Friday, 10 July 2015

Sir Peter Fahy retires as Greater Manchester Chief Costable

Sir Peter Fahy (left.In Red hat, raising funds at a Charity event for Christies) has announced his retirement. He will take up a new position as Chief Executive of the charity RETRAK, which works with street children in East Africa. 

I have been to a number of public meetings where he appeared and to be honest he did not impress me...No James Anderton was he! But one interesting fact (co-incidence?) The accepting of cars and related equipment by GMP from New Charter stopped the year after Sir Peter became Chief Constable. So perhaps he deserves an honourable mention after all. 


Anonymous said...

Am I the only person to lament the passing of ‘proper’ police officers in favour of political correct social workers wearing police uniforms?
The former Chief Constable James Anderton, was in my opinion, by far the best head of police Manchester ever had.
He certainly pulled no punches when it came to dealing with those individuals whose abnormal sexual practices are seen nowadays to be ‘de rigor’, and by all accounts encouraged.
He understood that these ‘beastly’ practices not only perpetrated but spread a terrible disease, namely AIDS.
He summed up every right thinking person’s opinion in the quote below.
“Everywhere I go I see evidence of people swirling around in the cesspool of their own making. Why do homosexuals freely engage in sodomy and other obnoxious sexual practices knowing the dangers involved?”
Yet nowadays ‘it’ is actively encouraged, and even promoted in schools. Our once bastion of law enforcement has changed to become a ‘service’ where anything goes - unless you are a motorist!
Seeing the former Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy, dressed as a women, shows just how far the moral fibre of the country has declined – we are the laughing stock of the world.

Yours Sincerely
The New Statesman

Satan is amongst us said...

Anderton was got rid of for holding the 'wrong' opinions on perverts.
Now some of our rulers are actively trying to promote deviant behaviour to small children.
Satan's greatest trick is to convince people that evil is good and vice versa.