Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Highway Robbers spotted in Hyde

Yesterday I came across over eager traffic wardens in Ashton and today what appears to be another money making scam by an outfit called the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership .

These extortion racketeers appear to work in conjunction with Tameside MBC. Maybe the Tameside Tax Payers Alliance would launch an investigation to see how they launder the proceeds of their extortion racket?

The money making van was parked in Hyde on Manchester Road this afternoon. It was strategically parked on a nice downhill section where if you were not careful you could easily go over the speed limit. I bet they caught loads of unsuspecting drivers who will be baffled how they got caught when they receive their £60 fixed penalty notice by post. Wouldn’t it have been tragic if someone let the tyres down on these highwaymen as they were sat in the back of their van conspiring to rob unsuspecting travellers on Manchester Road?


Strother Martin said...

Very good artical keep rocking that boat. 'Fight the power.' It's your birth right.

Keith Flint said...

Absolute t*****s. How to alienate the law abiding majority. 35 mph is a pefectly appropriate speed on that stretch. They know it, drivers know it, which is why the van's there in the first place.
Draconian, inflexible measures against decent people who commit a technical 'offence' and softly softly on real criminals. Look at the pathetically lenient sentences handed down to real scum where every possible 'mitigating' circumstance is examined in detail.
This country is run by fools, crooks, cowards and lunatics.

Grubby little crook said...

Well said. We need men of integrity like Fraud...sorry Lord Sheldon back.

Next Issue: F**k s**t w****r said...

That's right and anyone who disagrees with the 'Casualty Reduction Partnership' scheme WANTS more people killed on the road and is evil.

tonydj said...

From "The Greater manchester Casualty Reduction partnership" website at www.drivesafe.org.uk

Q - Why do you make your cameras so conspicuous? Surely you would catch more people if they didn't know where they were.
A - We are not looking to catch people out, but save lives. If the public know where cameras are, then they will understand that it is a problem area & adjust their speed accordingly

By definition this van is not a well known site or clearly visible. THEREFORE this van is after money and the quotation on the website is A LIE!

88 votes said...

Had they positioned this van in Longdendale last week it would not have caught your BNP team speeding around the area would it.

clean licence said...

Remember this if you don't park illegally they wont book you.just like speed cameras if you don't speed it wont get you.

Frank Castle said...

Clean licence, try to understand that the authorities in Britain circa 2010 aren't necessarily always right. I know you're frightened and it's easier and makes you feel secure to assume the establishment is: benevolent; has Britain and its people's best interests at heart; sane; competent etc etc, but nowadays that, increasingly often, is not the case. Draconian measures are now routinely employed against law abiding people who have committed 'technical' offences such as 35 in a 30 zone, or leaving their vehicle for a few minutes longer than they should. These types of thing used to be dealt with by common sense and the authorities' knowledge that they should keep the law abiding decent minority on their side. Now, it's hammer the trivial transgressors and bend over backwards to make allowances for, and be lenient on, the 'socially disadvantaged' i.e. criminals. Look at the massive number of pathetically lenient sentences handed down, and the soft and easy conditions in prison.
The modern establishment believes in control and domination of the average person and 'guidance' and 'understanding' for criminals. The results of this fundamentally flawed philosophy, with its drug ridden ghettoes and huge increases in crime and violence are all around.
When the paid off toe rags start getting their benefits slashed in the next few years they'll revert to type rather than work and the police's and government's 'methods' for under registering crime won't be able to cope with the explosion.

shane bayley said...

These vans are also displaying a ORANGE LIGHT on there roof which indicates a construction vehicle NOT an emergency vehicle, so is this not deceiving the motorist in the first instance, and also these vehicles are not manned by a police officer so therefore don't have the right to issue speeding fines anyway, i my self was caught on Matley Lane a few weeks back and i await the outcome of the court case in the devizes next week, should be interesting if the case is won