Thursday, 5 January 2012

Are your children overweight? Do you live in Tameside? If so, you may be in danger of losing them

Tameside Council in Greater Manchester recently took two children into care on the grounds of their excessive obesity. One of them is only five years old and is the youngest child ever to be taken from its family and into care for this reason.

This child had a body mass index (BMI) of 22.6, which means that they were clinically obese, weighing ­4st 4lb, a stone and a half more ­than average. The second child, a 14-year-old, had a BMI of 30.3 and weighed ­13 stones, five stones more ­than average. Read more here.

I know little of this case or about the children in question but to confiscate children in this manner seems to be utterly draconian. Some people cannot help being obese as they are genetically predisposed to obesity.

Looking at some of the councillors elected in Tameside I can assure you some of them are on the obese side too, so for their sake, let’s hope they do not posses the obesity gene as they may one day see their kids or grandkids snatched from them. Tameside Citizen


Tameside Citizen said...

I will politely ask again; please, no more boring BNP bickering or I will start deleting without further explanation.

tonydj said...

Why am I reminded of the Baby rayner case of 1987?

"Whats the difference between Tameside social servicea and a Rotweiler?"

"You can get your kids off a rotweiler and they have probably been better looked after",5002179

Anonymous said...

Who was Baby Rayner Tony DJ?

nationalist said...

Have you got that this time West ?

The Nanny State Sucks said...

They wouldn't take my kids without a fight, I will tell you that for nothing.

graymp said...

I know little of this case or about the children in question

...and that's the truth right there!

Like most of this stuff, there must be more to the story. Unless TMBC social workers are collecting fat kids like Pokemon...

SerpentSlayer said...

This is a disgusting state of affairs. The state should not be allowed to take peoples children unless they were in danger (in that case they should be moved to family or friedns if possible)

Instead why don't we do something about the prromotion of junk food and the shoddy state of PE in schools.

PE should take up at least an hour of every day and competition should be encouraged along with the promotion of fighting as a way of establishing an hierarchy amongst school aged boys. If boys need to stay fit not to get their heads kicked in then they will keep in shape.

I was raised in a soft time, weaker than most, little was done to encourage me to get me involved in sports and I was often left to hang around with my fellow nerds instead.

It took me ages to get back into exercise after leaving school (as I was never really INTO it) and there was no PE at college.

We live in too soft a world, it needs to be more conducive to toughness, the destruction of the nanny state will help massively.

We need to be more like Sparta than the Eurasia of 1984. Manlove optional.

Anonymous said...

Kids safe in Tamesides hands that`s a laugh.
2 young children died recently through Tameside Hospital`s negligence,was TMBC critical and condemn the Hospital "NO" JUST SILENCE from TMBC
Will the Tameside Advertiser Editor block this following E.Mail item and ignore the basic freedom of speech legistlation.

Dear Editor (Tameside Advertiser)
I read the Advertisers constant references to its objective and unbiased reporting service to the 220,000 Tamesiders,yet in my opinion which I am entitled to hold
is that the solid linked close associations between the Advertiser,TMBC,MP`s,PCT,Councillors is seriously detrimental to all Tamesiders and results in non investigative reporting
by a local paper.
If I was the Advertiser Editor re the disgusting continued failures at Tameside Hospital I would be immediately knocking at the doors of TMBC Councillors who are and have been directly linked to the Hospital administration via Scrutiny Panels,Committee`s etc and asking those Councillors closely linked to Ms Green why they never comment when infants,children,adults die because of Hospital blunders substantiated and confirmed by the constant Coroners reports
I would be wanting to interview immediately our local Labour MP who in the House of Commons, is the Labour Party Health spokesperson and establishing why he remains mute
on his own deplorable Hospital reports over many years which established the Hospital was not fit for purpose.
Next on my interview list would be the Tameside Primary Trust top Administrators including those regularly seeking and given awards which is well reported by the Advertiser,
yet those directly employed by the PCT to safeguard and improve the health and welfare of Tamesiders also remain mute in their ivory NHS towers when it comes to being critical.
Whilst the Advertiser is complicit in not investigating and questioning "all those responsible other than Ms Green" then Tamesiders also have a local press also not fit for purpose
because of its well established contacts with our local administrations highly paid members who dictate our lives and how long we live.
The Advertiser`s companion the Reporter Group is also another not fit for purpose press being a non fully investigative service to all Tamesiders,so until the Advertiser comes clean
on why it avoids questioning ALL THE LOCAL POLITICIANS constantly as to their direct roles and responsibilities along with their close links with Ms Green and the disgusting and deplorable reports which include the deaths of children at Tameside Hospital.

