Thursday, 10 September 2015

Double Wammy!! First one. Malta 11th September 1565

On this day in 1565 the Spanish General García Álvarez de Toledo y Osorio, 4th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo attacked and defeated The Muslim Ottoman Tukish army beseiging the Island of Malta. The Seige, commencing on 18th May, was brutal in the extreme with the Knights of Malta under their commander, the Aristocratic Frenchman Jean de la Vallette, matching the Turks in horror and determination.

In high temperatures and blazing Sun Vallette inspired his Knights onto victory against the Muslim hoards. The Turks hammered away at the various forts and bastions surrounding Malta's Grand Harbour, but to no avail. Strengthened by the example set by Vallette and by their Catholic faith the defenders fought grimly until Don Garcia arrived and victory was theirs! Europe was saved!

This is an episode of European history which repays study. I recommend Ernle Bradfords "The Great Seige"

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Anonymous said...

Now we've got the siege of Hungary.
Best of luck to the Hungarian patriots bravely defending their country and Europe from invasion.