Sunday, 6 November 2016

Tameside MP Jonathan Reynolds Says Yes To The Destruction Of Greenbelt Land


In a Manchester Evening News article one of our magnificent local MP's has said he is in favour of building on Green Belt. In the article Stalybridge & Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds talks about a severe housing crisis in the UK, few would argue with that, but many will be surprised at the main reason he cites: People living longer. Some people, viewed as heretics and evil haters by many MP's have an alternate view as to what the real reason behind the housing crisis is, can anyone guess what the alternate view may be?

Read the Manchester Evening News article by clicking here.  


Anonymous said...

There is no housing crisis. There is however a massive immigration crisis that is overwhelming our country and its infrastructure.
Mainstream politicians are in craven denial. It's up to the BRITISH PEOPLE to save themselves.

Anonymous said...

Housing shortage, schools full, NHS only just coping, NHS health tourism by those who come here just to be treated free, sham marriages, abuse of benefits system, doctors surgeries under stress, every service under pressure by too many people. Our population was stabilising nicely until some idiot said we need more people and this is the result. Fewer people would mean less resources being used in every sense but we are still told we need more people. I would not like to be here in the year 3000 with this never ending immigration. That is, if Britain hasn't had a civil war before then.

Alf Garnett said...

It's Putin and Trumps fault

Anonymous said...

Don't expect anything from ANY mainstream MP on the 'untouchable' issue of immigration.
They're all quite happy to go with the politically correct flow on the devastating effects of mass immigration into the most overcrowded country in the world, England.

If our precious rural heritage - or NHS, schools, infrastructure, national identity and everything else - are destroyed to import massive numbers of Third World immigrants, our elected representatives couldn't care less, as long as they and their careers are alright. Only fools, traitors and cowards vote for such vermin.