Thursday, 19 July 2007

Tameside Council wins Top Award

Tameside Council has been officially named the best in the country.
The borough recently scooped the coveted Best Achieving Council award at the prestigious Municipal Journal (MJ) Awards last night.
Judges were impressed by Tameside's track record as an "excellent" council - in this year's Comprehensive Performance Assessment it was the only local authority in the north west to receive the top rating of four stars with a judgement of "improving strongly".
They also recognised how Tameside listens to the priorities of local people and continues to deliver high rates of improvement such as in educational attainment and streetscene, and at a faster rate than other councils. Last year the borough attracted record levels of inward investment into the local economy, saw a sharp fall in crime and a ten per cent increase in resident satisfaction as well as above-average employee satisfaction.
The award follows the council recently becoming the first metropolitan borough in the country to achieve a Charter Mark - the Government's standard for customer service.
National recognition of Tameside's success can be attributed to many areas of work across the council including:
Improvements in educational attainment - outstripping national scores in many instances. Key stage 2 results are the third most improved nationally, with record GCSE results achieved for the second year running - a 6% increase on 2004 figures.
The sharpest fall in crime across the Greater Manchester region. Crime in Tameside is down by 11.2% compared to a 4.3% increase across Greater Manchester in 2006.
Road traffic accidents have continued to fall, a testament to the innovative Tameside Watchman Scheme. The numbers of people killed and seriously injured on our roads has dropped by a third in recent years.
Resident satisfaction has risen reflecting improvements in street cleanliness especially in areas of greatest need. The council has won national awards for parks and made major environmental improvements through initiatives such as the In-Bloom competition, in which Tameside received first prize.
Innovative and ground breaking approaches to recycling and street cleanliness. Doorstep recycling schemes have increased recycling by more than 100% in the last two years, and a managed-collection trial has produced a 53% recycling rate.
Tameside Council Chief Executive Janet Callender said: "As a council we pride ourselves on understanding and responding to the needs of the community and in identifying and tackling areas where we can improve.
"We are delighted to be named by the Municipal Journal as the best achieving council as it really recognises the hard work, commitment and efforts of our staff. We are pleased that we are receiving recognition in Tameside for trying to provide the best services possible to our residents - and that will always be at the heart of what we do."
Executive Leader, Cllr Roy Oldham said: "It comes as no surprise to win this award, it's a testament to the hard work of our staff but the real work trying to improve the quality of life for those living and working in Tameside carries on."


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tonydj said...

We are used to TMBC winning awards...the auditors Price Waterhouse Cooper give Tameside praise .....

Wait a minute, that name sounds familiar,4273,3805194,00.html

Oh well, you can't always get it right!

ncb1970 said...

Does anyone seriously believe that those bodies awarding Tameside MBC are independent of the council?
Price Waterhouse Cooper praises Tameside MBC. Price Waterhouse praised BCCI, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International or as it's now known in banking circles, since its collapse, 'the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International'.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure on this, but I think PWC are the auditors of TMBC which constantly advise job cuts, but Dandy Highwayman Roy Oldham refuses to do so and instead we all get higher council tax :)

tonydj said...

Price Waterhouse Cooper are independant auditors. Hmmmmmmmm

If they are independant why did they donate services worth £19,000 to the Labour Party, and only the Labour Party, in May 2001? Described as "Salaries".