Friday, 31 August 2007

Look who is coming to Dukinfield on Wednesday

From the website of Dukinfield councillor John Taylor : Dukinfields newsletter now being posted out. We are organising a big rally and posting campaign for this Saturday - meet Concord Way at 10.00am. Cllr Wild will be there to organise the posting areas. Anti fascist groups will be there to help and they will have their own leaflets also.

PS - The 'anti fascist' protestor really does exist. Check the BBC link for details.


Anonymous said...

Are these people very violent I am a resident in Dukinfield and we do not want any violence in the area from Taylor's followers.

Albert sidebottom said...

I am extremely concerned about these people coming to Dukinfield. I am a pensioner and I don't want any trouble.

Mr Taylor, please tell these people to stay away from Dukinfield.

I have already written to the local papers to complain.

If there is any trouble you will be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

With every copy of Searchlight Magazine should come with a bar of soap for their readers. These anti-Nazi people need a bath.

gay boy it's my life said...

Sorry that we did not turn up today Mr Taylor, we would rather go to the gay parade. Good luck with your leaflets.

west roy kevin said...

Hate is coming to Dukinfield, not because of bnp leaflets going to every home in Dukinfield, but the hate filled protesters that cllr Taylor wants on our streets. He proclaims on his website asking people to take to the streets and fight, "because thats what it is"
You will not hear any hateful rantings from Roy West, no calls for bnp members or supporters to protest on the streets of Dukinfield. Cllr Taylor's call for these protesters to take to the streets has caused fear in my community. We see where the real hate is now coming from and it is certainly not coming from Roy West.
We must be strong in the face of this hate and go on for the cause of freedom.
Advance Britannia

west roy kevin said...

In response to the comments on cllr John Taylor's website. He says that he himself has been out on the streets of Dukinfield looking for vandals. Can I inform him of the terrible violence on Barlow Road on Saturday. Baseball bats, drunken yobs. We get alot of this violence around here. Concord way is a disgrace underage drinking, fighting, is your secret camera seeing all this? Are you saying that we should all walk the streets looking for vandals?
Get something done about these yobs and stop being so obsessive with me and the bnp.

anti thug said...

Mr West. I think Cllr Taylor wants to see anarchy on the streets of Dukinfield. Watch the video on LiveLeak Mr Taylor and ask yourself is this what you want to happen in Dukinfield.

tory voter said...

The anti-Nazi League have changed their name to U.A.F.( no they're not an Irish paramilitary group, it stands for Unite Against Fascism ).

Why the name change?

Because people no longer believe the BNP are Nazis. Too many of their candidates have been war veterans.

The Nazi smear backfired in Burnley where Falklands veteran Terry Grogan got elected for the BNP after Labour and the anti-Nazi League called Mr Grogan a Nazi in their leaflets. The local residents, knowing Terry Grogan had fought for Britain, didn't like Labour's tactics and punished them by electing the BNP candidate.

tory voter said...

Soon after, the so called anti-Nazi League, set up by Peter Hain in the 1970s, changed its name to Unite Against Fascism (U.A.F).

When the Fascist label backfires they'll change their name to something else. Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

How many of Taylors Commie pals turned up?

duki resident said...

I can announce that the grand total was, drum roll please, 0.
Yes that's zero, nothing, niente.

Anonymous said...

A big zero a big flop.