Thursday, 19 July 2007

Disgraced councillor in home reprieve

A SHAMED councillor jailed for domestic violence will be allowed to stay in his home after a judge refused his eviction.
Former Audenshaw councillor Peter Wright, exposed as a dog-of-war, was imprisoned for 23 weeks in November last year after assaulting his partner of 17 years Karen, a fellow councillor.
It was a spectacular fall from grace for Wright, 57, who had been a hard-working and popular councillor in Audenshaw for more than a decade. While behind bars, it emerged he was a man with a history of violence who spent years in jail for mercenary activities in Angola.


tonydj said...

"Disgraced"? By whom? The courts that serve a corrupt Labour Government waging illegal wars? The media, like that little rag "The Advertiser" part of the oh-so PC "Guardian"? The housing trust? OH Per-lease, I'm surprised they housed a hetrosexual white male in the first place.

And why have a bash at him for being a merc and fighting the commies in Angola? If he had been a "terr" in South Africa or Rhodesia he'd be a freeman of the borough by now!

ncb1970 said...

So Peter Wright was fighting against the Communists in Angola. If I had my way the man would be sent to Buckingham Palace and decorated with medals.
You can bet your life that if he'd been fighting on the other side he would have received far more favourable press coverage recently,regardless of what he did to his partner. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

There was something recently about Labour councillors not attending Mike Smith's event for becomming mayor, because some Steve Smith (Deputy Mayor) has been rumoured for beating up his wife. Shocking!

Agree with ever word with what tonydj said.