Anonymous said...

Great response from J Hall and Serpent Slayer. I will scouring the advertiser for J Hall's letter. Let's hope it gets published.

NCB said...

TC, you make a good point regarding the obesity among the councillors themselves.

Last time I attended a TMBC meeting I noticed just how many of our illustrious councillors were physical wrecks, with most of the men displaying a pot belly, and the women looking like they were ready for the knacker's yard. Perhaps it would be a better idea to kidnap these unhealthy specimens and send them off to a health club rather than drag children away from their parents.

The ballad of Reading Gaol said...

All the drivel posted on this blog is the fault of West - either he is posting comments or someone is responding to his comments. When/if he goes to jail perhaps this blogsite can return to a semblance of normality. One can live in hope!

Oscar Wilde said...

Yet each man kills the thing he loves. By each let this be heard.
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word.
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!

send her home said...

Dianne Abbott MP, a fat anti-White racist pig.

Telling porkies said...

If a person decreases food intake by 25% (particularly, high fat and sugary foods etc), increases their exercise by 25% the weight will fall off. In the mid 70s people actually ate considerably more but also did a lot more exercise and so there were a lot less fat people.
All these 'conditions' such as obesity, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, drug addiction etc are self inflicted. Being soft and dishonest with such weak minded and fundamentally inferior people is the worst thing you can do. They need to be confronted with the facts and told to take responsibility for themselves, i.e. grow up.

Superfit Labour Councillors said...

Local Labour councillor Helen Bowden and her husband are shining examples of the superfit lifestyle TMBC demands of its residents. He walks with a stick he's so obese, and she lowers the 346 bus she boards to work a good few inches too. Alan Adonis Whitehead was so obese he (it is alleged) developed diabetes and was in danger of losing his legs before he lost weight. Come to think of it many of the local Labour line-up hardly qualify for a weight watchers line-up.

Anonymous said...

06/01/2012 00:32

You said that on the other page
get a life sad t***

Anonymous said...

More incitement from Taylor on his blog. Make sure you keep a record of all his rantings.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012Is there a link between the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence and the bnp ,Gary Dobson had strong links with Combat 18 and we all know the links they have with the bnp in some areas of the country,

Anonymous said...

I'm going to report that to the police as incitement.

Anonymous said...

He just can't leave it alone he's got to incite violence at every turn.
A pattern of incitement since he had a BNP Candidate ib Duki.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012Is there a link between the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence and the bnp ,Gary Dobson had strong links with Combat 18 and we all know the links they have with the bnp in some areas of the country,
Posted by John Charles Taylor at Wednesday, January 04, 2012 0 comments

they're bent and they're above the law said...

Everyone but the thickest numbskull knows C18 was a state honey trap set up to snare radical right wing activists who had the potential to be violent. Even the thicko ex-borstal boy would know that.

I wonder what the ex-borstal boy has to say about his Party colleague, the humanoid hippopotamus hybrid Diane Abbot who is a genuine racist rather that an imaginary one dreamt up by far left lesbians from the south coast?

Anonymous said...

Shhh, don't interrupt him, he has been reading the big lad's posts and has just learnt a new word and wants to try it out!

Altogether now, incitement, incitement, incitement, I don't know what it means!

Deranged said...

No one reads it

tonydj said...

ANONYMOUS 20:18 5/1/2012

Sorry, the link did not work.

In November 1987 Tamside social services intended to take into care an UNBORN baby because they suspected the parents were responcible for the deaths of previous children of theirs. Even though the police felt there was no crime committed and hospital diagnosed liver failure,5442565&dq=earlier+yesterday+a+lawyer+representing+phillip+and+lili+rayner+said+the+couple+two+hours+later+social+services&hl=en

link to Glasgow HERALD 19 NOV 1987, see also the 17 Nov 1987 edition, page 3