Wednesday, 23 November 2011

180 Elderly a day die from the cold in Winter

180 pensioners died every day as a result of cold conditions during the 2010-11 winter months in England and Wales.

The annual ‘Excess winter mortality’ report found that an estimated 21,800 people over the age of 65 died as a result of adverse conditions, on top of the average mortality rate for the same period of time (4 months from December 2010 to March 2011).

Over-65s accounted for 84% of the overall 25,700 ‘excess’ deaths during the winter months.

“The numbers of excess winter deaths are a disgrace,” said Michelle Mitchell, charity director of Age UK. “We like to think of ourselves as a civilised society which protects the most vulnerable but the numbers of older people who do not survive the winter here is far higher than most European countries where the weather is far colder.

“These deaths are the tip of an iceberg of illness, misery and anxiety which grips Britain every winter,” she added. “The Government must do more to tackle fuel poverty and ensure that housing is better insulated.”

Latest estimates from the Hills Review suggest that 4.1 million homes in Britain are living in fuel poverty – being forced to spend over 10% of household income to keep a “satisfactory” heating condition. Fresh concerns have also emerged over the rise of energy prices over recent months as EDF, British Gas, npower, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy and E. ON have all hiked prices- taking the average household energy bill up £161.

“Many of our poorest pensioners, families and disabled people, put their health at risk by having to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table this winter,” said Audrey Gallacher, director of energy at Consumer Focus. “This is one of the most pressing and neglected concerns facing the government’s energy strategy.

“Recent energy price hikes have left fuel poverty levels soaring, with energy bills almost double what they were five years ago,” she added. “With around nine million people in England living in fuel poverty under the current measure, this has been a running sore for successive governments and we desperately need a coherent plan to address it.”

Consumer Focus estimates that the spike in energy prices could see 5.1 million homes facing fuel poverty.

As a nation we suffer constant attacks on our freedoms in the name of "Health and Safety", whether it is undercover litter wardens or smoking in Pubs, the breathalyser or Speed Cameras, the nanny state orders us around "for our own good".

But when it comes to fuel prices and the annual holocaust of the elderly, Health and Safety takes a back seat to profit.

At least the establishment are consistant, The breathalyser and Speed Cameras not to mention the local smoking and litter Secret Police are motivated by a desire to

a) Make Money and / or

b) keep us in our homes away from meeting fellow complainers.

The fuel policy certainly makes money and, tragicaly, keeps 180 old and infirm people a day permenantly away from their fellow citizens.


David Wright said...

Who cares if our old people die as long as the massive international aid budget is increased every year (whilst everything else is cut to the bone) and billions of pounds of British taxpayer's money is thrown into Third World cess pits to be utterly wasted. After all it's 'morally' right. That means it must also be morally right to kill our own elderly by denying them that money.
I don't often use foul language but Britain is run by a bunch of fucking cunts. (Apologies TC).

if only they listened said...

It is a cold and heartless thing to say, but many elderly people now suffering should have taken advice from those who were warning of the troubles to come and fought against the corrupt cartel who have destroyed our country and squandered our nations wealth.

tonydj said...

@ if only they'd listened.

Many of these old folk are of a generation that lived through the war, and who were led to believe that they had already paid enough for their future to be assured. They cannot be totaly blamed for not seeing that the rulers they think should serve them in fact serve others.

Having said that, I find there is some merit in your arguement.

Cretinocracy said...

This is a reflection on modern society where self interest comes before all else.

Anonymous said...

Lots of concern around Tameside on this subject.
It says a lot without doubt.

Bully boy and very nasty man said...

Councillor John Taylor spends more of his time now, calling the Tories for their policies, yet he supports unlawful beatings against young people.

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

Should you be telephoned by a TMBC Councillor or a GMP Officer or be visited by either at your home the best remedy I can vouch for is tape record the conservation.
Past recordings I have made have given me substantiated cause for complaints which cannot be disputed.
Do it you know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I recorded Inspector Bill Callaghan at my house.
He read through one of my leaflets.
Inspector Bill Callaghan.
Issued the following denials on behalf of his political master Cllr John Taylor.
"Cllr Taylor does not have any connection with the criminal led Searchlight"

Anonymous said...

I also have Inspector Bill Callaghan on film telling me at my house.
"We don't arrest people anymore"

Brenda said...

Two of Tameside's biggest trouble causers together, West & Hall. It's a match made in hell.

Anonymous said...

The film recording of Inspector Bill Callaghan telling me that Cllr John Taylor does not work with the criminal led searchlight, is very important.
Clearly Inspector Bill Callaghan does not understand the nature of the beast he works for? or he's very stupid.
How can he come to my house and put himself in a position like that?

Allegation/Smear Spreaders said...

Speaking to a resident today in Dukinfield, about Jackie Lane.
He told me, that he confronted her about posting a smear/allegation leaflet.
This was on the same day Jim Fitzpatrick was trying to incite violence in Dukinfield with the same vile smear leaflet.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
Two of Tameside's biggest trouble causers together, West & Hall. It's a match made in hell.

Come on Brenda stop bellowing rhetoric,is that all you can spout.
Who and what trouble am I causing other than to TMBC,Gwynne and the likes of you someone who hides in the dark.
The only way I cause trouble is when I expose deception,lies,duplicity,two faced
rhetoric,duping the public,milking the system,false accusations,and threats to law abiding decent Tameside folk who deserve far better than you and your Anonymous associates.
Get a life you constantly repeat yourself FULL STOP

Anonymous said...

Be very very careful you may well be made to explain your slanderous comments to other than TC

Anonymous said...

i think that you will find that slander is the spoken word and liable is the written word.
if you intend making threats and pretending to know what you are taking about,at least get them right.
im still waiting for hally boys claims that he was going to expose how the labourites hacked into peoples internet.
another empty promise?
D Oates

Yes master Quinn no master Quinn... said...

Take your tongue out of Quinn's arse when you're talking.

Anonymous said...

@Roy West - best way to get back at the smear spreaders is to download and distribute the anti-halal leaflet from the BNP website, and it isn't about smears it contains nothing but the gory horrific truth (10 million a year slaughtered by partial beheading fully live and concious). Labour refused to ban the practice in 2004when told to do so by the RSPCA, British Vetrinary Assoc. and the Farm Animal Welfare council. Bet you won't find Taylor and Lane mentioning that to Duki residents when spreading anti-bnp propaganda. All animal lovers sign this petition...

Ban Halal said...

PS - Local Labour, enjoy your slap-up halal 'Chris Cracker Curry Night'. Details on Taylor's blog.

Anonymous said...

27/11/2011 21:13

You'll find that Taylor/Wild/Lane won't be too quick to post third party Smear/allegations leaflets in the future.

Roy K West said...
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