Friday, 13 August 2010

Excellent letter in the Tameside Advertiser

More of the same please. I agree with every word!


GMB member said...

Fat cat trades union bosses are scum of the earth. They exploit their members for political gain and leave those who can least afford it to suffer.

Francis Deacon said...

The unions acquiesence, and often active support of, Labour's mass immigration experiment 2000-2010, which has resulted in massive wage suppression and destruction of pay and conditions is a monumental indictment of union treachery, against the very people whose rights they were founded to protect.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Buckley, as usual, speaks the truth and presents a brilliant argument based on fact and sheer common sense. I agree with every single word he writes, and so should most people.

The pay and perks of the union barons are, as Dr. Buckley so eloquently points out, quite disgusting for all the reasons he states. Surely by far the worst scandal of all is the rampant misuse of taxpayers' money in the ineptly named "union modernisation fund."

Quite why this gentleman is not a Tameside councillor is beyond belief, although it is plainly obvious why the Labour lot do whatever they can to stop him at each and every turn.

Tameside needs people of Dr. Buckley's calibre and good common sense to sort the mess it is in from three decades of socialist abuse of power and misrule.

DELboy's the plonker said...

Instead we've got John Taylor as DEL.

Seymour Street said...

Paul is indeed a fine Conservative activist. His letter highlights the hypocrisy of the trade union movement, and the hypocrisy of the Labour socialist movement.

Keir Hardy would be ashamed with today's Labour Party - which is as much a voice of the working man as Father Christmas is for turkeys.

It is also a disgrace that Tameside's taxpayers continue to fund trade union activities. As the 2010/11 Tameside Council budget report states; "The [People & Performance] service also has responsibility for budgets in relation to trade union activity. Whilst the salaries part of the budget is outside the expenditure limits there is a continuous overspend on supplies and services for which there is no budget. This cost falls on to the People and Performance budget..." (App.1b, p.41)

The sooner the fat cats and their union gravy trains are crushed the better.