Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Today is not April 1st

But looking at the Celebrate Tameside section of the TMBC website you could be forgiven for thinking it was. It is unbelievable, if you doubt my word take a look. I hope as a council tax payer my hard earned money is not being squandered on such nonsense?

Ok, hands up if you will attending the:

African Drumming Workshop

Understanding Islam talk by Abdul Shakoor

African Exhibition - Black History Month

Bollywood Dance Taster Session

Diwali Lantern Making Workshop

Chinese Paper Folding Workshop

African Music Event

Writing Workshop with poet Shamshad Khan


Out of africa theory debunked said...

Proved by Chinese scientists. The MSM did not bank on China being one of the most non-PC nations on earth. Never mind though, for anyone who wants to believe we all come from Africa - why not go the the African Drumming Workshop to celebrate the dream.

tonydj said...

Here's a theory.....

Looking around the Council Chamber last week I noticed t was, to use a well known phrase, "Hideously White". ALL the faces were white.

The Labour and Tory parties stand ethnic candidates in their rival's strong areas, thus ensuring they are not elected.

Name one senior officer who is a "B&ME" person.

But every so often the councl put up a couple of Dwali lights or have a bit of a Muslim poetry festival to keep the minorities happy!

And I have not even started on the "Tameside First" policy or the councillor with the pro-UVF website or the importation of Labour candidates from Stalybridge to St Michaels....no locals?

No wonder people didn't vote BNP last week in Longdendale. Labour are doing our job locally for us!

Anonymous said...

Tony, let your hair down man and go the African drumming lessons. You might actually enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

"The Festival... gives us the chance to learn more about our traditions and heritage."

When what is African, Indian, Chinese and Islamic are all referred to as English 'traditions and heritage', you are inclined to ask yourself if it is the world that is going mad or are you going mad and just don't get it.

You really don't have to ponder it all for very long though because there is a much simpler explanation - a majority Labour council. Don't complain - the people of Tameside are getting exactly what they voted for.

No doubt we can look forward to seeing councillor Wild in his grass skirt doing a jig for another undignified photo-shoot with Taylor not far behind in his Fu Manchu outfit.

88 votes said...

Tonydj people did not vote for you last week because of the pathetic campaign you and your members displayed last week.
When you get the village idiot criticising you ,its for sure your in deep shit,dont blame anyone except yourself for that performance ,88 votes you were lucky to get them,send in the pathetic leaflet you let a few Longdendale resident have show people your pro Roy Oldham leaflet,dont pick on the people who are not white like you, you made a mess of the election and your new local leader told us all about it on here.

Always red said...

Actually it was 80 votes you dumb shit.

Tory Voter Longy said...

If the Tories would have made more of an effort, then who knows. But John Bell is a shite local leader.

This is who you are said...

White man, let me tell you about your family.

William Ford said...

Blacks, Asians and others are encouraged to take pride in their race and/or culture. There are over 12000 organisations to promote this, many state funded and supported. The indigenous majority on the other hand are demonised as 'racist' if they want to do the same, in their own country. Preferential treatment for minorities was massively increased under Labour to secure the ethnic vote but more specifically the Muslim block vote. Third World style electoral fraud is now rampant and there are currently in excess of 80 police investigations going on into postal vote fraud and mass irregularities in the electoral roll from the general election. Electoral observers from sub saharn African countries were shocked at our lax procedures and the fact that no ID is required.
Ethnic gerrymandering with non-white Commonwealth citizens (all of whom have full voting rights) who are statistically proven to vote Labour 85% of the time is epidemic in large parts of Greater Manchester.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, foreign-sounding things. Somebody call the police.

Ian Fenton said...

Nobody objects to foreign sounding things just the taxpayer funding it. This is Britain why should we pay for things like that. We should be promoting our own culture.