Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Population of Britain is set to overtake France within 13 years

Britain's population is set to overtake that of France within 13 years because of the impact of high immigration, EU estimates have said.

Numbers of people living here will top French levels in 2030 and will keep rising to make Britain the most populous country in Europe by 2050, they predicted.

The key reason why the British population is going up so quickly compared to that of neighbouring countries is immigration, according to the projections from Eurostat.

Without high rates of immigration, they said, numbers in Britain would remain lower than those in France for half a century and longer.

But by 2050 the UK's population is predicted to be 77.1million, ahead of 74.7million in Germany and 74.2million in France. Full article here

And there it is, our legacy to future generations. A relatively small country with a vast teeming population consisting of different ethnicity's and religions all vying for their place at the top of the tree.

What a vision of total hell for future generations of Britons. Kiss goodbye to the countryside and open spaces, the future is concrete, tarmac, glass and steel. 

I have had an interest in politics for many years and never, not once have I heard a Labour or Conservative politician say that a vote for them is a vote for mass immigration. They talk of better schools, better hospitals, more prosperity etc etc etc but never did I hear them say vote for us and we fill the country to bursting point with immigrants, yet it has happened and both are as guilty as each other when it comes to fooling and ultimately betraying the electorate.

As a simple soul I view the Labour Party approach to immigration as ideological and the Conservative approach as economic. The Labour Party attitude to immigration is pretty well covered in this article in the Telegraph and the Conservatives know that to keep the wheels of unbridled Capitalism turning requires a never ending flow of cheap and easily exploitable labour.

I have had my life and I do not feel sorry for myself in any way, but I do feel guilt ridden that this demographic catastrophe which will bring so much torment to future generations has happened on my watch. King Canute demonstrated that he could not stop the waves, some foresighted people here tried to stop waves of a different type and just like Canute they failed and now we and future generations are going to reap what we have allowed to be sown.  

Should it all go horribly wrong, those with Pakistani ancestry can leave and return to their ancestral homeland as can Botswanans, Greeks and all other immigrants to this once green and pleasant land, but as for future generations of native Brits, they have nowhere to go and that is why I weep them. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

Revelation 22:2

In the middle of its street On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Anonymous said...

Some of us tryed to stop it, and it's not over yet TC

SerpentSlayer said...

Well, if certain events happen this year I may be longing to move to France. Ireland would be the natural place for me to bugger off to, but they look to have a worse fate than even us. It being much easier to outnumber £6 million than £60 million.
I weep for Britain too, but Britain isn't fighting back. We gave up fighting after Culloden, when we lost our King and control of our lands to the bankers.
France on the other hand is resisting and putting us to shame. My French is poor but I am sure I would be happier in rural France amongst French peasants than amongst the throng of assorted foreigners that are funneling into this place.

Anonymous said...

It's a story within a story re the U.K.
Population density per sq mile:
N.Ireland - 342.
Wales - 383.
Scotland - 174.
England - 1,089.
Compare England's chronic overpopulation to some of its European counterparts:
France - 306.
Portugal - 290.
Spain - 238.
Poland - 319.
England is already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world and its population is rocketing at an unprecedented rate, thanks to totally out of control immigration.
The results, from our buckling infrastructure, collapsing transport network (train usage has risen by 49% in 20 years), overflowing schools and hospitals, increasing social division and unrest are absolutely patent and worsening daily.
This however is just the start, and unless drastic action is taken soon things will get a LOT worse very soon.

Anonymous said...

The population is probably already 77.1 million with all the illegals we don't know about. Like yourself TC, I am nearing the end and dread to think what this once great nation will be like for my grand children in years to come.

The self seeking politicians over the last 50 years have a lot to answer for, especially with immigration. Their pipe dream of a multi cultural society will never happen and it would be no surprise if civil war was the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Who is this p...k who keeps spouting religious nonsense on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 40:29
"He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak."

Anonymous said...

I need A McKenzie Friend to ask the questions.

Anonymous said...

05/01/2017, 10:14 at least it's not Islam verses from the Koran?

Anonymous said...

TC, why do you publish comments by this idiotic deluded bible basher?

Anonymous said...

You don't weep then you weep for them.

Anonymous said...

Help animals in distress today give them a voice

Anonymous said...

The latest mega crisis in the NHS: Week ending Jan 1st - 42 times A and E units closed their doors and turned patients away (only supposed to happen AT ALL as a last resort).
33% of hospital trusts issued warnings last month that they needed urgent help to cope.
60,215 people visited A and E on A SINGLE DAY, December 27th, up from 46,300 last year etc etc.

The usual suspects in the stitched up media/establishment repeatedly talk about more elderly, bed blocking etc, which is no doubt a factor, but the massive and exponentially growing elephant in the room is the exploding population of ENGLAND.

These latest headlined crises reflect an increasing trend, i.e. they are in ENGLAND, i.e. not Wales, Scotland or N.Ireland whose populations, although growing rapidly, are not rocketing out of control like ours.

The government better GET control of events re immigration and chronic overpopulation, before events get control of THEM.

Anonymous said...

December 2016 visits to A and E up 350,000 in TWELVE MONTHS.

Anonymous said...

According to the calculations of Professor David Coleman of Oxford University the white British would become a minority by about 2066. See the Telegraph, 18th November, 2010 but his figures were based on information before the 2011 census came out. Never mind, people keep voting for parties who want it to happen. Even UKIP would only slow down the time scale as they still want immigration but not a complete end to it. So the choice is, 2066, perhaps earlier, or delay it for 30/40 years. Only one party has consistently said stop immigration and I don't need to tell you which.