Friday, 31 August 2007

Roy West meets author and academic Arthur Kemp

Rhodesian born author Arthur Kemp was speaking in Hyde on Thursday evening. Mr Kemp is famed is for his book March of the Titans – A history of the white race. A review of the meeting by anyone in attendance would be appreciated.


clued up said...

Assuming it was a bnp meeting you would imagine it to be full of bone heads and chavs. i suppose they discuss the errors made on the eastern front that destroyed their thousand year reich

tonydj said...

Interesting post by 'clued up'. Useful as an example of the contempt in which the white working class is held by the anti-Nationalist.

Note the assumption, fed by the State media, that 'bone heads' and 'chavs' will be present. Would 'clued up' have claimed that a "Respect" meeting would be full of "Wogs, Rag-heads, Niggers.....etc" Of course not.

Note also the assumption that Nazi history would be studied, again State media influence. However, this is where 'clued up' makes their biggest unwitting error.

He implies that it was "Errors made on the Eastern Front that destroyed their (sic) thousand year reich." No mention of D-Day, Italy, Battle of Britain, El Alamein, The Battle of the Atlantic or ENIGMA code breaking. They totally ignore the British and other non-communist contribution to the war. They are clearly anti-British.

west roy kevin said...

What has the thousand year reich got to do with the issues of today?
All this talk of nazism and skinheads, people like John Taylor are going to get left behind in the debate on matters relating to immigration. The same old rantings of he's a nazi a fascist, Seems childish in the real concerns about immigration. The meeting last night could have taken place anywhere in the street with ordinary people very concerned at the direction this country is going. Not a nazi salute in sight, no tattooed skinheads just a gathering of ordinary Tameside folk listening to a very good articulate speaker in Arthur Kemp.
The meeting last night represents what people a saying on the streets with this insane open door policy on immigration. Politicians like John Taylor see nothing wrong in destroying our British culture and if you happen to be against this mass influx of immigrants then you must nazi. Everyone on the streets are talking about these issues the same issues that were spoken about at the meeting last night. John Taylor thinks that a party for the pensioners of Dukinfield once a year is a major policy, yet his New Labour party has betrayed the pensioners of this Nation and all that they have fought for. We live in a country where old people freeze to death because they cannot afford to pay for the heating. Lets not pretend that new Labour care about British pensioners when so many of them cannot pay their fuel bills. I talk to pensioners all the time in Dukinfield and we always seem to talk about the same thing [struggling to make ends meet]
A once a year party for the pensioners of Dukinfield that is how much they are worth. This constant childish rantings of Cllr John Taylor of who is a nazi is pathetic, and the people of Dukinfield are fed up with it. I am not going away because you call me a nazi or a fascist anyway I am not Italian. Did I mention that i have delivered 19,000 leaflets in Dukinfield now.

Anonymous said...

'Immigrants for votes'
That should be the New Labour slogan.

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for the information. I must agree with TonyDJ that the post by ‘clued up’ was as if it was coming from someone without an inquiring mind who believes everything the BBC and Daily Mirror tells him.

Just out of curiosity, how would I go about attending one of these BNP gatherings, are they invite only or are members of the public welcome to attend?

Tony (new BNP member) said...

How refreshing to hear such an articulate speaker.

I must admit, I went to the BNP meeting last night expecting to hear skinheads talking about Nazi Germany. (sorry, I promise to stop watching the BBC).

Instead I heard an extremely intelligent man, brilliantly articulating our concerns.
The question and answer session at the end was very enjoyable.

If the British public could see what the British National Party is really like they'd be a Government before long. All in all, the BNP meeting last night was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life.

Anonymous said...


nigel byrne said...

Tameside Citizen; if you wish to attend our next meeting, you're more than welcome. Members of the public are welcome, as long as they behave themselves.

Please contact me for details of the next meeting.

Nigel Byrne
Tameside BNP


clued up 2 said...

ncb 1970 your comments on the gay community may be illegal we will check

Anonymous said...

Ex Para

I have studied all the posts by NCB on the gay issue and I cannot see anything remotely illegal in what he has written.

Tache Lover said...

Roy West, grow back the tasche. It looks rather sexy.

You can even do it to raise money for testicular cancer:

west said...

I am going for a new fresh look.