Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fantastic flower display on Cemetery Road

Tameside always seems to excel when it comes to floral displays and the display I come across today on Cemetery  Rd is simply stunning. Well done to whoever is responsible.


Anonymous said...

I like the first one pictured.

And I like the third one pictured.

But the one I like best which doesn`t appear is the phallic one in Hyde Park.

Anonymous said...


A very childish young man said...

Anonymous, are you a fan of all things phallic?

C A T spells cat said...

Yeah, f***in' brilliant. Thank God for TMBC. The sooner Labour have all 57 councillors and Taylor is made leader and knighted the better. I believe he's up to Peter and Jane book three now.

John Taylor said...

It was my idea and my design we will be having more of them.

Anonymous said...

It truly was a journalistic masterpiece from Sue Carr;


Padded out with some nonsense about someone who may or may not think that a beehive looks like a bellend.

The Pullitzer prize must be in the post.

cyril said...

It was Cllr Sweeton who planted these flowers.

Traitors Gate said...

It isnt a mystery why working class white youths are failing, its blatantly obvious. Our white youth have, through the latent pernicious and moronic philosophy of Lord LibDem Jenkins [deceased, but still working] of 'Permissiveness' been steadily and unswervingly been engineered to disregard respect, sincerity, and all the assets which were once the basis of 'Englishness'. This silly man expounded, for one thing, that 'children should not be afraid of the police. If a copper caught me scrumping apples, I got two punishments - a good clout behind my ear from the copper, and a good hiding from my dad for bringing my family's name into disrepute. The result was that I never did it again [ie caught!]. Another result was that I respected the copper and my father for teaching me something I should have known!

Permissiveness led to the disregard for other people and the expulsion of respect - it also led to the Jenkinsonian philosophy of ME, ME, ME and no one else but ME. This, together with the following philosophy of 'Anything Goes'! This was rapidly followed by the derogatory 'Sex is another word for playtime', 'If you cant afford it - steal it'. IMO That silly little man and the 'Gang of Five' laid the foundations for the demolition of the youth of Britain as hard working, polite to your elders and family, caring for your British brothers and sisters, or anyone, proud of your family,....and above all respect for your country and your family.......and ultimately, the death of a once-respected nation!

Jenkins and his Gang fell out with labour, cos they couldnt do as they pleased, and founded their own Party which took them several years to decide on a name for it - LibDem. IMO they should have called it something far more detrimental. They are still at it today - trying to make a nation bankrupted by its politicians and money lenders stone-cold bleedin DEAD! Voting for this moronic Party is similar to voting for a disembowelled toad and banned. One of us here put the latter as an e Petition, but it was disallowed - prolly cos of the wording of the petition which was strong and to the point!

The Labour Party is outmoded, the LibDem Party and its 'philosophy' should, IMO, be made a criminal offence punishable by hanging!

BTW Lordy Jenkins, 'a man of sound socialist views', once refused to board a train because it didnt have his favourite vintage of wine in its bar! No, it wasnt Champagne - thats reserved for modern Socialists!

Anonymous said...

I have been following West's crisis with his neighbour, and JT.
Not being politically connected to any particular party, I would say that Mr West is a on hiding to nothing here.
West's neighbour can do no wrong in the eyes of the courts and the police, and clear collusion has now been established between Councillor John Taylor and West's neighbours.
My advice for Mr West, is to take the best option and consider a move away from the persecution.
I believe that, West's neighbour works for the Council in some capacity or another.
There's a clear agenda of persecution, sending the police to arrest Mr West with every complaint made.
Remember Mr West: British people don't run local Councils, or have control over the police.
Traitors run the show now.
Consider the options in front of you now Mr West.

Rotten Borough said...

If it's correct that Taylor turned up at the Kugow's court hearing whilst he had a non-contact order out aginst Mr West the latter should inform his solicitor of this odd occurrence.