Thursday, 30 August 2007

Girls, aged 10, sexually assaulted

TWO ten-year-old girls were sexually assaulted as they fished for tadpoles in Haughton Green. The youngsters were in woods off Byron Road at around 4.15pm on Wednesday 29th August when they were approached by a man who suggested they try another pond where they would find more tadpoles. When they reached the other pond, he threatened and sexually assaulted them. The girls managed to run away from the man and told their parents what had happened. They were taken to hospital for treatment as they had run through nettles to get away. Police are appealing for information about the incident, in particular from a couple who were pushing a pram in the area at the time. They approached an officer shortly afterwards and gave details of what they had seen but police have been unable to make further contact. Detective Chief Inspector Hughie Hardiman, of Tameside CID, said: "This is a worrying incident which has left two young, innocent girls very upset and scared. “I would appeal to anybody who saw a man hanging around this area or who recognise the description of him to contact us and, in particular, I would urge the couple pushing a pram who spoke to an officer close to the scene to contact us as they may have vital information which could really help this investigation." The man is described as white, around 35 years old and overweight. He had short brown spiky hair that was gelled down, brown eyes and he spoke with a Manchester accent. He wore a white short-sleeved polo shirt, a blue or brown golfing jumper with diamond shapes on the front and back and blue jeans with a brown stripey belt. He also had black trainers with a silver tick on the sides and framed sunglasses on the top of his head.
Anyone with information is urged to call Tameside CID on 0161 8569254 or Crimestoppers, free and in confidence, on 0800 555111.


birch them hang them said...

Hang these dirty bastards-protect our children.

bnp manifesto said...

Under a BNP government, the culprit would be chemically castrated, if it could be proven with DNA evidence that he did it.

high court judge said...

I can't agree with the above. We must look at the mitigating factors in this case. This poor man needs our support and sympathy. He may be seeking affection his Mummy didn't give him. If we show him love he wont do it again.

Liam said...

Truly tragic, perhaps TMBC should stop patting itself on the back for this years crime figures.

The sad truth is, while petty crimes have gone down, violent crimes such as the one described in the article are on the up and becoming more noted in the press.

Obviously prison isn't a good enough deterrent for scum like this.

NCB1970 said...

Let's face it, we need a strong deterrent in this country. The BNP proposes chemical castration for these perverts.

Our message in the BNP is:


Liam said...

NCB1970, I would go as far and say there isn't a good enough deterrent to crime FULL STOP.

It is because of Taylor's soft government that criminals are now allowed out of prison early with extremely lenient sentences. It is only now that he has woken up and smelt the shit on his own doorstep that he is a "victim" of crime from his friends memorial plaque being stolen. He is angry now and wants you, the public to take it amongst yourselves to stop these criminals even though your council tax pays for police and traffic wardens *cough* sorry, I mean patrollers. Patrollers who are afraid of the dark and wont go out after 8:30.

Since Blair came in power we have 210 less police officers in Greater Manchester, crime and council tax is on the up, but where has your money gone? On silly bureaucrats that are the Labour party who continue to cut vital services to the public and replace them with bullshit directorship positions.

I don't believe in this whole rehabilitation bollocks, criminals are coming out of prison better off from when they came in with learning skills whilst inside. You could have a struggling family whose parents may not have the time or flexibility to take time out to take a course.