Friday, 13 August 2010

Conservative defector Sheila Spink addresses Tameside BNP meeting

She makes some great points and I can see exactly where she is coming from


Let's take our country back said...

What an impressive lady. How do I get to attend one of these meetings?

BNP Implosion said...

You may struggle to get to too many more BNP meetings as they appear to be on the verge of imploding. The average BNP member will be going on EDL marches from now on.

However, here's another great Sheila Spink speech from the last election to show you what could have been (if anyone had voted for her, that is).!

The Mayor of Bolton has to tell her to shut up in the middle of her rant but maybe that's because he's an "anti-white British racist" - whatever one of those is!

If you want to pick up some BNP memorabilia they are having a car-boot sale at their Nuneaton warehouse this weekend. Apparently they haven't been paying the rent and they've got to move out.

To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men. said...

To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men.

BNP Implosion politics is never going to save Britain now anyway.
The ruling elite don't want the BNP around, not because they think an immediate BNP take over is near. The system, being the ruling elite FEARS the BNP because it's a symbol of resistance. Always remember that.
A movement of resistance will always be a threat to the ruling elite.
They fear anyone that says no, I'm not going along with your rules of what is right or wrong. Political correctness has cause a great deal of fear in this country. And now! resistence is more important then ever.

Anonymous said...

she is stating the obvious but we are no longer allowed to say anything.for the last 30+ years from school we have been brainwashed into accepting the TAKEOVER of our country.we have no say we are told we have to accept them.opinions we cant have ,but we can all see what is happening.i have lots of examples of asians in particular, who if they cant get their own way on various matters they PLAY THE RACE CARD and 99% of the time they win.we are being laughed at by the world.even obama is grovelling too them now .wanting to build a mosque in the ground zero area,WHY. america is a big country they are taking the P---,another example of laughing in our faces. however nothing will ever change till the foreigners rule us . my estimaqte is 25 years thank god i wont be here.

Norman Cooper said...

Above comment let me assure you, that you won't have to wait that long. Already great areas of this nation now no-go areas.
All should watch stuff like this, because it's the future for your community if you don't wake up.

Denton Blue said...

What a wonderful lady. she is a real asset to your party.

Death to traitors said...

BNP Implosion, if you want to know what an 'anti-white British racist' is, pick up one of those pieces of silvered glass and look into it.

William Ford said...

BNP Implosion, who gives a toss about the BNP. I've been a member of the NF, BPP and BNP. I'm a nationalist and proud of it. I don't hate any black, Asian, Jew or oriental I just want MY country to keep its unique identity. The number of foreigners who know and care nothing about Britain but are happy to take everything on offer is now out of control. The number of kids they have is deliberate. This isn't assimilation, integration or even diversity it's attempted colonisation. Look in the Guardian from a couple of days ago, there was an article about the massive increase in scoolkids who have English as a second language. Imagine the damage this is doing to the education of our kids, the fabric of British society, our infrastructure and our national identity. Then imagine what's going to happen to those things in the next few decades if something isn't done.
While the government has a clampdown on the jobless, hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers who, under international law, had no right to come here in the first place are simply left in their rent free housing and fed and clothed at the taxpayer's expense. They should be tackling THIS before going for easy target jobless Brits.
BNP or no BNP, neither vermin traitors like you or anyone else will stop the cause of British nationalism. You'd better pray this isn't a double dip recession or the real trouble might start a lot sooner than you think.
Ex Tamesider, now Lincolnshire.

Towton 1461 said...

If the BNP goes the safety valve goes with it. UAF/Searchlight and all the rest of the democracy and independent thought haters can't see this, as their irrationality and hatred of dissenters against political correctness has blinded them.

labour til i die said...

William Ford, the British people have embraced diversity and they want more for the future. White Britain is finished but brown Britain is here to stay.

tonydj said...

@Labour til I die

If the British have embraced multi-culturalism why are there so many draconian laws aimed at those opposed to multi-culturalism?

@BNP Implosion.

As the above poster "Towton 1461" said "If the BNP goes, the safety valve goes". If, IF..., the BNP goes then that will not be the end. There will be cells set up throught this land of patriots and Nationalists dedicated to continuing the struggle, unencumbered by the restrictions placed on the BNP by the courts, the EHRC and their own members seeking a "respectable image".

BNP Implosion said...


I take your word that many BNP supporters will probably drift off back to the extremist wilderness; you clearly know the intentions of the British fascist far better than I and I thank you for your insight.

Maybe it will be a relief for the younger ones to be able to hang up the ill-fitting suits and the party rosettes. They'll feel more at ease marching in their bovver boots, I'm sure.

I won't be paying them any attention though, they'll be more of a "law and order" issue than a political one - and that's a job for the Police.

