Friday, 25 November 2011

Horrific animal traps discovered - and disabled on Bleaklow

Enjoying a nice walk up in the wilds on Bleaklow hill, or is it a mountain? I come across these vile devices, note the remains of a dead Mountain Hare found near one of these instruments of suffering and death.

I have come across the vicious spring traps many times, when disabling these devices never ever put your finger near because the ferocity with which they close has to be seen to believed. The easiest and safest way to disable these is be prodding with a stick or by flicking a stone onto the pressure plate.

The snares are something new to this area as far as I know. I have been onto Bleaklow many times and this is the first time I have come across snares. Snares are a particularly nasty item in the armoury of animal tormentors. A hare, fox or badger trapped in one of these snares would likely spend days in agony starving or freezing to death before its suffering was over. To see the horrendous suffering caused to animals by snares click here.

These devices, usually set by gamekeepers are designed to keep the heather moorland free from animals which may disturb the breeding of grouse. This is no humanitarian gesture by the agents of suffering as their only interest in the welfare of the grouse is that they want lots to thrive in the area so they can be shot.

Any signed up member of the human race who discovers any devices like has a moral obligation to disable it in the hope of preventing unnecessary suffering.


Anonymous said...

After setting the trap off
surely a full can of spray paint over such traps would cause a problem for the scum.
Problem solved I think.

Tasmanian Tiger said...

These were the type of traps used to drive the Thylacine to extinction.

Red in tooth and claw said...

You may have a point in this case but you're a dyed in the wool bunnyhugger TC.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising in this area of the UK where 215,000 Tameside people are stuck in a TMBC trap shouting for "democracy and eradication of the trap setters".
Lets start setting The People`s Traps

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne (Denton and Reddish) (Lab): One key care standard is the time that people have to wait for their treatment. Labour got waiting times down to an historic low.

Partly by letting his local Hospital despatch some to the blue yonder through negligence,and he never ever said a word about the Coroners continuing Reports.
So much crap comes out of this
pretender MP mouth its a wonder he doesn`t choke on it.
What about the few months old infant who died recently and the Hospital Doctor at Tameside Hospital who did not check his full body for rashes.
Shadow Health spokesperson he`s having a laugh.
Another forked tongue pretender.

No Marx said...

Shadow Health Minister, promotion on ability alone. He didn't get any help or influence from anyone or any group did he.

We love our MP said...

Ignore the local trouble causer. Andrew is a brilliant MP that is why so many people voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of delusional sycophants working for Gwynne around here,
What a brilliant MP ?
fiddles the House of Commons registers,fiddles his expenses,choses who not to represent,banned from TMBC for fiddling a District Assembly election,writes letters to constituents who live outside his area with opinions (not part of his role)threatens those who don`t agree with him,poses with kids in the Advertiser to use as parent and others voting fodder,has no health previous positions,so where`s the knowledege coming from ?? chooses
to lead the Friends of Israel campaign group,but never chooses to condemn his local hospital for serious negligence,ignores the substantiated facts that condemn Tameside Hospital,
Employs on his House of Commons registers his assistants who are Friends of Israel senior staff.
Would never hold an open forum public meeting.
If this is a brilliant MP you need
Well known FACT which is widely known any Labour MP who
makes a position at the top of the Friends of Israel lobbying group shoots up the Labour Party ladder regardles.Just as its always been.
Where`s the lies on any of this lot.
Don`t just slag off where`s the untruths ???????????????
Instead of the regular visits he made to Israel why not make regular visits to his local Hospital to investigate the Coroners verdicts ??
The "trouble causer" name thrown around is used on anyone who tells the facts as they are,and prefers truth and facts instead of just rhetoric without content.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne gets my vote everytime. That's democracy. And before anyone tells me I don't know the facts. Wrong. I understand what Mr Hall is telling me and what the MP is telling me.

Anonymous said...

Who trusts politicians ?

Death to traitors said...

The country is run by traitors, cowards and crooks. All of the guilty should be shot.

Dentonian said...

Your poll has closed. Can we have a new pole asking who is the most annoying individual in Tameside starting with the names John Hall and Roy West at the top of the list?

Anonymous said...

Or John Taylor or Kieran Quinn for anyone who actually DOES know what's going on.

Leeds United said...

RIP Gary Speed Leeds Unite/Wales.

Anonymous said...

Its really causing TMBC Politicians and their aids problems when their cages get rattled to see stupid requests for a poll on who is an annoying person.
Trouble causer,annoying person to whom I would ask,surely not to the decent,honest,trustworthy folk of Tameside who have principles and do not want a self serving greedy cartel of manipulators at TMBC who administrate our lives and post anon messages with childish names
because they prefer to hide under slippery stones.
PS I want to know how many Husband/Wife,Wife/Partner,Husband Partners are now paid Councillors because I see the list is going to increase even more soon for these gravy train ever increasing passengers.
Perhaps a FOI is needed to see how many Councillors homes incomes now exceed £65,000 plus plus plus out of YOUR POCKETS.
Hope the Tax Man is really on top of his/her job.

wait and see said...

A little birdie tells me the Mottram by-pass is likely to be resurected as a priority project as part of a government scheme to get the economy moving throgh a massive public works programme backed by Chinese finance.

£235,000 in 8 years said...

27/11/2011 23:17

Three Labour Cllrs for Dukinfield at the cost of £565,000 over the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

This guy is making alot of money out of his position on TYameside Council. And he can still find time to come to my area trying to incite violence against my family.
He works for the Criminal led Searchlight organisation spreading smear and allegation.

