Saturday, 24 March 2012

Do as we say,not as we do!

On his "Dukinfield Views" web-site Cllr John Taylor is critical of the Tories for giving "Pensioners' money to millionaires". And quite rightly so!

It is a pity he seems to have forgotten his own actions of giving pensioner's cash to ....well wealthy people if not millionaires.

In February 2006 he awarded contracts to various companies for provision of care to the elderly and other vulnerable persons. One company was Access, owned by Shirlie Rose Traynor since 1997. Traynor, former Labour councillor Shirlie Stonier sold off the company within 12 months to Care UK ltd ,(Operating profit of £19.5m for year ending October 2006). The price paid was undisclosed but Care UK reported buyng three companies (including Access) for a total of £10m

Many (most?) old folk pay for the care from the council, who in turn pay these providers who are owned, or formerly owned, by millionaires.


Anonymous said...

Its about this time each year TMBC announce the increases being made to Councillors.
Surely John Taylor is in the known regarding what increases are Councillors will be receiving and any increases on other payments re Stationary,Internet,Computer hardware,travel expenses etc in other words how much of our cash will be emptied out of OUR wallets and purses to provide them all with
more parasitic benefits to stuff into their households and banks.
Your one big idiotic bunch of bloody racketeers who should be culled,what`s it like to be known as a vile and disgusting creature Councillors ???

Anonymous said...

Roy do you not allow Asian people on your street ?
We know you are a convicted racist but we don't have the colour segregation you and your BNP friends would like in this country.

Roy K West said...

24/03/2012 16:44

I've got an Asian nephew so it won't bother me too much.
My other nephew is going out with an Hindu lass.

SerpentSlayer said...

Hinduism = What happens when you put pearls before swine.

Thank the Aesir for the relics we have of India's ancient rulers, the Dhammapadda and the Vedas.
Before the Asian branch of Aryan religion was fouled by cow worshipping, believing that mutants are gods and throwing paint over each other, India had a sound religion.

Once somethig sinks into the mud, it can never be retrieved intact.

Battle of the Boyne 1690 said...

Anonymous 16:44, better to be a convicted 'racist' than an unconvicted traitor.

How to Overcome Being Easily Offended said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that's a good one:

Avoid being too sensitive as it is a sure way to be easily offended.

Petrocelli said...

Make a note of: Her comment on the video; his turning up to their court case (when there's an order out stating you mustn't contact him); his turning up at their house for two hours, and anything else. Pass all this on to your solicitor.

Anonymous said...

It's not the Tories squeezing Dukinfield.

Councillor John Taylor living the rich life the last 8 years.
Total - £35,135.00
Total - £31,791.32
Total - £31,565.18
Total - £31,044.34
Total - £27,822.00
Total - £27,157.00
Total - £24,640.25
Total - £25,655.50