ironic in its own right, but that’s another story. West is not very good at providing intricate details of exactly how he keeps on getting snared, but from contacts at the lodge I am told they have been gunning for him for the last two years and have tried many different methods to get him jailed. What's surprizing is that he has only been arrested two or three times.

black rod said...

26/03/2012 20:15

You do not vote for fringe groups, just traitors you mean?

What to do with easily offended people? said...

What to do with easily offended people?

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all said...

I recently read one of the best quotes since The American War of Independence on this blog regarding Roy West. West was being targeted by enemies of Britain, they were calling him a convicted racist and then somebody come out with the most remarkable quote:

“I would rather be a convicted racist than an unconvicted traitor”

That quote, so simple yet so powerful it made me view the Roy West persecution in an entirely different light.

Anonymous said...

“The trouble with the English is they never see the writing on the wall, until they have their backs to it.”

Anonymous said...

Small Town Gangsters said...
Thats an easy one to answer.
PERSECUTION....keeps on getting snared.


west west west west ? for fuck sake

3 points clear said...

Come on the reds, nearly there, don't trip at the last hurdle and let them score an equalizer.

Pet pig said...

Is Mr Miah standing in Werneth again. He only just lost last year to the Tory leader John Bell. Demographics play an increasing part in this particular ward.

As for the West situation, there does appear to be an extremely high degree of police zeal ifor what is a very trivial alleged 'offence'. Is it right certain senior officers have been repeatedly involved in this ongoing grudge for several years?

Leonard Mack said...

Those rape statistics tell a tale that only the WILFULLY blind can't see.

Link said...

A biology undergraduate studying at Swansea University has today been jailed for making a tweet which was considered to be of a racist nature concerning Premiership footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Following the collapse of Fabrice Muamba, Liam Stacey, a man of previous good character tweeted 'LOL. **** Muamba. He's dead!!!' His comment caused outrage and revulsion and he was arrested two hours later.

When sentencing Stacey the stipendiary magistrate said racism has no place in a tolerant and civilized society and there was no other option than a custodial sentence for such a heinous crime.

Liam Stacey was led to the cells in tears when he realised a 56 day custodial sentence had been imposed.

Meanwhile in another case Stanley Hughes was given a twelve month supervision order for sexual offences against children dating back to the mid 1970’s. Following probation reports and character references the court decided a custodial sentence would not be appropriate as no new offences have been reported in the last three years. Mr Hughes now realises that such behaviour is not acceptable and the bench agreed with his defence that the chances of him re-offending is very slim.

He was however warned that should he appear before the court on such matters at some time in the future a custodial sentence would be considered.

Swansea Court Correspondent

SerpentSlayer said...

Where was the 'racism' in the man's comments?

Sounds more like a man from Swansea (who have a bottom of the table club) insulting a player of another bottom table club.

What he said was awful but it was just words at the end of the day. How long before arresting people for insults becomes arresting people for opinions?

Pet pig said...

Bloody hell, I thought there had to be a murder or something before someone of the rank of Inspector got involved. Does he attend every 'serious' name calling incident?

Anonymous said...

You are extremely repetitive RW with your allegations regarding the Dukinfield illiterate scruffy midget which may diminish your credibility.
Take a tip and yes hit back hard with any exposure which nails JT but then immediately move on to another instance of JT`s stupidity.
Repeating the same identical rhetoric does not enhance your position.
Keep jabbing at JT with "other substantiated facts" which people can read,but refrain from releasing the very same allegations time after time.
Tactics appear to not be your strong points,but listen to any tips which TC posters offer.
There are a number of very shrewd
and intelligent folk who submit on TC who would have few problems dealing with JT and his ilk regardless of his "friends".

Police Stae said...

Mr West's been arrested again tonight. No doubt for another 'serious' offence. You'd think the police and authorities had better things to do.
I'll be interested to see what Taylor says at the court case (if it gets that far) if asked why he attended the Kugow court case when he's got a non-contact order out against Mr West.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion Chapter 19 said...