Perhaps the BNP will limp on. They could avoid bankruptcy by sacking their bloated workforce and scaling back their plans. However, they are certainly a busted-flush politically; a laughing-stock cannot succeed at the polls.

I think they made the fatal mistake of believing all publicity to be good publicity. They also allowed themselves to be typecast as "The Chav Party" (I don't like the word "chav" but we all understand its negative connotations). The BNP courted the noisy, semi-literate support of the "chavs" and in so doing they destroyed what little credibility they had amongst respectable voters.

Electoral politics is all about perception and the BNP's image remains firmly in the gutter. The sleazy revelations gradually being revealed about Dowson and Griffin will only worsen the lot of the BNP loyalists who remain wedded to the Griffin cult.

PS I wonder if you think sending a BNP official to "pay his respects" at the grave of Japanese war criminals on VJ Day was a good idea? After all, they were the "Nationalists" who tortured and starved some of our soldiers in WW2 as well as raping and slaughtering thousands in China and beyond. Or are you in "denial"?

The Vapours said...

The Japanese are a noble warrior race and we are proud to attend ceremonies to honour their dead - you know, like communists in Manchester did on the anniversary of Hiroshima last week.

who od jealous of Sheila Spink? said...

Is BNP Implosion:


B)Labour Party member

C)A Consetrvative

D)Tameside UKIP

Answers on the back of a postcard and no prizes if you went for the winning answer D.

Anonymous said...

"The ruling elite don't want the BNP around, not because they think an immediate BNP take over is near. The system, being the ruling elite FEARS the BNP because it's a symbol of resistance. Always remember that.
A movement of resistance will always be a threat to the ruling elite.
They fear anyone that says no, I'm not going along with your rules of what is right or wrong. Political correctness has cause a great deal of fear in this country. And now! resistence is more important then ever."

You're not V, and nobody's out to get you.

BNP Implosion said...

@BNP Supporters,

You may find this article from Harry's Place of interest. It reflects upon the revelations made by recently resigned BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes.

With reference to your A to D multiple choice, I suggest you add a fifth category:

E) "Cosmopolitan"

Death to traitors said...

Cosmopolitan, that's a magazine for middle class, self obsessed women, usually near the change of life, isn't it? You know, the ones who've become deranged.
More abuse and attempted derision from the democracy haters. Your 'chav' comments show how right you are about your lack of insight. Virtually all the BNP members I've met have been solid, working class traditionalists who are sick of the direction the country's headed.
Speaking of 'bovver boys' have Weyman Bennett and the other 66, UAF democracy hating thugs arrested for conspiracy to cause violent disorder and associated crimes in Bolton a few weeks ago, been up in Court yet?

tonydj said...

@ BNP Implosion

I personally would not have gone to the Japanese Shrine to their War Dead.

However, the fact that they have a shrine, are allowed a shrine, while The German veterans of the Waffen SS are still denied pensions show that in the eyes of The International elite the Germans committed "worse" crimes than the Japanese.

Given that The German treatment of British and Western Allied POW's was infinately more generous than the Jap treatment are we to assume

A) The International elite are still angry about the German treatment of Eastern European, especially Soviet POWs


B) They are still angry sbout the treatment of some other group dear to the International elite?

As a postscript to this story I note that the Japanese still commemorate and respect their military dead, while our rulers say we have to "take account" of muslim sensibilities, withdraw benefits from wounded soldiers and stand idly by (except for the EDL) while our returning troops are insulted on the streets and in hospital by our colonising, growing, minority.

The rest of your posting is an angry tirade of insults towards the white working class that would be ILLEGAL if directed at the non-white section of the population.

Anonymous said...

Or E) Just a complete gobshite

Is BNP Implosion:


B)Labour Party member

C)A Consetrvative

D)Tameside UKIP

Answers on the back of a postcard and no prizes if you went for the winning answer D.

Anonymous said...

And no doubt in my mind, that John Cooke (UKIP) is behind many of theses malicious posts on here.

Clive Jefferson said...

Nationalist Car Boot Sale Today

Everything must go!
(Except Griffin's pension pot)

at the Nuneaton Distribution Centre

Anonymous said...

We hear West has bought some of the clear out stock.

new member great meeting said...

BNP Implosion did not look like that at the recent Tameside meeting. They look strong and determine to me. Remember their record number of candidates as well in the local elections.

Denton Blue said...

BNP implosion is cut and pasting from pro-immigrant websites who believe if they talk up a BNP crisis the crisis will appear. This means they are worried. Give them a royal two fingered salute and ingnore them and they will soon get bored and move on to annoy someone else.

aluman2000 said...

Brain dead people pls keep a eye on your TVs at the end of this month and see what you lot have dun ? when the EDL march in bradford there will be know going back .

you leftys think by cheating and lying to stop the BNP getin MPs thats the end of it ? well wake up coz when the people have no voice in politics it will be dun by the sword

Jim Dowson said...

