Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 - What A Year!

2016, the year the taken for granted and ignored made their voices heard and their displeasure known.

What a magnificent sight it was to see the treacherous political elite and their truth distorting co-conspirators in the media go into complete meltdown when ordinary people on both sides of the Atlantic done the unthinkable and actually thought outside the box and in large enough numbers to bring about real change.

The Elite have been stunned by the two monumental events (Brexit and Trump) of 2016 and now they are in damage limitation mode. They will do everything in their power to keep their globalist agenda on track but the world changed in 2016. Judging from the events of this year nobody can guess what 2017 will be bring but one thing is guaranteed: It will be an exciting journey so hold tight and enjoy the ride.

Best wishes and all the best for 2017 ⛏


Alf Garnett said...

Yes all the best TC, and let's also remember it was the BNP that started all this

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about posting an article about resistance? you'll have the thought police down on you.

Anonymous said...

Saw a mainstream media interview with a former senior Russian official.
Asked about the alleged Russian cyber hackers interfering in the U.S. election, he replied that the REAL interference was 99% of American mainstream media supporting Hillary Clinton whilst simultaneously attacking Trump.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that if you went to court accused of doing something, the custom would be for the prosecution to disclose evidence that you've actually done what they are accusing you of doing.?

Halal chicken firm boiled birds ALIVE said...

Factory workers boiled more than 60 chickens alive during a row at a halal slaughterhouse.

Faulty equipment at 1Stop Halal in Eye, Suffolk, meant a total of 81 birds were plunged into scalding water in separate incidents over a period of four months.

1Stop Halal, which supplies major supermarkets, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to 81 chickens.

Anonymous said...

The American legal system is far superior to the British legal system. You could never get allegations based on hearsay over the first hurdle.

Anonymous said...

Slitting animals throats whilst they're conscious is the practice of barbarians.
The government and animal rights organisations' near total silence on this issue is the worst type of unprincipled spinelessness.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you're daft enough to think Trump is anti-establishment. You have been well and truly played by the mainstream media you claim doesn't influence you!

I'm not bothered, I've got money, I'll be alright. It's dunces like you who'll pay! I used to feel sorry for the poor and uneducated and vote accordingly, but they don't want help. Might as well just grab the popcorn and watch the thickos get shafted!

Anonymous said...

You see, when the police arrived at my house they came not to investigate a complaint of harassment because they had already decided that I was going to be taken away and locked up. When you normally talk about a conspiracy you tend to have all kinds of things to consider.
My simple question is this, why did the police having the information that I was being watched by 24 hour CCTV, not investigate that CCTV?

You know that this is not something you can just dismiss in the FACE of Justice.

Anti Globalist said...

Ford cancels Mexico factory and invests in Michigan - and announces plan after Trump tells Chevy to build in America or 'pay big border tax'

Ford announced a $700 million investment and 700 new jobs in Michigan on Tuesday.

It cancelled its plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico for production of the Ford Focus and said it would build the next generation of the vehicle at an existing factory in the foreign country.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said at a news conference that the 'pro-growth' polices of President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are encouraging.

Trump had threatened General Motors with a 'big border tax' earlier in the morning if it continued to make a version of its Chevy Cruze in Mexico.

At a news conference this morning Fields credited Trump's economic policies with the shift and said that tax and regulatory reforms 'are critically important to boost U.S. competitiveness.'

Trump subsequently shared a graphic to Instagram that said: '‪Instead of driving jobs and wealth away, AMERICA will become the world's great magnet for INNOVATION and JOB CREATION.‬'

Anonymous said...

03/01/2017, 16:11 or did the police investigate the 24 hour CCTV cameras in operation and found nothing on them? Either way a conspiracy is a great possibility.

Anonymous said...

"I made the nations tremble at the sound of its fall when I brought it down to the realm of the dead to be with those who go down to the pit. Then all the trees of Eden, the choicest and best of Lebanon, the well-watered trees, were consoled in the earth below."

Anonymous said...

'I'm not bothered, I've got money'.
All you lack is integrity and loyalty.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anon@16.08 My view on Trump is that he is an unknown quantity and therefore by default he can be no worse than the vile cabal of charlatans and fraudsters who infest all levels of the Western political strata.

The political class are obsessed with financial gain and therefore are easy pray to external lobbying interests (look no further than the LFI involvement of two out three of our local MP’s) but Trump is different. He is financially secure and what may be tempting to self serving politicians on the make, would not be tempting to a billionaire with his own ideas.