3. In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder, and every kind of abominable and filthy crime. Public opinion will then confuse in its conception of this category of crime with the disgrace attaching to every other and will brand it with the same contempt.

Anonymous said...

It's surely obvious to even the most moronic of people that our 'justice' system has been politicised.

How else can one explain how an MP who headbutts and assaults several others in a drunken rage doesn't receive a custodial sentence, but this lad is imprisoned for sending racist messages on Twitter? It's a travesty.

Anonymous said...

I should make it clear that I do not condone what he wrote at all. It was cowardly, because he thought he was anonymous, and unpleasant.

My concern is not so much for him as an individual, but rather that his treatment is symptomatic of a perverse society that's obsessed with racism. I think it's frightening that in a violent society like ours, in which prison space is at a premium, it is considered appropriate to jail people for posting unpleasant comments.

This whole Muamba fiasco has exposed the British public as hysterical and mawkish, and our judicial system as farcical. It's a terrible state of affairs and makes me ashamed to be British. Whatever happened to the stiff upper lip and freedom of speech and expression?

tonydj said...

My advice...?

"Don't get mad, get even."

"Revenge is a dish best savoured cold".

tonydj said...

Is it true that the quickest way in Tameside to call the Police is not 999 but to post on this blog?

The Guardian said...

Be afraid, be very afraid. It has been announced that court cases are to filmed and televised. This is the logical progression on the road to tyranny on which we are now all travelling.

Roy West was arrested again yesterday afternoon and held in custody over night. As far as I am aware he is still in police custody. A young university undergraduate was yesterday jailed for making an insensitive comment about a black footballer. A woman on a tram in Croyden complains that the country has too many immigrants and she is jailed. Two men from Eltham have been fitted up and jailed for life for a murder in Eltham in 1993, everyone who knows anything about the case knows they have been fitted up but their recorded racist comments as teenagers has condemned them to life imprisonment.

The reason court cases are to be televised is so Stalinist style showtrials can fed into every home in the land. The intention is to terrify dissidents into thinking again before airing opinions which are at odds with the ideology of the state. The video of the Stalinists show trials illustrates perfectly why this is a danger to all free thinkers. The accused in these show trials were once Stalin’s closest henchmen.

Once they have the show trials up and running it is very easy to manipulate the masses, we had a glimpse of how easy this can be done following the conviction of Norris & Dobson in January. The manipulated masses in true Pavlovian style will demand blood if blood is what the establishment demand. The natural progression from televised show trials would be televised executions, the ultimate bread and circuses for the moronic masses.

If anyone thinks this an insane rant, cast your mind back just twenty years ago and ask yourself could you ever have imagined someone being jailed for mentioning the war near a German, a homosexual couple demanding marriage in a church, an ex-borstal boy becoming the deputy leader of a major metropolitan borough?

These things have crept upon us unnoticed like a hidden cancer. The process is now accelerating and anything is possible where the current political class is concerned.

Misplaced Rectitude said...

"I should make it clear that I do not condone what he wrote at all. It was cowardly, because he thought he was anonymous, and unpleasant."

Quite amazing isn't it when the country is staring down the barrel of an islamic multi-ethnic hellhole, when cultural marxist reds are pulling no punches in crippling any and all opposition, we still feel the need to tread carefully and not open our mouths without an acompanying apologia on what those who have finally flipped have said. What a pathetic contemptible lot of cowardly little weasels we are.

Towton 1461 said...

Regarding national survival, it may one day come to a choice between submission or a bloodbath. In that event let's hope the British have the spine to choose the latter.

Anonymous said...

