Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Hail President Trump - The Pollsters Should Have Checked Out The Tameside Citizen Poll of Polls

Brexit and President Trump, how could the pollsters not have correctly predicted these two 'shock' seismic world changing events? Not only did they not predict these events but with the predictions they did make, they got so spectacularly wrong.

Readers of the TC blog will recall that the pre-Brexit poll on the Tameside Citizen blog did indicate that the United Kingdom would vote for a Brexit. The Tameside Citizen poll on the U.S. Presidential Election also predicted a victory for Donald Trump. Why did TC readers have their finger on the pulse when professional pollsters obviously did not?

One thing is certain, 2016 will be a year looked back upon as the year when the silent majority, the maligned and marginalised finally spoke in unison and made their voices heard. The astonishing arrogance of the Establishment pundits combined with their contempt for the Working Class has really shaken their ivory tower world, but they still have no idea of the dynamic behind these world changing events. Unbelievably and as the votes were being counted in the U.S. election you had commentators talking of an exceptionally large turnout of Rednecks and Hicks, they really do not get it and that is what is beautiful about watching them squeal and squirm.

The French Presidential election is the next one to watch out for. Let's hope those who have worked tirelessly for the destruction of France as a recognisable European nation  use the same Stronger Together line as recently used by Remain in the UK and Hilary Clinton in the U.S. Presidential race.


Anonymous said...

The pollsters didn't 'get it wrong'. They LIED in order to try and influence the result.

Alf Garnett said...

It's Putin fault