Fitzpatrick, Jim
Executive Member/First Deputy (Performance and Finance)
Basic Allowance - £11,640.00
Special Responsibility Allowance - £20,099.00
Broadband Allowance - £249.96

Anonymous said...

It's all about making money, and still finding time to spread smear and allegation.
Here's another one that works for Searchlight spreading vile allegations in Dukinfield.

Lane, D
Deputy Mayor, Assistant Executive Member - Sport and Leisure Deputy Chair of Denton & Audenshaw District Assembly
Basic Allowance - £11,640.00
Special Responsibility Allowance - £8,352.00
Deputy Mayoral Allowance - £3,840.00
Total - £23,832.00

Anonymous said...

Another one here thats posted Searchlight leaflets in Dukinfield, trying to bring violence to my family with her vile smears and allegations.

Made well over £100,000 on Tameside Council.
Lane, J
Assistant Executive Member - Heritage and Tourism, Deputy Chair - Dukinfield District Assembly
Basic Allowance - £11,640.00
Special Responsibility Allowance - £8,352.00
Total - £19,992.00

Anonymous said...

Kicked out by his local Labour group. Comes to Dukinfield trying to incite violence with Searchlight leaflets. Works closely with John Taylor.

Doubleday, A

Assistant Executive Member - Economic Services/Technical Services and Member of Greater Manchester Waste and Disposal Regulation Authorities
Basic Allowance - £11,640.00
Special Responsibility Allowance - £8,352.00
Broadband Allowance - £249.96
Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority - £2,001.00
Total - £22,242.96

2010 year after year the money rolls in said...

Fitzpatrick, Jim
Cabinet Deputy without Portfolio & member of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Basic Allowance - £11,659.16
Special Responsibility Allowance - £20,132.16
Broadband Allowance - £249.96
Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority - £2,004.34
Total - £34,045.62

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
It's not what you know... said...

Fair enough West's a bit of a nutter but why is an Inspector sent round on a home visit for minor alleged offences? My mother's car got broken into and seriously damaged, we practically had to beg for them to send ANYONE round.

Community tensions, AKA bullshit said...

Set fire to our capital city and watch them pile in hitting blacks...not.
Different story in Manchester when there were a lot of white chavs on the thieve, they got the good beating they deserved.

Tameside Citizen said...

My dear Mr West, I would question the wisdom of someone who was intent on disturbing a hornets nest, likewise I have always been advised that you can get away with provoking politicians, activists and even the occasional thug, but when you make an enemy of the police there can often be a heavy price to pay. Listen to what Joe Strummer had to say on this subject.

It's not what you know... said...

Tc, what's your explanation for the police sending an Inspector on repeat home visits for such trivial alleged offences?

Tameside Citizen said...

Maybe the Inspector just wanted a quiet, off the record, word in your ear to say “ease off - or else”? I am not fully aware of all the facts but I think it would be wise to ask questions directly to the person concerned rather than publishing questions on a public blog such us this. In all seriousness, it is highly unlikely that a senior police officer would come onto a humble little blog such as this to refute allegations or answer questions about police procedure.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tameside Citizen said...

Maybe the Inspector was just acting upon information supplied to him by the complainant. It is highly possible he was unaware of Cllr Taylor’s involvement with Searchlight. If you show him this Searchlight video featuring Cllr Taylor, maybe he will realise there is more to this case than he previously realised?

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tameside Citizen said...

I think you could do worse than having a ‘clear the air’ face to face meeting with the Inspector and tell him of your concerns. He is probably as tired of the whole saga as are you and everyone else involved.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tameside Citizen said...

The posting of third party smear leaflets by Labour Party members is disgusting and a betrayal of the electorate. If they have a proclamation to make, they should make it directly to the electorate rather than using the cloak of shadowy third party organisations to spread lies and half truths about political opponents.

I was amazed when Cllr Jim Fitzpatrick was caught red handed delivering such leaflets in Dukinfield. If they behave in such an unashamed manner in the full view their victims, what on earth must they plot when they are behind closed doors?

nationalist said...

roy TC is spot on in what hes saying ? I told you about my mate

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
It's not what you know... said...

TC, a quiet word could have been done by any PC, why is someone of the rank of Inspector doing repeat home visits for trivial alleged offences? Seems very strange to me.

Fee Fi Fo Fum... said...

Re third party interference, is it right 30,000 anti-BNP leaflets were put out by a Labour funded group at the 2009 HydeNewton by-election and that 10,000 of them were illegal as they weren't addressed. If this is true what legal action was taken by Tameside's electoral overseers?

Anonymous said...

No! We should just put up with the police coming round about leaflets exposing Taylor/Searchlight links.

Rotten To The Core!!!!! said...

If I put out a leaflet saying that Cllr John Taylor has made £235,000 on Tameside Council.
With a home in Spain no less.
Then why does Inspector Bill Callaghan get on his horse and come round?
People can see how much John Taylor has made on the Council website already.
Inspector Bill Callaghan never speaks to Cllr Taylor about going to my neighbours trying to incite violence! Why?

glutton for punishment said...

Reading this as a neutral I must conclude that Roy West has no intention of taking good advice and I am convinced he wont be happy until he finds himself behind bars in jail.

Anonymous said...

What for making comments?

Anonymous said...

29/11/2011 00:39

So you think it's ok to be subjected to smear and allegation by Labour Cllrs then?
Maybe you would like them going to your neighbours trying to incite violence against you?
No you've not been subjected to the above methods.