The signs are absolutely everywhere around our globe.that
the end game is nigh far quicker than you imagine.
Corruption is escalating at a horrendous rapid rate.
Lying is 60% of utterances,with free speech now zero.
The religious fanatics all of whom "cannot prove"one scrap of their doctrine will increasingly kill those not of their misplaced faith.
Increasing scum on TV are creating a rapid epidemic of scum watching.
To have a celeb status is now sought by millions who will perform any stunt to succeed.
The new Arab dawn is another rung
up on the ladder to ultimate destruction.
Being vile is pursued in all societies
Unable to keep up with the destruction race to disaster a widespread aid of the daily utilisation of substances
has created more monsters than any previous historic era
Those scared,frightened and in hiding are feeling desperate that they no longer have any rights.
Studying all history over several hundred years no-one can offer proof that the multitude of nations
is not reaching a climax which is
daily sought even more by power seekers ie Russia,Israel,Middle East,China,USA,UK,and Eastern European Countries plus South American Countries.
Its not sitting staring at black clouds across the world for the sake of it but the recognition that no possible improvement is possible
other than an increasingly sliding and quickening route to destruction because the fulcrum is no longer correctable.
Be simply alarmed that those who deny this looming future have taken their eyes off the truth,and their apathy has contributed to the end game.

Captain Cook said...

You must be God, seeing as you can see through the immense complexity of trillions of events on earth every single second and predict what's going to happen.
Things DO look grim nationally and even worse in many parts of the globe, and some of the things you rather vaguely state may happen. Our course is to avoid biblical sounding hysteria, concentrate on putting our own house (Britain) in order, and get ready for some potentially very heavy weather.

Aeschylus. said...

Two fantastic articles by the Daily Telegraph blogger ED West, one suggesting Islam is becoming the acceptable scapegoat for the immigration experiment and the second article focuses on the student from Swansea recently jailed
for making insensitive comments about a black footballer.

Ed West is right on the ball on both counts and if he continues on his current trajectory he may one day find himself in a gulag with his distant cousin Roy West from Tameside.

Ed West gets it dead right when he says: “Mass immigration brings enormous social costs, most of which are borne by the working classes, who in England have been shafted by an experiment in which they had no say and which was instigated by people far richer and more privileged than them”. Now how true is that and why do elected politicians never tell it as it is like Ed West does?

The reason I despise the Labour Party more than any other organisation on this planet is because of their total betrayal of the Working Class. They have hoodwinked and fooled the uneducated workers of this country into voting for them and when those same workers fall for their deception, they repay them by stabbing them in the back.

I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.

Anonymous said...

We are now living in a country which allows paedophiles, rapists, murderers and terrorists to roam the streets. It is scary to realise that a comment (no matter how bad it may seem) will land you in jail.

I am a friendly person and would always have a chat with anyone, but now I dare not speak to foreign-looking persons in case I say something which they might take the wrong way. Since mass immigration and political correctness has taken over I fear that this has made our nation less tolerant and will continue to do so. When are the politicians going to realise that they are only making everything worse?

'Shut up' and 'put up' is what we're expected to do.

Roger Marriott said...

Ed West is right about the massively excessive sentence on the student who made the Muamba comment, but fundamentally wrong on immigration when he equates Britain's Muslims with other newcomer communities. According to the last government's own figures, between 2004 - 2008 the Islamic popuation of Britain grew TEN TIMES FASTER than any other group. That and the vast majority's patent unwillingness to integrate in any meaningful way makes their particular section of society a separate, extremely concerning and significant issue.

When race becomes an issue, all sense goes out of the window said...

EVERYBODY was kung-fu fighting.

Anonymous said...

what is the diffence between Nationality and race?

Unknown said...

Real men, standing up for our own people, unlike the local politicians. Let's face it the locals need educating. Most haven't a clue what they're voting for when they elect them. And nationality is dependant on which country you're born in. Racial grouping is something you inherit from your parents and ancestors.

SerpentSlayer said...

Finally got round to watching this, bloody well said that man. He made his point well, people do live in a bubble, people do think that somebody will stand up for them, people seem to think that if they ignore the problem then it will go away.

Thank Odin's blood that there are people like this man and some of the people on here. Otherwise all would most definately be lost.

As it says in my favourite film, Robin Hood:

Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions.