Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Refugee crisis in Europe.

The picture is of a group of refugees fleeing Spain during the Civil War (1936-1939) crossing into France.

Study the group. Mainly women with a number of children and old men. Few if any men of "military age". Also study their behaviour. They do not riot, loot or wave placards demanding the "right" to enter the UK.

By contrast look at this:-
All young men of military age. Old men? Women? Children? Where are they? Refugees? I think not!!


The Migrant ‘Crisis’ – Some Further Considerations said...

I obtained a copy of the results of a YouGov opinion poll taken during the last week of February this year and it was interesting to me that even before the current ‘migrant crisis’ had erupted as fully as it has now, 75% of the people polled stated they thought immigration has been too high over the last ten years, and it struck me that this viewpoint diametrically opposes the impression of public opinion currently being projected by establishment propagandists in the mass media.

Even when the question asked was: “Thinking about different types of people who want to come and live in the UK, to what extent should … people fleeing persecution or war in other countries … be allowed to come and live in Britain?” the answers elicited showed that only 14% felt that we should let more in; whereas 58% thought we should allow in less, or no more that was current at the beginning of this year; and 14% felt we should let none in at all.

The stark disparity between the views on this issue expressed by establishment politicians and TV pundits, verses the British public is therefore glaring and would in my view merit some investigation.

In an attempt to shape public opinion recently, there has been widespread publicity given to statements made by establishment politicians, particularly those on the political left, who we understand have a vested interest in admitting the maximum number of immigrants of ethnic minority stock as possible, because such immigrants have been shown overwhelmingly to vote out of self-interest for left-wing candidates, primarily Labour candidates once they are here. For this reason we can understand why the likes of: Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, Tim Farron, Sadiq Khan and Caroline Lucas might want to admit unlimited numbers of non-White immigrants, but in view of the fact that the migrants currently pressing to gain admittance to Europe are overwhelmingly Muslim, one wonders why Christian and Jewish leaders would similarly press for them to be admitted?

Ostensibly, one might imagine that in view of the enmity that exists between Israel and the Muslim world and in light of the anti-Jewish motivations behind the Charlie Hebdo killings recently, that leading Jews in particular would be especially worried by any change in immigrant policy that would allow more Muslims into Britain, especially as there is no selection currently taking place and there have been concerns expressed in other quarters that Islamist terrorists hiding amongst the migrant crowds might be gaining access to European countries.

It was surprising therefore when Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was being interviewed on BBC2’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, last week, that he advocated allowing refugees into Britain in a move reminiscent of the Kindertransport programme during World War Two, in which thousands of Jewish children and Rabbis were allowed to flee to Britain from alleged persecution in National Socialist Germany. While watching this TV programme it was not lost on me that interviewing Jonathan Sacks was Robert Peston, the BBC’s Economics editor and son of the Jewish economist and Labour Peer Maurice Peston, who describes himself as ‘culturally Jewish’. Furthermore, as the programme ended, I noticed that the Editor of Newsnight is former editor of the Guardian, Ian Katz, who according to Wikipedia, was “born into a Jewish family”.

During his interview with Robert Peston, Jonathan Sacks stated: “… some of the images that have emerged in the last few days have brought back images that we thought we’d never see again — you know a young child lying dead by the sea shore — people packed into transport ships, overloaded and capsizing. These take our mind way back to the Second World War, to the Holocaust. And it’s important continued here

Pray For Blood said...

I watched the Sacks interview/sermon, and Peston's compliance. It was symptomatic of the media's pro-immigration deluge propaganda.
In reality the current 'flood' of migrants will look like a trickle if the implosion of Syria and the Third World continues.

If that happens our leaders will no longer be in control of events, events will be in control of them. They will have no choice but to restore order and the loyalties of every 'community' and individual, both alien and indigenous, will be exposed.

The fence sitters, cowards and the ignorant will come off worst as they'll waste precious time in extended denial and confusion due to not having any knowledge of and conviction towards which side is 'best for them' - people like this have no concept of loyalty - if the approaching civil unrest comes to pass.

Reimer said...

The brazen full-on public-attitude-conditioning emanating from every big outlet over the past week or so has been remarkable even by the standards of the times. Heartening to still read much sceptical and dissenting online commentary from regular people eg the BBC getting a broadside from people when it briefly opens comment-channels on these issues.