Those pesky kids at Searchlight say:

"The BNP’s financial mess seems to be attracting the attention of the authorities. Rumours are circulating that Nick Griffin was arrested and had to post bail in Bruges last week. It also seems that party Treasurer David Hannam has been questioned by police over the party's finances.

According to the BNP’s former webmaster, Simon Bennett, the BNP has been served by a winding up order by the accountants Deloitte LLP, acting as liquidator on behalf of HM Revenue and Customs, Allied Irish Bank and two other organisations."

You're going to have to sell your Camcorder Westy - the Party needs the cash - to buy me and Nick a ticket to Paraguay!

BNP Sleazebuster said...

The BNP finances revealed:

aluman2000 said...

JUST MADE BIG DONATION TO THE BNP and any one els that can help pls call are donation on 0207 078 8838 thank you

Labour Sleazebuster said...

Oh what a loveley war.

Willy Tanner said...

BNP Sleazebuster don't you know how to post a direct link to want you want us to see, so we don't have to paste it on?

Derek Adams said...

By heck!

What have they been up to now?

It's putting me off me ale.

Willy Tanner said...

So thats my answer then, you can't. Won't bother pasting it on.

Truth Seeker said...

Here you are Willy ...

The final straw for Councillor Graham Partner was Griffin’s dismissal of two members of the party’s Advisory Council and Richard Barnbrook’s decision to renounce the BNP whip on the London Assembly this week.

“On Monday I shall submit my official letter to County Hall informing them of my decision while remaining a member of the party in order to retain the right to speak and vote against its wrongful management,” wrote Partner on 13 August.

Two days earlier he had accused those BNP members who supported Griffin’s continued leadership of the party of being “morons who voted for Herr Griff” and described the leadership nomination process as: “cheating, fraudulent, despicable”.

“He appoints lap dogs to key positions who will follow his instructions blindly and gets away with repeatedly lying over the accounts with a little help from puppet Dave [Hannam, the BNP’s incompetent treasurer].”

Meanwhile, 37 supporters of Butler’s failed leadership challenge met near Windsor on 12 August to discuss how they could “rescue” the BNP from its “inevitable failure and destruction” under Griffin’s leadership, reports Simon Bennett, the BNP’s former webmaster. They included many of the people whom Griffin has suspended for supporting Butler.

Those present blamed Griffin for the £500,000 of debts that have put the party in a dire financial state, likening him, wrote Bennett, to “the farmer who had opened the door of the chicken house to the fox, a shadowy and wily fox with a criminal past and a history of appealing for monies from donors who believe in their causes, the monies seemingly then enriching the pockets of that fox rather than being utilised for the cause. The resulting carnage, now that the fox had been allowed to virtually take over the Party by the farmer, was all too apparent.”

The fox in this tale is Jim Dowson, the man who owns the BNP – a fact first revealed by Searchlight – whose involvement with the party Butler and many other activists have vigorously condemned and want to bring to an end. Not only has he taken over the party’s assets and administration, he has been accused by many activists of bullying and threatening violence against anyone who dares to disagree with him, and a young BNP member has made allegations of sexual assault against him, which Griffin has refused to investigate.

The meeting heard that questions had been raised over bequests and other large donations that had allegedly been paid direct to the leadership. It was unclear whether the party had benefited from these bequests and probate information would be obtained to investigate these rumours.

The party has not notified any individual large donations to the Electoral Commission since the end of September 2009. Donations above £7,500 (£5,000 up to 31 December) to the central party and above £1,500 (formerly £1,000) to accounting units or to individual officers have to be declared.

Delegates also explored how they could force an independent examination of the party’s financial records to establish whether there was any truth in the widespread allegations of financial irregularities and to “disclose where all the party’s funds had disappeared, and if there were signs of fraud”.

The group is also considering legal action over the BNP’s leadership nomination rules that the party leadership imposed to make it impossible for a challenger to succeed, something that Butler recently rejected despite suggesting it during his campaign. The meeting also decided to organise a class action on behalf of all the members who had been “unconstitutionally and illegally suspended”, which will put the BNP’s new constitution under the spotlight and could result in yet more legal costs for the party.

Butler himself appears not to have been present. The group intends to hold a bigger meeting in September.

Willy Tanner said...

I don't care about all that stuff, you know my plan already. I'm an individual not a slave to any party.
I do it because it winds a certain person up. And what, I have come to see and know, is corruption from this man......................

Hang your heads in shame BNP! said...

Driving back home to the Smoke (London) from Auld Reekie (Edinburgh) today I was incensed to listen to a news report on Radio 4 "PM" about a senior full time official of the BNP (British Nazi Party) Adam Walker, who is attending a meeting of fascists in Tokyo organised by an extreme right wing nationalist party who deny that Japan committed atrocities during the Second World War.

They are all also even going to visit "Yasukuni, a Shinto shrine in the capital that honours Japan's war dead, including 14 class-A war criminals".

I listened to this mumbling apologist for the mass murder, torture and starvation of British and Commonwealth 2nd World War prisoners (and the murder and rape of countless millions of other victims of Japanese racist aggression) as he tried to defend the indefensible. By coincidence on Thursday I visited the three military museums in Edinburgh Castle and can vividly remember the many harrowing accounts and pictures of Japanese executions and deliberate cruelty to Scottish Prisoners of War.

Putting aside mere common decency and humanity for the moment - how on earth can anyone who claim to support our armed forces and be a patriotic Brit possibly support the BNP after this latest crass exposure of its deep rooted Nazi cultism?

John on Lancaster Unity

tonydj said...

@ hang your heads in shame BNP

I have already said what I think of this move.

But why are you disgusted, angry or sickened? Are you not racist in not appreciating Japanese culture? Should we expect western morals from far Eastern people? Suddenly the BNP are condemned for allegedly SUPPORTING one example of asiatic "culture".

If you want examples of atrocities committed against our lads in uniform you don't have to go as far back as 65 years. Remember for example the two corporals in Belfast beaten to death by a mob of Irish Republican scum? And the support given to the Irish Republican filth during the recent troubles by many Labour MP's

We are Tameside BNP and like the Roman Centurians guarding The Frontiers of the Roman Empire we are aloof from the machinations of the Imperial court in Rome.

Truth Seeker said...

So is that your excuse Jones? You would fit in well in the politics of Germany in the 1930's


Ho tradutto bene lo scrito said...

'Hang your heads in shame BNP' is a post by TC.

Apocalypse 2010:The destruction of Tameside. said...

David Irving's followers have been accused of being part of a "cult of Nazism".

Better dead than Red said...

The BNP is the only solution to the problems faced by this nation.

Web Watch said...

Ho tradutto bene lo scrito, it was not a TC post. It was lifted from a UAF blog.

tonydj said...


What do you mean "my excuse"? I have already stated my view on this Japanese issue . I would not have gone to the shrine. On other websites I have criticised the move, so let me make my position plain.

The little (blank)(blank)* deserved all they got at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iwo Jima etc. My only regret is that it didn't happen sooner to save more lives of our lads

Now then, other British Servicemen suffered under other enemies in later wars. Let's have your condemnation of those actions

*(witheld for legal reasons)

The Harder They Come said...

The UAF bully boys who do the work of the state by proxy will one day be sorry for their evil deeds but until that day let the words of the Jamaican great Jimmy Cliff give you something to be thinking about.

Labour crooks and benefit cheats said...

Better than Labour anyway, they are rotten to the core.

Well just click here said...

All Labour are scum, why would I ever think that?

William Ford said...

Bradford, Bank Holiday: Could be trouble, probably will be. Either way it's the thin end of the wedge. If it gets rolling on subsequent occasions you can't 'police' ten, twenty thousand or more.
I don't think the establishment or their toadies in the anti 'fascist' movement realise what's going on in the mind of the average Brit re mass immigration.

Truth Seeker said...

You boys really dont understand that you have been sussed long ago.
everyone knows that you build up these non events to get a reaction from the community that you are targeting, the police know, the local authorities know, the community know and even the media know.
Funny thing is that when you get nobbled you complain about it like Jones did when the local police and Tameside Council pointed out to the advertiser you last local non entity.
So transparent

The Real Truth Seeker said...

Bullshit, the police can't even protect the community full stop! They are shit and fucking useless.

The Real Truth Seeker said...

What the police know about protecting the community you could write on the back of a stamp. A police force with their eyes closed. A waste of money, a complete shower of shite policing with their eyes closed.

'fighting crime protecting people'
Written on their police cars what a fucking laugh.

The Real Truth Seeker said...

You don't need the edl to build up a reaction from the commuinty you dumb shit. The reality is there for all Brits to see. You talk about the community, when we face the reality of having no safe communities.
Talk about being dumb, you shit for brains Labour types have no idea on what is to come.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember john taylor lending some support to the EDL on his website.

Death to traitors said...

Truth Seeker, you wouldn't know the truth if it stabbed you in the guts. Now get back down the mosque and lick the steps clean.

Truth Seeker said...

oops, hit a raw nerve did I - lmao

Anonymous said...

No not really.

Tank Man said...

Just someone posting under the real truth seeker with reality points for Brits thats all.

Death to traitors said...

And when you've finished the steps lick out the squat toilets.

tonydj said...


"Funny thing is that when you get nobbled you complain about it like Jones did when the local police and Tameside Council pointed out to the advertiser you last local non entity"

Please explain what you mean / meant to say